And When He Get On, He’ll Leave Your A**: Men Who Left Their “Ride Or Die” Chicks When They Made It REALLY Big

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Fame can be a good and bad thing. It can be good for the man who gets it, and bad for the woman who stands by his side through it all. While some women have been lucky to have their men stay committed to them as the spotlight gets brighter (think LeBron James and Savannah Brinson), others get distracted by all the good looking chicks throwing themselves at them and eff up. And when that happens, they leave their “ride or dies” for something that seems better. Well, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (and hey, sometimes it actually is). Check out these 10 fellas who got on and left their longtime loves for one reason or another (including another chick who caught their eye).

Chris Bosh Leaves Allison Mathis, Marries Adrienne Williams

Just as a heads up, know that you’re going to see many a basketball player on this list. It seems they can’t hold it together when the money comes and the thirsty chicks step up. Anywho, Bosh was in a relationship with girlfriend Allison Mathis way back when he was playing for the Toronto Raptors and struggling to get some wins. They met in 2005 and according to the Toronto Star, she was a mainstay at his games for many seasons after that. But by 2008, she got pregnant and things fell apart. There were claims that he wasn’t taking care of his daughter, Trinity, and things got ugly. But luckily, after paternity cleared up, he started supporting his little girl. While he and Allison couldn’t make it last, Bosh found love soon after with his current wife, Adrienne Bosh, and the two married in 2011, giving birth to their son, Jackson, earlier this year. Speaking of marriage, in an interview with VIBE, Allison says they were supposed to make it to the altar first, but sadly, it didn’t happen.

“We talked about it; we actually got fitted for rings and everything. We talked about the different designs and everything so it was definitely in the plans. He, of course, told my mother and assured my mother, because my mother was very kind of against us having a baby before marriage. But he assured her; he told his mother and father, so a lot of my family and I were aware that it was going to happen and it just did not.”

Rohan Marley Leaves Lauryn Hill After Five Kids, Gets Engaged To Isabeli Fontana

Who really gets the blame in this mess that was the Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley saga? Early on there was talk that Marley was still married to another woman while he and LBoogie had, whatever it was they did, so Rohan has been getting the side eye from Lauryn’s fans for years. But after rumors spread that Lauryn allegedly had a child outside of their 15-year relationship, things got confusing, and after all that time and five babies together, Rohan all of a sudden was dating a Brazilian model and put a ring on her finger with the quickness. Who really knows why Rohan and Lauryn didn’t tie the knot, she could have possibly been anti-marriage or something, but he definitely moved on VERY fast. But hey, as long as he’s a good father….

Kevin Federline Leaves Shar Jackson And Quickly Marries Britney Spears

Bogus much? Though Kevin Federline, who early on was nothing but a back-up dancer, might be best known for his relationship with Britney Spears and the aftermath of it all, the first Hollywood chick who held him down was Shar Jackson, of “Moesha” fame. The two even have two children together, and before he was known for anything, she was there. However, when the couple was going through rocky times after she gave birth to their second child, he started dating Britney, and we all know that he didn’t look back. He married Spears after three months of dating and after two more kids and a reality show with her, she filed for divorce and per the usual, he moved on very quickly. He’s now involved with former volleyball player Victoria Prince, and she gave birth to a little girl in 2011. He keeps those kids coming!

Lamar Odom Leaves Liza Morales, Weds Khloe K After Only Dating A Few Weeks

As much as I kind of like Lamar and Khloe Kardashian together, thanks to their reality show, I can’t help but feel a little sour for his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his four children (one passed away from SIDS), Liza Morales. According to reports, the couple was together for about 12 years and dealt with a lot. But Morales claims that Odom cheated on her with multiple women in their relationship. When things didn’t work out he moved on quickly and started dating Khloe Kardashian. After a whirlwind romance that involved the couple only dating for a few weeks, they wed with the quickness and have been married for three years. If you were wondering, Morales told the Breakfast Club that she does NOT and will not watch their show.

Lionel Richie Leaves Brenda Harvey And Weds Former Mistress, Diane Alexander

In 1975, the former Commodores member and solo star married his college sweetheart, Brenda Harvey, and they were supposed to live happily ever after together, forever. Or something like that. Unfortunately though, around the time his fame peaked in the late ’80s, Richie started a relationship during his marriage with Diane Alexander and thought that his wife wouldn’t find out. However, he unfortunately felt the wrath of Brenda when she caught Alexander and her husband getting it on in bed and beat them both like they stole something. Though they tried to make it work, Harvey and Richie divorced, and he married Alexander two years later in 1995. Ironically, they divorced as well in 2004.

