It’s All Love? Pro-Black Men Who We’re Surprised Dated Or Married White Women

November 26, 2012  |  
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While interracial relationships are not nearly as uncommon as they once were, we’d be lying if we said that the dating and marriage histories of some of the nation’s most outspoken black social activists didn’t come as a surprise to us. Let’s take a gander at socially and politically active black men who dated outside of their race.

Frederick Douglass

Famed orator, activist and abolitionist Frederick Douglass became one of the nation’s most revered figures during the pre-Civil War and Civil War eras. After escaping slavery, Douglass turned his attention to the budding abolitionist movement sweeping the North. It wasn’t long before he would pen his first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. His commitment to the anti-slavery movement and, later, to women’s suffrage was undeniable. In an era when tempers flared and tensions were high on a number of social and political issues, it came as a shock to 19th-century sensibilities when Douglass married his second wife Helen Pitts, a young, white feminist. Though the couple’s relationship was widely decried, Douglass answered criticism just as eloquently as he always conducted himself, saying his first marriage was to someone the color of his mother, while his second was to someone the color of his father.

Sidney Poitier

One of the most well-known, yet surprising interracial unions belongs to famed Bahamian actor and trail blazer, Sidney Poitier. The first African-American actor to win an Academy Award (for his role in Lilies of the Field), Poitier instantly became an icon for generations of soon-to-be black actors and actresses. His status as one of cinema’s preeminent black stars made his 1976 marriage to Joanna Shimkus, a Canadian-born actress, somewhat surprising. Despite a little shock-value, the couple has remained hopelessly in love for the past 36 years and has brought into the world actresses Anika and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Arguably the most surprising and least known details of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life was his alleged romance with a German transfer student. Though rumors of King’s extramarital romances have circulated for years, on one hand his supposed dalliances with white women aren’t that surprising based on his life-long mission of equality and racial justice. Regardless of his extracurricular activities, though, there is little denying the impact and historical significant that King as well and his civil rights mission have had on black people and society as a whole.

Henry Louis Gates

Scholar and intellectual Henry Louis Gates has spent the vast majority of his life studying African-American identity politics and literature. Aside from becoming one of the most well-respected African-American scholars in the world, Gates has spent much of his time publicly speaking about the issues that impact the way black culture is viewed and understood by society. He has also been an avid champion of expanding the literary canon to include works that are more reflective of the United States, and that gives greater credit to African-American authors. Given Gate’s commitment to elevating the works and identities of black Americans, some may be surprised to find out that in 1973 he married a white woman named Sharon Lynn Adams. The couple had two daughters, but later divorced.

Kanye West

A slightly unconventional choice, however given Kanye West’s political leanings and his general desire to encourage black empowerment, it was surprising that his latest fling happens to be with Kim Kardashian. For someone who accused then President George W. Bush of hating black people and for someone whose lyrics often speak to the struggles young African-Americans face — and black men getting on and leaving black women for white girls— it definitely came as a surprise that West would get his swirl on.

Harry Belafonte

“The King of Calypso” made a name for himself far outside just the entertainment industry. During the height of the civil rights movements, Harry Belafonte became a dear confidante of Martin Luther King, Jr., helping to provide financial support to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and other causes in the civil rights movements. After King’s assassination, Belafonte continued the push toward equal rights and even became an executor of King’s estate. Aside from civil rights issues, Belafonte has been outspoken politically, openly criticizing the Bush administration. Given Belafonte’s relentless racial activism, it might come as a surprise that he has had a number of relationships with white women, including with former dancer Julie Robinson and photographer Pamela Frank.

Gordon Parks

Shaft director and co-founder of Essence Magazine, Gordon Parks spent his early years as a photographer chronicling life in Chicago’s South Side and in the nation’s capital. He attempted to show social injustice, racism and the need for change through many of his photos, including American Gothic, D.C. He moved on to his most lasting work, the blaxploitation film Shaft in the 1970s and continued to champion civil rights. Though obviously showing an affinity and love of black women, Parks became romantically involved with railroad heiress Gloria Vanderbilt later in his life.

James Brown

“The Godfather of Soul” James Brown was more than just an influential musical artist. With an eye toward social justice and a desire to help usher in equal rights, Brown used his music to deliver a message about self-pride and identity. “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” continues to be one of Brown’s biggest and most heralded hits. So it may come as a surprise that Brown carried on a relationship with singer Tomi Rae Hynie.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chapelle starred in a number of classic films before finally making his jump to Comedy Central to present “Chappelle’s Show.” The classic comedian often tackled sensitive issues such as racism and other hot button topics in a way that was both amusing yet very much real. Chappelle was far from bashful in making his views on race a secret and was quick to point out social injustice in the African-American community. So it may comes as a bit of a shock that he has been married to Filipina Elaine Mendoza Erfe.

Van Jones

Former White House adviser Van Jones has spent much of his career working on matters of environmental advocacy and civil rights. He founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights as well as Color of Change, an organization created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to encourage African-American political awareness and action. Though his career in the White House ended abruptly after a series of questionable associations came to light, one of the more surprising aspects of Jones’ life might be his long-time marriage to a white woman named Jana Carter.

Charlie Wilson

Recording artist Charlie Wilson has rubbed elbows with some of hip-hops biggest names. From collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Kanye West and U.G.K., the soulful Wilson has put his stamp on the music industry also as a solo artist with his Grammy Award-nominated single “There Goes My Baby.” Little-known, however, is his marriage to drug rehab social worker, Mahin. The two have been going strong since 1995.

Flavor Flav

It’s surprising that a woman of any race would get with Flav, but there’s something especially surprising about the rapper behind such socially conscious hits as “Fight the Power” and “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” to get involved with a white woman. In all fairness, Flav is an equal opportunity lover, having fathered a number of children by black women, but later in life he developed a liking for white women and got involved with Danish model Brigitte Nielsen.

Charles Barkley

Charles isn’t exactly a social activist, but he is quick to deliver his in-the-face sports commentary with the disclaimer, “As a black man,” or “coming from a black man.” Plus it’s also a little ironic for a man who tried to pull Tiger Woods’ black card, saying he wished he could put some of his blackness in him, to be putting his blackness in a white woman, but the former pro baller did indeed jump the broom with  Maureen Blumhardt in 1989.

Cornel West

Though Google is swamped with searches like “cornel west white wife, cornel west white girlfriend, is cornel west married to a white woman,” there appears to be no conclusive answer to any of these questions. Cornel West has been said to have married a white woman, have a white girlfriend, and to even have impregnated a white undergrad student but when you Google the professor all you get is more questions, rumors, and images of just him with no women, white or black, and the name Elleni Gebre Amlak. If he is/was involved with a woman who wasn’t black it would be a surprise coming from someone who is so outspoken about the black experience and our struggle, but then again many feel he has his own issues with his black identity and wouldn’t find his interracial romantic choices the least bit shocking.


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  • Fucking Lies

    This is disgraceful. So what if they dated white women? THEY STILL ADVOCATED FOR BLACK PEOPLE AND THE AFRICAN AMERICAN IDENTITY. It’s not like they started dating white women and then advocated for white supremacy. No one is surprised except the writers and fans of this site. Where are the articles about black women activist dating non blacks?

  • Michelle

    Typical hypocrite.

  • Binta Sylla

    I know several people who’ve taken the Professor’s classes, worked directly with and for the man at Harvard. Everybody knows the man prefers white women. It’s not even news worthy.

  • rainbow

    Black women, we are on our own. The pro black movement has nothing to do with black women, only black men. Black women, we need our own movement, nobody else has our best interested at heart.

