“You’re On The Curb Where You Should Be” RHOA Episode 3 Recap

November 19, 2012  |  
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The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” doubled the drama last night when they introduced us to the second season 5 cast newbie Porsha Stewart. At first it seemed like Kenya Moore was going to be the only wild card this season, but if you caught any of episode 3 last night, you’d know something isn’t quite right with this one either, all of which makes me ask: What is really going on with women in the A??

Check out the highlights from last night’s show.

Gregg is still thirsty

Talk about a man who wants that old thing back. Gregg can hardly keep his mouth from watering over the thought of being back in Nene’s life when he’s around her. Last night we should have played a game of how many different ways can someone ask for keys to one’s house because Gregg tried to fit the k-word into every single discussion he was having with his ex. Unfortunately for Gregg, no matter how many times he tried to convince Nene that he had to have keys to her home — including giving her a key to his house and rubbing her feet down — Ms. Leakes still wasn’t on it.

Apollo gets certified in dunkology

There clearly isn’t any money-making opportunity Phaedra can suggest that Apollo won’t do. After convincing her husband to get involved in her upscale mortuary business, Phaedra also somehow got him on board with her new donkey booty DVD plan so much so that Apollo actually got certified to be a trainer and nutritionist. Hey, I’m not mad at him, especially when Phaedra said he’s like Arnold Schwarzanagger on bath salts. Sounds like a workout video worth a purchase.

Apparently Kim is a beautiful, white chocolate pregnant woman

I now see why Kim keeps Sweetie around. Nobody else would fill her head up with BS like she does. On the day Kim and her family were to be moving out of their home (because, you know, they were evicted and all), Kim got so overwhelmed with doing nothing that she decided to just sit and complain about having to move four kids, two dogs, and two adults into a 5,000 sq ft townhouse. That’s when Sweetie stepped in and earned her pay for the day telling Kim she had nothing to worry about because she’s a “beautiful white chocolate pregnant woman.” Coon alert.

Kenya gets a taste of her own medicine

Kenya’s “business meeting” with Porsha was probably the first time I felt a little sympathy for the self-absorbed wanna-be somebody’s housewife. The convo literally went from Hi, nice to meet you to, come to my charity event, to are you married, to I can introduce you to a fertility specialist. Part of me felt like Porsha knew Kenya’s situation and wanted to brag on being the late 20-something married woman with all the time and money in the world to become a new mommy. But the other part of me feels like Porsha is too dense to even be conniving like that, like oh, everyone doesn’t live like me? No chick, they don’t.

So Porsha is…interesting

If the scene with Kenya didn’t leave you scratching your head like, is this chick, meaning Porsha, serious? I’m sure the montage introducing her to viewers did. I can handled privileged, which Porscha clearly is, but delusional I cannot.  The wife of 40-year-old former NFL player Kordell Stewart was all too happy to admit that her idea of a perfect day would be doing absolutely nothing with her other unemployed housewife friends and her giddy, I’m so rich and pretty routine, was just a little off-putting. But in the words of former RHOA star Sheree Whitfield, don’t let the cute face fool you. Porsha proved she can hold her own when she went toe-to-toe with Kenya later in the show.

Cynthia continues to d**k ride Nene’s success

I’m all for friends being proud of their friends, but sometimes Cynthia needs a bib when she’s talking to Nene. Last night she was fumbling over Nene having already “made it” by the time she came to NY and not having the typical struggle story most New Yorkers do and it was just a tad sickening — especially the part when she was like don’t forget about me when you make it to the Emmys. You can tell that’s what all her excessive complimenting is about.

Kandi keeps proving her money smarts

I’m only throwing this in to prove what a boss Kandi is. Did you notice she said she’s been living in the house she just moved out of since 19? Talk about long (smart) money. And on top of that, Kandi had her aunt and uncle help her move — not movers charging $100,000. Pay attention Kim, this is how you sustain wealth.

