This Friendship Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me: 10 People Who Will Emotionally Drain You If You Allow Them To

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Have you ever met a person who always exudes positive energy and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy simply from being in their presence? Well, on the flip side, what about those who can come into your space and instantly bring down your good mood so much that after they depart you find yourself feeling stressed and emotionally drained? These types of people are know as energy vampires because they will literally suck the life out of you with their problems and bad habits if you allow them to. Think you have a few energy vampires in your own life? Check out this list, you may find that you are not alone.

The negativity magnet  

Do you have the one person in your life whose pores seem to excrete negativity 24 hours day, seven days a week? You know, the person who can find something negative to say about almost anything and anyone and can find something malicious to say about even the most positive situations? Yeah, that individual. Have you ever found yourself in a slump or feeling agitated after being in the presence of this person? You know what they say, misery loves company and negative people stay miserable. The truth is, it costs to be around people of this nature and spending too much time in their presence while feeding into their negativity can leave you feeling drained.

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  • shekiki

    most are family. somehow i got mixed up with all these types until i was very low on energy.

    last week i commented to a neighbor how their child was excited to start schooling and she had these mean things to say about the school. well i plan on ignoring, and i mean really ignoring her and treat her like an enemy. i am tired of nonsense.

    My sister called yesterday. Obviously she was having some kind of bad news.
    But i didnt pick her phone. and do not intend to for the rest of my life.
    I am not taking crap no more. Let all them go jump into the sea.

  • kai

    You left out the “one-upper” who has to top anything you say or do!
    If your child is smart, hers is “brilliant”, when you lose ten pounds she’s lost twelve. I actually have a friend like this and its fun to watch her in action when you say something, to see how her wheels turn as she tries to fabricate her responses. Its not fun to have a friend like this because they arent supportive and just ruin your happiness. I’m slowly weaning her off me.

  • scandalous7

    damn I have a touch of about 4 of these..insecure, needy, negative nancy, and a little selfish too….hey, im a work in progress.

  • tata111

    I have it bad, every last one of these people are family members, and I feel kinda bad, but I think I am the selfish one..smh

  • shelshel

    Thank you for this article, lately I been cutting off people because of these traits. And need a reassurance that it was not being mean to cut them off. once again thanks 🙂

  • maggie

    The selfish’s description can sound just like a moocher. I have a moocher friend who always has their ‘hand out.’ And the annoying thing about it, she thinks that she is slick. I am a little older than her and she doesn’t realize her game is paper thin to a lot of people including me.

  • Cha Cha

    For the most part, all of my friends are great. No jealousy, no man stealing or backstabbing. Everyone is there for everyone else. I do have one friend who is very insecure and always thinks someone is talking about her or doesn’t like her or something… other than that, I love my friends! They are awesome!

  • ANTMilf

    In all my almost 31 years of life, I’ve had the needy, the lying, the Debbie Downer, the fake, the insecure and the copy cat friends, I cut the lying, fake and Debbie Downer out of my life for good and kept the copy cat and the needy because they grew up.

  • ksw

    Can MN create a list of the “Absolute Best Types of Friends” to have? I have some great friends and I consider myself a great friend. Shot out the Black Women who hold each other down! For starters what about the friend who has “All The Connections” or the friend who is “Always down to go out”. Come MN put some positivity out!!!

    • Allie


  • Na Na

    Or what about the draining ex. Every relationship doesn’t end with an I hate you, but that merky area with a dude you care for but not in love with that’s still in love with you. Super draining! Let that goooooo!