  • Sage Fletcher

    Quite frankly, I don’t understand the argument here. The title says, “It’s all love? Pro-black men…surprised dated or married white women.” Dave Chapelle’s wife is Filipina, which last I checked is part of the minority group. By the way, Dave never promoted himself as a pro-black civil activists, he is just a comedian which makes light of pop culture and race relations, no different than George Lopez or Carlos Mencia. One other thing, I always thought the civil rights movement (which ended in the ’60s, by the way) was about equality, which would hence promote interracial relations. Black want access to white jobs/wages, blacks want access to white bathrooms/restaurants, and logically blacks would want access to whites in a relationships. I see nothing wrong with that. Michelle Obama is married to a half-Caucasian and no one is hammering her.

  • Chris

    I’m White, and I certainly don’t consider Kim Kardashian to be WHITE! Camel Jockey half-breed at best.

  • eddie

    I for one am one of those black men who refuse to marry and have children with white women or any other non-black women, contrary to popular belief there r many of us BM who prefer “our” women over women of other races. Not only in the states but abroad, the thing about it is ur not hearing much from these brothers. I could care less what u liberal minded negroes think, one of the only things a white woman could do 4 me is “Su*! My D?!K.

  • fafhrd

    I gotta say, this “interracial” sure is confusing. I am a member of the human race. Skin color doesn’t affect a person’s race.

  • its fos

    Flav’s woman looks so tired and worn. Maybe its the drugs.

  • alex

    so this is both racist AND sexist. awesome.

  • guest1

    That’s because they where never pro black people they where pro blackmen, this is why black women need to put themselves first others are doing it and now it’s time for us to us first.
    Black women stop muling

  • youtrolls

    I think this is where the greatest trolls of all time are born.

  • Carla Osirio

    I don’t know why this subject is so surprising……black men do this all the time……no matter what their views are publicly, they still lust after white women. Smh….people can choose who they want to be with but keep it real….just say: “I’m very pro – black in public, but in private I lust after white women like most ni#/&s”….just my opinion.

  • MalikaiDragonSlayer

    Jesus Christ some of ya’ll need to take a seat.

  • Empress

    News flash……. Since when was Kim K white? Half white yes, but her father is Armenian. The last time I checked they aren’t considered as white

  • ScriptTease

    Out of all the races, Black Folks are the most self hating race roaming this earth. It’s pure disgusting, and embarrassing. Any other race can roll up on the nonsense to get a good laugh. For the self hating Negroes, I’m about to read you. I Blame your Dark Skinned mommas, and I also Blame your light skinned Mommas.

    Your Dark skinned momma got picked at growing up, called black and ugly by her own, nonetheless, so she encouraged her kids to bring her home some light skinned grand-babies, so while she’s out living vicariously through her light skinned grands, she gets all sorts of complements about how beautiful, the good hair concerning her grand-babies from other self hating Negroes. It makes her feel good inside.

    For the Light Skinned mommas, same dialogue, but she just wants to preserve the light skin that runs through the family. I’m not making sense you say. I’ve seen it up close and personal.

    We are a PATHETIC race. How can you not be attracted to someone who looks like you. Yes I understand not the ugly ones, but not being attracted to black skin, your black skin. Only in Black America. I am sick and tired of the BullShit that is spewed from ignorant black mouths.

    You will never see this type of ignorance on White folks blogs. We are losing, whether y’all see it or not, we are declining. Black Women are being destroyed with the help of the Black man. They couldn’t recruit the Black Women to break you down, so they use you to tear us down, and it is sick. Lucky for y’all we ain’t that weak.

    All our Black asses need to do some soul-searching, and figure out how we got to this. I know what the topic is about, but I’m more concerned about these damn comments.

    I’m just at a lost for words sometimes. SMDH

  • Mai Katayama

    Why does this matter? Maybe if we don’t point out that inter racial couples are inter racial couples, people will just think of them as couples.

  • Jacqueline Cooper

    People date and sleep with whom they please. Who cares what people do there are a billion people on earth and if you can’t find a life partner then something is wrong with you. This site is promoting racism and trying to raise hysteria when there is no need for it, do not for or believe the hype date and sleep with who the hell you want and life is short ~~~ be happy.

  • inovade

    love how the article states sydney potier is a bahamian then goes on to call him an “african american”

    • Jacqueline Cooper

      This site is trying to promote hysteria when there is no need for it.

  • jacqueline perkins

    it’s a slap in the face to black and white parents….

  • randyblackladbrad1953

    EVERYBODY HERE:Dr. King had a white girlfriend when he was told they could not marry or date in the South,which spurred his cibial rights advocacy.

  • randyblackladbrad1953

    Truth is,maybe he isn’t ibto fat,fugly,frigid,b***hy black broads!!!!!!

  • Mona Lisa

    Oh. Forgive us. We didn’t know you knew “Kim” and “Kanye” personally. We stand corrected.

  • overman1

    wow bias much?
    for the women they are “strong black women who dated interracially” for the men “is it love?”
    wow talk about double standard…

    • Jacqueline Cooper

      Sounds like what Franz Fanon wrote about it is a good read.

  • Tatiana

    And most of you DESERVE it bc you are rude to Beautiful white women. If I wouldn’t get arrested I would kick you in your ugly faces.

  • Tatiana

    God Blacks are so stupid they do NOT UNDERSTAND THEY ARE EING RACIST WRITING ARTICLES LIKE THESE. Articles like these lay into the stereotype that black woen are incredibly stupid and jealous.

    • Jacqueline Cooper

      yes they are racist articles, and who cares who people sleep with this site is promoting mass hysteria and racism.

  • Porky pig

    Blacks got to be the most racist people i have seen they talk trash about whites but start crying when someone responds

    • Guest

      Hmm you’re a racist calling someone else a racist…lmfao.

      • Porky pig

        I am just calling spade a spade…blacks talk trash about every other race but start crying when anyone else do the same

      • Porky pig

        thats how it goes

  • Checkit

    Kim Kardashian is not white – she is Persian Armenian and neither group is white. They are mixed. Anyone with eyes can see that!

  • non-black

    how the hell is kanye ‘pro-black’. the dude’s only a rapper, he ain’t no thinker or whatever. and kardeshian is hardly white, she’s armenian=middle-eastern/arab-type

  • grmrsan

    What’s the big surprise? Many of these men were not pro-black, they were pro equality, pro justice and pro-liberty. Pro black, is just another form of racism exactly the same as being a white supremacist. Kind of the opposite of what Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr and many of the other men on this list were actually fighting for.

  • I Run From Zombies

    The biggest surprise is the men that this list considered “pro-Black”. o-O

  • Nik

    Wow just because a black man is with a white women doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, it means he’s able to look at the world equally not just black, white, and brown. It’s a good thing when people of different races can get along, i really don’t understand whats so negative about interracial relationships. I would think only dating in your race would be antithetical to the whole ” All men are created equal” thing we’ve been trying to live up to here in America.

  • UNcletom???