Dwyane Wade Separates From Siohvaughn Funches And Starts Dating Hollywood Darling, Gabrielle Union

Talk about a touchy love triangle, right? Though Siohvaughn Funches was Dwyane Wade’s high school sweetheart who rode with him as he entered the league and popped out two adorable sons for him, their relationship was a rocky one it seems. She claimed he changed when he got in the league (and even became a bit abusive) and reports came out that she actually cheated on him. But whatever really happened, it clearly signaled the end of their relationship. The two divorced in 2007, but before papers were signed while they were separated, Wade started dating Hollywood starlet Gabrielle Union. Those two have been all smiles, Twitter flirts and championship ringed up ever since, even as he went through strife (and continues to) with his ex-wife, which included a lawsuit against Union of all people for engaging in sexual 4-play in front of her sons. The case was dismissed as it was deemed bull.

Tiki Barker Leaves Pregnant Ginny Cha For Blonde Intern, Traci Lynn Johnson

As if it’s not bad enough to leave your wife for another woman, but to leave her while she’s pregnant? Now that’s just unforgivable. But that’s Tiki Barber’s style because that’s exactly how he did his ex-wife, Ginny Cha, who he had been married to since 1999. After 11 years of marriage, Barber left Cha for a 23-year-old NBC intern who, get this, also used to babysit two of their kids sometimes. The young woman, Traci Lynn Johnson, had allegedly been having a fling with Barber for about two years, and Cha claimed to have no clue and saw no signs. Little Miss Traci better hope she doesn’t get pregnant by this man (the two went on to get married this year), because he just might be out!

Swizz Beatz Leaves Mashonda, Gets Folks Pregnant, And Then Starts A Relationship With Alicia Keys

Another messy break up, producer Swizz Beatz and Mashonda Tifrere started dating one another in 1998, well before he was a well-known name in the industry. By 2004 they were married, and after a miscarriage, in 2006 they had a son (Dean’s second). Unfortunately for Tifrere, Dean had a wandering eye and even got another woman in London pregnant on top of many affairs he had during their relationship. And if that wasn’t enough, while Mashonda claimed to want to salvage their relationship, Dean started dating singer, Alicia Keys in 2009. Warnings were sent telling Keys to back off, and Tifrere even published an open letter to Alicia saying how disappointed she was via Twitter. But that didn’t stop Kasseem and Alicia’s love from growing for one another, and before folks knew, Dean and Tifrere divorced in 2010, and Keys and and the super-producer were married in 2010. She popped out little Egypt Dean at the end of that same year. They’ve been happily sitting courtside at Knicks games and in love ever since.

Eddie Cibrian Cheats On Brandi Glanville, Leaves Her For LeAnn Rimes

This one knows he’s a hot mess. Actor Eddie Cibrian seemed to be living the good life with his wife, Brandi Glanville and their two sons. They had tied the knot in 2001 and seemed to be having a successful marriage. Well, that was before he decided to do the TV movie, Northern Lights, with LeAnn Rimes. Images surfaced of the actor and his co-star (who was married her damn self) locking lips when the cameras were off, and after a lot of confusion, he must have come clean to Glanville because they separated and later filed for divorce in 2009. Him going public with Rimes all recklessly probably didn’t help the situation either, huh? Anywho, Rimes also filed for divorce from her husband, Dean Sheremet, in 2010 (a few months after Cibrian’s own divorce was finalized), and Rimes and Cibrian got married in the latter part of 2010.

Brad Pitt Leaves Jennifer Aniston, Adopts And Has Many A Child With Angelina Jolie

Okay, so Jennifer Aniston might not have been the classic definition of “ride or die” per se, but it was hard for a sista not to feel a little sad for her after her very public and embarrassing break up from Brad Pitt. The two started dating in 1998, got married in 2000 and they seemed like the perfect little duo. But when it seemed that Pitt was a bit anxious for children (he even teared up at the thought of them in an interview) and he got paired up with Angelina Jolie for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it was pretty much the end of the road for Jenn. The couple separated in early 2005 and she wound up filing for divorce by March of that year (it was finalized in October), and he of course started being seen in public more with Angelina. While many tried to OK Brad’s choice to chuck the deuces to Jennifer because they felt Angie was an upgrade because she was just sooooo pretty, he was still dead a** wrong.


