Another Public Transportation Ratchgedy: Baltimore Bus Driver Lays Serious Hands On Teen Girl

November 14, 2012  |  

Yeah, I had to make up a new word for this, ratchgedy: a ratchet tragedy. That’s what I consider this latest instance of public transportation foolery when the the spirit of Artis Hughes appeared to visit a Baltimore bus driver who let out a mean thrashing on a teen passenger aboard her bus.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the altercation between the female bus driver and student took place on the No. 40 bus line around 2 p.m. Monday. By the time other passengers began recording the fight, the driver and teen girl were already engaged in a tussle, with the driver attempting to hold down the girl as she punched and kicked her. The fight moved from the side seats to the back of the bus as the driver rocked and dragged the teen who, despite the size and age difference, put up a pretty tough fight.

Throughout the fighting you can hear the driver ask the girl multiple times, “You wanna fight somebody?” and then ask, “You wanna fight somebody back? Does it make you feel better?” which almost sounds as though she may have laid hands on the passenger first but the mobile footage doesn’t show what started things off.

MTA spokesman Terry Owens told the Sun that the bus driver, whom he didn’t identify, has worked for the MTA since 2003 and has been suspended for her actions. He also said MTA Police have interviewed the driver and the student and are currently conducting an investigation.

“Police will review the YouTube video. They are also pulling the video from the bus to see if it provides a more thorough picture of what happened,” Owens said.

“The YouTube video does have some audio on it, so our guys will be able to listen to that and see where the investigation takes us.”

When the Sun asked about the altercation that took place in Cleveland with Artis Hughes uppercutting passenger Shidea Lane, Owens said he didn’t know how many drivers of his drivers had seen the video, but regardless of any influence it may have had, Baltimore MTA has a “very clear” policy about interacting with passengers.

“While they receive some conflict-resolution training, our procedure is for operators not to engage a passenger if there’s a problem on a bus,” Owens said. “Our operators are trained to call a supervisor. If there appears to be any serious threat of bodily harm, then they are expected to call radio dispatch and have a police officer come to the scene.”

Looks like this driver didn’t give two you know whats about that policy. Check out the video here. Thoughts?

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  • It’s really sad to see people behaving this way. Some parents don’t take the time to teach their children manners or respect.

  • Trisha_B

    I can’t stand public transportation b/c of this. My mom always taught me how to act in public so i was never one of those high school kids that got on buses & started acting a fool. But now this lady is going to loose her job. Yes these kids are straight disrespectful, but we gotta look at whose raising this generation. Where did the generation before go wrong w/ the parenting? B/c i’m sure their parents didn’t allow them to act like fools, but their kids are out of control.

  • No one is noticing a big tread in all this. Why are these videos of young women being disrespectful to elders and getting their behinds handed to them. When I rode the bus (sometimes I still do), it is mostly young girls acting a plum fool. Talking loud, being aggressive, cursing etc. What has happened that young women, don’t know how to act like young ladies anymore? On another note, why do we still obsess over what “they” think of “us”? We need to make it better for us not so “they” see “us” in a better light.

    • Miyo K.

      It’s not a trend. Many people just seem to view fighting as a male activity.

      And how exactly does a ‘young lady’ act?

  • Cha Cha

    Another reason why I do not ever… never, ever, ever… take the bus. I don’t care if I have to go 1/4 of a block… Nope, uh uh… people, of all races, seem to act crazy on the bus. I keep my craziness contained in my car… And it’s sad that we, as in the human race, have become so desensitized to this kind of behavior that we laugh and smile and take pictures instead of getting help.

  • I’m confused. What is so hard about getting on a bus, paying your fare, and sitting quietly until your stop comes?? What is the problem??

    • Miyo K.

      Giving your daughter a beating isn’t going to make her respect you or the elderly.

      • honest

        where im from yes it does…my Haitian parents dont play…this type of behavior is from Americanized kids of ALL races…immigrant parents dont allow this mess from there kids….this is what happens when you remove prayer from school and let these kids listen to lil wayne music their brains learn to become violent and they just have to attack even when nobody is attacking them

        • MIYO K.

          Have you ever heard someone say, “I respect and love my parents so much because they hit me instead of helping me to understand what I did wrong”?

  • Miyo K.