Kenya sheds tears over mom’s mental illness

So adding another piece to the why Kendra is so effed up puzzle, last night Kenya confessed that her mother appeared to have been suffering from some sort of mental illness. The former Miss USA let on earlier that her mother never really claimed her and tried to give her away which is why she was raised by her grandmother, but the admission that her mother suffered with mental illness helps explain that behavior just a bit more. Nevertheless, everyone is pretty much in agreement that your mother giving you away as a baby is no excuse to act like a bish at 41.

Porsha Kicks Kenya out of her event

Highlight.Of.The.Night. I’ll give Kenya one point for being upset over Porsha getting her title wrong, although she corrected herself immediately when she was told the right one, but the rest of her behavior at the charity event was completely unacceptable. I really want to know why she still has this inflated sense of self about her celebrity status which no one knows nothing of. Hence she had to tell Porsha to “google me,” to which she responded:

“Google you from when? It’s not even in the search engine it’s so old”


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  • Shangie

    I think the new housewives are both petty and riding on the coat tails of others; Kenya
    for her Miss America…I mean USA title and Porsha for her husband and grandfather. I was talking about this episode with my co-worker from DISH and at this point we both kind of miss Sheree. It appears next week is going to be filled with more drama, so I set my DISH
    Hopper to record it. There is over 400 hours of HD recording room to give me
    plenty of space to DVR the rest of the season. I hope the new ladies work out
    their differences because right now all this fighting is making them look

  • anon

    I notice that it’s the women who are not original from Atlanta who have the worst image on this show. Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia and Nene do act like they have sense compared to the rest of them chicks.

    Maybe they should do a Real Ghetto Housewives of Detroit starring Kenya Moore..

    • Miss_Understood

      Phaedra and Nene (who does act a fool BTW) are from Anthens and Cynthia is from Mississippi…Porsha IS originally from Atlanta, so…

  • Nikki

    Can Kenya really be upset that she called her Miss America instead of Miss USA? I honestly didn’t even know there was a difference.

  • TK

    I really wanted to like Kenya-I’m trying but her attitude is yuck like a used tampon. It’s still early in the game but you already know it’s time to change (her) but you can’t bring yourself to touch it because you are scarred it will ruin the rest of your damn day. So much for more positive black women….
    I hope it’s editing though……

  • Ladybug94

    I’ve on seen this episode and from what I can tell Porshia isn’t much of a businessperson per se even though she is running her G-father’s foundation. She does seem a little naive and out of her element but I’m basing this on seeing her in this one episode. I’ve never heard of hear until now so we’ll see. I’ve always like Kenya Moore ever since she won Miss USA and Porsha is young so maybe that is the reason why she didn’t fully understand who Kenya was/is.

  • ilovemovies2

    Last night’s newest member was a disappointment to say the least. I thought with her grandfather’s legacy as a showcase she would have “pretended at best to be more about feeding kids” rather than ‘Oh see how rich and wonderful my life’ is. We know she does not not “have to work” but so what. Kenya had one thing right-SHE IS NOT A PUBLIC SPEAKER. LOL. Believe me I am no fan of Kenya either. Both embarrassed the hell out of me. Porsha could have come off so much better if she had let us see her taking care of business (raising funds for the children) and not slings dirt with Kenya. Sad Both should know better.

    • Miss_Understood

      Porsha is such a noodle neck lol, she could benefit from an etiquette class

  • Dee

    PREACH! Kandi is that chick! I’m glad to see a positive example of black ppl handing money correctly in the mainstream media

  • lightbrownis

    Cynthia ia happy for her friend . . . but that’s d*ck riding? No, its called being a friend, something some women need to learn how to be.

  • lightbrownis

    Portia’s hubby was rude to give her a gift at the fundraiser and gush about how fine his wife is in the company of nothing but women. He could have kept it simple and said my beautiful wife. I thought that was a little ghetto.

