You Really Think You’re Doing Something, Huh? 9 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

November 25, 2012  |

5. Too Quiet…or Too Loud

Most men like it when women are vocal during sex and women like to know that he’s enjoying it too. So if you’re the type of guy who is shy, timid or simply quiet, then she may wonder if she’s pleasing you. Sometimes, the sound of heavy breathing is enough for some women but for others, they like to be hear some talking. If you’re at a loss for words, you can at least say her name a few times so that she knows you’re present.

On the flip-side of that, if you never shut up during sex, you may be distracting her from savoring the moment. I’m talking about the guy who asks a million questions during sex: “How’s this?” “Do you like that?” “Am I doing it right?”  Shut up! You should be able to tell if she’s enjoying sex by the way her body responds, not simply by her telling you. There’s nothing wrong with making sure you’re not hurting her or that you’re doing something right, but there comes a time when you must simply keep your mouth shut and handle your business. And don’t bark orders either – she’s just feel like she’s having sex with a drill sergeant, and that’s wack. If you find that you’re talking more and sexing less, then put a muzzle on it and let her guide you.

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  • keesha

    I couldn’t read the rest of the comment after “sh**bits”. I was dying laughing!

  • Fresh45

    I would love 2 see a part 2 on this subject explaining what women do wrong. Good sex is a 2 way street. I don’t have a problem with anything said in this article but communication can solve or avoid a lot of these problems.

  • B

    Dear men,
    Foreplay is important: we don’t want to feel like $2 hoes when we aren’t one.

    Please, please, PLEASE take a shower if you want your woman to go down because its sanitary and not all women like the taste of the days urine and sweaty balls, unless they’re $2 hoes.

  • it’s a big deal if he finishes and then rolls his selfish butt over and goes to sleep. It not cool to make a woman feel like Celie and Mister….if you finish early at least help her along too….

    • B

      Yep. Agreed.

  • Jazmine

    It’s funny how if this article was titled “9 Things Women Do Wrong In Bed” they’d be coming for Madame Noire’s neck saying all this site does is put black women down. It’s okay to blast the brothers, but when we try to enlighten the sista’s, it’s called “hate.” SMDH.

    • B

      Where did you get “brothers” from in the title? Stop assuming that its geared towards black men only.

  • CriticXtreme

    All of these acts show when you knock up a fine woman and she has an ugly kid. This also accounts for having boys. The hardest is to have a girl. When this happens and she’s beautiful, you’ve fulfilled properly when she comes out ugly and you name here “the” something (example: LaAmbah , Labria , LaBrion , LaDeairah , LaFonda , Lafonquiqui , Lafuntia , Laketta , Lakeya , Lamandon , Lamontez , Lanaydra , Lanteesha , Laprecia , Laquanda , LaQuarius , LaQueefa , Laquintala , Laravia , Lariyah , Lashawndra , Lashanawonnika , Lasharitiavuana , Lasuri , Latar , Latassia , Lateika , Latiqwenicia , Latrice , Lavarsha , Lavashae , Layrona , Le-a , Leamonar , Lemonjello , Lendittia , Lequan , Lequetta , LeSoria , Lilquisha , Liquasia , Lovaye , Lucreasia

    or have name or after a car or perfume, you did something wrong. Here’s my function –> Sex is a science but love is an art…..

    • Wha….are you high right now? What does this reply have to do with the article?

    • B

      Um, WHAT?!

  • reading these articles makes a man want to just toss a woman her vibrator and tell her to do it her damn self! lol

    • lol!!! when they do all the ish in this article, that’s exactly what we want you to tell us!

  • Drew Smith


  • Drew Smith

    Sooo, when women drop a “2,” and the automatic toilet flushes, blasting your unmentionables with worse unmentionables, you’re… fresh??? I agree: Dudes do, indeed, need better hygiene, but it ain’t exactly like vaginas are smelling like the newest scent of Summer’s Eve… “Yikes.”

    • SheBe

      LMAO!!!! Okaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! I think we can all agree that the point is to simply wash yo a$$ before jumping in the bed with anyone.

      • Cinnamon71

        Amen to that!!! Enough said on this topic and hopefully the message got through loud and clear to both parties…Welcome to Hygiene 101!!!

    • Elise

      I’m pretty sure most girls get up and close the lid before flushing… And vaginas shouldn’t smell like douche, they’re self-cleaning and are harmed by products like that.

  • supafabs

    LMAO @”make sure you haven’t started a small brush fire down there from all the extended friction.” YES! SMH.

  • FAMURattler85

    Crying. LMAO!!!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    Talking. Was that on the list? I didn’t flip through, but I know that had to be on the list. STFU!

    • SheBe

      It’s on there as it should be. Well, talking too much was on the list.

  • SheBe

    Is it just me or did this read more like “How to Romantically Execute a One Night Stand”?

  • Bey

    Going too deep… i hate when he is on top..



    • Drew Smith

      What does this mean? Get your life — stat.

    • Ms. Bee

      lmao. wow. *gets bids ready*