That Ain’t No Damn Tablet…Texas Woman Pays $200 For An iPad, And It Turns Out To Be A Mirror

November 12, 2012  |  

If you’ve ever considered possibly buying electronics, or anything for that matter from from someone selling products for half the price, and it’s not an IN-STORE sale, you might want to take notes from Jalonta Freeman’s disappointing mishap.

According to an NBC affiliate in Texas, the Arlington woman says she drove up to her local gas station with a few members of her family, including her mom and sister, and they were approached by a man looking to sell iPads, computers and other electronics out of his car for the low-low. She was impressed most by the idea of an $800 iPad being marked down to $200. What a deal, right? By the coaxing of those riding with her, Freeman thought it was a deal too good to pass up. It looked like an iPad, and for that price, it was a steal! So she gave him the $200, he passed her the “iPad,” and drove away like the police were trailing him. But to Freeman’s horror, when she opened the gadget, instead of setting her eyes on an actual iPad from Apple, she realized that what she was looking at was her own reflection. She had unknowingly purchased a mirror the same size of an iPad. Fail much? As she told NBC News:

“If you turn it on the back, it actually looks like an Apple iPad,” Freeman said. “And when you turn it to the front, it has the prices and stuff…”I just started cussing,” she said. “I was upset. Anybody would be upset if you found out you just got scammed, you know what I’m saying? You just lost $200.”

The thing even had a fake Apple sticker on it and price tags, but a mirror is a mirror, and you can get that from the Dollar Store, not the Apple Store. According to NBC News, Freeman was confused in the first place to think that the iPads available right now would even cost $800. The current iPads on the market are around $399 and new iPads with retina display dropping later this month range from the $499 to the high $800s. In North Texas, just last year these type of scams around the holidays were prevalent, and with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas down the block, this type of scam might become the norm everywhere. And with not a single real detail about the hustler who sold her the fake iPad, let alone a license plate number, Freeman’s scammer is probably going to rake in the money this holiday season. But hey, Freeman has a tip for you so that you don’t lose good money on an iMirror instead of an iPad like she did. “Don’t buy nothing on the streets from nobody.” Seriously though, you can barely trust retailers selling ish online, so a back-alley hustler selling “iPads” at a gas station? Now you know that you know better…

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