Ouch! Kim Zolciak’s Dad Calls Her A ‘Pathological Liar’

November 19, 2012  |  

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In random housewife news, have you heard that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak has been in the midst of a visitation dispute since August? It seems the 34-year-old reality television personality has been filing court papers in what looks like could become a very ugly child visitation battle. With whom do you ask? Take a wild guess and here’s a hint: It’s not one of her babies’ daddies. The visitation dispute is between Kim and her parents! TMZ is reporting that Kim’s parents went to a Georgia court to petition for rights to see their grandchildren because Kim was unfairly keeping them from doing so.

Kim retorted with court papers of her own, stating that her parents weren’t good grandparents and that they were very disrespectful. Kim’s dad Joe Zolciak says we shouldn’t buy into the little act she’s putting on because she’s a “pathological liar.” I’m sure a few housewives who aren’t exactly Team Kim got a chuckle from that one.

“I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further,” he said. “We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media.”

He even went on to imply that Kim is possibly the one who the courts should be looking at questionably, stating that she is an unstable parent and a poor role model for her children.

“She has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let’s face the facts.”

That was harsh, but the truth hurts I suppose. I’m not exactly sure when all of the bad blood started brewing between Kim and her parents but if you recall the Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding special on Bravo, things got ugly when Kim kicked her mother, Karen, out during her wedding after she threatened to burn Kim’s house down.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Karen says that she “spent time with the girls on a regular basis since they were born.”

While I’ve never heard of grandparents who have legally fought for visitation rights of their grandchildren, I suppose Kim’s parents have a valid claim. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Zolciaks but hopefully they get it together soon for the sake of the children.

Do you think Kim has the right to keep her children from seeing their grandparents?

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  • shame on you


  • Well Kim’s parents created this monster of dysfunctionality.. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • TK

    She is a snob with no job.
    She killed me in the last episode saying, her, Kroy, four kids and two dogs don’t have enough room in a 5000 square foot townhouse….Word? You need a nanny and assistant for what?Now where do you work again Kim?

    I’ll wait……………………..

  • Both Kim and her parents always seemed a bit disgusting to me. As hideous as putting her mother out of the wedding was, I cannot imagine my mother saying ‘f-u to my new husband and then trashing me while wearing a mic for all of realitytvdom to hear; not to mention her drunken daddy fawning over everything in a skirt–just yuck! Kim has always been trashy–and it seems they had no problem for years with their daughter’s employment as big poppas mistress, funny they now want to turn on her. They should stick with each other–they’re quite the trio.
    Kroy must be the laughing stock of the Falcons.

  • Man, I couldn’t imagine NOT having my Grandparents in my life. They were a blessing of knoweledge and history of our family! I would never take my children away from their Nana. They love her to death…mostly because everything I say not to, she buys LOL

  • Remember when Kim was balling during the first season reunion about “having cancer, but not having cancer”?

    • WHAT!??!!? I didnt watch in the first season… but she was crying talkin bout she had cancer??? (thats what you sayin right?)

      • Yes. So Kim went into why she found NeNe’s comments about her wigs offensive and why they hit such a sore place for her. If you could have seen Andy Cohen’s face..he was so confused.

        Kim clumsily explains that she was diagnosed with cancer, received treatment and was really sick at one point. Andy asked her, “So you had cancer?!” To which she replies, “No, they didn’t find anything…thank god” all while dabbing her eyes.

        Everyone was so confused! It would have been different if she said she had a cancer scare, but most of her explanation made it sound like she was diagnosed with cancer.

        • Wow… im so confused right now… She wasnt diagnosed but she … nevermind! im not about to get my mind wrapped in her nonsense shenanigans!

  • Lucy

    It was so obvious that she is a compulsive liar when she said that there aren’t any homes in Atlanta good enough for her to buy so she’s going back to her townhouse. Yep, we believe that. If I was her parents I would leave her alone, b/c as soon as Kroy goes broke and she cheats on him and he finally wakes up and leave her she will run back to her family.

  • lightbrownis

    Kim is gonna get what she deserves . . . sooner or later . . . and I hope the cameras are rolling.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Not sure about the laws in GA, but in most states you can’t sue for grandparents rights unless you can prove that not having a relationship with the children will cause them detrimental harm. Sorry to hear about all the trouble. They need prayer.

  • SheBe

    This boils down to her obsession of the almighty dollar/famewhorishness. She is losing and doesn’t even realize it.

  • realadulttalk

    Kim is an ugly person. I think it was episode 2 when she opened the b-day card her parents sent her son and said “$25–well that’s all they can afford”. I was floored and disgusted–that told me way more than another season of her could ever tell me.

    • SheBe

      I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! I was done with her then! Forget about how she acted in Kandis house. The comment about her parents not affording much was beyond ungrateful, disrespectful, and classless. I was officially done with her after that.

    • Tamz

      I was going to reference the same thing, who cares about what they can and can’t afford?! Uncalled for, very ungrateful.

  • anonymous

    The rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren is severely limited re: Troxel v. Granville (supreme court case).

  • JaneDoe

    Kim is beyond pathedic… Her whole being is pathedic.. Build up around things

  • Cakester

    Them wigs must definitely be squeezing her brain… she lost her friends, got evicted from a house she spent thousands on to decorate (without owning), fired then rehired her puppet Sweetie…and now she wont let her parents see her kids??? Something is wrong with her and Kroy…

  • Nenah

    I don’t know what’s going on, but when she was single her parents were right there helping her out. It doesn’t matter what’s going on between her and her parents, she should still let them see the grandkids. She’s such a waste of skin.