‘There’s No Need To Fight What’s Not True’: Alicia Keys Still Isn’t Paying The Homewrecker Talk Any Mind

November 16, 2012  |  

Alicia Keys has reportedly finally stopped dancing around those homewrecker allegations and address them head-on in her most recent interview with JET Magazine. Keys, who has been on a drama-filled roller coaster since 2010 when her new hubby, producer Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife Mashonda rang the alarm stating that the singer had been messing with her ex while they were still married and that Keys is actually the reason why their marriage fell apart in the first place. For a long time Alicia chose not to address the allegations but she has recently become a bit more vocal about them. She shared that she didn’t bother going back at Mashonda in the press because her allegations simply weren’t true. Check out some more of what she had to say in her recent JET interview.

Why she pays homewrecker allegations no mind

[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together…that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down…there’s no need to fight what’s not true…

Why she and Swizz are a good match

I’d never met a person where I could be fully myself…Swizz and I live in each other’s shadow. So we can occupy the same space and there is nothing but equality. There’s something really powerful about that.

Though Mashonda, Swizz and Alicia have all seemed to move on and let go of past drama for the sake of the children involved, Alicia’s image has been tainted in the eyes of many of her female fans. It could be because so many find Mashonda to be a person whom they can relate to. She seemed to be a mom who was just trying to hold her family together when her fairytale got snatched from beneath her. But, I suppose it depends on how you look at the situation. The stories contradict each other so much that it is clear that someone isn’t being 100% truthful, but I guess no of us will ever know because we weren’t actually there.

What do you think of Alicia’s response?

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  • I don’t think Alicia Keys is a home wrecker. No one knows what he was telling her nor Mashonda and you can’t judge until you’ve been in that situation. He may have lied in the beginning and eventually told her the truth when feelings were deeply involved. It is hard to leave someone after that but I’m sure he said some things to her/she said some things to him to keep them together. Perhaps the words “I don’t Care” came into play. My mother always says, if a man makes him self that available then the home was already wrecked. Don’t make it right, but it don’t make it wrong either.

    • If it wasn’t going to be Alicia, I’m pretty sure it was going to be another female. Obviously he was done with Mashonda mentally, but legally they were still tied to each other.

  • Jay

    “It could be because so many find Mashonda to be a person whom they can
    relate to. She seemed to be a mom who was just trying to hold her family together when her fairytale got snatched from beneath her.” BS. Mashonda called Alicia Keys a mistress so the hood media started calling her a mistress. People fail to understand that even though the divorce wasn’t final, they were split. It’s not fair to get half of the story and then run with it. What about swizz story? No one bother to ask him his side which I think is sad.

  • shame on you

    ”BUT…you have a ”BABY MS.KEYS”…you make yourself seem clueless…and they was no gun to your head…your a homerecker and the worse kind you knew ”MASHONDA” WOW…I HOPE THIS DON’T HAPPEN TO YOU…

  • sunrisesmile

    Swizz took those vows with Mashonda, Alicia didn’t. Furthermore, it was obvious that HE decided that the marriage was not longer worth working on. Alicia did not make him do anything that he did not already want to do. I can’t stand it when the woman is blamed. If Swizz still wanted Mashonda, no one and nothing could of kept him from her. If he no longer wanted Mashonda, no one and nothing would have kept him with her. Period.

  • lena

    This whole situation has made me look at Keys in a different light. I think people including myself like her music and her as a person but dealing with a man who is married is wrong to me. I think if this was Rihanna, nicki or anybody else they would have no problem calling her wrong. People like her public persona so that makes this not so bad. To me at the end of the day if she thinks she’s going to walk into the sunset after helping break down a home she’s mistaken and that goes for him too even more so, it’s such a simple old saying if he cheats on his wife why wouldn’t he cheat on you and why she would want to be with someone like that says alot about her also. You never really know a person.

  • Nicole

    Speaking as a woman whose “played that role” I have my reservations on not ever playing it again. But speaking on Alicia Keys situation how can we have a say on her life when we dont know any facts. By no way am I condoning OR for that I am not condeming her either, I am not God. While I agree its not a good idea date someone while they are ending their marriage, I totally feel Alicia on not fighting for facts that people do not have. If this is the case ALICIA and KASEEM DEAN will have to pay the piper at the end of the day.
    But like I always say , do not judge someone else because they sin differently than you. You all may not like the way she allededly handled this situation but let us NOT act holier than thou up in here.

  • Meyaka

    Any women who blames the other woman for her man cheating is weak,insecure,and really need to do some soul searching. I am the best woman that i can be to my husband and if he ever decides to step out on me,obviously he doesn’t respect our vows or me. How is it the other woman’s fault? was he chilling somewhere and she snatched him up and proceed to rape him? So many questions…

  • i don’t see anyone saying anything to him and he was the one that was married. it’s like men get a free pass…..i bet his wife felt awful. i talk about this and more in my new ebook on Amazon titled Straight No Chaser. check it out!

