I Learned My Lesson: Laura Speaks On Jackie Christie Backlash

November 16, 2012  |  

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There has been a bit of controversy surrounding a few “Basketball Wives LA” cast members as a result of the last couple episodes of the show. Earlier this week, we reported a story on Chantel Christie, the daughter of Jackie Christie, opening up to her mom’s fellow cast member, Laura Govan, on national television about what life was like being raised by Jackie and sharing some pretty damaging family secrets that caused many to even further question Jackie’s mental stability. Of the most explosive information Chantel shared with Laura was about Jackie’s mistreatment of her older sister, Takari Lee Christie, because of her weight and darker complexion. Many of the cast members felt that Laura had crossed the line by asking to speak with Jackie’s daughters knowing that she didn’t exactly care for her. After the episode aired on Monday, many had no problem taking to Twitter and other social networks to express their disdain for Laura’s behavior.

In an exclusive interview with Vanessa Barnett of Hip Hollywood, Laura addressed the entire situation from the motives behind her two-faced ways to the reason why she was so adamant about speaking with her frenemy’s daughters in the first place. Check out what she had to say:

“I initially understood [the backlash]. Yeah, I got it. I get it and I got it from the girls. I knew it was coming. It’s funny when they say, ‘Oh, you’re two-faced,’ but then again, am I really because I don’t gossip. I just wanted her to feel the way that I felt. So it’s like when you think about it, who’s really two-faced?”

She went on to claim that all of her questionable antics regarding her and Jackie’s relationship were purely out of revenge. She also shared that she eventually had a change of heart after speaking with Chantel.

“It took away from my evil side. It made me realize what life was really about. It was a lesson, I got a lesson and I’m thankful for that lesson. That is the reality of the show. In real life I got a full lesson on the show.”

She also shared that she did not regret the way she treated Jackie claiming that the “lesson” she learned was worth her actions. We’re still waiting to find out what that lesson was, Laura. We’re also still wondering why you were vindictive enough to hit below the belt and go after someone’s child in the first place.

Check out footage of the interview below. How do you feel about Laura’s explanation?

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  • keke

    jackie went for the jugular when she said Gloria slept with Gilbert i dont know about the young ppl but in the forty something crowd thats a no no that is why two sister didnt speak in a year so wat now feel sorry for jackie she is the oldest she knew wat that would do thats why she said it grown up everybody they all are acting like buttheads not kids my daughter is 17 and dont act like this at all. NEVER.

  • keke

    ok laura went for the kids jackie went for the husband i think jackie is not ok with laura goin after the kids but omg let laura go after DOUG that would have been the show. DO NOT BE FOOLED Jackie love the kids but i think she’d kill for Doug. Husband and kids should be off limits. so if you bring it take it.

  • i understand her being mad, but to waste all that energy on ONE woman. naw! i pass. karma will get you in the end. i don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch. check me out Janice Jade ebook on Amazon titled Straight No Chaser.

  • Lysheka O’Neil

    Laura & Gloria are strange to me, how do you have a sister that fights for you when you were being accused of sleeping with your ex-friends husband,( Shaunie & Shaq,) and you go 9mths without speaking to her. These two sister appear very cold and disconnected so I don’t expect them to treat others any better. They are some of the coldest women I have every seen, I suspect it part of the upbringing. How do you go for 9mths w/o speaking to your own sister? Did you all see how Laura beat Gloria up in the boxing ring last session? Laura has been fighting with Gilbert soooo long she doesn’t know how to not be dysfunctional.

    • @google-938b3ea9b39cf3d20f2ccd3c280e2029:disqus The reason they didn’t talk was BECAUSE of Jackie running around lying telling people that Gloria slept with Gilbert Arenas which we all know is a lie because Gloria has been with Matt since she was YOUNG. He was her first everything!

    • Been there

      That happens all the time not just on the show.

  • babykeepsitreal

    I don’t think Laura or Jackie is a bully I think their just actors Reading the lines from their script

  • Ms_Mara

    I could understand if this was junior high school, but these are grown women with children of their own. That was very childish of Laura, imo. Why accept Jackie’s apology and socialize with her, going out of town with her, etc if you know you really still have hard feelings? Maybe I’m crazy, but I ain’t about to be sitting up laughing and a kiki’ing it up with someone I dislike. Laura spent all of last season calling Jackie “kooky” but look at how crazy you look now Laura! If that wasn’t some passive-aggressive mess, I don’t know what is.