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  • SunnyDaisy

    The last one between brangelina and jennifer is false. It was recently revealed by jennifer herself that jolie never stole brad away from her. Still dont know why it took her so long to say something. So ya…should probably remove that one.

  • Ifuaskme2

    That Tiki separation was really cruel

  • Keib10

    This article could use an update for all these people on the list to tell all the KARMA that has surfaced around to them.

  • Tiffany Glover

    It looks like Peter Gunz is guilty of more than being a lying-cheating-low-down-dirty-slimy-disgusting-ignorant-sorry a$% excuse for a man. He’s also a thief…stole a page or two from Lamar Odom’s playbook. They can both shove it up their stanky aces and kick rocks with no shoes on… bastards.

  • Coma Tose

    Ho’s b ho’s.

  • CJK5H

    And we all know that no woman has EVER left a man to find a ‘better deal…”

  • star

    I find it quite interesting that alot of these women resemble each other.

  • Raven

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were set up by publicists …. they didn’t really meet and fall in love. But while you’re trashing Pitt – who obviously adores his wife and his family – Jennifer cheated with her current finance – Justin … on his 11 year relationship. why don’t you profile HIM and someone who left his ride or die girl behind ….

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  • Usually I don’t comment but…

    Where is Tom Brady’s write up? Left pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel.

  • Look inside!

    Will never condone cheating, etc. Don’t marry someone who wants children if you don’t. That’s selfish. That’s what Jennifer did. She did not want to “ruin” her body by getting pregnant. How vain! Brad Pitt desperately wanted kids. Again, this should have been discussed and finalized before marriage. If she had his kids, they would still be together.

  • CommonSense

    Sorry, but all that “ride or die chick” business is ridiculous!!!! If you have to wait twelve years and five kids to become a wife, you deserve all that happens to you. If your man keeps giving you children, but NO ring and a walk down the aisle, then he is just not that into you, believe me!!!! If a man is crazy about you, he is not going to treat you like that. What idiot has five kids and still no sign of marriage!!! You young people kill me!!!!!

  • I wasn’t aware that Lamar had left Lisa for Khloe. I thought that they had been broken up for some time prior to him meeting Khloe.

  • Plumbline

    Revelation 3:17-18….

    17 Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked— 18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.

  • nothingnewhere

    This is classic nothing new here. I don’t think Brad was wrong though, she promised him kids after friends ended then changed her mind, if all Brad Pitt wants is for you to drop a couple of kids for him and you can’t do that, what the hell. He at least was respectful and wouldn’t be in public with Angelina until the divorce as final and as far as Jennifer goes her movie career is garbage anyways and she still doesn’t have kids he has like 12 right, LOL

  • Sports365

    If people think King James is not smashing women you are a fool… Smh

  • umhii

    Barker? his name is Tiki BARBER

  • ymeka

    I think people need to live there lives and stop worrying about other people.I don’t care who Swiss or Brad date, we don’t know what go on behind closed doors.

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  • Meme

    Also Swizz Beatz is a h*e. He was cheating on Mashonda way before Keys came into the picture. He just happened to married her and that is why Mashonda is mad. Why she didn’t catch a fade when he cheated on her with the chick in the UK that he shares a child with?

  • Meme

    Jennifer Aniston wasn’t Brad’s die or ride chick. He was dating Gwyneth Paltrow for the longest time before he blew up and then married Jennifer.

  • grayonce

    Adrianne and Allison look alike

  • me

    I see all these men leave darker chicks for lighter I wrong?SMH!Moshanda is gorgeous to me!

  • Cogito

    Come on…women leave men everyday for a plethora of reasons. There are no guarantee contracts in romance and each of us, male and female, must continually meet our respective burden of proof. People grow, evolve, devolve and take divergent paths in their beliefs and interest all the time. Not only do you women understand this in the case of a successful woman who’s progression, personally or professionally is being retarded by some man who can’t keep pace with her, but will actively recommend that she leave his azz, but when its in reverse, the reasons are always ascribed to his being disloyal, ungrateful or some other nefarious reason without knowing the specifics of why.

