Forget-Me-Nots! Memorable Episodes From “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

November 18, 2012  |  

“Now this is a story all about how…” I remember when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air first came on television.  There were always so few black television shows on during that time (even though it seems like there were more back then than we have now) so the anticipation was high.  Thankfully, we were not disappointed because that show gave us everything we needed.  We’ve come up with a list of our favorite episodes – did yours make it? Check it out!

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  • kieraht

    How about when Will had to perform You Are My Sunshine with the little kids dressed as a giant sunflower?

  • toya

    Hilary didn’t rent out the house to BBD, Carlton did..

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I cracked up the entire time i was reading this article lol

  • That daddy’s home episode…when will said “how come he don’t want me man” and started crying i stood up and applauded i loved every moment of it


    How in the world could you leave out the episode when Ashley was gonna fight her bully & asked Will for advice. “Back– BACK OFF!” Turns to the crowd: “Just miiiind ya business that’s all! Just miiind ya business!” LMFAO!

  • Mo

    When It was revealed that Geoffrey cheated in the marathon! The Shame of a Nation!!

  • syn

    My favorite one is when Ashley is thinking about losing her virginity to Steve Urkel

  • baddvixentype

    Aunt viv turning 40 is one of my all time favs! and the boys II men episode…ughhh theres so many!

  • scandalous7

    dun….dun dun dun…..dun dun dun…Jump on it! Jump on it!

  • Guest

    I like the 2 part episode when Will and Carlton move out, they get kicked out of their apartment and then Trevor dies while proposing to Hilary. There are so many hilarious moments in that episode.

  • Courtney

    I loved the episode when Lisa and Will first went on a date to a cabin and she started acting psycho on Will to teach him a lesson, and his feet were all burnt up from trying to burn the ropes; When Phil, Will, and Carlton were stranded in a cave and they found a lot of money and Will ended up taking some of it and hiding it in his pants, even though it was supposed to have been burned for their campfire; When Will was dating Cree Summer’s character (I think her name was Lisa too) and he and her father, played by John Witherspoon, were stranded together in a state park and the father hated Will. (Red rooster, lol!); When Will invited Lisa to stay with him and Carlton in the pool house while her apartment was flooded, and they ended up finding out a lot of things about each other (he called her Aunt Jemima!); When Lisa and Will went to couple’s therapy and George and Weezy Jefferson were there (Sherman Hemsley was hilarious!); When Jazz and Jewel were getting married and trying to get pregnant; When Aunt Vivian had baby Nicky, When Ashley got a singing career. There are so many more episodes I loved, there’s just too many to name. 🙂


    I didnt bother going thru the list my favorites, are when Will father comes back and the show where the family goes to the Oprah Winfrey show and will had to sit in the audience.

  • Not to mention Hill Harper was the guy who Lisa was at the store with talkin bout ‘…is that fat guy following us?…’

  • Cleo

    I love the Halloween episode when they go see the scorpilious because Hillary wants to speak to Trevor again after he died lol. ” that’s Trevor I know his vibration” classic!!

  • When Geoffrey thought he won the lottery and told Phil to buy Viv some cooking lessons and was jumping on the couch yelling “I QUIT!”

  • Allie

    I enjoyed the Christmas episode, when they got robbed lol, and when Will’s mom and her sisters came to town

  • D Boner

    My faves are: When Pam Grier’s character ends up seducing Will while he’s also dating her daughter; When Robin Givens guest-starred as the nut-job out to break up Will and Lisa’s relationship; When Vanessa Williams starred as the pregnant sportscaster whose baby Will had to deliver; When Vivica A. Fox starred as Jazz’s bossy, super-controlling sister who got checked by Carlton; When Jasmine Guy starred as the college student that went off on Will with jokes and insults; Lastly, when on the eve of Will and Lisa’s wedding, their parents end up sleeping together…..ALL CLASSICS!!!! B)

  • Guest360

    You have to mention the episode where Ashley got the drum kit and Will and Jazz were showing her how to use it. Jazz laid down a beat and Will totally went ham lol. Or the time where Will tried to teach Ashley how to defend herself against bullies. “Mind ya bizness, ok? Just miiiind ya bizness” 😛 Or the the pool party where Carlton’s floaties kept getting popped lol. I love this show so much. Wish they would do a reunion show or something. Pure hilarity 🙂

  • Just saying!!

    Will getting shot and going back to Philly was pretty good too!

  • when the mother took up a dance class

    • HoneyDipp

      Yes hunny! Aunt Vivian was giving it to them! And the *snap, neck roll, walk away* was like Pow! lol.

  • Karlyn

    Jump on it, “Why domt he want me?” And Carlton OD are my favs

  • ashley79

    what about when Will got shot or Carlton OD?