  • JazzyTee

    Laura is an educated women who has obtained a post grad degree. Nothing in the world could tell me that she did not know what she was doing from the beginning, and no possible “revenge” in this way could justify this behavior. Although Jackie did terrible things, I just cannot understand how an educated women such as Laura could take her disdain for Jackie trying to turn the group against her, and use her family to gain leverage by exposing the ugliness of the Christie family. than again, Hate begets Hate. Hurt people….hurt people. So it all makes sense.
    I truly hope she did learn a lesson from all of this and I truly hope she matures. This is just a terrible way to be. Both Laura and Jackie.

    • CarlaKah

      I know post grad people that have done crazier things (one guy that graduated from my uni systematilyc beat his wife up to the point that she has several “healed” bones…). So… Degrees don’t determine how crazy you can act… Just which jobs you can go for…

  • Mrsap7

    I never liked Jackie from wayyyyy back in her other “reality tv” days and Laura really did not care for her either, but I will say that hearing what Jackie’s daughter had to say I dislike Jackie EVEN MORE NOW(!!!!) and Doug is weak man to have allowed that mess in the house to go on. Both of them are a hot mess!!!!

  • These people aren’t perfect and have emotions and feeling like we do…the pubic needs to remember that fact! Jackie was cruel to Laura last year. She thought this woman was a good friend. Jackie did this at one of the most vulnerable times in Laura’s life. This show forces these two women together, so how can she completely severe ties with this woman if she has to “work” this her. She wanted the woman who wronged her to feel her same pain.Can you really blame her for this, even if she went about it the wrong way?

    • cathy

      Yes Laura is angry at Jackie and she has a right to be. Know she should not have asked to speak with her daughter, but lets not forget Laura did not approach Jackie’s daughter. Jackie’s daughter approached Laura. Also remember when Jackie and her daughters where in counseling her daughter also said she is fake and controlling and it has to be her way or know way. After seeing that I come to the conclusion that Jackie is scared of getting old, Jackie has a mental problem, is about herself. Her husband is too stupid not to see that something is really wrong with Jackie. Wedding every year. Let put the camera’s down no reality show and someone get that lady some help. Its all about the all mighty dollar. But she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Look at how he talks to her when they have a disagreement he bags up and give in, I bet if Jackie and her husband ever have a true throw down argument, she will pull out a knife. This is what I see. Laura I understand what she learned from her daughter took her back a notch it took me back one to, but now I understand why Jackie is the way she is. I hope someone else see that too. Before something really happens.

  • She was out of pocket…period! Getting revenge via someone’s child’s issues is the lowest of the low and that kind of karma will be revisited on you hard.

  • Gracie

    So people are still watching this foos!!?

  • thatonegirl

    If Laura was that upset about how Jackie did her why not just stop all contact with her? Erase her from your life completely. She just crossed the line when she acted like she cared about Jackie’s kids considering how vulnerable they appeared to be. They had nothing to do with her and Jackie’s relationship. That was just trifling, smh.

  • Truth@yahoo.com

    I will say I understand Laura being angry at how Jackie played her last season. Jackie was low down trying to get all the girls against Laura. All the back stabbing Jackie did to Laura and the other girls trying to divide the girls against Jackie. NOT COOL
    Here is my issue with Laura ONE how old are you Two You have how many children Three arent you a married women. Girl bye you have to many things on your plate for this HIGH SCHOOL / CHILD LIKE Behavior. As Laura would say Keep 100, you to dang old to behave this way. And you know what look back on how bad Jackie looked, you step right into her shoes. I know Laura was hurt, take a lesson Laura from your Sister Gloria when them Basketball chicks came after her she didn’t back down but she took the high road all the way to the end. And they tried her. Gloria kept it 100. Nxt Laura do better, disrespecting yourself and allowing your self to treat a person the way YOU didnt like being treated and was hurt behind it. You can do better you should do better heck you should have dealed with that hurt yea I know not easy when someone hurt you and you shoulda flipped it. Treat people the way you wanna be treat.


      I’m not even being sarcastic, but what did Jackie actually do or say last season that looked like an agenda against Laura? The impression I got last season was that she was a sneaky manipulative bully and we didn’t see all there was to see regarding her(laura) role in the miscommunications. She confirmed my thoughts this season Jamie came off as confused and needy, but not necessarily of Il intent. definitely messy though…


        Yall know I meant Jackie I’m on my phone

      • Jackie said alot of things about Laura behind her back and she was running around telling people that Gloria F U C K E D gilbert which broke up Laura and Gloria’s relationship.

  • Laura is a cruel person that show sucks I think I might be over vh1 shows except LAHHA

    • realadulttalk

      LAHHA raised the ratchet bar. Lol