Shouldn’t CNN Folk Be Concerned About More Important Matters? Don Lemon Calls Jonah Hill A “Tool” on Twitter

November 10, 2012  |  

Is it me or are journalists like CNN’s Don Lemon getting real comfortable with using their public platforms to express their private sentiments ? It may not be so serious but I was surprised to hear that Lemon used his Twitter account to go in on a Hollywood celeb that he felt snubby by. It all went down with Jonah Hill (the fat guy who was in 40 Year Old Virgin and who is now a slimmed down semi-mega-star a la Money Ball) after Lemon ran into him in a hotel. Peep the exchange below.



To top it all off, Lemon said  that Hill “was a tool” in another tweet. I do get where Lemon is coming in terms of practicing kindness as a general principle but at first glance, I gotta say that Lemon took it too far. Maybe he’s not used to being snubbed by celebs but how much is this tied to Lemon’s ego? Not to let Hill off the hook but Lemon probably shouldn’t be using his CNN associated Twitter handle to go off on a B-List celebrity for not properly recognizing.

What do you think? Do you think it was good for Lemon to blast Hill for acting too Hollywood?

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  • On_Point

    phaggot needs to hush

  • I saw Don in Target last year and he is so young looking he was on the phone and I think he was Christmas shopping so I did not bother him but I was super excited. I don’t think I would have blasted Jonah I like Jonah he seems like he would be friendly but if he isn’t we will see more of this.

  • anonymouse

    I don’t like jonah hill, but his comeback was perfect!! ‘what do u want me to do..move in with u?’ lol!!

    • I thought that was a funny comeback too. Never put a comedian on blast, they are used to going in on folks, I’m sure of it.

  • Guest

    From personal experience, I’ve had the same experience with Don. And we worked in the same place! He treats people who are “unimportant” the same way as he is accusing Jonah Hill. I about choked when I read this story because he practices the same type of behaviour. He needs to stop.

  • sabrina

    Aziz Ansari kinda snubbed me when I met him, but you don’t see me complaining on Twitter! (But then again, I didn’t really care too much.)

    • chanela

      REALLY?!?! him? wth it’s sad when people act like that. smh

  • FromUR2UB

    It seems like it bothered him a little more than it should have. I mean, Jonah Hill?? If he is feeling himself like that, it should have been more amusing than insulting.

  • ANTMilf

    I understand getting snubbed by a celeb who prolly didn’t know who you were, but to take it to Twitter?! C’mon Don! You’re 46 years old, be more mature than that!

  • kickash

    i think he’s just mad that Jonah wasn’t all into him like he wanted him to be. If I saw Don Lemon somewhere I wouldn’t know enough about who he was to care. And he’s mad Jonah reacted the same way. He said hi to you, you are not special Don

  • Cleo

    I don’t really like don lemon, and this makes him look extremely catty :does two snaps and a twirl:

  • “Hardly. You’re not my type.” Oh…dayum. lolol haha. This is something else. It seemed kinda petty of him and to talk this out on twitter that was just a bad choice…but I can imagine it being a little disheartening that someone doesn’t recognize him. Either way, I still like Don Lemon. He’s a great journalist.

  • Meyaka

    Very sensitive,this should have never been discussed on twitter or any type of public online platform,I would have took it as a lesson learned and stayed out of Hill’s way from that point on…

  • rosemary davis

    Personally I think Don Lemon is a great journalist and commentator and view all with fairness regardless of ones ethnic background however not everyone is going to reconize him as the Don Lemon from CNN and I can imagine his feeling were a little hurt I don’t think it was wise on Don’s part to talk about this trival matter on nationwide T,V maybe this guy had a plane to catch or some other pressing matter and didn’t have time to talk so listen Don I am a big fan of yours and really watch CNN (only) because of you but remember you are not a celebrity and not all people watch CNN so as too know who you are some folks watch MSNBC or other cable networks or even their own local channels but if I ever see you best beleive you will get a bear hug from me so chill because too me you are the best their is period and by the way your book was wonderful from one fellow Louisianaian to another who now lives in L.A.

    • Shirl

      Great post! I wouldn’t have known who this fella was cause I don’t watch CNN. He probably would’ve only caught my eye because he’s a beautiful man.

  • IJS

    “Hell hath no fury like a gay dude scorned.”

    • jaimuziq

      What is it with him and Anderson Cooper both have acted the fool since “coming out” first it was Anderson and star jones now this foolishness; shame on it all!

  • IJS

    “Hell hath no fury like a gay dude scorned.”