    Excuse me, but I’m confused. This title suggest that a BM isn’t relevant in his community unless he’s married to a BW. And it also suggested that you are no long considered black…or at least enough if you fall in love of marry non-black people. For I see that the plan of the fabricated letter”Willie Lynch” (found by Lewis Farrakan 95′ on computer before the Million man march) is being lived out through you and those whom commented on you blog site. I guess the confusing part is what is considered to be PRO-BLACK? More over, why is it of your concern whom makes them happy rather it be for the moment or until death do they part? Is it that they can find happiness without being with a BW. Why does it seem that when ever this subject comes up it always involves that of the celeb class(mostly present day)?…as if the continuation of the black race lay in their hands alone. Only an estimated 11% (that’s because I maade it a whole number it’s really 10.8%) as of 2010 are married to white women. Less than .1% are actually of celebrity status. So, that leaves blue collar workers( not talking about the ones working at Mcdonalds) and Repeat offenders(whom may be straight despite what may have went on in prison{be careful though}). I don’t nessarily hear or see Caucasian Women getting outraged over the few white men(of celeb status or otherwise) dating/marrying outside or dating those that are less educated/making less then they do. What makes you or the women that cosigned this blog PRO-BLACK women? I mean those that love themselves from their head to their feet. How many are truly natural….( hair,eyes(colored contacts),and skin[not lightened by bleaching or makeup])? And for those wearing African motif…do you really know what all the designs stand for in Africa? Do you honestly want us to think that you haven’t once said something along the lines “hmm, not bad for a___”? For those that make it here* What I’m trying to say is that just because a BM dates or even marry IR does mean that he’s less concerned for the people of his race nor should his/her words be counted irrelevant. For you black separatist/eugenist, you’re not going to stop IR from happening and there is no pure black race inthe US(depending on when your family came to the, I’m not talking to African’s that are fresh from the boat). Oh, and Kim doesn’t look Caucasian..more like either Latino or White Hispanic(if anything).

  • Guest

    Did you ever think that some white women admire some black men? Some white men admire some black women? And they make each other happy?

  • Truth

    Black girls are just beat!!’

  • Truth

    Anyone ever think white Girls are just better looking! Seriously don’t hate cause
    They want to be turned on

  • Bigred89

    I’m an Italian man proud of my heritage my wife is black and proud of her heritage. Never understood the issues anyone has w dating outside ur race. As a matter of fact science shows there is no such thing as race. DNA-wise I can have more in common w my black best friend then her brother would. People need to realize there are more bi-/multi-racial kids born in the us than single race kids….that trend will never reverse.

    We as the human race need to fight for equality of all people. To worry about who dates who is crazy. My kids have 2 amazing cultures to be proud of!!

  • Hollypoo

    People really just need to grow the hell up..while i agree alot of black men that date white women are trying to prove a point or get revenge on the white men some black men just find white women more attractive and the same with white people. Everyone just needs to accept the fact that this is the 21st century and quit bitching and moaning about every little thing. And for the person who said they choose physically unattractive white women..the black men that choose more unattractive white women would do the same thing with a black’s all about personal preference

  • in my experience white women like black me because their black. Being liked wanted and accepted because of your blackness makes for a very powerful attraction in a society where blackness is so shunned.Black men being with white women has more to do with how white women treat them then anything else. For many reasons i think its very difficult for a black woman to appreciate a black mans blackness. also black women have been carrying two hats for so long its difficult for them to give one up in a relationship…These angry responses are the reason many black men date white women

  • ohsnaponu

    It’s articles like this that make me happy that I answer to NO ONE for my choices in whom I date. And please, NO black woman, in fact, NO woman at all should be upset that Kanye West is dating a Kardashian. They are the skankiest women on the planet. We should be glad he is not diluting the black gene pool.

  • Just saying!!

    That’s a weak answer. That’s why we are dealing with this problem now. Everyone’s answer is to just to escape the problems and look on the outside but that doesn’t solve any of the problems on the inside. You, buddy are sleep!

  • Just saying!!

    Not everyone expressing their opinion on this site is Christian or religious. I wish people would stop going off that assumption. It is extremely annoying. …and the fact that you’re telling people to move on tells me that YOU’RE SLEEP. You can’t say “we have so many issues” and then say “move on” in the same paragraph. It makes no sense! Not to say you have to be anti-interracial relationships but your view on current society seems to be a little flawed!!

    But I hear what you’re saying lol

  • Just saying!!

    UGHHHH WHY DO I Have to have a damn account to vote a comment downnnnnnnn!! LOL

  • Just saying!!

    Hate to say it but this really rubs me the wrong way. …and some of the names on this list MY GOODNESS!! Never would’ve thought…

  • Gina

    Black women should date/marry outside their race!

    • colbertfan

      if they choose that, yes. love the one you love, that should be what happens for everyone.

  • Beautifullady

    Don’t be hateing on us white woman. It isn’t our fault we are goddesses 😉 and you seem to manly anyways sit down “bey

  • Kay Georgia

    It’s also sad how many thumbs up some of these ignorant comments received.

  • Kay Georgia

    This article is appalling, but the comments are even worse. Articles likes this should not even be published. The writer lists the Black man’s accomplishments, then attempts to downplay it all by stating how they dated or married another race. It is one’s personal choice to date whomever they choose while still being respected and able to fight for a cause they believe in. Black people don’t buy into this atempt to further divide us. I don’t know who this article intends to harm, but the comments clearly show it’s black women. Are we suppose to be mad or upset because someone did not find us attractive? Didn’t choose us although they were attracted to another? You can’t help who you’re attracted to. You shouldn’t marry someone whom you’re not attracted to. Black women when we see articles like this we should protest against it to have it removed instead of being in aggreance and further complaining. Reading these type articles will only make black women feel worthless and the scum of the earth. Furthermore, some of the Black men were only rumored to have had an affair. Was it not good enough to just list the Black men who married women of a different race? This writer wanted to list every black male who ever had contact with a white woman. This is sad, very, very sad.

    • Just saying!!

      “Are we supposed to be mad or upset because someone did not find us attractive”. In this case, yes honey because these people are pro-black. You are missing the point. It isn’t the fact that they date white women, it’s the fact that they do this while claiming black women are the queens and benefiting from the pro-black image. If they didn’t, it would not be problematic! But because they do, it’s very contradictory.

    • Read Clutch, no mo Madamenoire

      I totally agree. If Black women can’t see how manipulative and degrading (and clickthru-baiting) these articles are, than we need to clean our glasses. The author of this article and the editors who run this site are really shameful for this, attempting to further promote the notion that Black women are unlovable because a few socially prominent/famous Black men didn’t marry one of us. I will no longer support this site. I wish there was a Razzie-style award for psychologically damaging Black women’s lifestyle sites like this one.

      • Jacqueline Cooper

        me too I am done with this site

  • disqus_XXW1mTDe2M

    Why would any of these be a surprise. The black mans american dream is to bed white women. And steal flat screen t.v.’s. I only date asians and continue to repair my old tube t.v. once a year. White women and hi-def disgust me.

  • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

    Its a shame bigoted white men and bigoted black women want to accuse people of being traitors to their own race in order to control others.

    • colbertfan

      Well, that’s true.

      • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

        Lighting up my smartphone with stupid stuff. Reading comprehension is not your strength. The shaniqua comment was in response to her referring to white women as beckies.

  • lidia

    I don’t consider Kim k. white. She’s middle eastern. Taylor Swift? Now, she’s white. See the difference?

    • visitor

      Asian isn’t white .So all this trouble about Chappelle’s wife is a nonsense

  • That was not his first wife. He was married to a White woman years ago.

    • UnwelcomedGuest1709

      You would never has guessed. What a waste! I for one do not agree with the swirl. I believe everyone should stick with their own as far as mating goes. Black men were killed for just looking a white women and now they run to them. Master raped black women for ever and today some give it away to them. I was raised not to mix. Our race is being diluted. How can you prepare a black child for the struggle they have ahead of them, if you never endured it?

      • colbertfan

        With their own? What an antediluvian view. Sounds like that came straight from Massa in the deep South, along with the one-drop rule. Grow up. Do you tell your kids flat out that they are only allowed to love people with a certain melanin level? Your poor kids.

  • Paul Mooney married and divorced a White Woman!