  • AJ389

    I agree that the other woman does share a portion of the blame but at the end of the day the majority of it belongs to the husband because regardless to whether she knows or doesnt know hes married a woman cannot wreck a home unless the husband participates and ALLOWS her to. Thats why a lot of men get off scott free cuz we are too busy running up on the woman who didnt take the vow and owes us nothing.

  • Separated is not divorced. While he left on his own free will, she still slept with a married man. You mean to tell me there was no single available men around? I heard she got hers, and he actually cheated on her as well. I’m not wishing bad on her family, but if hers was to get ruined, I wont say I would feel bad for her.

  • Another thing, Alicia is only relevant to me because of her music. Her personal life has no effect on whether or not I will purchase her music. I always see comments from people who say that they can’t buy her music anymore because she’s a homewrecker, which is their choice, but to me that sounds so stupid because her being with a married man doesn’t make her music sound good or bad. It’s just my opinion though.

    • MLS2698

      Seems like to me people need to stop compartmentalizing and come to the realization that your private life does affect you career. Petraeus…………………

      • You obviously did not read and comprehend my comment. I never said that a person’s private life has no effect on their career. I did, however, say that a artist or musican’s private life does not affect whether or not I will support their music.
        Concerning General Petraeus, yes him cheating on his wife was bad, makes him a bad husband and partner, and did ultimately lead to him resigning from his position, but does that mean that now that he was horrible general? Of course not.

  • SK

    it takes two Period. But my thing is why stay so quiet?? All of a sudden you’re coming out when everything dies down?? And now you choose to say close to nothing about the situation? The facts speak for itself. How old is key’s baby; how soon after Swizz’s “separation” were he and Keys prancing around town together and Mashonda’s side makes 100% sense whereas Keys remains vague about…well Everything. A homewrecker is a homewrecker but I feel the name doesn’t apply since the home was already wrecked. Regardless Alicia was part of that taint and I definitely don’t support her any more. She sounds horrible now anyway…screeching and straining throughout the Entire “Girl on Fire” song smdh

    • MIYO K.

      I don’t think she is ‘coming out when when everything dies down’. She was asked about it in the interview.

  • Shaybaby

    I don’t understand why folks are giving Alicia Keys hell for dating Swizz when he was separated. She didn’t break up a happy home. Their home was already broken. Besides ain’t nobody riding on Kim K while she’s flaunting around with Kanye and she’s still married to Kris Humphries. Kim K and Kris Humphries are clearly separated so why is it ok for her & not Alicia? Nobody knows what went on between them so to label Alicia Keys a homewrecker w/o all the facts is ridiculous.

  • I’d really hope so… I hope the issues where there and she was the rebound, because it is VERY difficult to want to spend money on her cd with the thought if her being a homewrecker in my mind lol

  • GloriousMe

    The “homewrecker” title is a myth. Nothing is ever destroyed from the outside.

  • gracie

    Chile please, they had a month old baby when Mashonda found out about this home wrecker. Its clear both Alicia and Swizz were being heartless. What goes around comes around thou, gets see what she says when the same happens to her.

    • Pivyque

      A month old baby means nothing. It just means that they had sex 10 months ago and she got pregnant. People break up during pregnancy all the time. Not only that, but they could have been talking about separation and had some sort of angry sex after the argument lol We don’t know what happened.

      • MLS2698

        But we do know Swizz was still married. Never, ever start a new relationship before you tie up loose ends with the old one. File the papers……end it. Give yourself some time in between your break up to heal, then proceed.

        • Pivyque

          True enough, if I were single I wouldn’t date a married man (separated or not) but he felt like he was over it and he moved on. I’m not going to call Alicia a home wrecker because she decided to date a man that made himself available to her.

          • Jay

            I totally agree. If you’re going to bash someone, bash Swizz and not Alicia.

      • gracie

        I think its unclassy to date a an who has a pregnant woman at home. Think of the child who would miss out on bonding with both parents. It lays a foundation for him and most of this kids don’t always end up well.

        • Pivyque

          I agree with you. I don’t think it is classy at all, but…once again…I don’t think that she should be called a home wrecker for dating a man that made himself available to her.

        • Jay

          Please. woman do it all the time.

    • MIYO K.

      I don’t think Alicia was being heartless. Do you think that when women cheat on men the other man feels bad?

      • shame on you

        ”YES…to make themsel feel better and g”GET” back at your man?

    • Meyaka

      if the same happens to her, she will have her own means to move on and rebuild her life,her self esteem isn’t down the drain like mashonda,she will be fine. Men will do as they please,Swiss cheese impregnated another woman as well…. He is either a dirty dog,or mashonda let him get away with a lot and only got mad because he left…

    • Sonya

      Well let me see. How could they have had a month old baby when he was involved with Alicia when Mashonda’s child is 6 now and there is another little girl in London who is 4? I believe Alicia’s child is only 2, so that would make him having an affair with the London chic when Mashonda’s child was about a year old. Birthdays don’t lie. Anyway it doesn’t matter what Alicia says because some people are going to keep on beating that dead horse even though they don’t know a thing about any of these people. Oh yes, Mashonda said it. Well to me that doesn’t mean a thing. She also said Swizz caused her to have a miscarraige but she still loved him and stayed with him. ????? And, even named the other woman’s child. I’m beyond understanding any of that. I think there are definitely lies floating around but not from Alicia.