  • ANTMilf

    Okay, I still think D-Wade’s ex is a loony toon and that’s why he left her, so now she’s bitter seeing him and Gabby together and she’s telling lies in the media to make her ex seem like a bad person. Also, I still can’t get over Brad Pitt leaving Jen for that Bisexual, former druggie Angie, glad Jen has moved on!

  • Memo

    Chris bosh looks terrible with his new wife. They are hideous together.

  • AndreaW21

    But you know what they say…..How u got him is how you’ll lose him!!!! I hope many of them dont expect to stay married, especially when he cheated on his wife for you!

  • NOTfeelingsocialmedia

    I believe Newton’s 3rd law states “every action has a reaction.” I can only hope for beauty when it comes to Karma

  • Indigo

    Am I the only person that think Jennifer Aniston is prettier than Angelina Jolie. Like idk, Angelina looks weird to me…

    • NONEYA

      Looks dont matter if the heart isnt in it…looks get a man it doesnt KEEP HIM!!

      • bishop

        Exactly. Jennifer could be nothing but an empty shell with a pretty face. Brad was probably smart to realize it early on and move on. Anyway, women do the same thing to men, example Heidi Klum to Seal. So I can care less about these women and their issues.

        • Pivyque

          I heard about that. That is so sad. He adopted her daughter. I hope they can work something out with custody since she isn’t his.

    • emm

      Jolie looks like Joker with that smile. #teamaniston

    • I love Jennifer. I think she is pretty.

    • ANTMilf

      I also thinks Jen is better looking than Angie!



  • chanela

    i don’t understand that chick (and others like her) who would date rohan KNOWING what he did to the last chick. how do these men KEEP getting women to date? or the chicks who date liil wayne. why on earth would you want a man who got 4 women pregnant at the same time and the whole public knows about it? they look dumb as hell!

    • OHHH

      It’s about millions of dollars and you’re talking about the entertainment industry. You won’t see that in real life with the average joe and mary.

      • chanela

        it doesn’t matter. self respect should trump that!

  • kofybean

    I have always wondered about this statement… “…get distracted by all the good looking chicks throwing themselves at them…”
    Why is it that a man has to make it big for women to notice him?
    Sure men have to be accountable for their choices, but why are women ignoring the fact that women feel entitled to only the richest of me as well?

    • Pivyque

      I don’t think we are ignoring the fact that women go after the richest of men, we are just discussing the fact that these men were the ones in relationships. Leann, Alicia, Gabrielle and Fantasia are prime examples of women getting talked about. Even if Alicia and Gabby were dating them after they were separated, most women still don’t give them any slack. I’ve heard them get called some pretty mean names.

      • kofybean

        What I’m saying is there is a lot of assumptions going on.

        For one, it is assuming that women spread themselves out evenly to all men. Also it assumes that all women are “stand by your man” “ride or die” chicks. Then sure, if you assume those two things, then all men who do make it big, and proceed to dump their girls after success, need to be chastised harshly.

        Unfortunately, those assumptions are false. The general population of women is NOT evenly distributed but highly biased to men with certain, very specific, characteristics. Which means only a small percentage of men know what its like to have women throw themselves at him. Which nullifies the second assumption since the men who have the most options to be in a relationship, also have the most options for a faithful woman.

        Most importantly, the men who have the most options of women… have those options despite their character. In other words, “all the good looking chicks” aren’t throwing themselves at these men because they are relationship material, but you demand these men be held accountable for their actions, but not hold the women accountable for their choices. Seems hypocritical to me.

        • Pivyque

          Hmm Good Point!

        • Candacey Doris

          Of course women are biased to certain types of men. Everyone has a type. That doesn’t mean that we all have the same type. I can’t stand my friend’s type an she thinks some of the men i like are strange. None of us are saying that women who aren’t doing what they should in relationships shouldn’t be held accountable (those who are need to stop fooling themselves), this is just an article highlighting men who move on from their ride or die chick.

          • kofybean

            Candacey Doris “Of course women are biased to certain types of men. Everyone has a type.”

            My argument isn’t that every woman isn’t entitled to her OWN TYPE, but my argument is that large sections of women are attracted to the SAME TYPE. And that type has little to nothing to do with the man’s CHARACTER.

            Women are throwing themselves at whom? Every coin has two sides. An article asking why these particular men leave, never asked “why not?”