    • colbertfan


  • Celina Bouchenafa

    …happily married to a white man (Arab to be exact) and wouldn’t trade him for any black man in the world. He treats me like a queen… Only thing I got from dating within my race was disrespect, a black eye, cheated on, etc. That’s not to say that white men don’t do this. However, I am speaking from MY OWN EXPERIENCE with BLACK men. While you’re waiting around for the “right” black man to come around I’ll be enjoying my white man…. And what’s been said about a white man’s”SIZE” well don’t believe everything you hear. Lol..

    • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

      Arabs are not white.

      • Jacqueline Cooper

        hahaha yes, Arabs are not white this woman is a dunce

    • colbertfan


  • RCA

    No great loss really. Most black men don’t make good life partners because of their egos. Beckys can have them and deal with the disappointment and heartache. Black women deserve the best and black men aren’t even close.

    • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

      Shaniquas would find more men if they would stop being so confrontational.

      • Just saying!!

        That’s a weak excuse. I take it you are one of the men she is referring to? LOL

        • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

          I am white man who married a white woman. Dated black women, not worth the trouble.

          • colbertfan

            Ah, you’re a bigot.

      • colbertfan

        That’s racist. Shame on you. Calling them ‘Shaniquas’ sounds like YOU being confrontational and stereotyping and insulting.

  • RCA

    No great loss really. Most black men don’t make good life partners because of their egos. Beckys can have them and deal with the disappointment and heartache. Black women deserve the best and black men aren’t.

    • colbertfan

      Speaking for some I know who identify as “black men,” wow are you offbase. These guys are amazing!

  • CommonSense

    I only hope that when these pro-blacks were dating/marrying these whites, they still upheld their views of Afrocentricity and did not sell out and accept the Eurocentric views of their partners. Also, you have to look at the flip side, white women have been attracted to black men since they arrived on American soil, it has been documented historically by many, do your research. Sisters, we love our men, but other women love our men also, is that surprising?!?!?!?!?!?

    • colbertfan

      Hmph. I consider all men mine. 🙂

  • This has to be the dumbest article ever written. Who cares?

  • The author of this article is either naive or not up on current events. There was not one surprise on this list!

  • 4xtra

    Lose the attitude and things will begin to get better for yall

  • HaleySwag

    By the way civil rights era included all of those of color anybody at the time who wasn’t Pure white was considered black, latino, jews, asians and everything in between.

  • Vince

    Why would you put an “Alleged romance” in here in regards to MLK Jr. because some rumors have circulated for years. Kind of classless IMO.

  • a non-issue.

  • Rosetta stone

    A part of being “pro-blk” is respecting, honoring and maintaining the blk family. Once you marry and procreate with “others” you are no longer living up to the “pro-blk” standards. Dont argue with me folks. Its a fact.

    • Bigred89

      Sounds like the same thing the Arian nation preaches…..dumb and scary…..FACT

    • colbertfan

      Says who? I think that’s crap. And that’s a fact.

  • scandalous7

    what’s the point of this article besides to ruin my day ? thanks MN. Im tired of these “black man white women” articles. What is the point of pointing out these relationships at every chance you guys get? Im over it.

  • Truuuuu

    MLK was not just pro-black,he was pro-PEOPLE he wanted us all to act as one race the human race,so what of it?!

    • colbertfan

      Exactly. Someone who is pro-Everybody is a hero. Someone who is pro-one group is a bigot.

  • disqus_8tmMXmccaM

    In a perfect world men would only be attracted to women and not other men. People are free to persue their own happiness regardless of anybody elses bigotries.

    • colbertfan

      In a perfect world men would only be attracted to women? Um, sounds like YOU are a bigot.

  • Cogito

    Black men, like black women are not required to spend their entire lives within the confines of a black social/romantic construct, nor do I personally recall reading or signing any documents upon exiting my mother’s wound that stated that I was required to sacrifice my perspective happiness if it was found in the person of a woman that wasn’t black. The sum total of a black man’s love for his people is not expressed singularly in the woman he chooses; that’s an over simplification of “black love, not to mention self serving.”

    I have a total of three sisters within my social circles that are married to non black men and they are spiritually afrocentric to the core. The path that lead them to these non black men are varied and personal to them. And never have I felt the slightest inclination to indict them as being seditious or treasonous to their people, nor do I ever feel the need to sit down and forensically examine their motives for why they married non black men; my racial fraternal love for these sisters is satiated because I see that they are happy in their personal lives, which in my mind, is the object of the game.

    Now having said that, my romantic, emotional and spiritual expressions of love have always found their home in the person of a black woman; but not simply because they are black, but because they inspire my love and devotion by their essence and character. In fact, my appreciation for black women has been immeasurably increased because of my social exposure and the juxtaposition of women of other racial and ethnic extractions to black women. When you are apart from the sisters (I lived for 8 years in Europe, South America) you appreciate and miss the subtleties of loving a black woman more.

    In the end, you either inspire a man’s love, devotion and fidelity or you do not. Love is not the product of any intellectual calculation or forced love because he or she is black. My desire has always been for a woman with a spiritual resemblance to my mother, not a physical one. But never have I felt offended, rejected or diminished when I don’t see my racial reflection in some sister’s romantic choice. Let those brothers find happiness without all of your background noise and get busy inspiring love in someone.

    • jay love

      How true I love what u just wrote. Tell these black women the real truth cause this just hurts them. Im sick and tired of hearing blk women complain but they r dating outside there race and if I see a blk woman dating a non blk man I would never ever get mad I would be happy because I probably doing the same thing to.

  • UnwelcomedGuest1709


  • Thing is different men have different taste and standards for the woman they want. It seems to me the only people who care about a woman’s sexual past are other women. When the reality is she isn’t and will never have s3x with you. How do you tell a man what he should want, if you’re not a man?

    • I agree. Black women are the only ones up in arms about it because they don’t have the liberty to get men according to their own genuine tastes, so they make black men feel bad for being able to do it. My thing is, life isn’t fair and so I don’t hate on black men for exercising their options if they have them. They should continue doing what they want to do, because there is nothing black women can do about it.

      • Gina

        Black women have options as well. I prefer white and asian men.

        • colbertfan

          I don’t understand preference. When I dated, I dated a variety of persons based on their individual qualities. What does melanin have to do with anything? However, someone who shares my love of books, travel, progressive politics, music, theater, etc…. that matters. And if that person was purple, what diff does it make?

    • Just saying!!

      hmmm although I think women can be hard on each other, there are a lot of black men who place different standards on white women. It’s true that they can get away with a little more I think. “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” just doesn’t seem to apply to white women for the most part…..

      • It shouldn’t have anything to do with race. sex is natural part of life just like sh!tting and eating. I’m just tired of women conforming to the archaic idea that in order to be a good wife you must keep your pretty little legs closed and not let your body count go past a certain number. So I guess the women who only had sex with 3 men is better than the woman who had sex with 7. Look nothing wrong with being a virgin or to only have sex with one person. But It’s nothing more than pushing your own morality on other people, and it’s truly sickening.

  • Sunshine

    This is so disheartening. It’s one thing to have preferences, but to mask your self-hate by over exaggerating your “love of being black” and “love for black people” is misleading. Billy Dee Williams, Berry Gordy, and some of the other old school black men were left off. These people make their living and present an image of loving black people. Meanwhile they are taking our money and giving it to the others. It’s like they need an excuse or self-justification for their lives. Even in Dave Chappelle’s skits, his wife is always portrayed as a black woman. But clearly, he tells the world that his wife is Asian.

    And I’m sick of people thinking that being mixed with something equals better or more attractive. Mixed pets are mutts, and aren’t worth as much.

    • colbertfan

      That’s because those into breeding are elitist snobs and haters, much as the Race Police on this page. I AM PROUD to be an Angolan-French-English-Irish-Cuban-Polish-Jewish-Powhatan MUTT.

