That Ain’t No Damn Tablet…Texas Woman Pays $200 For An iPad, And It Turns Out To Be A Mirror

November 12, 2012  |  

If you’ve ever considered possibly buying electronics, or anything for that matter from from someone selling products for half the price, and it’s not an IN-STORE sale, you might want to take notes from Jalonta Freeman’s disappointing mishap.

According to an NBC affiliate in Texas, the Arlington woman says she drove up to her local gas station with a few members of her family, including her mom and sister, and they were approached by a man looking to sell iPads, computers and other electronics out of his car for the low-low. She was impressed most by the idea of an $800 iPad being marked down to $200. What a deal, right? By the coaxing of those riding with her, Freeman thought it was a deal too good to pass up. It looked like an iPad, and for that price, it was a steal! So she gave him the $200, he passed her the “iPad,” and drove away like the police were trailing him. But to Freeman’s horror, when she opened the gadget, instead of setting her eyes on an actual iPad from Apple, she realized that what she was looking at was her own reflection. She had unknowingly purchased a mirror the same size of an iPad. Fail much? As she told NBC News:

“If you turn it on the back, it actually looks like an Apple iPad,” Freeman said. “And when you turn it to the front, it has the prices and stuff…”I just started cussing,” she said. “I was upset. Anybody would be upset if you found out you just got scammed, you know what I’m saying? You just lost $200.”

The thing even had a fake Apple sticker on it and price tags, but a mirror is a mirror, and you can get that from the Dollar Store, not the Apple Store. According to NBC News, Freeman was confused in the first place to think that the iPads available right now would even cost $800. The current iPads on the market are around $399 and new iPads with retina display dropping later this month range from the $499 to the high $800s. In North Texas, just last year these type of scams around the holidays were prevalent, and with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas down the block, this type of scam might become the norm everywhere. And with not a single real detail about the hustler who sold her the fake iPad, let alone a license plate number, Freeman’s scammer is probably going to rake in the money this holiday season. But hey, Freeman has a tip for you so that you don’t lose good money on an iMirror instead of an iPad like she did. “Don’t buy nothing on the streets from nobody.” Seriously though, you can barely trust retailers selling ish online, so a back-alley hustler selling “iPads” at a gas station? Now you know that you know better…

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  • Lov3lyLady32

    “Seriously though, you can barely trust retailers selling ish online, so a back-alley hustler selling “iPads” at a gas station? Now you know that you know better”… ROFLMAO!!!!

  • Reminds me when people were selling floor model tv’s in boxes. You got home and opened the box and it was filled with rocks.

  • Rasharne

    Haha feel bad for her but you can’t help but laugh!

  • Kisses

    I don’t think I could have went public with this. I would have sat my dumb tail in the car and played it off in front of fam, talking bout some “I’ll work with it when I get home”….

    ….Then after locking myself in my room and losing it for an hour or so, I would have done one of two things-took my dumb tail to the Apple store and buy a real one to save face, or “break” the fake one so no one would keep asking about it!

  • kierah

    It’s tough to con an honest man. An honest person knows you can’t get something for nothing. An honest person would know you can’t buy IPads at gas stations.
    I wouldn’t even tell anyone I got scammed like this.

  • kierah

    A fool and her money are soon parted.

  • Patricia

    She should have know better than to purchase something like that from a gas station. She should have check the wrapper and saw that signs.

  • MS. LISA

    wow! in the words using texas slang SHE GOT WANGED!

  • OlayinkaFab

    This really shows how gullible people are. I’m not gonna even say stupid…

  • Miss D

    Her “ipad” looks like it came out of a box for a personal pan pizza. Moral of the story, don’t buy anything without a receipt. I WANNA SEE THE RECEIPTS!!!

  • Dee

    Oh for real?! I have a really nice bridge in Brooklyn for sale. I will give her a great price. My grandfather left it to me in a will and I will even get her name put on it or an LV or Gucci symbol if she wants. I take cash but can work out a pay pal deal for you since she seems to be such a nice lady.

  • stillJUICYbaby!

    how you going to give an interview basically admitting to buying stolen goods

    ain’t that a crime? she needed to chalk that up as a loss.

    don’t feel sorry for a person who looksfor hood disxcounts. no return policy and no one to. complain to.

  • That’s what she get’s. She should get arrested for having the intent to buy stolen property. The price for things would not be so high if people did not steal and sell.