            • Candacey Doris

              Well then you need to avoid that type of woman. I learned a long time ago that pretty is as pretty does. Eventually everyone should learn that lesson. Stop trying to go for the woman who needs to get schooled in the fact that being a man has nothing to do with height or sin tone and find someone that’s looking for a man like you. “Why not” can be the question asked here, but i feel that if she’s/he’s not your type anymore then you have to tell them straight up an make a clean break. Don’t mess around, cheating or anything. Everyone is entitled to find the person of their dreams but how you go about doing it will follow you around.

  • Nicole

    Lil Wayne and Toya Carter, where are they at?!!


    You forgot STEVE HARVEY & WILL SMITH!!

    • AishaSaidIt


    • Green.eyes.0712

      Will Smith’s allegedly was the one that cheated

  • This title says when the men made it ‘really big’ they left their wives. How come Kevin Hart wasn’t on here then?

    • AishaSaidIt

      Right…his wife even wrote a standup routine about his mess

  • maggie

    Tiki just needs to just cease being. I can’t look at him without disgust.

  • Guest

    These women are better off. It’s better to have someone who actually cherishes you and looks forward to being with you than a famous snake in the grass who’s always in someone else’s panties!!! Life is too short to be someone’s stepping stone!!!

  • PhD_Chick

    Okay….ummmm….I hate to be the one to bring this up but….does anyone notice that damn near all of the men on this list ended up leaving their “darker” wives/gf’s and getting with “lighter” women?!? (e.g., Chris Bosh, Swizz B., Tiki B., Lionel, Rohan, Kevin F.,Lamar O.) Hmmm, Coincidence?? (I think not). I’m just saying, it seems like a pretty disturbing pattern….

    • dbatt001

      Yes Ive noticed. No need to be scared to say it. Colorism is REAL! It is disturbing and discouraging as well. Im 21 and I am not looking forward to facing this fact when I start dating so Im holding it off for as long as possible.

      • don’t let people’s hang-ups be a deterent to you getting out there and finding love. date “outside your race” as well. also,go to parks and museums to find love;not the club.

        • scandalous7

          yea I guess

          • Lol seriously, Im young and married to a great guy We are both chocolate an can’t wait to have little chocolate kids!!!!!!

            • DaisyDooks

              Yes-s-s-s!!! Best comment on this page for me! The ancestors are proud that you are birthing BLACK progeny.

        • vixenmrb

          No one is saying it is not OK. There is one thing finding love but it’s another thing hunting specific groups out. Love should not be a fad. And that is what many black men do. Next thing it will be Asian women if they would give them the time of day. Why is it a lot of black men in the hood have white women but not many white people live in the hood?? Knowing personally white women who date black men exclusively, they seek out black men for sexual gratification and the relationship just follows but is not their initial intention. If that is all black men think they worth (sex toy) for a few $$ – go for it!!

      • DaisyDooks

        Don’t be afraid to date other BLACK ethnics within the race. Black women and Black men have options within the AfRAkan race.

    • OHHH

      You’re the only one that noticed it. Get over it.

      • PhD_Chick

        Defensive much??? LoL.

    • kofybean

      Well, as a guy, if I say “hi” to 10 women, and only one says hi back to me, I can’t control the fact that she isn’t black if she is the only one to reply to my advances.

      You seem to be referencing some very specific situations to which I do not know the answers because I don’t really know those guys too well. In statics you have to look at the entire situation to know how confident you are in it. Whether it is coincidental or environmental, or a bias. You can’t just assume the bias.

      For instance, their are countless of studies that show women are purposefully seeking out tall (over 6’2) men. Men, on average, are taller than women, so they have to do studies to prove that it isn’t just a coincidence and by “chance” women happen to prefer tall men but that women are neglecting short men.

      It would be nice to see a similar study to show that it isn’t coincidental, or that there are less darker skinned women available at the level of Chris Bosh…etc, but that such men are purposefully neglecting dark skinned women.

      • Lauren Love

        That sounds dumb!

        • kofybean

          Statistics sounds dumb?

          At the waste of arguing with someone who thinks rejecting anecdotal evidence is dumb, I will still put it out there…

          You can’t say something is generally true just because of a handful of situations you decided to “notice”.

          I don’t know any other way to put that.