  • bahamianempress

    Don’t forget MLKs advisory and activist Bayard Rustin…he lived in domestic bliss with a White man in his last years.

    • colbertfan

      Bayard Rustin is a national HERO.

  • bahamianempress

    Derek Luke…Harold Perrineau….Quincy Jones also tried to pull MJs race card.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    I got a theory about that, and it is probably going to make a lot of people angry on here but here it goes. The easiest thing to do is blame the victim, so it is easier for the Black male to blame the Black female than it is for him to admit that he is incapable of taking care of and providing for his woman and his family. The way that Black females can get government assistance is if the man is not there, so the Black man was pushed aside and someone else took care of his family. Black males are relegated to the most menial of jobs with low pay, you can’t take care of a family working at Mcdonald’s, while white males are paid at a salary rate high enough to keep their wives at home at comfort. So there is systematic and deeply entrenched oppression of the Black male so what does he do, he takes the easy road out, he abdicates and says “yeah there must be something wrong with Black women, they are loud and ……” Well there were times when Black women could get away with saying things to whites that Black males could not say or they would be dead so we did not have time to be all dainty and lady like when preoccupied with the basics of life, food clothing and shelter. In actuality, both Black Females and Black Males are victims. But in order to defeat the enemy, you do not assume the victim posture.

    • Just saying!!

      <3 this!! I got to show somebody!! lol

  • rzakia

    Flava Flav??? You guys put that “man” on a list with other respectable men? Flav is nothing more that a clown.

  • clove8canela

    So you can’t be pro-black, black and proud, or whatever you want to call it because you date or marry outside of your race?? What a small mind you have. Sometimes when you have made certain accomplishments or achieved a certain status in life, when you’re black, you just don’t meet people on your level that are of the same background as you, so you get out of that black only mind set and date whoever is in your circle.

    Has it ever occurred to you that there’s more to a person than their skin tone, and obviously that’s what’s keeping these couples together. If it’s not a complaint about being white, then the woman is too light, or too exotic looking or whatever. When does it end??

    • Just saying!!

      I don’t think that’s what this conversation is about…but I get what you’re saying lol.

  • I knew about most of the fellas on this list already, so I can’t say that I’m surprised (although I will say that that issue with Dr. King remains a rumor). As to whether all of these men are sellouts are not, I think that a lot of it depends on the person. There are some individuals (Harry, Sidney, Henry Louis Gates) who despite their marital choices, have never stopped fighting for Black people, and haven’t lost touch of who they are. On the other hand, you have people like Barkley (a registered Republican) and James Brown (remember what he did to Tammi Terrell?) who despite proclaiming that they’re Black and proud, definitely have some issues with being Black, and especially with Black women. It’s fascinating to note how an individual’s activism or pretense of it only goes but so far in their personal lives.

  • swirl-no-girl

    White women – Always have been – Always will be Black man’s Kryptonite!

  • Lovely One

    These men were never pro black….but they know black women will financially support “pro blackness” despite their lives being a contradiction to that notion.

    In the meantime, our black daughters continue to see themselves as mothers before imagining themselves as wives…and our black boys view us in that same light. And the decline of the black family continues. It is what it is.

  • AM

    I’m sorry but MLK’s affairs are not rumors. The tapes don’t lie. Still a great man but he’s not divine.

  • Machelle Kwan

    Seriously, who cares who these sellouts dated or married? True pro-black men will preserve his royal seed at all costs. They didn’t because they didn’t love black women. So let them go their way. Real Brothers love SISTAS.

    • UnwelcomedGuest1709

      Love your comment and I agree whole heartily

      • colbertfan

        need to send you guys some sheets, ‘cos you sure sound like klansmen. i suspect you’ll want black-colored sheets, though, because anything not pitch black is the enemy?

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w


  • SSNY

    She is not black but KimK is not black either

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      you act like white women dont have attitudes either.. please get real!1 why the H do you think white men are running away from them in droves… they are latching on to the asian women.. and kim k is ridiculous .. all she dates is blk men… is she racist towrds her own men> with her diaper booty.. she i is disgusting and fake!

  • Yeah, this type of attitude will have the brothas beating down your door…

  • Wisdom

    Could it be they advocated for equal rights in order to gain access to white women?

    • Just saying!!

      THANK YOU!! That’s what I said! It makes perfect sense. “Cindy the only way we gon be together is if I convince these people we are equals!” LOL

  • Megen

    love this!

  • Actually, being Clare Huxtable to some black men makes them feel like you don’t need them and what follows after that? Us trying to downplay our accomplishments, desires, etc.

  • maggie

    Black families and communities need to aggressively show that bringing home a white trophy is not that–a trophy. Do not give them inheritance, money, the business, don’t go to their film, don’t show up to events, don’t sign anything, do not clap, smile or give in.

    Even when that black male signs an athletic, acting, job contract–do not yield due to money. ONLY THEN will black males start to look at white females differently b/c there will be no prize waiting for them. Regardless of what black men’s mouths say, that notion of a white trophy will be undoubtedly challenged.

  • CriticXtreme

    If you’re a black dude fighting for race and equal rights, being with the other side totally decreases credibility. Unfortunately, when your 4-9-3-11 starts talking you, all morals go right out the window.

    • colbertfan

      And here is the problem. You haters see differences. I see one human family. And I see your side as immoral.

  • Egypt Love

    Should have included the majority of the Marley’s in there too. As much as Bob and the rest talk about Africa, blackness you would think. hmm

  • DoinMe

    I’ve always found some of these so-called “pro-black” people (including women. Dr. Maya Angelou is married to a white man, but I digress..) who marry whites interesting and confused. I believe they have this elite attitude with a touch of self-hatred. And while their pro-black activism is helpful, I think its really more self-serving than about “the people.”

    • How are you confused if you marry someone you love? Please explain. Are you saying that loving someone that isn’t your race makes you “confused”? Seeing past a persons race and loving the person inside means you’re “confused”? Please explain.

      • DoinMe

        In general, I’m not against interracial relationships at all. I’m speaking specifically about these people who make a living off of being pro-black. I don’t know if love has anything to do with it or not, but, in this country, white women are the so-called symbol of status and “making it” for non-white men. And as someone else said upthread, if you are going to be about the life of uplifting the plight of blacks, then live it 100%. It’s hypocritical to yell “Power to the People” , how racism is the devil, and profess their love for “their people” in public, but behind closed doors the person goes home to their white wife/husband and mixed kids. What kind of message does that send?

        • You are making wild assumptions and even wilder generalizations. Not to mention squeezing every ounce of your insecurities into it. You say that you “don’t know if love has anything to do with it or not”. You could’ve stopped there. The very fact that you don’t even consider love a source of their marriages exposes your agenda.

          And you sound almost stupefyingly foolish by saying that a person can be agains racism and injustice if they marry interracially. I can’t think of a BIGGER statement against racism than showing that a person’s race is no factor whatsoever in one’s capacity to love them.

          You people need some serious introspection.

          • Just saying!!

            You’re REALLY missing the point. These people are benefiting from their “pro-black” image. No one is saying anything is wrong with them marrying and dating white women. But don’t then profess to be pro-black and benefit from the lifestyle because you’re not. You’re not necessarily self-hating, but you AREN’T pro-black either. 🙂

            • colbertfan

              Maybe you wouldn’t be, but how dare you decide other people’s motivations. Again, you haters sound like Klansmen.

        • colbertfan

          So what is the message if a so-called “white” man marries a so-called “black” woman? Does he think less of himself? Is he choosing a lesser mate? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Just love and be with who you love. If that person is the same hue as you, WONDERFUL. If not, WONDERFUL. Is the love sincere? That is ALL that matters.

