Brick House Bangers! 9 Curvy Celebrity Girl Crushes

November 18, 2012  |  
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Being a curvy woman myself, I must admit that I love seeing healthy thick chicks doing their thing! As much as men like to swoon over women with a little extra to hold on to, most women appreciate ladies who can still be hot and desirable without being stick thin. We come in all shapes and sizes of sensuality, and when it comes to brick house bangers, here are 9 of my curvy girl crushes.


1. Toccara

She is arguably one of the most memorable contestants from America’s Next Top Model (3rd Cycle) where she charmed the judges and wowed us with her beautiful face and full figured body. Atypical of most waifs that walk the runway, she killed every photo shoot; although she didn’t win ANTM, she landed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models as a plus-size model. Since then, she’s graced the covers of countless magazines, hosted television shows, appeared on reality TV and has even come out with her own fitness DVD: Toccara’s Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women. She’s doing it for women who know how to work their body and be bold about it!


2. Sara Ramirez

As the hot, lesbian doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, you can’t help but notice Sara Ramirez’s cool swag as Dr. Callie Torres. She just comes off as a confident Latina comfortable in her own skin, even though – as she puts it – she’s “a size 12 in a size 0 town.” She says it took a while to come to terms with her body, but after she won a Tony in 2005, she realized that true talent has nothing to do with how you look or how much you weigh. She even did a scene on Grey’s where she danced half-naked in her underwear, and worked it! Thickness and all!


3. Serena Williams

Now, I’m not saying I would want a body like this – and I don’t think I could do it if I wanted to unless I was on some sort of steroids – but you have to say “hot damn!” when you see Serena Williams’ body. This woman is DIESEL! But she is also the picture of strength, commitment and exceptional talent.  And while some may see her as “manly,” most men and women see a woman who is not only dominant in her field, but who can probably whoop your behind too. I wouldn’t test her, or else that Compton might come out full force – and we don’t wanna see no parts of that. But her girly smile and soft spoken ways make up for anything “manly” about her.


4. Jill Scott

Not only do I admire Jilly from Philly because she hails from my hometown, I love how sensual she is from lips to hips – and boy does she play it up! She owns her sexuality, her presence, her vibe and the stage – and her gorgeous smile and natural essence shine a light for us all to bask in. She is so blessed, yes yes!


5. CoCo

Known as the other half of Ice Loves Coco, CoCo Austin is a model turned reality TV star who has been married to Ice T since 2001. Modeling mostly swimsuits in catalogs and calendars, that booty is nothing to play with – and while she says her breasts are fake, she claims her backside is all natural. I’m not trying to find out, but if Ice likes it, I love it.


6. Christina Hendricks

Even though she recently got a little vexed when an editor interviewed her and referred to her as “full-figured,” she can’t deny that women of all ethnicities admire her for celebrating her curves – especially when most white actresses in Hollywood would slit their wrists if they had her body type. But I guess the word is getting out that super skinny isn’t all its cracked up to be because now, women try to buy a body like this.


7. Sofia Vergara

This bombshell says she doesn’t worry about her weight, hates to work out and eats arepas topped with butter, cheese and salt. With that attitude, you’d think she was an overweight slob, but at nearly 40 years old, she’s working it better than any of the 20-something actresses she’s surrounded by in Tinsel Town. She admits that in order to stay in shape, she does Latin dance because she loves the music, not because she wants to be a super model. This head turner makes me wanna bust out a salsa real quick!


8. Salma Hayek

As a 40+ year old woman, her body is unbelievable – and this is AFTER having a baby. Always stunning, she never seems to age and her body just gets more bangin’ as she gets older. She bares it all in her latest film Americano, where she plays a stripper, and I can’t say that I blame her.  I might strip down and flaunt my body too if I was killin’ ‘em like that. Her billionaire husband is one lucky dude.


9. Beyonce

Yes, yes, I know…we can’t seem to get away from Beyonce. Overexposed or not, I couldn’t leave her off my list of girl crushes when it comes to brick house bodies. I was getting a little worried when she got just a tad too skinny for Dreamgirls, where she endured the Lemonade Cleanse in order to lose weight. But even then she couldn’t hide those hips, and she looks even more fabulous since giving birth to Blue Ivy earlier this year. Even after dropping 60 pounds of pregnancy weight, her post-baby bod still reveals her soft, womanly signature curves. Go Bey!

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  • silksoul

    Lets not forget that booty of Serenas.

  • A Grown Man in Mississippi

    Come on Down Miss Jill Scott,I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!

  • linda m.

    well, thanks to this list i understand thdifference between CURVY and FAT. A curvy woman is one that is fatter than the usual hollywood thin and works out so that she cangrow fatter. And fat is just the fat person who does not work out. Having said this, was jennifer hudson and jordin sparks fat or curvy? Because they seem extremely happy and love themselves since they shedded the extra load. Eventhough they used to say they loved their bodies and that they were proud of themselves (as most fat and curvy people say before they loss the extra weight). It seems curvy people are not all that happy afterall.

  • eljjai

    The only way Beyonce could have dropped 60lbs is if she changed her weave for a lighter one.

  • Ajavee

    Serena is more muscular not curvy.

  • eatuallup

    Jill is it! She makes this skinny white gay man wish he weren’t. As she so eloquently sand, “love her from her hair follicles to her toe nails.” I love her especially different. Talent and artistry from the word go!

  • Paula

    Hello where is Jennifer Hudson, why wasn’t she included?!?!

    • Sean Coonery

      Because she lost weight.

  • the emperor

    Coco and beyonce could have been left off this list! Coco is fake like a fairytale and beyonce should be the poster girl for booty pop panties!! Her butt is not real and if ya’ll were going to put her and coco on here you might as well have put kim kardashian. What’s the difference? Fake is fake.

  • Disappointed MN fan

    I am disappointed about the picks. I thought the list should have been all plus size black women. Most of these people are not even plus size. Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Monique, Judge Mablean, Gaborey, should have been on the list.

  • Jay

    Some of the woman on this list aren’t plus size. Lol. Serena has hips and a booty but that doesn’t qualify someone as being plus size. Jill Scott yes, Beyonce no.

  • jill scott is mm mm mmmmmmmmm! When i have thoughts of her i have to hide myself in a dark corner of the room cause im scared the raunchy things i think about doin to her would come to light! BTW serena doesnt belong on this list. the other women are a “soft” curvy. serena is all muscle…..but could still get it lol

  • yup!

    Serena needs a better bra…

    • Guest

      You’re an IDIOT!!!

  • Guest

    Sorry but Jill Scott is just fat, not curvy!!! Those of us in the real world that look like her keep being told to lose weight!!!

    • scandalous7

      im sorry but its the truth, no matter how you squint, thats not curvy. Thanks for keeping it ahuned

      • yup!

        Yup…ur both losers…get a life!

    • Ajavee

      Ah I disagree Jill Scott is curvy.

  • bluekissess

    Oh No, it’s a list that I have to click through with annoying pop ups. I’ll pass…

  • get real

    No “white girl” crushes? Hmmmm

    • scandalous7

      there was a few of them on the list

  • there is just something about full-figured,voluptuous women… i feel comfort and lust at the same time…

    • Jay

      Some of them yes.

  • Kay

    Coco is so pumped full of silicone that it doesn’t make any since. I can’t admire someone that purchased 90 % of their physical assets

    • she the only one i dont agree with on this list…

    • SheBe

      I agree! You can’t buy your curves

      • Ajavee

        I agree with you and Tiffanie. Coco is as plastic as a soda bottle.

  • SheBe

    No Queen Latifah?

    • scandalous7