        • Lauren Love

          Doing the whole light skin-dark skin thing sounds dumb in my opinion (remember we are all entitled to them). I totally agree with the while talker guy thing. Plus I read it too.

      • Pivyque

        Well, I have dated someone shorter than me, but I have to say that most men I know prefer their women to be shorter than them. If we are looking for someone taller and you guys are looking for someone shorter. It should work out fine lol

    • i agree. don’t let it bother you though.

    • Cogito

      Without getting into the issue of whether of not colorism exist (it does), why are some sisters so offended by the fact that some brothers have preferences in terms of hues of complexions? It’s like every man on earth can have his preference except black men.
      I hear sisters all the time openly express their preferences and make their choices in terms of hues of color as a part of their metrics for men and not a word is murmured. Sisters also make their choices in terms of height, social standing and financial net worth all the time and we accept and deal with it.
      Also, I can personally attest to the fact that most professional athletes, despite the ones who receive the media exposure, are predominately married to or are with dark to brown sisters, not the lighter hued ones as so many of you guys tend to believe. Besides, aren’t the lighter hued sisters….sisters as well?

      • Pivyque

        I definitely agree with you on that. I remember a hispanic guy in college wrote a poem about his dream woman and he described her as “pale”. Some of the women in class got upset. A couple even tried to say he was racist! We ended up having a big debate about it, but at the end of the day, I can’t understand why some people are so offended by a preference. I love darker skin tones. That doesn’t mean that I hate white or light skinned people (as I am light myself), I just love a rich, dark tone. It’s sexy…lol

        • Cogito

          I hear you and it’s nice to see a sister fair and balanced in this regard. I have never felt the remotest inclination to dictate to sisters what their physical preferences should be, but unfortunately, usually that same consideration is not reciprocated in kind. And the most egregious part of this, though sisters won’t admit it, I, myself am a darker hued brother with west african features and have had a very dismal success rate with the darker hued sisters but will still get labeled as being color struck by those same women when I’m with a lighter hued sister.

          But for me, it’s just an observation and not a problem because I don’t allow proxy voices in my romanitic choices, but neither am I ignorant of genesis of this particular psychosis, so I simply tolerate it without allowing it to destroy my empathy for some of the self esteem trials and tribulations of black women .

  • candigirl

    Lets not forget little Kevin Hart, throw him right on in this list too

    • ooh ok…

      AND Fergie’s man left his wife for her2!

    • black_907

      kevin was already big!. anybody know kevins ex wifes number? shes fine mmmmmm chooccolate

  • Candacey Doris

    When guys say ride or die, they mean YOU have to be that way. Faithful no matter what he does to you. That’s bull and i won’t subscribe to that mess.

  • nene

    Lean Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are the worst. They were both married with kids!

    • leeann doesnt have any children. I was shocked to find out her 1st husband wasnt gay.

  • Mamanzee

    So sad to see such men who don’t seem to bother at all with the concept of commitment. And you know the weird thing? If anyone would do that to THEIR daughters in the future watch the righteous ‘how-dare-you” indignation come out!!! Its so very easy to justify all this nonsense because ‘they are in love’..”she’s an upgrade’…’they were separated’…etc. But behind the scenes are usually heartbroken children, humiliated wives/girlfriends and strained families regardless of how ‘happy’ the man looks with his ‘new’ woman. Thats the tragedy.

  • tama

    Brandi is so beautiful, classy while Lean looks like an old stuffed horse.

    • lolo

      plastic beauty I guess…..

    • have you seen brandi- she is not classy at all.

  • Jillian

    This is disgusting. We need to expect more from our men than “Oh well, at least he takes care of his kids.” I understand when things don’t work out (Like Gabby & D-Wade, who was SEPARATED when they started dating), but please stop the cheating/sneaking around with mistresses while you’re still involved. And stop with the home-wrecking, ladies. Then you wanna MARRY the cheater?! Come On! #DoBetter

    • Suchalady

      Separated is not divorced. Period. Gabby is still wrong as hell like all the other women on the list.

      • Jillian

        I think that’s subjective. What’s not subjective is sleeping with a woman’s husband/boyfriend. There’s a big difference between that and hooking up with someone who has legally separated from their spouse.When you separate, you have the option to either try & work things out in your relationship or explore other options before taking the big leap. It may not be the MOST right thing in the world to do, but it’s definitely not the worst.