    • TeahMonae

      Exactly! I didn’t understand the point of him bringing her a cake and a gift to a charity event like it was her birthday party or something! Clearly that was all for show.

    • Ladybug94

      I thought that was out of place for a fundraiser as well, and she was just taking it all in like a little puppy, giggling and whatnot. It was not appropriate for the event.

    • Miss_Understood

      I got the feeling that she TOLD him to bring her a gift to kind of “stunt” in front of those other women….also, I heard there were always gay rumors about him so maybe he is trying to overcompensate

  • lightbrownis

    After this episode, I am not so mad at Kenya. She’s ok . . .it’s Kim that’s got to go.

  • Rosetta Stone

    Kenya is a bi-polar nutjob

  • Kori R

    LOL Ya’ll wrong for doing Sweetie like that.

  • Miss_Understood

    Porsha is, as Phaedra would say, “a strange bird” lol…she seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis and didn’t even know when her grandfather passed away…smh…Geriatric G only tryna come back around Nene cuz she banking and he “tryna get dem thangs back” ie, the alleged $300,000 he invested in their old townhouse, a penny saver publicist and 24 out of 32 teeth Nene needed to correct her smile…It’s so sad what Kenya went through by her mother but she did have a grandmother and aunt there to take care of her so she is blessed…greasy, but blessed nonetheless #yeaisaidit

    • Na Na

      I love Phaedra and her words!

    • psylocke_2001

      Geriactric G!!!! I am too through!

  • Reese

    I used to not want to believe it when people say that these kind of shows are scripted. But over the summer I was on my way back from Miami and had a layover in ATL. I saw Greg and NeNe in the airport, looking like a couple. And NeNe is just as much of a B in person as she is on TV. She was in line right in front of me and she was talking straight ish to the girl working at the restaurant.

  • Pat

    I don’t care about either one of them. I don’t know why people want to get on these type of shows. I don’t even watch any of that foolishness.

  • Lucy

    Kenya’s Funky attitude makes her look straight up ugly. Her stank-a-tude cannot be real as it seems she would have gotten a beat down by now.

    • realadulttalk

      She’s a big girl–but I doubt she’s as wreckless when it comes to a woman her size–keeping in mind she’s like 5’10”

  • cryssi

    Porsha got the year of her grandpa’s death wrong by two years. Hosea Williams died in 2000 not 1998. Smh, Porsha’s one smart cookie.

  • gracie

    I looooove this show:-)

  • KJ23

    I have to say, I don’t really care too much for Kenya, but I feel like she did hit the nail on the head about Porscha’s existence of riding on other people’s coattails and titles. From her grandfather’s to her husband’s.

    • Starbright

      I was watching last night’s episode this morning and I was thinking the same thing about what Kenya said about Porsha. Even though Kenya is petty and catty, at least she made somewhat of a name for herself after Miss USA. Never heard of Porsha until RHOA.

      • Ladybug94

        I was thinking the same thing.

    • RJA

      I dont care for Kenya either, but I feel as though the author is being a little mean by saying that just because Kenya’s mom gave her away as a baby is no excuse for her to be a bish at 41. True, at some point u can’t keep blaming things on the pass, but can u imagine what it must feel like to be rejected by your on mother? I think anybody would be a little messed up in the head from that

      • realadulttalk

        I don’t think a person ever gets over their mother not loving/wanting them. It’s unnatural for a mother to not care for her child–even those animals we consider of lesser intelligence tend to do that naturally.

        • RJA

          Well if her mother has mental issues then her reaction is natural for her. You’re making it seem like she’s some sort of monster. God made her w/ those issues

          • realadulttalk

            I was actually agreeing with you. 🙂

        • Miss_Understood

          I totally agree. Those who don’t understand how difficult this is should be grateful that they don’t

      • RJA

        *past and *own. Sorry 😉

      • While I do agree that there are some things that you just can’t get over, there comes a point and time where you have to own your actions. She said she went to counseling in the past so the fact that she has sought help there is no reason for her to use her past to justify her actions. I agree with the author, there is no excuse to be a bish at 41.

