So Has Oprah Really Seen Tyler’s Work Because I Have A Hard Time Understanding How They’re Friends

November 14, 2012  |  


One thing everyone knows about me is that I LOVE Oprah. I’m a serious stan when it comes to Queen O and ironically enough, I think she’s under-rated. I was recently watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN and I remember her asking a guest (I think Deepak Chopra) about this trend of people seeking self-help. In that instance, I was like, Oprah doesn’t give herself enough credit. I believe that she is responsible for making Americans in general more open to seeking therapy and igniting their missions to live their best lives. I’ve seen my moms and aunts, who grew up believing that they should swallow their pain and their dreams,  take a turn for the better because Oprah led them onto the path of self-discovery and awareness.

As much as I love Oprah, I do take issue with the other parts of her life …like her too-tight relationship with Mr. Tyler Perry. I really could’ve done without Perry’s contribution to cinema. I know it may seem crazy for me to judge their friendship but I just can’t understand how Oprah is friends with the man who has put forth so many horrible, overwrought films. It would be one thing if they were just friends, but they are aces! How is Oprah not tempted , when they’re off on of their long vacations together, to offer him up career advice and let him know that he needs to channel his power into more fruitful ventures like bringing other quality filmmakers up rather than staying committed to horribly written Madea-inspired movies? I’m a hater, yes I know. But how can a woman who appreciates great literature be so intimate with a man whose productions clearly convey a lack of care for craft?

Imagine my shock at the fact that Perry, who already has a production deal with TBS, inked a deal with OWN TV to produce two scripted series. When I heard the news, I knew that I didn’t know Oprah like I thought I did. All this time, I had imagined she made an effort to separate her personal relationship from her professional sentiments of Perry’s work but’s apparently quite the opposite.

I can only hope that Oprah is helping Perry get to a higher level creatively and also helping him to be more real with himself. I don’t know Perry but I can bet he’s really not with the woman he claims to be with. I think he’s with his fiance, Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele, to keep the nosy people like us reporters out of his private life. Considering Oprah is all about being your authentic and true self, doesn’t Perry’s approach to his personal life conflict with Oprah’s philosophy? This rant is less about their friendship and more about my disillusionment. I thought I understand everything about Oprah (just like any other delusional fan would assume) but of course I don’t. But this logical realization still doesn’t put to rest my curiosity as to how Oprah reacts when she walks out of a Tyler Perry movie screening. Lord knows I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the conversation between Gayle and O after his last movie premiere.



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  • I’m sitting here reading the comments and cracking up. People have the audacity to talk about TP and his work, yet the same people will be the first ones to feast on the countless, buffoonish, ignorant reality shows that come out on TV.

    As soon as another reality show is scheduled to air, I can’t tell you how many people have said, “Oh, I’m watching.”

    I got to paragraph two of the article and that’s where it ended.

    First, you have no right to judge someone’s friendship. Secondly, if TP is so distasteful to your senses, he, Oprah, or the networks aren’t forcing you to watch. I’m amazed at the holier-than-thou attitudes about TP dressing up as a woman as if he invented it. It’s been done before. So what?

  • kierah

    Oprah sees one positive thing that she likes about a person or a thing and then she puts on her rose colored glasses. She’s doesn’t see how that person can be wrong. And Oprah likes the company of other mega-rich folks. This is the only way I can explain her friendships with Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, John Travolta, and Beyonce.

  • me

    They are friends because they both sell man-hating portraits of pathology to the masses. That’s a no-brainer.

  • Coco

    You sound like more than a hater …..

  • They are friends, because if you see the intelligence of Tyler, as Oprah does you would understand. He has gone on to make other films. To understand hard economic times in the U.S is to understand the great need for laughter and an escape; all of which Tyler Perry has creatively done.someone who understands the psychology of human nature gets this; and why the best psychologist are the ones with experience and not just book sense.

  • laila

    Wow what a hater…Tyler is self made just as Oprah. You don’t know their private lives so it’s easy to write a ridiculous article like this…

  • C

    Who cares! The bottom line is when people do wrong, they take people with them. When people do right, they have fewer followers!

  • Guest

    Oprah is not God!! She is not perfect and her judgment is susceptible to mistakes and errors like everyone else’s. Tyler Perry isn’t the only baffling affiliation she has had over her the years, but hey too each it’s own!!!

  • April

    LOL…watch out now…somebody may think the same thing about your friendship choices 😛

  • dbatt001

    His movie’s are not as bad as you say. I like his movies, dont love them. Like em.

  • This darn website is so irritating sometimes. You all produce some of the most pointless “articles” I’ve ever read. I’m in disbelief that not only did you sit there and write 4 paragraphs about someone’s friendship (2 people I’m assuming you don’t know at all). But you had the audacity to post it here and subject your readers to it as well. It’s just really pitiful. This is not the first article I’ve read here and was left with the feeling of WTF. You all really need to look for some better writers and work harder to write some articles that at least have a point if you’d like to survive because I know I can’t be the only person who feels this way.

