Pass Or Play? Kelly Rowland Makes It Hot With “Ice” Video (Makes No Sense, Right?) Feat. Lil Wayne

November 14, 2012  |  


Remember how great “Motivation” was when it dropped? Well, in an attempt to duplicate that success, Rowland teamed up with Lil Wayne once again for another naughty and twerk-worthy jam, and the end result is “Ice.” The track is the lead single for Rowland’s new album, Year of The Woman, dropping in 2013. “Ice” definitely has a great beat, and aside from too many P-words dropped all over the place by Lil Wayne (we get it, you really like the “box,” let’s move on), I found myself in the house bringing the Dougie out of retirement. Though I must admit, there’s something hella backwards about saying someone’s like ice but then going on to say in the same breath that their love is hot. Pick one or the other Kells. Anywho, as for the video, Rowland is once again dancing it up half-dressed in a factory with some very delicious looking male background dancers. Bodies are glistening of course (what video have you seen with ashy folks in it?), folks are being rubbed down with ice, and convenient product placement is supposed to make the viewer want to put some ice in a cup and take back a glass of Remy Martin. Thanks, but no thanks. But in the end, I guess you can say it gets the job done. And besides, Kelly looks freaking amazing in the video! The big curly hair is her thing, and the body is hot. But you check out the visuals and let us know if this is a pass or play for you!

NOTE: Be warned, the language at times can be a bit…naughty…

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  • This sound and style of RnB is really corny to me. By this time, Ms. Rowland should have figured out her sound AND improved her vocals. And for the love of all things, stop teaming of with rappers. You need a dope duet with a credible male singer….and NOT Trey Songz or Chris Brown, you’re too grown for that, lol.

  • toasty

    Lil Wayne is recovering from two seizures so it is quiete possible that is why he couldn’t make it to the video shoot…DInG DING! Dense beyotches. Kelly looks amazing

    • haveaseathoe

      Or maybe dumbass he don’t like black girls…think im wrong?name a video he’s been in wit a dark chick.don’t worry I’ll wait


    she needs to leave the destiny child dance moves behind….she needs to mature her sound,she is trying to reach out to the youngins and it aint working….she cant sing either maybe its time to hang up the mic!

  • delishas

    wow i felt the same way madamenoire, i wondered why is he like I.C.E and scotching her at the same time…S.M.H loving kelly as usual, not so much the mysogynistic bastard lil wayne, hope i spelt it right

  • Sharese

    Lyrical Fail. When’s the last time you needed someone to spell ice for you. Why does everybody feel the need to spell words nowadays. And who is old dude in the video with the vulcan eyebrows and studded glove? I don’t think he’s checking for Kelly. I like Kelly but I’m not feeling this one.

  • Is this all they are able to achieve and pass on as talent? Don’t get me wrong, she was always my favorite in the “Destiny’s Child” group, but you would think with them going on their own, someone would mature into something other than “shaking their moneymaker”? I know, I know, I’m just hatin’ right?

  • I really like both the song and the video! PLAY

  • Diamondz

    I like the song, but the fact that she’s dancing to lil wayne’s parts and he didn’t bother to even show up to be in the video with her or even show his face in the video makes it seem amateur. I’m not saying that to be mean cause I like Kelly and like the song, just my opinion. You notice in the other song she had with him. He was in the video, but they shot it separately. He wasn’t in any of the scenes WITH HER.

  • Chevonne22

    Maybe she meant the love is hot and she needs the ice to put out her fire (I know, I’m stretching). I’m sorry, I’m a lyric person and the hook is blatantly contradicting, and Lil Wayne’s verse started out…eh…cool, but went took a southward turn and lost me.

    Please, somebody bring content back to popular rap.

  • Sorry I DO NOT support Lil Wayne

  • taj

    Is it just me but in the brown outfit, Kelly looks like Nino Brown’s/ the brothers girlfriend in New Jack City

    • Lol. She does!!!

    • yep! only difference is Nino’s girlfriend had a red outfit on, lol! you’re right!

    • qui8tstorm83

      YEP! Even when Kelly was in DC she put me in the mind of that girl on New Jack City. They def. can pass for sisters.

  • Lola

    I like Kelly but I will not and cannot listen to/watch anything that has lil wayne in it. JUST NO!

  • Cleo

    Kelly, girl, you are a beautiful and actually talented woman. Please don’t sell yourself short like most of the women in the music business. There is more to sing about than sex, I promise

  • MIYO K.

    Is this all she is capable of?

    • Pivyque

      I was wondering that. I remember Stole from way back and I know that every song can’t be like that, but i’m wondering why this type of music is all she’s doing. I guess she figures that sex sells.

  • Can she make a song WITHOUT Lil Wayne? Can she carry a track/album on her own?