  • mac

    I hate to say anyone deserves anything bad, but in this case I’m sorry. Wanting something for nothing got the better of this woman.

    Even if it was the real thing, why would you buy electronics on the street? No warranty, no type of recourse if it goes bad within a week.
    And nothing raised a red flag about him selling it at 75% off? You know what they say about common sense….

  • Tagirl

    Yeah, I wouldn’t ever buy anything at a gas station. My dad got hustled by buying fake video camera’s back in the day. He thought he was really giving me a gift. How the contraption was put together was hilarious. I LMBO! People are shady. SMH.

  • Guest

    Im hard pressed to find sympathy for this fool. Did she in real life think she was going to get an iPad for $200.00 at the corner store? I live in Dallas and if you have lived in North Texas for more than 20 minutes you know better (or should) than to buy anything more than gas at a gas station. She doesn’t need to get mad at Hustle Man, get mad at herself. As Michael said in verse: I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways. She can take the first step and use that $200.00 hand mirror she brought.

    • SMH_shameonitall

      LOL you are so right. Trying to get ‘a deal’–sometimes you get-got. And I would think that learning how to speak and investing in some good hygiene products would be more important than a damn IPad anyway. Priorities, people. Priorities…

  • If people are really this gullible. Then maybe i should do this to. Why not profit off of people’s stupidity.

  • Tyla Harrington


  • Kahli

    i’m not mad at the gas station hookup, after all i do live in detroit. but what genius doesn’t open the box and inspect the merchandise thoroughly BEFORE turning over their cash?? especially when the price is too good to be true??? why r ya’ll even reporting this tom foolery lol.

  • WhoMe

    A gas station? You know that is beyond sketchy. She has no one to blame but herself. C’mon Jalonta! Lol. I hope she puts that $200 iMirror to good use.

  • rzakia

    “mirror mirror in my hand whose the most gullible of them all???”

  • She’s just stupid. End of discussion…

  • Lesson learned ….. I hope

  • ANTMilf

    This is why I don’t buy used electronics from anyone, I go to the store and I rather spend extra money on the new deal than used ones. But, c’mon, an iPad for $200 from some dude on the street, how dumb is she, really?!?

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    Lmfao this is funny to me because stuff like this really happens. My friend and I were Downtown L.A. and she bought a $200 fake iPhone and didn’t find out until her cousin showed her his real iPhone 5. She was mad at me because I had a stank look on my face when she was buying it from the cracked out pimp looking dude, but I’m not into phones like that so I didn’t talk her out of it. When the man first approached us I kept it pushing because I’m not into the iPhone craze. All I need is a phone that text and gets on the internet and I’m good. That was the biggest waste, but at least the phone worked, she just didn’t have apps and all that. Had it been a mirror I would have hit the floor laughing.

    • ieshapatterson

      lol people need to think before they act.the sad part is,she went off and wanted the police to do something about.personally speaking,i wouldn’t tell the world,that i was dumb enough to buy an itablet from a gas station.not to mention,the mirror was busted.

      • I remember when people would call the police when they bought fake drugs and they wanted the dealers to be arrested. You can’t go to the police when you also did a crime.

  • Shaybaby

    #Dead at iMirror tho… LOL

  • NaturalJem

    The iMirror helps her to see how much of a fool she really is. **sucks teeth**

    • aprettylovely1

      iMirror! good one! lol

    • ANTMilf

      So true!

    • Virgo

      lmaooooooooo! iMirror!!! I can’t!!! rotflmao

    • YES!!!

    • SMH_shameonitall


    • Naija81

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Oooh, NaturalJem that was too good. Not even going to try to top that.

    • Tamz


  • Na Na

    How you going to get mad when you buy stolen stuff that’s not the correct stolen thing? She clearly knew this didn’t come from the discount apple Store so clearly it was going to be stolen whether real or fake…..don’t get mad now lol

    • MLS2698

      That’s why I have never purchased ” HOT ” materials from the street. And like REESE said, just say no to people coming up to you trying to sell stuff. It’s not like this guy was an Apple rep.

  • Meyaka

    Ma’am you are an ignoramus.

  • Reese

    Sometimes you just have to use your common sense. If anybody comes up to be trying to sell me anything at a gas station, I’m saying no. You have to use the good sense God gave you, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.