    • UnwelcomedGuest1709

      Dr Angelou? Are you serious I must Google. I’ve always looked up to her, read all of her books! Please don’t be right?

  • pfeiffer87

    This article is stupid. If people were only attracted to other people who looked like them we wouldn’t have Barack Obama, Bob Marley, Malcolm X etc etc. In fact none of us would exist.

    • LivingSingle

      Please Explain what you mean by Malcolm X?

      • I know right! lol Like who dosent know that Malcolms grandmother was SEXUALLY ASSUALTED by a white man…it had nothing to do with love or attraction. & another thing…how can this person assume that none of us would be here?Unless you dug up everyones family tree/history you cant say that at all.

        • pfeiffer87

          Because scientists have proven that we all come from two common ancestors – a man and a woman.

          • Just saying!!

            Okay now I’m really going to need you to have a seat.

            • pfeiffer87

              The theory’s called ‘mitochondrial eve’, we did it in biology classes. Look it up.

          • colbertfan

            That’s right, we are all ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Like it or not!

        • Mimi

          I thought Malcolm X was biracial (white mom and black father), I didn’t know he was just mixed. Then of course it makes sense why he hates whites so much.

      • pfeiffer87

        I’m sorry I didn’t know. I’m British and 22 so sometimes a bit slow on the come-up – but I still stand by my comment, minus the Malcolm X bit.

        • You need to take Bob Marley off the list too. His white father abandoned his mother months after he was born. He never referred to himself as anything but a black man. I suggest you learn a bit more about black people before you spout your idiocy.

          • Fresh45

            Even if his father abandoned his mom after he was born,he still wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for his father.

            • Just saying!!

              …and a lot of people wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for rape or arranged marriages so should we be thankful for this too?? *confused*

              • Fresh45

                What are you talking about? I never said anything about being thankful. Even if Bob Marley only considered himself black and even if his white father abandoned his mother,fact still remains that he wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for his white father. Like pfeiffer87 originally stated, if people were only attracted to people who look like them,then we wouldn’t have had Bob Marley.

          • colbertfan

            Or perhaps you should. Yes, Norval Marley took off after Robert Nesta’s birth, but the child was conceived in a love affair and he DID MARRY the child’s mother Cedella. Bob used the one-drop rule in defining himself unfortunately, but it does not change the fact that he was at the least biracial, if you use that term. (I believe in the term HUMAN.)

  • cynt

    I would be surprise if they dated/married black women

  • nyu2011

    this article is racist

  • GovermentChecks

    We know Racism is alive in well sistas stop being surprised when you see a guy like this just ignore him. AND I MEAN IGNORE WITH MONEY 2 Stop supporting these Uncle Ruckus careers they also influencing the young men coming up with this Fukery. What’s funny is we don’t recognize game in the beginning. Some Black Celebs use that pro black shiiii to get the base behind them. Black Artist need you in the beginning to get noticed because everybody always looking at the black community for the next new thing. Half these Idiots could care less about black issues they just wanted to secure the base and secure black money because corp america knows BLACK PEOPLE SPEND TO MUCH DAMN MONEY. Because of Racism their are gonna be some uncle toms it is what it is. They gonna try to justify the intra racist beliefs with stereotypes and then turn around and beg the world not to stereotype them we must not allow them to use us as a platform any more.

    • Joe

      People need to wake up and realize inter-rational dating, and marriages is personal to the individual. However for those who have a problem with it, are indeed blinded and my possibly destroy humanity it self for such taboos.

      Let me break it down this way,

      The White power structure invented the game of racism for monetary and economic reasons to prevent Blacks from honest competition. With such economic exploits, the white power structure had been about to define society’s social mythologies. Many of us Black people had bought in to these racial myths to where we are moved by those conditions that were established.

      If Blacks were allowed to compete fairly, and Black communities were flourishing, our models would show the very best of us. However, we allow a few minorities to still continue with their anecdotal race hating, as a PRO-BLACK position which it is not, for they are only creating a perceptual myth, that supports a racist economic model.

      Interracial love, is not a racist thing, it unifies humanity as any love can.

  • Negress

    I still prefer brothers to others. She could be Clare Huxtable but “she gotta be mixed with something.” Some brother said that on Queen Latifah’s talk show once. He was being set up. He said, “She cute but she gotta be mixed with something.”

  • Negress

    You can’t tell your heart who to love but that James Earl Jones kinda cut me deep but I just think of Jill Scott’s wince. “You know the moment when you realize that fine, accomplished brother is with a White woman? Let’s call it ‘the wince.'”

    • GovermentChecks

      I don’t have anything against Interracial dating its not WHAT YOU DO ITS WHY YOU DO IT. I believe the average black person have pretty good instincts on who’s a intra racist and the person who just fell in love with a person of another race. We can point out a Brain Washed Intra Racist just as well as we can point out a Red Neck Red Face White Racist.

      • Guest1

        I’ve said that for years. If you want to date someone of another race more power to you, however if your dating another race because you feel they are somehow superior to your own then you need a psychiatrist and all their couches so you can take several seats while figuring out why you hate yourself so much.

        • Uh, how do you know? Do you go up to people and interview them?

          • Ohnobrotha

            Please go back to your white women and stop antagonizing pro-blackness!

            • Just saying!!

              I know right…this is clearly a PERSONAL ISSUE for some people on this thread. *coughs* lol

            • colbertfan


          • AlwaysBlossom

            nope, it’s something we can detect

        • colbertfan

          Exactly correct. If it’s truly love, FABULOUS! If it’s I ONLY date members of group X or Y, call a shrink, because you are a bigot.

      • colbertfan

        Yes, WHY matters. Problem is, a lot of the haters tell you what they think why is as if it’s fact. They have no clue. They just want to judge and criticize.

  • Bey

    Having these white wives/ girlfriends does nothing for african american men still number 1 in the prison system still gets pulled over for no reason, still turning gay by the minute. Still your white male counterpart stay picking any woman from your race while u pick up his trash. Then when he starts taking any and all of ur women he is wrong black men cant have a job or his own woman. Black men keep playing with fire and picking up trash that should not be picked up.

    • get real

      I can go to any white supremist website and read this same bs. Feminist like you align yourself with the white power movement when it comes to attacking and your hatred for blk men. I’ve been hearing this utter stupidity coming from them for decades. Now the angry stupid bed wench crowd has joined the racist crowd.

      • Just saying!!

        This comment wreaks of hatred. Have several seats.

      • grmrsan

        You are right, we can go to any white supremacist site to read the same bs, except that it seems to apply to the majority of comments here. Just change the words black and white around, and it would be identical.

        • colbertfan

          That’s true and sad.

    • Mimi

      Black men in prisons? Majority (even all I would debate) are from single homes (lead by mothers on welfare) or abusive homes in the hood. I don’t think this has anything to do with interracial couples ESP ones with wealthy, successful black men who choose to date other races. It’s quite normal to see successful black women AND men date outside their race, what the people in violent, poor, abuse-ridden hoods do not concern them nor are their faults.


    Why put Dr King or Dr West in this list with no PROOF just rumors!!!

  • i totally get you.


    CTFU….rofl….lmao..Paul Mooney is something else…hes the TRUTH!!

    • shehiplocki

      ….true true, but I’d love to see Paul’s wife is she a sista?

      • Elita Blacktating

        She sure isn’t!

        • colbertfan

          And SO WHAT? Paul Mooney is BRILLIANT, I don’t care who he’s sleeping with.

      • UnwelcomedGuest1709

        Yes she is.