    This video does not show that Black people are ‘ignorant’, because that is not what it means to be ignorant. As I said on another video: People will either be the one beating you up or videotape you getting beaten up.

    I live in MD and I’ve seen the teenage bus riders make the bus/subway ride very uncomfortable for other people. Do I want to get up and physically harm them? No, absolutely not.

    These videos don’t ‘prove’ that Black people are dangerous. People would think that without a video.

  • Meyaka

    These teenage girls are full of testosterone o_O

    • Miyo K.

      Are you implying that they are behaving like boys?

      • Meyaka

        i’ll say.

  • smalls

    Regarding the racial issue. I think what the sister is trying to get across is that while yes there are a society of sick people within all races, when it comes to our race (the black race) society (and you know who I mean) judges our actions on a more exaggerated scale. So instead of this being a misunderstanding, poor judgment, bad day etc.etc.etc. as it would be seen if the situation would have occurred between two people of a different race, it will be seen as savage behavior by a bunch of animals. Then on top of that these two sisters will also be made the representatives for all the black women in America. So those people who stood around and watched the act instead of doing the humane thing have actually perpetuated the myth that society has put upon us. These kinds of situations are going to continue to occur especially with the stresses people are under and not to mention the various types of mental illnesses, anger, frustration, ignorance I could go on and on. The point is it is serious and should be not seen as something to be recorded and reviewed over and over again for your entertainment.

    • Kitsy

      Thank You.

  • ANTMilf

    I was riding the CTA bus home from night school last night and this young woman about in her early 20s got on the bus and she started smoking her cigarette on the bus. The male bus driver told her to get off the bus and she was like “B-ch I paid my fare, I can smoke whenever the heck I want!”. The bus driver was like “who you callin’ a b-ch?!? You know damn well you don’t suppose to smoke on the bus!” So the woman was like you know what, f-k you, f-k your mama, f-k your wife and go f-yourself and the bus driver got up and walked up to her and told her to get the f-k off his bus and she spat in his face. He didn’t hit her, he got off and flagged down an oncoming police car and the police came on the bus and arrested her for assault of a CTA employee and the driver pressed charges. I had to get off that bus and walked 7 blocks home at 10:45 at night.

    • He saved his job as well as his personal freedom by not hitting her and calling the police.

      • ANTMilf

        I know right! That’s all this bus driver had to do is to throw her off the bus without resorting to violence.

  • honest

    The Bible said during the end of days nothing is going to make sense ppl are going to behave crazy and nobody is going to care….that worldstar hip hop is the devil…this is why these kids like to video tape this hotmess so they can submit videos to worldstar…if your getting attacked in the street you have to pray the right ppl will try to help you because the wrong ppl will just watch and video tape it…

  • Kourtney

    I live in Baltimore and ride the MTA everyday. these little high school kids will make you want to slap them. I have no sympathy for her.

    • ANTMilf

      Same here in Chicago, these kids wouldn’t even get up and let a senior citizen on the bus have a seat and they’re disrespectful as heck!

      • Same here in Boston.

        • It’sMe

          And in St. Louis. I was pregnant when I rode the metrolink, not a single person offered me a seat to save my swollen cankles.

  • Tamz

    Sooooo…no one thought about breaking up the fight? People are spazzing all the way out these days for whatever reason…this was crazy….

  • Vic

    Brande – what is your definition of ratchet?

  • Stacy L

    As someone who lives in Baltimore and rides the bus and subway b/c she refuses to deal w/ downtown traffic, I can definitely say that the kids on there WILL make you want to go to that level, smh. They are disrespectful to a ridiculous level, but ‘ima need for these grown adults to use better judgement. Just b/c another bus driver is going around laying ppl out street fighter style doesn’t mean that every bus driver needs to jump on board.

  • Nikki

    WOW! That was very, very aggressive. I wonder what was the cause of this. She’s a grown woman, and she should know better than to put her hands on anyone, especially a minor. It doesn’t matter what the girl was doing or saying, hitting someone is crossing the line. I’m going to follow this case to see the results.

  • Kitsy

    We live in a very sick society where people would rather pull out their cell phones to video tape an altercation (so that they can laugh and share it with their equally degenerate friends) than try to intervene and diffuse it.

