So Why Isn’t My White Boy Crush Ryan Gosling People’s “S*xiest Man Alive” Already?

November 15, 2012  |  

Ian Wilson/

As you all know, People magazine released its S*xiest Man Alive issue yesterday with Channing Tatum as its man of honor. We are certainly not mad at that. Tatum is fine as all heck, and he certainly embodies a pleasant masculinity and swagger that Black women like ourselves can certainly appreciate.

Having said that, it was surprising to see that our ultimate white boy crush Ryan Gosling missing from the top spot. But it didn’t take long to realize why. The reason why I crush on Gosling is the reason that he’s not People’s golden boy: he’s way too manly for that. As a friend who works at People told me, Gosling won’t go along with the photo-shoot and interview involved with being adorned as the cover boy. This tidbit of info just raised his stock in my mind. As someone who appreciates manly men, I’ve always known that I can’t be too into men in the entertainment industry. Just imagining a male actor or rapper posing for these long photo shoots for a magazine spread kind of turns me off. There’s something about a man craving the limelight and attention in that way that undermines my attraction. A manly man is someone who does his job without any concern for attention. I know that Gosling does engage in publicity events for his films but there’s something to be said about him turning down on offer to take on such a pretentious cover and proclaim “I’m the s*xiest man alive.” And for that, I thank him for keeping it all the way swexy. Ryan, you will always be my #1 white boy crush. Keep brooding my brother.


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  • chanela

    cause mr.gosling ain’t all that! now adam levine,adam rodriguez, boris kodjoe, andrew Lincoln and steven yeun (both from the walking dead). honneyy those are my picks : )

  • quest

    Ryan was cute in The Notebook but Tatum……dayuuuummmm and that is the slow dayuuuummmm.

  • Allie

    At first I wasn’t that attracted to him, but then when i saw him in “Drive”, that really turned me onto him, he is a great actor and that’s what i ultimately find most attractive about him

  • York

    Bump all the serious talk…have y’all SEEN Magic Mike???!??! Have y’all SEEN this man dance to “Pony”??!?!?


    I rest my case!

    • ^^^^^ THIS all day!!

    • chanela

      that was it! most of the time he looks like a white deebo.

      i don’t find him sttractive anymore

  • moemiel

    i gotta say that if the article read “my black boy crush” by a caucasian woman evryone would be up in arms. The author should have just said her crush. Its perfectly acceptable to crush on white guys and the fact that u have a pic of said guy makes the use of “white guy’ irrelevant. although I am one of those WARGs ( women against Ryan Gosling) I would pick him over Channing anytime.

    • get real

      Thank you. If it had been a blk dude talking about his white girl crush these women would have chopped his head off and handed back to him.

      • monitorette

        i agree with you on this one

  • d

    ryan gosling is gorgeous! whew! but its a certain finesse and swagger about tatum. black men have made the cover before everyone calm down. its fine to have a white celebrity crush without being a “racist” lawd yall turn everything into a race issue

  • Dom

    LOL Yeah, I swoon a little every time I see that face. I even sat through “Lars and the Real Girl” twice just to look at it. And that movie was weird.
    The fact that he won’t do the covershoot and interview def raises his stock in my eyes. Thanks for the insider info. I was (slightly) annoyed when I heard Tatum took it over Gosling. Just didnt make sense…

  • sammi_lu

    I just begged this same question last night when my friend and I got into deep convo over the People mag cover! Ryan Gosling could “hey girl” me all day and night!!

  • Britt

    I agree with this article 1000 % ! Ryan Gosling is one of my crushes too, and I’ve been waiting for him to named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People, but I do agree on Channing Tatum being this year’s cover choice. I understand why he may not want that title, but I’d like to see Ryan do other magazine covers like GQ or DETAILS. That’s more for him.

  • Mrs. Urban

    Why can’t we be happy for all the men making the list. I have white boy crushes, black boy crushes, Spanish…….etc. Congrats to all the men who made it and the men who do take care of their business whether their famous or not.

    • MIYO K.

      Because that isn’t how it works. And Spanish people are White, by the way.

      • Mrs. Urban

        I’m going to pray for you.

        • MIYO K.

          Oh, please don’t! I don’t believe in that fairytale sh*t.

          • realadulttalk

            What in the world happened here? Lmao

  • MIYO K.

    It is because he isn’t the ‘sexiest man alive’. As I said on the other article; there are billions of people on the planet. There is no one person who is the ‘sexiest’.

    • get real

      Wow. This is the most rationale thing you have ever posted. And this was my point. I agree with every word that you typed here.

      • MIYO K.

        All of my comments are rationale.

  • get real

    “Tatum is fine as all heck, and he certainly embodies a pleasant masculinity and swagger that “Black women like ourselves can certainly appreciate”.

    See how your being pandered to women? “blk women LIKE OURSELVES can appreciate”. LOL. Smh. It’s like you guys got to beg, plead and convince each other to find white men attractive let alone date one. I like to come on this site and kick game with you women but the worship of white people (men and women) is just flat out ridiculous.

    • MIYO K.


  • get real

    And the worship of the white blue eyed man continues. Marissa you are pathetic for this nonsense. Blk women how long are going to let Marissa (and the other white men worshippers at MN) indoctrinate you with this garbage? Stop letting white folks and blk women Marissa tell you that white folks are the sexiest alive. Next issue it will be some blue eyed, skinny, blonde Olive Oil (from Popeye)looking bimbo as the “sexiest woman alive”. No homo but does this guy really look better then Boris? Denzel? etc. Of course not. Do these blonde bimbos really look better then Gabby Union, Sanaa Lathan, Haille, Nia Long? etc. Of course not. MN your agenda is beyond see thru.

    • WOW…tell us how you really feel … lol

    • MIYO K.

      Whether or not Ryan looks better than Denzel or Boris is subjective. BUT if you must know, I would take Ryan over Boris and Denzel any day.

      • get real

        Lady as combative as you are you will take Jerome (off Martin) if he wanted you.

        • MIYO K.

          Not a chance in hell, especially since I am not attracted to BM.

    • realadulttalk

      Do you realize what YOU are attempting to do? Last I check they were all PEOPLE that you listed. So while you condemn Marissa–please don’t feel as though you are any better.

    • In All Honesty

      I agree man. These are the same women who want to claim they’re the most loyal woman on earth. Black women have never been loyal to black men period. Madamenoire reminds us of this everyday. Black men, we don’t have to take a slap in the face with a smile.