USA Is Where She’ll Stay: Halle Berry Loses In Custody Battle, Must Keep Nahla In The Country

November 10, 2012 ‐ By
"Halle Berry pf"


After months and months of reports saying that Halle Berry was looking to pack up her little girl, Nahla, grab her boo Olivier Martinez, and head to Paris where the couple would live together, eat eclairs, get fat and live happily ever after, that wonderful Parisian dream has been shut down. According to TMZ, the judge in her custody case ruled that she can’t separate the 4-year-old from her father by moving her to Paris permanently (though Gabriel Aubry could have always visited, but who wants to do all that painstaking traveling across the world?).

While some folks speculated that Halle wanted to take Nahla to France because she felt Gabriel was an unfit parent, she had actually been arguing in court that paparazzi in Los Angeles had basically been terrorizing her and little Nahla, and she didn’t want the her daughter to grow up in such a stressful environment. According to People, France has stronger paparazzi laws in place, and aside from it being back in Olivier’s stomping grounds, that’s why she wants to settle down over there. Sounds like a pretty good argument. I’m sure you remember the photos of Halle going bananas on some paparazzi who were trying so hard to take photos of Nahla at her school–the thirst is real for some pictures out here. And Halle had allegedly said that it wasn’t about taking anybody away from anyone, she just thought France would be safer (from stalkers and paparazzi) and would benefit all parties. On Friday, a judge disagreed. The very specifics of the court ruling haven’t been released as of yet, but what we do know is that Berry is going to have to try and make the best of a messy situation in LA (or she can always move to the country…?). But whatever she does, Nahla has to stay here. For now.

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  • deschl

    I have said the same things about her and my cousins have almost stop speaking to me, as if she would spit on them to keep them from burning

  • deschl

    people talk about him because he receives child support from her, when women receive child support under the same circumstances their is no problem, since she couldn’t move to france and take care of her new man in his home country they set the baby daddy up, can someone tell me why she is always the victim yet her former husbands and boyfriends went on to have stable relationships with other people

  • Judith

    I think this is a good decision so that Nahla can see her dad. She will need that. Also, Halle may want to move out of LA.

  • lexi

    Why doesnt she think to move out of Hollywood?, like hello!! There are other states that plenty of other stars live in to live normal lives. It doesn’t make sense to whine about an enviroment that you can get out of. Taking her kid away from the father is wrong. She needs to go pick another state to live in and shut her pie hole.

  • tesbestlife

    I agree with a few of the previous comments. Halle does not NEED to move to Paris just keep her daughter safe. There are plenty of celebrities who choose to live their lives away from Hollywood and seem to live quite a peaceful life. My take is this: why can’t Halle’s man move to the U.S. to be with her? Why is she uprooting her life and making it extra complicated for her daughter to spend time with her dad by moving her thousands of miles away from him. It just doesn’t seem fair, or in the best interest of their daughter to place so much distance between her and her father. Halle and her man need to come up with another plan if they want to be together.

  • Violet Renee

    Oops her dad is black mom is white. She’s mixed so may not be affected by inter racial dating like others are.

  • Violet Renee

    Isn’t Halle Berry mixed? She may be looking for her white dad all over again. Whatever the case dad’s have rights too.

    • Sunni

      Girl… Shut up.

    • Ay

      Her dad is black….

  • SMH_shameonitall

    I like Halle Berry but I do believe there’s some truth to the rumors about her being a lil crazy. For several years, she VOLUNTARILY & REPEATEDLY told the media how much she wanted to have a child. So yes–now that she has one the poparazzi are very interested in her. Of course, that doesn’t give them the right to harass her, but Halle Berry has her daughter stressed out about the poparazzi–not the other way around. We see other celebs with their young children and they don’t look as tense or stressed out as Halle Berry & Nahla are. Like others have said, she needs to move somewhere more private and/or beef up her security. Cuz France is not the answer: that’s where those naked pics of England’s Princess were taken.