        • RJA

          I said that…

          • you said that you felt that the author was being harsh I was just agreeing with the author and i don’t think the author was harsh at all.

            “True, at some point u can’t keep blaming things on the pass, but can u
            imagine what it must feel like to be rejected by your on mother?”

            Maybe it’s because you said the word but, and I’ll admit I’ve watched a lot of Dr. Phil and I think he has a point that when you say but you’re saying forget everything I just said, this is what I really mean. So that’s how I interpreted your statement. Sorry if I misread what you were meaning to say, I just want you to understand how I read it.

        • Nenah

          I don’t think she’s a bish anymore. I think she’s really and truly crazy. Knowing her mom had mental issues makes sense to me now.

  • Ki

    So I’m offended by the “what’s up with the women in the a?” Question please do not generalize us by a scripted “reality” show. The people who do these recaps are clearly delusional if they don’t know that nene and Greg never divorced (there are no papers) number 2 Kenya is just the replacement for Marlo aka the drama. Number 3 they are milking Kenya because every
    story line is played out. Please do your homework before you become a “blogger” and just FYI straight from the a got the real tea. The tea over here is sugarless when it comes to the ATl housewives. Other then that I love the other posts !

    • TeahMonae

      I don’t know how true it is, but I read somewhere the NeNe and Greg were still in a relationship but had to get a divorce on paper so that Greg’s creditors couldn’t come after NeNe’s money…. Since she’s “very rich” now.

    • Thank you!!!! Those ladies on the show are not a representation of all of us girls in Atlanta, neither does LHH. The only real born and raised wife from Atlanta is unfortunately Porsha, and she is wayyyyyyyyy off from any girls that I know or grew up with.

      • ilovemovies2

        Thanking for saying that. Y’all will have to forgive us foreigners-I’m a Yankee. I know some is scripted but her behavior was more than strange. If my granddad was Hosea Williams I would not “act” that ignorant in public. My mama used to tell us “just pretend like you got some sense” because I will hurt you if you “act” like I didn’t raise you right. I guess no one told her not embarrass the family. Yikes She never saw the GodFather???? lol

        • You’re welcome. The Hosea Williams Foundation is a big deal in Atlanta especially around the holiday season and honestly Porsha being on this show is a bad representation. Especially for the younger generation coming up in Atlanta. All those kids are going to see is Porsha being this privileged bougie chick that’s only “helping” because Hosea was her grandfather. Kids from the type of neighborhood I grew up in aren’t really gonna feel her. And it could affect the foundation.

  • JaneDoe

    Is this show scripted? These women are the pettiest. The things they place value on is just simply crazy. As educated as they are they poses such small minds.

    • Ki

      Yes they are scripted I though every sane adult knew that. This is not the 1990s snap out of it!

  • IllyPhilly

    So what other city full of screeching ladies is left to exploit?

    • It’sMe

      CHICAGO!! I ready to see some drama from that area, Oprah-country.

      • realadulttalk


        • It’sMe

          Oh….I’ve never watched it, so I totally forgot about it.

          • realadulttalk

            You have not missed anything. The writers for that show are terrible. I watched in a “nothing to watch” moment and must say it is the MOST obviously scripted reality show on right now.

        • Nenah

          I like Chicagolicious! Well I like the obviously gay dude, and the lady with the big afro. Or maybe I just like to watch the show to look at her hair. LOL

          • realadulttalk

            I didn’t watch his “coming out” episode–please tell me his mother knew he was gay. I didn’t understand how anyone who had ever spent more than 1.2 seconds around him didn’t know he was gay.

            • Nenah

              I know right? I was lost. His mother must’ve been in denial!

          • realadulttalk

            And yes–her afro is the business. But the salon manager looks like the man who was the Atlanta child murder back in the 80’s.

            • Nenah

              Bwahahahahahahah! He does!