  • I’m not a huge Tyler Perry fan, but I can enjoy his movies for what they’re worth. Silly Comedy!

    If I want smart Comedy – I’ll watch a british movie, If I want a decent remake of a Smart Comedy – I’ll watch a Chris Rock movie, If I want drama that will make me think – I’ll watch something with Denzel or Don Cheadle. When I want something silly – I’ll watch Tyler Perry or Sacha Baron Cohen. Lower your expectation and you’re less likely to get disappointed. Who knows, maybe Oprah can just watch silly Tyler Perry movies with a bucket of ice cream and giggle?

  • EvolSidoG

    foolish article.. foolish writer… i stopped reading after first paragraph.. SMH


  • MissWildfire

    Oprah already supported Tyler Perry’s work and said that his Madea-like caricatures are based on people we may know (not everybody obviously). While his movies and shows look clownish to a lot of people, he at least always talks about redemption at the end of them. I feel he is capable of growing and will grow by partnering with other people. He’s being villified because he’s one of the very few options black people have for movie output and appeals to a specific demographic, but the silly white movies are just one of the myriad options for white people and even for blacks. A good thing about him is that he inspires me to be a producer of my own material, and I think many people who have a creative bent feel the same way, even if they don’t find his work to be quality. Also I give him props for giving me an opportunity to see many black actresses I barely saw elsewhere in recent years.


    I am SO sick of you people criticizing Tyler Perry. He has a niche…what’s wrong with that? It’s one thing to dislike someone’s work, but people like this writer seem offended by it. Why? I don’t understand your confusion. You wonder why two successful AA people who contribute much to society and are all about uplifting others get along so well… Huh? O_o I’ll stop now. But, please girl, have several seats. And all the way BYE! (Got me violating my English degree with this horrible grammar. LOL)

    • Kay

      Lol TP movies uplift the AA community?.. really?… Really? So where between the mother on crack and god please deliver me from this evil man messages he sends while also having madea and Brown act a damn fool does he do this? An don’t say he employs black actors, because if that is how black actors want to represent the black community then I don’t want to be represented

  • ibdyw5

    I’m a supporter of both Oprah and Tyler. I personally enjoy Tyler’s movies and, I feel he always impart a very poignant message in both his movies and films. I guess to each his own.. everyone’s taste in entertainment is different. I am glad to hear they are working together and, since Oprah’s core fan base is white women I think she is hoping that Tyler will help bring more african american women to her network. She has several nice shows like Iylana Fix my life and, Welcome to Sweetie Pie. I also enjoy some of the interview programs she has and, the life classes. I wish them both the best in their future endeavors. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with together.

  • Meyaka

    Also Oprah is about her money and her image,Tyler is Huge money,and the more ratings OWN has the better Oprah looks.

  • Meyaka

    Tyler perry is not the devil, I love “why did I get married ” “the family that preys”,”Good deeds”,”house of Payne” is funny and “for better or worse” could use less dramatics but is good none the less,I don’t care for Madea, but I remember big mama and shaneanea and all these coonish character that nobody had a problem with before so I can’t be a hypocrite. Tyler employs black actors,has his own production company and studio and I really think he means well sue me,it’s not his fault Madea movies outsell the rest of his movies.

    • kierah

      People did have a really big problem with Sheneneh, Big Momma, and going all the way to Geraldine. Why do Black men have to feminize themselves to gain acceptance?

      How can you even tell what is really good with “For Better or Worse” with that fake laugh track behind everyone lines? Awful!!

  • Shirl

    If I never see another sitcom by Tyler Perry it will be too soon. Please for the love of all that’s holy GET RID OF THE BROWNS!!! I generally like his movies ( not too crazy about some of the Mudear movies) but sitcoms are just not forte’. The Family that Preys was my ish tho’ along with the 1st why did I get married. Happy that he employes black actors but he recycles. I’m sure there are struggling black actors out there that would shine if given the chance. Maybe Oprah will be good for him.

  • Kay

    Tyler perry movies are nothing but unadulterated coonery. His best movie was daddy’s little girls, the rest are just minstrel shows

  • Ms. Cambri

    You are def not a hater. I give the side eye too about that but then I thought about it and why shouldn’t two powerful black people join forces? It took a bit of time but I began to understand the exaggerated black characters and in my studies I have learned that these over the top people and plots are real life situations and you grow to have an appreciation for the stories and his characters. He is just living a dream and that it worthy of applause because not many are able to get that far. His personal life is his and no one will ever know but lets not let the rumors overshadow the accomplishments this black man has made. Maybe Oprah sees it that way. Love your blog by the way!

  • Angel

    Say what you want about Tyler but he’s the largest employer of Black actors today. If that’s not a contribution, I don’t know what is.

  • K, spike lee