    No matter how you feel about who is wrong in these situations (the one in this piece as well as the other in Cleveland) the bigger issue is how savage black people come across. Every time another video surfaces it is just further proof to others that black people are ignorant and dangerous, and we all take a collective step back in progress.

    • Natalynn

      That’s not proof that “black people are ignorant and dangerous” There are a lot of youtube videos with other races acting just as ignorant. Why is is that other races can separate the color from the behavior–this kind of thinking gets on my nerves! And what makes it so bad is that black people condone it–stop doing that–ratchet is just ratchet, it don’t have a color.

      • Kitsy

        Because other races are not already marginalized! Blacks are already assumed to be ignorant and dangerous – whether you want to acknowledge it or not, blacks are seen as the lowest level or the racial hierarchy. People who already believe this are only bolstered when they receive proof of it – such as videos like this.

        We can all try to walk around and pretend that it doesn’t matter what other races think of of us, but it does matter because we don’t live in a bubble isolated from them, we don’t control financial resources (or any other resources, for that matter), and we don’t wield the political power (despite having a black president)! Other races’ perceptions of us allow them to deny us opportunities, prevent us from moving into their neighborhoods, follow us around stores (to name just a few things).

        • Kitsy

          *of the racial hierarchy

        • Fit821

          Preach Kitsy Preach!!! You are speaking nothing but the truth and it’s sad that a lot of our young people don’t get it.

        • Natalynn

          My point is even if people already have their prejudiced spin on the situation that doesn’t make it true. I see it happen all the time and I’m in no way trying to pretend it doesn’t happen, BUT why don’t we call a situation what it is from the beginning and shut down that “That’s-just-how-black-people-act” nonsense. I’m sick of hearing it and I’m sick of people saying it, so I, even if I’m in that majority of one am going to keep saying it–Color doesn’t represent behavior. I could photo shop two different races into the same scenario and the reaction would be totally different, so please stop trying to make their color the reason for their behavior–these two don’t know how to act in public. And it’s sad because the “ADULT” should have acted like an adult instead of behaving like a juvenile and fighting on a public bus at work. Seriously, who does that?

    • realadulttalk

      I was with you until you had to make it a racial issue–these images are just as common for other races as well. There is no race that has the lock on sick people.

    • XrissyElle

      Hasty generalization is the the real problem here! When a few people of a race act out, we all get tagged as ignorant. What people don’t see is that it’s our own race tagging us as ghetto, rachet, and ignorant. Kitsy, if you are Black, you come across just as ignorant as other races who tag us as “savage, black people”. There is no proof in this video to justify any race a “ignorant and dangerous”. The proof is in the actions of an individual that will label himself or herself. Stop assuming that all people of a race are the same…it’s simply NOT TRUE!

      • Kitsy

        I am black and I am not at all ignorant. I am also a realist. I never said that this is the way all black people (or even the majority) behave, but this is they way we are perceived and incidents like the one above, and the myriad of others available online and on the evening news, will always be used against us.

        Racism doesn’t allow others to see us as individuals. To people who already hate us, there is no difference between you, me and those people in that video. We are not given the benefit of the doubt, that others are (you should read the comments on “white sites” like TMZ regarding this).

        I 100% stand by my comments. Sorry if you were offended.

        • Shirl

          Black folk could walk around with halos feeding the hungry and it’s not gonna change the perception others have about us. I cringe when I see our people acting foolish. It’s embarrassing and I hate that we have to carry the weight of the entire race on our shoulders but we do unfortunately.

        • Fit821

          I’m with Kitsy. Where she made her point with me is when she mentioned TMZ and I agree with her statement. Some of the commentors on that site group all blacks together.

    • Trisha_B

      Huh? Did you not see that video of those white kids bullying the old white lady on the school bus, leaving her crying? Did you not see that one video where a group of white teenage boys dragged an Asian boy thru an ally & jumped him? there are PLENTY of videos showing ignorant white people doing dangerous things. Stop it! Your falling into the media’s trap, the media wants people to think ALL black people are ignorant

    • gee

      When I lived in Atlanta. I saw the same ratchet behavior daily on public transportation. Funny thing is, it was always black people acting like this. Kitsy your comment isn’t that far from the truth.

      • Miyo K.

        Is it always Black people acting this way or do you primarily travel in predominately Black areas?