        • Pivyque

          I agree with you on that. Couples can be separated for years and only try to get a divorce once they start dating someone they can see a future with. My uncle and his wife have been separate for 5 years. They live in different states and lead separate lives, but they are in no rush to finalize the divorce.

          • D

            Separated means still married. Gabby & D.Wade are wrong….stop making excuses.

            • sugar

              Exactly. People should stop making excuses for trying to have their cake and eat it too. Resolve your marriage and let it be.

            • Pivyque

              Well, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with dating while separated. If you feel there is something wrong with it….Ok.

          • Just Saying

            Although I agree with the separation comments, when a couples are married, they must POSSESS legal documentation that they are separated. They cannot just say we are “separated” and gone on about their business. Like many of you, I am not sure if D. Wade and his wife was LEGALLY separated or not, but I do recall him denying the affair with Gabby when it hit the fan because he was still cohabitating (living) with his wife. So, if he denied their relationship, then that tells me he was not LEGALLY separated, regardless what his mouth said lol. The same thing with Swizz….they were not LEGALLY separated when Alicia started dating him in 2009 and Mashonda has said this many times. Just because a married man, or woman, decides to move out or move on doesn’t mean ANYTHING is legal and it is still adultery….PERIOD.

            • Pivyque

              Well…either way, I don’t care that much. The only married man I am seeing is my husband. I don’t know what was going on in their personal lives and I don’t know if they had an agreement to see other people or not. Usually a conversation about being over is had long before the papers are filed. I’ve said all I have to say about this subject.

        • DatsLife

          Actually there were rumors of them in Miami way before the media picked up on it. This occurred when him and his wife were still married pre-separation. Unfortunately, you can not predict life.

        • Just saying

          In some states, not all, legal separation documentation is required to be deemed SEPARATED. In other states, married couples can prove they have been separated physically IF they have evidence of time periods of living separate, different residence addresses, etc. But it must be a time significance to become separated, and married couples usually use this evidence to file for divorce. Married couples cannot say they are ‘separated’ when it is convenient because marriage certificates is a legal documents, and like other legal matters, additional litigation procedures must be sought in order to be deemed ‘separated’ or ‘divorced’…..LEGALLY.

    • Lisa!

      Women need to expect more from and for themselves—why date men who constantly cheat, why have children sometimes multiple children with then when they have not committed to you? That’s the foolishness.

    • Separated, but still married. She aint no better than the next mistress.

  • IllyPhilly

    Sometimes some women play Jennifer Aniston and sometimes we play Angelina Jolie. Sad, but true. Hopefully karma shows that face sooner or later.


    Rohan shouldn’t be on this list b/c he was never “big.” He wasn’t seen w/ the brazilian chick until it came out lauryn was pregnant by another man…Swizz shouldn’t be on this list b/c he was a lot bigger back in the day when he was married to Mashonda than he is now…I’m pretty Lionel was a bigger star when he was married to Brenda…I never liked Kevin Federline, he just seems like a scrub…Lamar’s ex & Khole look alike lol

  • sammi_lu


    • ashe

      Right! I think Ginny Cha dodged a bullet in the long run. Tiki’s career is in the toilet, football and broadcasting, and no one wants him besides his mis-trash. Oops I guess I mean his “wife.” Oh well, he got what was coming to him. He’s gonna bounce if she gets preggers and she’s gonna bounce if he doesn’t get a job soon.

  • Tamz

    The same way you get them is the same way you lose them….

  • Rosetta Stone

    Sorry but swizz already been established in the industry waaaay before alicia.

    • NiceNasty

      I know right, that was the first thing that popped into my head. Swiss BEEN ON!!!

    • Na Na

      And so has Rohan and Lauryn. This just happened recently.

    • That’s what I was thinking. They should’ve switched him out with Kevin Hart.

      • Na Na

        Ooh yeah Kevin is a good one! he left his wife AND they two kids when got on. SMH.

  • NKontroLikeJanet

    All that needs to be said is what goes around, comes around……These folks will be sorry in the end

  • Ay

    Ruff Ryders came out in 1998, so how was that well before Swizz was well known?

  • MKayy

    Tiki barker was DEAD WRONG. I would’ve had to pull a Angela Bassett on him! Got your mistress around my kids?!? Oh HELLLL NO.

    • Kay

      *Bernadine voice* 732… 7.3.2…