Say It Ain’t So! Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Wife Looking At Jail Time

November 13, 2012  |  

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I suppose when it rains, it pours. Last month, we reported that Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was under federal investigation due to allegations of him exploiting campaign donations for personal reasons such as decorating his Washington D.C. home, which for a short period of time was on the market for $2 million dollars, and spending $40,000 on a Rolex watch for one of his lady friends. Well, the plot seems to have thickened and only a few days after Jackson was reelected to his Chicago-area district. Rumors have been circulating that the congressman’s plea deal, which is being negotiated by his lawyer with the federal government  is said to include jail time, a guilty plea to the misuse of campaign money, repayment of the misused funds, as well as his resignation from Congress for “health reasons”. It has also been said that he is at risk of losing his $80,000 yearly pension.

Oh, but there’s more: It seems that Jesse’s wife, Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson is being dragged into the mud as well. The Wall Street Journal reports that the federal investigation has expanded and Sandi’s relation to the financial mishandling is also being looked into and that she has become a subject of interest in the developing plea deal. Apparently the FBI has reason to believe that she too may have been involved his alleged funneling of campaign funds into the upkeep of his D.C. home.

The Illinois Congressman has been on a medical leave of absence from the House of Representatives since June and was treated for six weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for bipolar disorder and has not made any public appearances since.

One can only hope that the allegations are not true, but with the rate the skeletons have been tumbling out of the closets of politicians lately and considering the fact that this isn’t the first time Congressman Jackson has made headlines regarding political scandal, who can really call it?

Unsurprisingly, the family has yet to comment on these speculations.

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  • Denny Nick

    And yet without even campaigning, he was re-elected with 63% of the vote in his district. Blind loyalty for another dishonest politician because “he Black”! Foolishness at its best! Know your candidates people!

  • ilovemovies2

    Look Jesse Jr should have known better. Daddy Jackson preaching one thing and doing another is just an example of folks thinking they can get away with anything because of their name. No one is perfect but good grief if you put the dollar above your so called “principles” there are consequences. If they were the Jacksons down the block-would they get a break?. Maybe this is karma for busting your Daddy for the outside baby drama. Private schools and church didn’t teach this kid nothing. lol

  • DanaC

    I heard it was alcoholism…

  • jaytee

    He’s just like his daddy – a lying, cheating politician. Didn’t he see what happened to Kwame in Detroit?

  • The one da*n time i actually VOTE for this bum THIS happens… Really Jesse Jr? For real?

  • What a despicable piece of garbage jesse is to drag his wife and mother of his children into this mess. Although her innocent spouse act is kinda tired. She is like Carmella Soprano – beneficiary of her husbands crookedness.

  • What is it with us getting into the govt positions and then we just start acting a fool? To any of us black folks reading this with future plans for govt offices. Read this carefully. IF WHITE PEOPLE ARENT GETTING AWAY WITH IT ANYMORE, YOU DEFINITELY WONT.

  • ANTMilf

    Why I’m not surprised about this. I live a block from their office in the South Shore neighborhood here in Chicago.

    • TRUTH IS

      I heard chicago = corruption (govt wise)

      • it is. I hate to say it but it is…. the only good thing that came out of this city in the past ten years was the Obama family, Derrick Rose, and Jennifer Hudson.

  • Guest

    I wish I was his lady friend so I can get a $40,000 rolex.

    • TRUTH IS

      Then what?? Esp after the mess he’s in now for it?

      • Guest

        Is the lady friend in trouble? No, she gets to keep her freedom and her rolex.

        • MLS2698

          LOl! You CAN get into trouble for accepting gifts that came from an illegal source. Really, who accepts such an expensive gift from a ” family ” man? Where exactly would he get money for that?

          • Guest

            Is that right? Well if that’s the case if I were the lady friend I would say, what rolex? Plus he is Jesse Jackson Jr. the name and affiliation alone equals money to me.

  • JuJu Bean

    My grandfather gave me the scoop about his father a long time ago. I myself watched Jesse Sr. sit up and sneak diss Obama during the 2008 election. Suddenly, when Obama won the camera focused of Jesse Sr. crying “Tears of Joy” smh…There is something about those two that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t feel that they are genuine in what they do. Greedy individuals.

    • THATS when i cut him and his daddy off! When Jesse Sr. was sobbin like a crazy person when Obama won 4 years ago…


        erm,…hello! he was cryin tears of sadness/madness/bitterness because it wasnt him! see his two failed attempts in 1984 and 1988!

  • kitsy

    So it seems that the story about him being hospitalized for bi-polar disorder was just a red herring to hide what was really going on. Shame on him!

    • Kells

      As if the men and ’em were going to buy that story… I knew something was fishy

    • JuJu Bean

      Ppl walk around and live normal lives with bi-polar everyday. That was such a lame excuse. You do the crime, you do the time. Point blank.

  • rosemary davis

    He is a chip off the old block but this is what the love of money and corruption will do it stabbs people all over with many pains that subsequently lead to their utter failure and demise it’s sad that his once promising career have been reduced to shame and even worse his Wife career is threathen so he will do his time which would be a year or two if that and his life will go on as if nothing ever happened his father Jesse will see too that

  • JaneDoe

    When are these ppl going to learn…

    • Patricia

      Unfortunately never. They just simply refused to learn.

  • Dawnn

    I am sorry, I hate to even say this, I believe Jesse Jr. is using bi-polar and depression as a crutch. I think the only thing he is bi-polar and depressed about is that he got caught in his mess. There are people who are honestly and sincerely are bi-polar and have depression, along with other mental illness. I am sorry I am trying hard to feel sorry for him but I can’t.

    • I was thinking the same thing.