Katt Needs Prayer Ya’ll: Comedian Sued For $5 Million Over Punching Female Assistant

November 11, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

I really want Katt Williams to get off the struggle bus at the next possible stop. Every time you hear about this man these days it has nothing to do with him cracking jokes, he’s either having drama with his kids, pulling out guns on people, or getting physical with women! Case in point, TMZ reports that Katt’s female assistant just filed a lawsuit for $5 million claiming the comedian dealt blows to her face that have caused her permanent damage.

 Melissa Ishage filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she’d been working as Katt’s personal assistant — but on October 6th, things suddenly went sour at Katt’s house … when Katt attacked her, punching her and causing her “serious and permanent injuries.”

Melissa doesn’t explain why Katt flew into a rage — but claims she had to go to the hospital as a result of the beatdown … and now she wants at least $5 million from Katt to call it even.

Melissa’s attorney tells us, his client claims Katt struck her in the head and knocked her to the ground. The lawyer says police were called to the scene but no one was arrested. The incident is currently under investigation.

With a description that horrible, I’m curious how no one, i.e. Katt, was arrested during that altercation. I’m assuming Melissa no longer works for the funny man, and I’m thinking that $5 million suit may be the end of Katt’s bank account as the volatile comedian hasn’t had a major gig in a minute — and for good reason. Just November 1 he got into it with a heckler at a show in Denver and by the time all was said and done (code for he went all the way off), audience members were being given a refund. I really need him to get it together.

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  • Cakester

    You can always tell when Katt W. is about to get in some trouble, his mushroom gets shorter and shorter…

  • Sheila

    He needs more than prayer! He has been spiraling out of control for a minute….No reason to take flight on his female assistant….

  • shelia

    Need to pray for him; truely talented man with an obvious troubled soul.

  • FromUR2UB

    Once celebrities gain a reputation for beating up people, they become targets for these kinds of claims. But if they are really behaving this, it’s only a matter of time before they run into the person who will kick…their…a**, and then press charges against them.

  • whitney

    You guys should have a better editing team you spelled “caused” wrong in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

    • really

      Wow really!!!! You are worried about ONE word spelled wrong. My goodness Mrs. PERFECT PATTY i guess you never make any mistakes. Get over it everyone makes mistakes every now and then. I don’t know why that was necessary for you to even point that out.

      • Sheena

        Yes REALLY! she isn’t tlaking about someones spelling in a comment, she is talking about a National, well its the internet, so International Publication. And we don’t need to give anyone reasons to cite black, Women-run publications as less qualified or less professional than others. So YES they SHOULD spell every single word correctly. Why is this too much to ask? And why are you believing this magazine SHOULD be subpar? And no one can VOTE your comment DOWN because MN made it where you cannot vote comments down anymore without being subscribed.

        • really

          Like i said EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES AND NOBODY IS PERFECT! I am entitled to my opinion and i stated it. NOW HAVE A NICE LIFE.

  • Racheal

    Crackin’….that is the reason. He is a total druggie.

  • York

    A Pimp Named Slickback done took over I see….