You Need An Old-School Whoopin’: 9 Things Some Young People Do In Public That We Can’t Stand

November 15, 2012  |  
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Times sure have changed haven’t they? Things young people do today in front of and to their elders, some of us would have been smacked down for doing back in the day. And maybe that’s why so many young people are being videotaped getting their a**es handed to them for being disrespectful to bus drivers, strangers, their parents, and their friends. Times have changed indeed, and not necessarily in a good way. Here are nine things we’ve noticed teenagers and young people recklessly doing that we can’t stand. Please, come get your kids. Or better yet, at least get them in check before you send them out into the world for us to have to deal with.

*Note: The photos of black kids only aren’t meant to say only black youth act a fool, because young people of all background are a mess these days. However, we’re a black website, so we try to use as many photos of black folks as we can. Thanks!


Being Loud For No Reason

There’s a time and place for everything. I think we’ve all had that moment where we got with our friends and were just more crunk than we needed to be, but with some young people, it’s an everyday thing. Get on the train or bus around the time they get out of school and young folks are yelling, not talking, and acting a plum fool in front of complete strangers. Just the other day I watched a young girl, probably 16 or 17, pretending she was on a stripper pole during evening rush hour while her friends laughed it up at such a volume, you would have thought you were sitting in a comedy club. Too bad that mess wasn’t funny…

Throwing Threats And Being Too Ready To Fight

It’s understandable for one to defend themselves when they feel threatened, but these days folks go out looking for a fight. People jump up to throw down and get beat down over the smallest things. Maybe that’s why less and less adults put these rapscallions in their place. Sometime late last year I watched a young man and a grown a** man who was a little intoxicated go at it on the train at 3 a.m. (why these young people were out roaming the streets so late? I don’t know) after the man asked the young man and his friends to bring their voices down. This young man jumped up in the man’s face so that he could push him and have reason for all hell to break loose. My late ride home shouldn’t have been a scene out of Enter The Dragon, son. Get your kids.


Using Really Foul Language In Front Of Their Elders And Little Kids

While we’ve all slipped up and thrown a “s**t!” out there when we weren’t thinking, there’s something about cursing like a sailor and calling someone a n***a in front of my elders and little kids who absorb ratchetness so easily that rubs me the wrong way. When you’re in the house, go wild, but when you’re out in public, can you not call people “b***hes” and “mutha*****s” while people are out with their children? Too many young people get with their friends and they forget any and all home training, and I just don’t get it.

 Taking Reckless Photographs And Posting Them On Social Media

I had long known that the youth of the world today had some issues, but when 17-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef posted a picture of himself receiving 0-ral sex from a young woman (child p**n much?), ish was getting really unbelievable. There are too many youngsters posting pictures of themselves smoking weed, holding guns, wearing close to nothing and just basically doing a whole lot of nothing that I’m pretty sure they don’t realize can come back to haunt them in the future. And if that’s not enough, the captions they use to explain the photos are damn near impossible to read. Bump what you’ve heard: a mind is till a terrible thing to waste.

Source: Flickr – Kenyee

Using Hooliganism As An Excuse To Buy Their Candy

I’m all for young people trying to make that money in a harmless and legal way, and in NYC, many kids sell candy, fruit snacks and chips, going from car to car on trains doing so. But I’ve never really felt too great about young men saying, “I’m trying to sell candy to keep out of trouble on the streets.” I think I would prefer they say that they’re simply trying to make money than to try and guilt people into buying their snacks, because it shouldn’t be an either or thing: Buy my snacks on the train, or I’m knocking an old lady down on the street. You have a choice to do the right thing even if pushing Doritos and Welch’s fruit snacks on the train doesn’t work out.

Exposing A Bit Too Much…

Whether it’s talking about personal information way too loud so that everyone has an opinion they can’t share, or literally coming out with too much skin showing and pants sagging down to their knees, some youngins are doing the most. How do you walk comfortably when you have your belt tied around your thighs? And thank goodness we’re coming upon Winter weather, because the Summer brought out too many teen girls dressed like fast a** folks twice their age. Go sit down somewhere!