  • ANTMilf

    I still gonna respect Alicia Keys as an artist, but I don’t and never will consider her as a homewrecker. She didn’t force Swizz to leave his wife at gunpoint, Swizz chose to leave his wife and hooked up with Keys so she shouldn’t get getting attacked for it. We don’t know what caused Swizz to end his marriage to his wife, but if he was already separated from his wife before he got with Alicia, then hey, Alicia didn’t kill their marriage, Swizz and his now ex did.

    • I absolutely agree. I mean, I personally wouldn’t have stayed in that relationship, but that was her choice. And it seems as if some people are wishing for Swizz’s and Alicia’s marriage to fail because they think that Alicia is a homewrecker.

  • ssljc

    who gives a flying hoot. these are all grown azz ppl making their own decisions. ppl leave all the time. heck, no one can b taken from anyone unless u allow it. Swizz is not an object, he made the choice that he felt was best for him. who cares! let ppl live. i can only ans for my choices no one else’s, that’s between them an God,We need to stop making other ppl biz ours. Just give us good music alicia, that’s all we need to focus on with u.

  • MIYO K.

    It seems that our society expects women to be the more moral person and take other’s feelings into consideration while men are allowed to do whatever they want, mess up their family and marriage and lay blame at the feet of women.

    • Meyaka


    • Pivyque

      My point exactly!

    • inessa

      When women will stop claiming how they have more morals then men, and better than them when it comes to relationships and marriage, then the society will stop expecting so much from them.

      • MIYO K.

        Women usually are more moral than men, because they are socialized to be that way and our society expects women to take into consideration the other woman’s feelings in these situations.

  • Britt

    People are so quick to call Alicia Keys a homewrecker, but what about Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart and Leann Rimes to name a few? If you want to take a stance, be consistent with it. Everybody loves Brangelina and can’t wait for them to get married and everybody wanted Kristen Stewart to get back with Rob Pattinson after she cheated on him with her married director. Some people seem more upset at Alicia than Mashonda is or was.

    • I think there is a large amount of negativity around Alicia Keys on this site because it is geared towards African American Women. I have a mixed race group of friends and let me tell you it is not pretty when you bring up Angelina Jolie or Leann Rimes.

      • KJ23

        Exactly, there are websites that not only declare Kristen Stewart as the “Worst Woman Alive,” but someone made a small fortune selling shirts that degraded her for sleeping with that director.

        • MIYO K.

          The reports only stated they hugged and kissed, not slept with each other.

    • From what i can recall all 3 of those ppl got ALOT of hate in the media for doing what they did so Alicia isnt the only one

    • loveky99

      I think they got more heat, then Alecia ever got. I dont think you read enough UsWeekly or people.

    • gracie

      She just came across as that home girl, good girl image, down to earth. Opposed to angie who was hard core. Alicia is a wolf in sheep’s skin!

    • Nenah

      I can’t stand Angelina Jolie because of that. BP either. I loss a lot of respect for Alicia. I remember when she was telling girls not to have sex. But you got preg by a man whose divorce was not final yet. Bish please.

  • Solo40

    Alicia or any other woman that gets involved w/ a married man are not homewreckers. Swizz and any other married man that cheats on their wives, wreck their own homes.They took the vow.

    • A Wife

      I disagree. They are just a culpable as the man. We need to stop not giving at least a portion of the blame where it belongs. And it belongs to both parties. The woman is only blameless if she did not know and STOPPED. If she continued, she still became a homewrecker. I agree the husband took the vows to honor his marriage, and he is responsible for his actions in the demise of the relationship, but that doesnt not mitigate the fact that the “other” woman is culapable.

      • Pivyque

        That’s the problem though. Most people put the blame on “the other woman”. You cannot wreck a home unless someone allows it. If swiss was not separated when they started dating, he is responsible. Alicia only knew what he told her. He told her they were separated and she believed him. If he was lying, how can she be the home wrecker? Even if she knew, HE chose to step outside of his marriage. If you don’t respect and honor your own marriage, how can you expect someone else to? Yes, she is no more innocent than he is if that was the case, but he is the one that should be getting the most blame.

      • Solo40

        I agree that the other woman does share a portion of the blame but, at the end of the day, the majority of it belongs to the husband because regardless to whether she knows or doesn’t know he’s married, a woman cannot wreck a home unless the husband participates and ALLOWS her to.

      • shame on you

        ”TRUE…she knew what the ”LABLE”would be ”HEY”the stories are all the same

    • A Wife

      I disagree. They are just a culpable as the man. We need to START giving at least a portion of the blame where it belongs. And it belongs to both parties. The woman is only blameless if she did not know and STOPPED. If she continued, she still became a homewrecker. I agree the husband took the vows to honor his marriage, and he is responsible for his actions in the demise of the relationship, but that does not mitigate the fact that the “other” woman is culapable.

    • shame on you

      ”NO…one held a gun to her head…”NO…