Would You Read It? Cynthia And Peter Writing A Relationships Book

November 12, 2012  |  


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The last time Cynthia and her husband Peter tried to semi-work together, but really apart, it didn’t work out so well. I specifically recall a lot of drama on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” when Peter’s nightclub turned out to be a bust and when Cynthia wasn’t getting the type of support she wanted from her husband when she was starting the Bailey Agency. Nevertheless, the two have decided to embark on yet another venture as a couple — writing a relationships book.

Sister 2 Sister caught up with the pair to talk about the idea for the book, which will be titled Baggage Claim, and Cynthia said this:

“The whole reason we decided to do the book is because we are a couple that got together later in life. At that point usually, you have a lot of baggage with you.

“People don’t usually change up in their late 40s. It’s kind of ‘what you see is what you get,’ as opposed to getting married when you’re younger, and a little more open to things. So, it’s just kind of a different struggle to go through. We felt like a lot of people could relate to our story.”

Cynthia expects Baggage Claim to be available by Valentine’s Day 2013 and she said working with her husband, who clearly is st in his ways, was a new learning experience.

“It was interesting working with Peter because the book was really all about his perspective and my perspective. Even though we’ve been together for like five years and I know him and I love him, we really kinda saw—even how we got together—very differently,” she said.

“When I tell you how we got together, it’s going to be totally different from how he would tell you that we got together. So, that’s really how our relationship is. He may see green, and I may see purple, but we still always get to that common place.”

You can check out a little bit of Cynthia’s interview from the lap of Peter Thomas below. What do you think about this book idea?

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  • Jetame

    Who in the HELL gonna read this mess?And take it seriously?They have got to be pulling an April Fool’s joke early.

  • TeahMonae

    Attention Cynthia and Peter: If your publicist or manager leaked this story to the press to filter the public and get a gage of how we (the public) would react to the idea of you writing a book; here is the answer to your virtual focus study; No we ain’t buying this bulls!!! Please save your money and don’t waste it in another one of Peter’s “business opportunities.” With all the money ya’ll have thrown away with his restaurant flops and your “modeling agency”, ya’ll might want to save some of those RHOA checks because they’ll be running out soon. Cynthia- please don’t loan your husband any more money, please save yours and see if NeNe can help you get some acting work. And girl, why in the he!! didnt you marry Russell Simmons when you had the chance!?!?

  • *Shakes head feverishly* H3ll nawl, h3ll nawl, h3ll nawl I ain’t reading that book. They’ve only been married a short time. And both of them are divorcees. Celebrities need to quit. Entertain us and keep it moving. All of you aren’t qualified to give advice or political commentary. Just stay in your lane.

  • Liliana

    I wish them all the best in life however, I would not read their book because I do not feel that they have the type of relationship or marriage I would want to emulate.

  • Is that virgin brazilian?

    Now, if Cynthia wrote a book about the weaves that she wears, I would be all in!

  • realadulttalk

    What??? That is not a good, healthy relationship–I’m surprised they’re still married at all. Why does everyone think they can write a book suddenly?? If you haven’t even been married a decade–do you REALLY think you are in a position to give marital advice? If that’s the case–everyone please sit down and take my advice. I was married for 8 years so I must be qualified even though I’m now divorced!!! I would never give marriage advice-I would however assist in getting a divorce…I’m much more qualified to give that advice.

  • No…I don’t think there is anything else to say!

  • Patricia

    I am so tired of people especially celebrities writing books and giving advice on relationships and marriage when these people them selves cannot stay married long enough and the way the go from person to another, how are they going to tell somebody how to stay married and their relationship when they don’t even have their game plan together? First it was Hill Harper wrote a book telling somebody about relationship when he was not in one himself. On top of that, Cynthia had the nerve to call him on relationship counseling in one episode of RHOA when he is not licensed relationship or marriage counselor. Harper has a law degree,not a degree in being a licensed counselor. Come on, really? Please. I would not even waste my money on people who play games with marriage and that change relationship partner more that they change clothes. This is a straight up joke. Bring on more foolishness Brande. Who is next?

  • guest510

    Well for one, they haven’t been married long enough to share advice with anyone. Two, they have too many issues in their own marriage to be writing a book.

  • Na Na

    I’ll have to agree with the masses….um no. I don’t take relationship advice from people in unhealthy relationships.

  • CutieReppinNY

    Really???Peter and Cynthia had no business getting married. If you watch the show you can see Peter is mentally and emotionally abusive.

  • Cleo

    I love Cynthia, I think she is gorgeous, but no I won’t be buying. I still also think Peter is a closet queen ahem.

  • Negress

    For what?

  • nursej

    How can i put it delicately…hell nall…idc if they are still together, something is off about them both