Doing Everything To Get WorldStar Exposure

For most people with sense, when bad or even dangerous things like a fight happen, most folks step back, walk away, or—in  the case of the brave—even try to break the melee up. But some young people use these shenanigans as an opportunity to shout “WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR!” pull out their cell phones and start taping what they see so they can post it on the WorldStar Hip Hop website. Anybody remember the young woman who got into a Twitter argument with a girl, drove to her house and had her friend tape her beating up the girl? Yeah, that fool got into legal trouble because of it, and the not so innocent victim still uses the video to milk attention on Twitter.


Playing Explicit Music Loud In Public

Nothing is worse than being on public transportation, trying to read a book or having a moment to collect your thoughts only to have a young man stand next to you with their headphones on, still blasting, “Can’t trust shawty cause my hoes they do drugs!!!!” and a lot worse lyrics that will have you wishing your stop was coming up next. And if you’re really unlucky, you might find yourself near the little jerk who ditches their headphones altogether and blasts the worst music ever out of their phone for all to hear. Oh, joy…

Getting With Their Friends And Acting A Fool

There’s just something about that mob mentality. And when it comes to many young people these days, that’s when kids get in the most trouble. It has been a mob of young people who have walked into places like 7-Eleven and retail stores together all over the country to steal clothes, food, alcohol and whatever else they deem worth touching with their sticky fingers. And if that’s not enough, being egged on by friends, some young people disrespect their elders (I’ve even seen some loudly laugh at an elder woman who almost tripped and fell trying to move away from their loud behinds). Makes you wonder how “bad” they would really be if they were all alone…

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  • kiki

    so nobody’s gonna mention that keef is with his mother in that pic?? HIS MOTHER. and she cosigns his mess. People complain about kids today (myself included) but really, the ones that made them and then left them to raise themselves should have that blame . babies smoked crack and had babies and now look, a hot frigging mess is what we’re left with

  • Drake Black

    I understood when you said you’re a black website, I am not black but I can tell you that this applies pretty much to everyone, I see it in my community and it bothers me. To be honest it makes it hard for me to even date because girls these day are acting like fools instead of ladies. They think it’s funny to get drunk and take their clothes off, and that is just not the type of girl I want to take home. Guys think they can strong arm girls or treat them like property even after the broke up with them, and yes this is all young people. I am embarrassed by this, and think you really hit home with this report.

  • Trust

    How do I share this article on facebook? hopefully some of these idiots will see it.

  • Trust

    My goodness! these are all so true. Even I’m a teenager (17years) (although not all young people do this) and I want to get a cane and smack them. forget a cane…whatever I can find that i can use as a weapon. I think the best is the “eye-glaze” parents give you. if i did any of those things, I would smack myself. heck I would go home and tell my parents and make them smack me! Kmt. idiots!

  • Datgirl4509

    If we put all the things young folks do that they need a azz whoopin for, it would be the longest article in history. Bible says each generation gets wiser and very true. Add to that list girls wearing their nightcaps, house shoes, pj’s out in the streets, this is just the effects of generations that don’t know how to act like young ladies & gentlemen “raising” each other. Thank God I grew up when I did!!! These girls & boys are our better be scared. Teenage pregnancy, broken families, lost morals, disrespect, reality TV, graphic music, etc has helped prune this lovely group of children we have now. Say your prayers because it is only getting worse…

  • luckystar393

    I see this entire list everyday at my school except for the candy thing. Delaware State University im talking to you!!!!!!! The level of ratchetness i see on a daily basis smh im only 19 and i know better. Also, the outfits these girls wear make no sense. At parties is the worst. Im talking fishnets under leotards with jordans AUUGGHHH i could just scream

  • Crissy

    Hey Madam Noire, you know another thing I can not stand, is when one is on a website to view pictures and there is not a next or arrow button directly along the side of them to view the pictures, but instead one has to unnecessarily scroll down that page to view the next page but instead on just viewing the next page the entire page just reloads itself ten times to view ten pictures along with the unnecessary ads that is on that page! Something I really do not like!Can you do a fav and stop wasting my time? Sure would appreciate it 🙂

  • I’m ashamed of my generation, I’m glad my daddy was strict and my mother and aunts brought me up with a mind to know better, no I’m not perfect but I have a better judgment than those I used to go to high school with because they are all lost. I shake my head at all the mess they do it’s nothing good to come from it.

