K. Michelle Goes In On Fan At Concert: “I Will Take Off My Lacefront And Whoop Your A**!”

November 12, 2012  |  


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Remember when we said K. Michelle needs to just shut up and sing? Well she definitely proved the case for that argument the other night while performing.

From the video clip you can’t tell what venue she’s in, but it’s not a stretch to say she didn’t enjoy some of the company who came out to see her, particularly a pseudo fan who she claims was dogging her online. Through a bit of muffled ranting you can here K announce that there’s a:

“Mother f***ing ratchet queen in here talking s**t to me on Twitter”

and consequently:

“I will take off my lacefront and whoop your a** …If you want to talk s**t, Mr. ego superb, with that wack a** side cut you got going on…

and FYI:

“I don’t play that bull s**t. I super don’t play that. So wherever your punk a** is in the corner, I’ll have you bring your a** out here.”

But for the rest of ya’ll:

“Continue to have fun with the people I love.”

K. Michelle is a trip. All I can say is I hope to never be on the receiving end of one of those verbal lashings. She took it back to Memphis with that rant.

But on a serious note, how do you feel about artists going off on people at their shows? Is it cool if the person deserves it, or too much?

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  • dbatt001

    come on K, she is too talented to keep digging herself in a whole with her mouth. Its already hard enough for true talent to break into the industry without bs and gimicks, but she wants to make it even harder for herself….she is doing herself a disservice.

  • bluekissess

    Now I fully understand why her career flat lined

  • See, thats why i LOVE her and her music! She is SO real and she dont change her stripes for no person.

  • ANTMilf

    And this is why she’s not relevant in the music biz, PERIOD!

  • Celebrities need to leave social media alone. Celebs are so basic now. What happened to people being famous for talent, and having a certain heir to them. A mystic of some sort? Celebrities now throw everything on the table and have no filter or no self control…So much so the celebrity factor gets diminished because they’re constantly reminding us what a$$es they are.

  • britt

    If she wants to continue to keep that non-existent singing career of hers going, she needs to either shut up or save it for L&HHAtl2

  • sassybuttclassy

    I don’t even want her to shut up and sing anymore, now I just want her to shut up PERIOD. Next time she opens her mouth to speak I want it to be infront of a damn psychologist. Every time she opens her mouth she sounds nuttier than squirrel poop.

  • Trisha_B

    & yet i still haven’t heard any music from her smh. Any time she’s featured on any blog, it’s b/c of her going off about something, never her music. She’s a joke & she’s never gonna make it in the industry. She’s gonna spend her “career” playing at little local clubs. If someone is talking ish about your show on twitter, show out & sing your heart out. Give an amazing show to the 100 people that showed out. Don’t ruin the show b/c of 1 person. Her rants aren’t funny, it’s sad.

  • Haylee

    Who the hell is K. Michelle

  • Pinklady2012

    Such a “Class-less” act. So sad!

  • if she was performing how would she know someone is dogging her online. Or did she come on the stage and start ranting about online people she probably doesnt know or even seen in real life. Twitter is a social network not reality go make music and be mature. Who argues iwth people on social networks anyway.

  • Patricia

    Both the artist and the audience needs to just be quiet. This is so ignorant and immature over something somebody said on twitter.

  • justme

    if that was shot this weekend then it happened in Dayton Ohio as she was at the Vault in Dayton this Saturday but I cant say for sure…

    • baddvixentype

      your point is…?

  • If the person is being rude and inappropriate to the artist then yes I think they have every right to retaliate to the fan. I do not believe physically, but verbally heck ya. No one likes to get yelled at and punked out, especially not black women lol

  • JaneDoe


  • intelligent chik

    what i want to know is does madamenoire have an editor???

    • rzakia

      lol did that “wherever” bother you as much as I was bothered by it?

  • Meyaka


  • Reese

    K. Michelle is so talented but her career is never going to go anywhere. She is too mentally unstable and for a lack of a better word, ghetto. She is basically blacklisted in the music industry, she just needs to ride her Love and Hip Hop fame until that runs out.