Awkward Silences Aren’t Really That Awkward: 9 Things You Should Do Besides Start Talking To Someone

November 14, 2012 ‐ By

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I don’t know about you, but I find nothing awkward about silences when I’m in the presence of another human being. In fact, I enjoy those moments. Small talk tends to annoy me, particularly when it never goes beyond those random default topics like the weather — and particularly when it’s a stranger I have no interest in knowing further. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see things that way, and when the conversation between them and another person runs dry, they feel the need to start rambling just to fill the empty airspace. Sigh.

Since these people don’t seem to know what to do with themselves during these so-called awkward silences, allow me to put forth a few suggestions.


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  • This is all terrible advice!!!

  • cc

    P.S. I think I have read multiple times on this site how rude it is to use your phone at dinner or other such situations. Then the first thing you tell everyone to do is pick up their phone! Bad advice! If you are at a dinner table stuck next to someone you really don’t want to talk to…Well, bad things happen to good people! Deal with it. The true social test is being able to have a conversation with anyone. Take it as a challenge and carry on the conversation as best you can. That doesn’t mean you have to have multiple subsequent conversations with them. It just means that at the end of the meeting they will have a good impression of you, and wont’ tell someone,”Yeah, she was so rude. She just kept checking her phone the entire night…and in between dinner and dessert she pulled out Jane Eyre!” Smh

    Bad Article!

  • cc

    This is crap advice for people who have trouble socializing and making friends. “Bury your head in something and you will be fine.” That’s all good for the airport and public places where you don’t want to talk to random people, but I feel like someone(an introvert) would read this article and then use these tips in situations where you are required to make small talk (I.E. social gatherings, mixers, networking events.) You really have to put this article into the context of just “at the airport.” Otherwise, you are going to look like the saddest little wallflower anyone has ever seen.

  • bebe

    Silence does not bother me, but this article did.

  • MIYO K.

    Silence is only awkward for those who have extroverted personalities.

  • Cleo

    I’m always listening to music lol, nothing worse than silence