    • Youngin

      Me too. Yesterday at school i just found out how low our generation can be. Apparently a girl had a seizure during lunch, and while security and nurses were busy tending to her, some kids were laughing, taking pictures and even video taping her seizure. Just shows how heartless some of our G can be. Thank God im not friends with those rats cuz if i was i would disconnect from them. Im one of very very few kids at school who still has class AND home training. Sometimes i just can’t believe what my G has come to. 🙁

      • They’re silly and untrained, it’s only gonna get worse smh.

  • Erica Campbell

    I’m so tired of people pointing out what the black race do!!!!just remember this black people jesus said when the world begins to hate you remember they hated me first……keep your head we are the most talk about because we are the best we just need to stick together.

  • CriticXtreme

    I agree that some old schools azz whipping techniques have to be used on kids today. Take it way back to the days of ice water thrown on you when sleeping, being beat with a hanger and get an old iron, cut the cord off and get to arse whipping some sense into these disgraces. Another blame are all the ignorance young mothers.

  • Rosetta Stone

    LOL. yes. i cant with these 30 yr old looking dudes selling candy talkin bout “im raising money for my basketball team.”

  • theBAYAREArealist

    YOUNG PEOPLE? where do you think they learned it from?….y’all 30+, 40+ was doing the same damn thing with the exception of social media.

  • Guest

    Yeah and people blame the bus drivers for knocking them on their buts!!! This kids are so out of control, quite frankly I’m surprised you don’t see more of them being knocked out by people!!!

  • dbatt001

    get over it and wait til the second coming of christ because it is only going to get worse.

  • chanela

    #9 uhh NO! i never ever ever ever ever ever EVER see people with the explicit music with headphones on. they always blast it loud as if everybody wants to hear that foolishness! that AND the dudes who are wannabe rappers (who isn’t in LA?) who start randomly rapping out of nowhere. that mess is annoying! the people on the stupid songs are probably them, that’s why they play it loud as hell

  • chanela

    madame noire forgot about this ridiculous tattoo craze. teenagersare now tatted up like their favorite idiot rappers. tattoos on the face,boyfriend/girlfriend names on them at age 15, curse worse all over their bodies. they’re getting dumber and dumber and guess what? parents have to give consent to these foolish tattoos…then again everybody and their mama is having tattoo parties now and there are no consent forms there. ugh!

  • Please add “look at me clothes and hair styles.” You are not in a video .

  • ANTMilf

    Looking at these teens today makes me happy that I was born in the early 1980s and my parents would whoop my a$$ if I got into trouble at school, got out of line and disrespected my elders. I live in Chicago and most people outside of here know how messed up our streets is and young people glorifying gang lifestyles other. Even the other day, a teen girl about 15 or 16 was yelling and cussing on her cellphone on the bus saying she was gonna borrow a gun from her boyfriend who she said is a GD to cap another girl for talking stuff about her on Facebook. Me and this woman in her 40s was like and we both said “we didn’t act like this when we were teenagers and we didn’t have Facebook, YouTube or Twitter back in the 80s and 90s”. Plus when I was an 80s baby and 90s child we also didn’t have rap music that didn’t make people stupid like the ones of today, rap was real and fun to listen to back then. Now I’m a mother of 1 child and I don’t even want my daughter to turn out like these kids, that’s why I read books and less TV time for her.

    • BarBQ

      I grew up in chicago during that same time period. there were a few gang wars, lots of fights, and i know the music i listened to was too cray. some h*s in this house, i aint * all week…even mainstream was luke. there was a lot of good rap and other songs too, but ijs what part of the city were you in? because it’s nice to wax nostalgic about our generation, but the reality is these kids are doing what they know: what they have seen us do. That doesn’t make it right, but let’s not close our eyes to the reality.

      • ANTMilf

        I grew up in the Hyde Park area and I lived in an apartment where a lot of University of Chicago students live in.

  • Guest

    I’ve seen way too many kids cutting up here in Dallas. Last winter a young man lost his life at the train station cause some young punks decided they wanted his phone. These parents need to start being parents and stop trying to be their child’s friend. As my daddy told me growing up, “you don’t have friends”. I didn’t know what he meant till I was almost 23 years old. And once I figured it out, I cut out a lot of my wanna be tough ways.

