Just Spend The Extra $10! A Few Things You Shouldn’t Even Think About Going Cheap On

November 13, 2012  |  
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I enjoy a good deal just like the next woman on a budget, but after living and learning the hard way I’ve come to accept that there are just some types of items where going cheap is just not going to get it. A lot of people have grown accustomed to asking for the generic versions of prescription medications at the pharmacy or comparing the ingredient list on a bottle of NyQuil and the drug store’s Nite Time, but going the bootleg, discount, get it for the low-low route on a lot of other things will end up costing you a whole more than you thought you saved.  Think it won’t? Check out this list of products it’s better to just spend the extra cash on.


If you want to walk around unsure all day long with your arms glued to your sides go right ahead, but I wouldn’t recommend you make bottom shelf deodorant a regular thing. Even if you could adjust to the sweat stains from not purchasing a proper anti-perspirant, trust me when I say people will not be so forgiving when you funk up the place. You may not have to go all Secret Clinical Strength on ’em, but Degree, Mitchum, and Arm & Hammer will do your underarms (and stranger’s noses) well. PS. You probably don’t want to go the aerosol route like the woman in the pic either.

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Though pretty much every woman has left the beauty shop once thinking, “I could have done that myself,” please do not take your mental shade literal and head to the corner beauty supply for a pair of shears and have at it. A lot of ladies have learned how to trim their split ends, but when we get into layer territory and actually trying to cut your hair in a style, just leave it to a professional. YouTube hair tutorials will you thinking you can make your entire hair routine one big DIY yourself project but it’s not that simple. Take the chance if you want, but don’t be surprised if your at-home cut ends in tears.

Feminine Products

Do you want toxic shock syndrome or bloody panties? Take your pick. Listen, I grew up on generic pads and all that good stuff. Most of them did their job, but once I discovered Always (with my own money), I was like wait, why have I been wearing diaper pads all this time?!  I definitely hate coming off of like $7 for 16 pads but like I said, if I had to choose between feeling like I’m sitting on a pillow or having an accident, I’m going to go with $7.

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Am I the only one whose ever looked down at my chest and had my so-called underwire poking me in the chin? It took me waaaay too long to see the value in purchasing a good bra to control these thangs. I admit it would help if I handwashed my bras like I should, but in the words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” I also don’t have time for finding displaced wires, busted straps, and shredded padding when I pull by braziers out the dryer. Though a lot of undergarment retailers go overboard on their pricing, it’s worth it to invest in a decent bra (and panties) that will actually do what their supposed to do for the tatas and last more than one wash.

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Another lesson learned the hard way. Not only will a cheap pair of shoes have your feet crying mercy, mercy, mercy, they might also have you wobbling home on one of the two heels that didn’t actually break while you were out. Expensive shoes are a hard hustle to keep up, but people aren’t lying when they say a good pair is worth every penny. The cushion, support, and quality you get from a high-end shoe (you caught on sale) just doesn’t compare to feeling like you’re walking around on wood slates all day — or worse, missing part of your shoe.

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I’m still paying for this so I can tell you with complete confidence not to fall for the 200-thread count sheet sale at Target. I didn’t know what I was missing until I had the pleasure of sleeping on some Egyptian cotton sheets at a hotel once. When I tell you it was a struggle to get out of that bed the next day I am not exaggerating. Unfortunately, I still haven’t mustered up the nerve to drop cash on a nice set of sheets myself. Perhaps that’s why every morning I happily jump out of those cardboard-like blankets I’m laying at night.

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Unless you were planning on passing off that green ring around your neck as a necklace, be careful with the cheap jewelry. There are plenty of costume pieces that work for a night out, but you have to be real about your expectations. You’ve got about five good wears before that gold turns to silver, and silver turns to tarnished. But for a lot of women cheap jewelry is more serious than pieces turning colors. If you know you need a hypo-allergenic pair of earrings, do not buy hoops from that random stand in the middle of the mall or that man on the street selling original pieces. Sometimes it’s just worth it to drop a few extra dollars on sterling silver and 14K gold.


You may like waking up with a hangover as a reminder of just how hard you went the night before but for most people, the nausea and head-pounding the morning after a night of drinking are no bueno. Of course, simply pacing yourself and not going over your drinking limit will prevent a hangover, but so will laying off the cheap stuff. All that Boones Farm, Steel Reserve, and no-name Vodka chugging will have you messed up, not to mention it’s not the kindest to the palate. If you’re going to bother to go out, get yourself a nice cocktail. It may not be kind to your wallet, but your head and stomach will thank you in the morning.

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I don’t think we have to go further than Jalonta Freeman’s iMirror story to understand why this is a bad idea. If you don’t have the cash or credit score to get it in a store, it’s just not for you. Craigslist may be a decent option for finding an apartment or a side job but trusting that the iPhone some stranger is about to sell you for maybe $100 less than the retail price is the real deal is a huge risk. There’s no telling what kind of kinks are going on inside that phone, let alone where it came from or who he took it from. Same goes for digital cameras, iPods, and yes, Jalonta, iPads.

What are some other things you never buy cheap or generic?

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