Angry Much? Deion Sanders Calls White Reporter “The African American Killer” During Interview

November 19, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Former NFL star, Deion Sanders may have been pushed to his breaking point when it comes to all of the controversy surrounding alleged illegal recruitment practices at Prime Prep Academy, which is a tuition-free charter school that he co-founded in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. The Huffington Post is reporting that in a recent interview with KRLD, Sanders went  all the way off referring to a reporter as an “African American killer,” claiming that the unnamed reporter who Media Bistro is identifying as WFFA’s Brett Shipp was using reporting tactics that were racial and that he only sought to implicate Black students as the guilty parties. It seems that Shipp has conducted several reports surrounding the controversy.

“First of all, this all started mainly by a Caucasian reporter from a news station, Channel 8, you know who I’m talking about, and he seems like he’s the African-American killer,” Sanders said. “It’s always something against a brother. And that bothers me. I’ve never been accused of cheating with anything, in any sports, in any arena, in my life.”

Deion’s charter school has been under investigation for months for the improper transfer of many of the school’s athletes from outside of that particular school district. Athletic officials have even banned the prep school’s participation in any varsity games for the 2012-13 school year. Sanders feels that most the harsh treatment of his school by officials is stemmed from their dislike of him personally.

“We have a lawyer that’s getting ready to tear some butts up, because a lot of the things that were done to our institution was done wrong because you dislike me,” he said. “Don’t allow your disdain for me affect our kids and that’s what’s happening.”

It is hard to say whether or not Deion’s school employed illegal recruitment tactics of high school students. It is also difficult to prove that the investigation being conduced on the institution by officials is racially driven. Either way, it does seem like Sanders is looking to do something positive in his community as tuition for some prep schools in that particular area run as a high as $10,000 per year.

Hopefully things get resolved soon, especially for the upperclassmen who could potentially miss out on athletic scholarships for college due to the school being banned from playing in varsity games this school year.

Do you think Deion is being unfairly targeted?

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise


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  • Jade

    Truth is Deion Sanders is NOT who any of us in the public eye thinks he is. People only let you see the side of them that they choose. I do believe his wife’s allegations against him because of his treatment of my aunt when they were on an airplane together. We are from the south, so we speak to any and everybody, Mr. Prime Time, who was in coach by the way had the nerve to say he doesn’t do autographs/pics and all she said was WoW Deion Sanders and spoke to his arrogant secret squirrel looking self. I believe everything they have alleged with this school and his shady self. His arrogance is overwhelming, he was and the operative word is WAS an exceptional athlete, but he is a mediocre human being regardless of his ethnicity.

  • TraceFace

    If we take Deion out of the situation, and look at the school coming under fire, something is fishy. The school is tuition free, and I am assuming that most students gravitate to his school, and not the schools that charge $10,000 a year. If you were at that school, and you were losing revenue, what would you do? The school can’t participate in any varsity games, scouts can’t come to games and offer students scholarships, but they are present at the schools that charge over $10,000 a year. Hmmmm……..I’m going pray on this situation

  • Kay

    N I g g a s always cry racism to keep the focus off themselves.

  • Lola


  • lightbrownis

    This dude is always the victim . . . .

  • sammi_lu

    “I’ve never been accused of cheating with anything, in any sports, in any arena, in my life.” Pfffff… I bet Pilar would beg to differ, you cheated with that 19 yr old.

    • Shonda Johnson

      stfu,how do you know??do you know deion sanders and pilar sanders??are you related to them??is pilar sanders you friend??no,so go have a seat.

      • sammi_lu

        The same questions you are asking me, you should ask yourself. And stfu?? really?? It’s that serious..I’ll go have a seat as long as you have an even bigger one right next to me! Pilar and Deion’s very public divorce and accusations surrounding the divorce are well known so what exactly are you huffing and puffing about?