    • MIYO K.

      I think it goes beyond parents trying to be a friend to their kid. If anything, I think it is hard for a parent to really feel like a parent when there is a small age gap between their kids.

      Prime example is T.I. If one didn’t know better, his two oldest sons could easily come off as his younger brothers.

    • TXMom

      I definitely co-sign the bad kids in Dallas, but I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that some parents are no longer taking pride and responsibility in how their children turn out.

  • KJ23

    I cannot stop laughing at that selling candy on a train or beating someone up thing. That was priceless!

  • unrequitedlove

    The young rodents are sagging their pants as well now.I guess that Aaliyah tomboy look is coming back but they look good and funky.And most of the time its the large and charge loud mouth young girls who dress this way.Pull up your pants you look smelly.

  • MIYO K.

    I don’t want to detract from the article, but everything on the list are things I have seen done by adults too.

    • MNEditor2

      True, true. Times have changed for everybody, lol.

    • Trisha_B

      I was about to say the same thing. I’ve seen people over the age of 25 doing everything on this list. I just want to know when did things change. Its like grandparents were raised right, then they raised their kids right, but then those kids grow up & have these new generation kids act up! I’m 22 and see some of my peers act a hot mess. Sometimes you can’t even be mad at this generation, you gotta be mad at the generation before for not raising them right.
      ***Can yall believe cheif keef has a baby girl but acts the way he acts? smh

      • MIYO K.

        Of course over time things change. The kids of today are the way they are because their parents and sometimes grandparents are no better. I also think that a lot of kids today are influenced by the ‘I don’t care’ attitudes of their favorite celebrities.

        *And yes, I can believe that Chief Keef has a daughter and still acts the way he does. If I am not mistaken, he is like 16 or 17-years-old, and a lot of times these young kids hang out with adults who are on the same level they are. I doubt there are any responsible people in his life.

        • Trisha_B

          I think interscope should drop Cheif Keef from the label. I”m sorry, he’s such a negative image. I’m not one to blame celebs for the youth’s problems, but the boy needs help. He spends his day posting pics of girls he’s messing with, money, & expensive things he buys. He needs to get an education. The only thing good about the boy is that he’s in love w/ his baby girl and involved in her life.

  • Cleo

    I’m 20 years old, and hate to see guys pants hanging off their butts, young people cursing in public, especially girls. And I hate that a lot young guys don’t hold the door open.

    • MIYO K.

      What makes women and men, boys and girls so different that it especially bothers you when girls curse and that young guys don’t hold open doors?

  • unrequitedlove

    You forgot about these dusty butt little girls who just love TWERKING.The other day while I was on the train coming home from work a group of about 5 young hoodboogars proceeded to blast French Montana Pop That.Next thing I know the Harlem bound 3 train turned into The King of Diamonds.I just wanted to douce them in holy water and Summers Eve island splash.

    • dawnnkm

      LMAO!!!! DEAD @ douce them in holy water & Summers Eve!!!!!

    • Rosetta Stone

      LMAO and that 3 train is usually pretty civilized. smh.

    • Right! smh I don’t mind clowning with my friends in the privacy of my home but I wouldnt be all out shaking my butt in public, I feel that young ladies should act as young ladies

  • Also add in when these high school kids congregate in random public places. Even if they’re laughing and joking, something is bound to happen. I try to steer clear of them, as much as possible.

    • SMHgurl24

      I remember when I was in HS the big thing was hanging outside of a walgreens. Almost every school day i’d hear of all the “cool” things going on there, so one night me an my friend took a drive over… They were literally standing there (taking up a good portion of the entrance mind you) talking.. We turned around an left if I wanted to talk i’d go someplace else.Yup.. Thats the big thing these days.

      • Yes exactly. And i hate to bring race into this, but when ghetto blacks youths congregate with nothing to do fights almost always break out. These kids don’t go home and do homework or nothing

  • Ok on page 5 so you mean to tell me she had NO clue her nip was leaking?

    • TuAmor

      lol after reading what was under that pic …. i dont think thats from nip leakage

      • At first I was like…. “What is that on her shirt?” then it connected and I’m like “ohh..okay” lol