  • SheBe

    When I read the title my mind immediately went to the movie “I’m gonna Getcha Sucka”. That part with the black (panther) man and his white wife and her kids; that little boy reading his “poem”. Satire/parody at its finest.


    DITTO..Ah mean I cant stand trifling men from any race but black men take the cake!!

  • NoShade

    Another person to add to this list is the actor Nate Parker.If you notice, he only takes up roles that educate the black community on our history or our current condition, especially if it encourages strides to progress within the black community.He even holds talks with young black youth. He’s also married to a Caucasian woman. Just an observation.

    • colbertfan

      And so what if he is? does that make his work less relevant? I would imagine it would only to bigots.

    • AlwaysBlossom

      she looks mixed to me

  • IllyPhilly

    You don’t think you can be Claire Huxtable material? She was gorgeous, sassy, but not overbearing, charming, bi-lingual oh and Black. I find that more common in more common places than ever in myself and Black women alike.

    • I noticed that too? How she said you have to be Claire Huxtable like it’s a NEGATIVE. Basically she’s saying that having to have those attributes to attract black men is something she’s unwilling and/or unable to do. Sucks for her.

      • Reality Check Sistas

        She probably pertaining to the fact Clair and Cliff had been together since high school and the fact they were always on the same level regardless of what it was, so it was more of a compatibility of your spouse choice as well.

    • I agree, Claire Huxtable rocks!

  • Unrequitedlove

    Oh gosh here we go.Can you guys go 1 day without posted some type of swirl article?Ain’t nobody got time for that(sweet brown v)

  • L-Boogie


  • Cleo

    Is this really a surprise, once a black goes “successful” well you know the rest.

    • Cleo

      *black man

  • CutieReppinNY

    I’m sorry. Do not tell me you are pro-black and then introduce me to your white husband/wife. I won’t even take you seriously. Being pro-black is deeper than fighting for injustice, it’s a lifestyle and state of being, and I don’t think many understand that. That’s exactly what happened after the black panthers leaders started marrying white women, it made it seem like all they stood for was a joke. many of them still viewed whites as superior to themselves although they were screaming pro-black this and that and saying blacks were the gods/goddesses of the planet.Really many people don’t understand what the term “pro black” really entails and think oh I’m want justice for black so I’m pro-black, no you’re pro-justice.

    • Hey

      In the affairs of the heart rationationality takes a back seat . . .

      • Machelle Kwan

        Sorry but my heart only wants somebody that’s black and that’s the way it should be.

        • ohsnaponu

          That’s the way it should be with YOU. Not everyone feels the same way.

          • colbertfan

            Seriously? She sounds like she was around in antebellum days.

    • Most of these ppl like Fred Douglas and MLK fought for equality of PEOPLE not just blacks. You can be a black person proud of ur heritage and trying to improve and boost the community of your people and date/marry someone of another race. In the end we are all people who have to answer to the same God in the end and to Him the shade of your skin and where you from dont mean a thing to him

      • Just saying!!

        Yea…plus it does make sense to fight for equality for all if you want to be with a white woman. That would make things a little easier for you.

    • Machelle Kwan

      Preach. I’m sick of these fakes and phonies. They really just want to kick it with the enemy.

      • korbermeister

        Yeah, MLK was hosed down, chased by german shepherds, spit upon, jailed and assassinated because he wanted to be with white women, riiiiiight.

      • colbertfan

        You, dear, are frightening. I’ll pray for you and other bigots out there. People are people, dear, people are people.


      Thank you. Many people do not know the real definition of ‘pro-blk.”

      Example: its like someone advocating for iphone and trying to convince you to buy one while they are walking around with an Android.

      • Mona Lisa

        I want to LIKE this 10 more times, Ha!



    • vixenmrb

      Amen — you see this with the black historians too and also the Africans who come to this country. Also they get mad when it is addressed. Black men don’t see themselves chasing after white women as a problem. They chalk it up to I love who I love — but its a problem when the bulk of the interracial marriages are the highest between 2 groups when the other groups Asians, have a greater chance of interacting with white women then black men do.

      • Mississippi Librarian

        But much of it is subliminal and we do not often examine the reasons why something happens, like why you have a preference for a peach over an orange, etc. And we use different coping strategies to tell ourselves that it something other than what it really is, stuff like ‘I like oranges because there if fuzz on peaches..’. Well really, not all peaches have fuzz. And please know that the peaches/orange scenario is strictly hypothetical just something used as an illustration of how simplistic we can make our assessments of deep and complicated issues. And you do know that all humans tend to manipulate events for a specific outcome, that is to say we make allowances for things in order to have the outcome the way that we wanted it in the first place. Like making ‘all’ Black women evil and demonic so that we can justify in our minds the ‘preference’ for dating another race. But, all that said I still believe the individual has a God given right to date and marry the person of his/her choice.

    • Mona Lisa

      Someone needs to pass this memo along to Toure… Also… I’m a fan of Skip Gates’ work. But… Yeah. If I wanted to have a panel on racial injustice – and he is well “versed” in this area – he would be a last resort.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    I do not have a lot of admiration for whites however I have always said that the one thing that I do admire about the white male is the way that he “presented” his woman. His presentation of the white woman as a beautiful and fragile creature to be admired made her the most desired female in the world. Now the drawback to that is now other men, especially Black men, are dying to be in the presence of such a ‘ravishing’ creature, and the white woman is reciprocating that admiration for the Black male. That being said, ultimately, there is no explanation for why someone is attracted to another person, and one has the right to date/marry the person of their own choice.

    • TRUTH IS

      Because he knows a race is a strong as its men!!

    • sincere

      I think white women and most blk women present themselves like this. U not!

  • Just because you love your race doesn’t mean you can’t date other races. And just because you date another race doesn’t always mean you hate your own. This shouldn’t come as a shock to people.

    • Word.

    • rosetta stone

      Thats not what this is about tho. This is about people claiming to be pro-blk. Once you claim PRO-BLK a part of that means you want a blk family. Meaning you have to marry and procreate with another blk perosn.

      • A person could want those things. How does that translate to the one white person they’re dating at the moment?

        • rosetta stone

          They shouldn’t be calling themselves “pro-black” if this is the case.

          • Again with the circular reasoning. Lets ignore the fact that he could have had 6 black girlfriends in the past, but the minute he has a white one suddenly it’s a problem. and just because a person may date a white person doesn’t mean they may not want to settle down with a black woman abd have black babies. Nothing says you’re fighting against injustice and racism while refusing to date someone because of theur race. Funny ain’t it

            • Just saying!!


          • colbertfan

            It’s the haters way of saying if you marry someone other than a negro than you necessarily hate/think yourself better than/decry/are judging “black” women negatively/etc. etc. In other words, BULL. Don’t tell someone else how they feel.

      • HaleySwag

        This has nothing to do with being Pro Black it’s about wanting more for your race, it’s about waiting your race to be equal most of these people faught during the civil rights are, maybe you need to read up on what that’s actually about and what it stood for to be considered an equal american. Black or Not. Honestly I think it’s because these people are white, if it was any other race people wouldn’t be saying a thing.

        • rosetta stone

          so maintaining the blk family has nothing to do with being pro- black? You serious? People need to really understand what that means. A part of considering yourself to be ‘pro-blk” IS maintaining the blk family. the blk family is the foundation of black pride.

        • colbertfan

          Then that’s THEIR bigotry, isn’t it? Meaning, it’s not my problem. Let them go be separatist somewhere and let me live my life in peace and without hate and judgment from humans who know nothing about me.

      • colbertfan

        Regardless of whether you love the person? That’s nuts. If you sincerely are in love, the color of your partner just should not matter. If color matters, I have to wonder about the genuineness of the love.

    • Mimi

      Yes you can love your race, but you can’t be pro-black. Loving your race =/= problack.

