The Thirst Is Real: Elmo Accuser Is A Wannabe Model With A Criminal Past

November 15, 2012  |  


Over the last few days, media outlets have been buzzing with news surrounding the false claims made by Sheldon Stephons that Kevin Clash, the voice and personality behind popular Sesame Street character Elmo had sexual relations with him while he was underage. On Tuesday we reported that after making such an explosive claim, Stephon recanted his statement and revealed that his relationship with Clash occurred after he was of consenting age and that he was a willing participant. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and the Elmo visionary was forced to take a leave of absence from the show and his name was tarnished with scandal, something he may never completely recover from. Many were outraged and wondered why the 24-year-old would come out and tell such a damaging lie, but as we learn more and more about the accuser, things are beginning to make a little more sense. This morning the New York Post is shedding light on who Sheldon Stephans actually is and exposing his sketchy past.

For starters, he is an aspiring model, however there is no evidence of him ever working with any credible agency. He has also developed quite the rap sheet. According to the The Smoking Gun, his most serious offense is when he was arrested back in 2009 for allegedly robbing his former boss at knifepoint for a $250,000 gold necklace after being fired from an internship.

Criminal charges were initially filed against Stephens in a Pennsylvania court, where a judge ordered him held in lieu of $15,000 bail. The criminal complaint notes that a Beverly Hills Police Department detective told Pennsylvania investigators that he “would be filing charges in Beverly Hills for theft and other charges.”

Charges against Stephons were dropped two weeks later.

It seems that Stephons is one of those people who have unhealthily developed a false sense of entitlement and doesn’t feel that he should have to work for the things that he desires. It is evident that he was merely looking for a come-up when accusing the 52-year-old Elmo puppeteer of sleeping with him while he was underage and had no qualms about the detriment that this accusal would bring to his former lover.

It was also revealed that the accuser’s mother is no stranger to crime herself as she was charged for allegedly stabbing her husband with scissors back in 2011.

We hope that Kevin Clash’s good name can be restored and that this trouble young man seeks professional help — or finds a jail cell to chill in.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • But that n i g g a ain’t even cute though!!! Like seriously dude! He looks Elfish and weird

  • This dude is sheisty with a capital “s”. Shame on him.

  • Olivia M

    i’m sorry for Elmo… yes I called him Elmo… his name (Kevin) as well as the character he portrays, Elmo will unfortunately always be assoiciated with this incident… i know him as Elmo… I’ll call the man Elmo… So sue me!!! I hope he could recover from this… so sad… :(( That young guy is evil… that little user!!!

  • Machelle Kwan

    I bet this situation will deter Clash’s love for teen guys now. These young gay guys know how these old fools love some youngins and they use it to take them for a financial ride. It’s all wrong on both ends. Maybe Clash should just stick with men his own age.

    • MLS2698

      I was looking for a post that would point out how these old guys are always looking for some ” young thang ” to take advantage of. And everyone talks about this YOUNG man’s record, but Mr Clash didn’t mind all of that when he was blowing this guy’s back out, or however that goes. I didn’t even know who the puppeteer for Elmo was before this, so how could this ex-lover be trying to ” come up?” By the way, who is the REAL Big Bird? Count Dracula?

  • Machelle Kwan

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what he did, I believe that many of these gay men are predators and Clash most likely paid that kid to retract his statement.

    • Emmeaki

      Being gay doesn’t make you a predator any more than being straight does.

  • shehiplocki

    That picture makes him look like something from Grimm, yukk!

  • unque43

    No Kelvin’s name is not tarnished, it is only if we make it that way. Let it go, move on nothing to see here. I am okay with Kelvin and Elmo. No law broken. Kelvin’s career should not be over due to this liar.

  • York

    How the heck he manage to get fired from an internship…that’s like getting fired from school lol

    • MIYO K.

      An internship is still a job whether one gets paid or not.

  • candice fox

    I’m convinced with his past he’ll sleep with anybody man, woman and animal if the price is right!

  • this is a shame. kevin’s name will FOREVER be linked to this trashy non-situation.

  • Candacey Doris

    He’s one of those people that thinks people should give him things for his good looks, isn’t he? There’s no doubt he’s good looking, but if he had any type of ambition, drive or personality at all, he would have gotten some legit jobs already. The fact that he hasn’t shows that he is much uglier on the inside than on the outside.

  • MIYO K.

    Aspiring model, huh? Who is going to give him work now?

    • MLS2698

      IDK, but that pic makes him look like he has glaucoma.

  • SheBe

    He’s a vindictive one isn’t he?

  • Trisha_B

    He looks like Solange son Juelz lol

    • MIYO K.

      This guy is much older than her son, so Solange’s son looks like him.

      • Irritated


      • Olivia M

        to-may-toe…. to-maa-toe…

        • MIYO K.

          NO! This is not one of those things. If two people resemble each other, the younger person resembles the older person. Why? Because the older person existed first. For example: You don’t say that a father looks like his son, because the son acquired his appearance from his father, not the other way around.

          • Trisha_B

            Is it that serious tho? geeze lol

            • MIYO K.

              Yes, it is ‘tho’. Geeze. I’ve noticed that it is primarily Black centric sites where words and phrases are so often misused and telling someone so sends them into a rage.

  • ANTMilf

    Okay, stop calling the Elmo puppeteer freakin’ ELMO! The guy’s name is Kelvin Clash!

  • STOP SAYING HE ACCUSED ELMO. He accused Kevin Clash. Elmo is a puppet. Smh @ accuser. Get a real job bum

  • Teri

    Well. Damn. Kevin Clash will never recover from this. I even cringed a little when I saw my sons Elmo in his bedroom the other day. I won’t be suprised if at this point Elmo is shipped off to go live with his parents in the land of make believe. PBS will make sure the Sesame Street brand has not a single tarnish to their pristine reputation of education childred…properly.