  • IllyPhilly

    Why is it a surprise? Can’t you love your race and be outspoken about injustice, but still date whom you choose? LOL.

    • TRUTH IS

      Practice what you preach? He’s pro black man but not pro-black woman?!?

      • IllyPhilly

        I get it, but it’s not like they hate their mothers, sisters, and/or aunts. It’s not like they swore off Black woman, they just utilize their “freedoms” brought on by their protests of injustice. LMAO. I get it though.

        • TRUTH IS

          Hmmm…so then he can have a seat and let all around pro black folks do that work….how can he be taken serious…with his white arm candy around his arms while advocating for blacks?!?….rof

          • IllyPhilly

            LMAO. She part of the movement now.

          • colbertfan

            So if you are a civil rights leader and you happen to fall in love with someone with less melanin, you are supposed to accept being lonely and without the person you love? How stupid is that! Here’s to love, whatever package in which it appears. LOVE!

        • MissTalented

          “Mom you are below other women once a man gets money. Or fame.”

          “To my little sister, you are not beautiful enough for a Black man to want you.”

          “To my Aunt, you are not worthy of a man if he’s famous or rich”
          Is what they are saying.

          • Chris Stockton

            So, I guess Barack Obama disowned his mother and his little sister by marrying someone who doesn’t look like them, right? Hopefully this analogy will help you realize how stupid your argument is.

            • AlwaysBlossom

              Obama is Black…

              • Chris Stockton

                It’s best you stay out of 8-month-old conversations that didn’t involve your input. Else you end up looking like an idiot. The girl I was replying to, stated that a man feels that his mother is below other women and that his sister isn’t beautiful if he decides to date/marry someone who doesn’t look like them. Was Obama’s mother black? No. Is his sister black? No. Is his wife black? Yes. Therefore, (by that logic) Obama must not think highly of his mom or sister. Which proves how stupid the argument is. Bottom Line: Date who you want. You’re not entitled to any one ethnic race. PERIOD

              • FarahGoesToHollywood

                Besides Obama is biracial even though he is considered black in America

                • its fos

                  Had Obama been raised totally in America then he probably would have married other. Some black don’t get it.

              • RRRiches

                half black…

              • will9529 .

                lol no

                • AlwaysBlossom

          • Cal

            Being wanted doesn’t stem from standing in a spot and waiting for someone to speak to you. If daughters need validation of beauty outside of their own self confidence then they need to seek it. The biggest problem blk women face with blk men dating other women is that blk women think this comes from sense of disowning. Lets face it and be 100 percent honest here, black men are some of the most coveted men in America sexually. Then you have to consider the fact that black men are few in number and women of all races like them. That sparks competition and with competition you’re going to have winners and losers. I can tell you from personal experience that white women have a better presentation, they often more enticing and easier to talk to. Many blk men get an instant urge to impress when courting black women, but often put forth minimal effort with other races by comparison. So from my experience, this isn’t a declaration that blk women aren’t good enough, its more of a statement of black women’s unwillingness to initiate courting, or at least let down a barrier or 2.

            In short, I’m not going to use a bank that gives me the run around when I try to withdraw my money… I’m going to cater to the banks that have a more open policy.

          • colbertfan

            No, that’s what some insecure person projects onto them. Sheesh.

            look, I married a spouse who doesn’t look like me. So friggin what. Does that mean I have anything against men of African descent? Well, how dumb would that be? Some of them are fine, amazing, intelligent, accomplished, lovely people. I am friends with many, just happened to fall in love with a particular guy. What he looks like just didn’t matter and still doesn’t, to me or to genuine people I know of all hues. My real friends were happy for me because they knew I was loved. And that’s all that matters and who I married has nothing to do with my individual and our shared commitment to equality and justice for all. My relationship has nothing to do with making a statement beyond this is who I love and who loves me.

            Grow up, please, haters. Bigotry of any kind is just…. so ugly.

        • blastah

          the struggle really centered on injustices against black men by white men. Women were never really involved in this relationship.

      • So dating someone not of your own race means you’re not for your race? I’ll never understand people’s fascination (in a negative way) with dating interracially. Love who you want to love. That’s what freedom is all about.

        • rosetta stone

          No. I doesn’t mean you don’t love your race but being pro-blk is more than just about loving your race. Its about maintaining the blk family. Keeping that alive. If you wanna talk all this” blk this and blk that” but then you are walking with half chinese kids its contradictory.

          • Cal

            It’s only contradictory to people who have black and white minds. You people have no sense of a grey area. No one is 100 percent anything as far as activism goes, but that doesn’t mean activism shouldn’t exist or that it’s contradictory. If I started programs in my community to aid people like me who came from my background, but I’m married to an Asian woman; how am I not more pro black than a deadbeat, doing nothing for his community but exclusively dating black women?

            Plus building the family structure of blacks exclusively won’t solve our problems. But over time, connecting and sharing with other cultures will improve our communities as a whole. The idea that black culture and family should remain black exclusive it a hallmark of Caucasian American values.
            (whites clearly introduced the governing concept of ownership, just ask the native)

            • Mimi

              You can be for black/mixed people rights and against racism. But I think it is hypocritical to be pro-black, but not have black kids. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like being pro-white, pro-asian, but have half-white/asian kids. You can’t practicing what you preach, and aren’t really pro-black BUT pro-equal rights.

          • colbertfan

            I see. It means accepting a spouse of the same hue as you, regardless of what your heart wants and happiness requires. Wow, what selfishness that certain people’s insecurities demand that others live their lives miserably or settle for less than (not in terms of color in any way, but in terms of WHO THEY LOVE) their heart demands. That’s just cruel of you insecure people to force others to suffer.

          • deez

            Im convinced you are retarded

      • Truth

        The worst thing about being Black is the Black male.

        They have let down the Black community by behaving like babies who want black women to take care of them on the working class level.
        To marrying against and outstide of their race and theirfore divorcing their race by choosing white Asian latino women as their mates to share their wealth and fame. And love.
        Really not all of them but so many black men are fkd up. And many of these men those who are lazy/lack drive/live off of Black women and those celebs who marry other races like those listed above, are purely embarrassing and stains the black race and our people as a whole.

        • sincere

          And u wonder y they running from you. Calm your arse down and hit the gym

        • colbertfan

          Actually what you said sounds embarrassing.

        • cubanflowers

          there are a BILLION people.. with the label ‘latino’ stamped on their chest…. and are BLACK…. ..

          i know you and TRUTH IS…… were being attacked for your TRUTHS. by the kumbaya .. and we are the world committee…… but i agree with the both of you..

          and i am not a black lady however .. i am married to a NON AMERICAN black man….. and i personally believe.. . that many of these civil rights american leaders… sole purpose in marching.. BEGGING .. fighting…. was so they can get the rights to marry Delilahs….

          the moment your country …said it was legal to marry interracial…. look and see how quick.. some of these men left their black wife!…….

          love who you want.. that is for your own business…. and believe it or not you can love your race.. and marry outside of it….

          but when you come and say.. BLACK POWER…and fight deligiently to obtain BLACK POWER…….. but … go and lay down. with a delilah….. something is WRONG!…. and it make you look like a hypocrite… who really didn’t want the black power after all…!…… be blessed

      • Cal

        You can support something without being a part of it. I support gay rights and I’m not gay. I know people who support the legalization of marijuana who don’t smoke. So why can’t a black man support him community and date who he wants? People stay putting their own standard of living on others. We all need to understand that we aren’t the main characters in the story of life.

      • eddie

        i agree with u 100% u can’t be part of the pro-black movement and be in an interracial relationship that’s a NO,NO and that goes for Black women too!