  • Machelle Kwan

    A black woman will never win when she’s fighting against a white man. Maybe they’ll learn to stay out of their beds.

    • Jane Doe

      Bytch stfu. I heard you was chinese get the fawk off this site hoe!!

    • In All Honesty

      In what world do black women stay out of white men’s beds? ROFL! They’re like pets.

  • Guest

    If Hollywood is the issue then she needs to move out of Hollywood. Julia Roberts moved to New Mexico and brought a ranch. Unless she has a movie you hardly ever hear about her and you really don’t see her kids. Before Bruce Willis & Demi Moore’s kids grew up they moved to Montana or Idaho to keep their kids out of the limelight. These stars kill me with the paparazzi is after me bit because the stars who don’t want the paparazzi around them know how to keep them away. Perhaps Halle should call them and ask them how they manage to do it.

    • MLS2698

      So true. Halle could move to another area within the US, or California and still be A-list. That way, the paps will not be hawking her. But we all know some people like the L.A. scene and the attention. I mean really, who is going to be watching in Montana, the cows on the ranch?

    • Ay

      Denzel Washington has been A-list forever and I don’t even remember what his kids look like.

  • 1Val

    Halle will readjust as all mothers do. Best wishes for Halle and Nahla.

  • get real

    That’s right “Nia and Mommausedtosay” how dare this black woman divorce the perfect white knight huh? The same perfect white knight that called her the N word? “I don’t believe he called her that” of course you ladies don’t but I believe her 1000%. I know what kind of” N****R B*****S” you become when things get dirty with white daddy.

    • Kay

      Oh my god you dont quit do you? You need your computer taken away tha is the only solution

      • get real

        Look who’s talking Ms. “I was spending the night over white guys house when I was 5 yrs old”. Sit down little lady..

        • Kay

          You having nothing better to do than remember my comment from 2 weeks ago? Oh ok

          • honest

            halle is half white why do you think her daughter looks like that?

    • Machelle Kwan

      He probably did call her that. Why she wanted a kid with a vanilla man is beyond my reasoning. Those guys are dangerous.

      • Kay


      • zipped lips

        I wish i didn’t think “vanilla man” was funny. I really wish i didn’t. I’m not racisit but that comment…well, nevermind.

    • Jane Doe

      Bytch stfu.

  • pfeiffer87

    Everyone knows hollyweird is overrun with papz, can’t she just move somewhere else within the US?

  • Nia

    I’m glad she lost. This stunt she was trying to pull was very vindictive. If she want’s to get away from the paps then there are lots of places she can go within the U.S. What kind of mother attempts to keep her child away from their father?! Halle is one of those people who’s pretty on the outside but UGLY on the INSIDE. Maybe now she’ll find something better to do with her time.

    • Cleo

      I agree, that’s not fair she trying to take her away from her father, he actually wants to be active. I think she originally just wanted to be a single mom anyway.

      • Kay

        The same father that sued her for alimony and child support even though she had custody of the child? Yeah he wants to be active alright, active in her bank account..

        • honest

          bull crap he was a successful top model before she got with him…he was already booking runways and photo shoot world wide…she chose to have an out of wedlock baby with that man and stay seven years with him….why is she always the victim in her relationships? she knows what its like not to grow up with a dad so why is she doing it to her daughter?…if she knew she was more paid then him then she should have dated a man on her “level”….

          • Kay

            I never said she was a victim, I was stating facts.. If he had soo much money and was such a devoted father he wouldn’t have been suing her for hold support and alimony when he didn’t have the child.

            • guest

              You sound silly. Maybe he did that to get back at her for trying to keep him away from his daughter? Ever thought of that.

            • honest

              he sued her after she tried to take the daughter away from him and got the courts involved…why is it after she didnt want him anymore he became a “racist” after seven years?…she knew he had less money then her so why date him?…he stayed home with his kid full time while halle worked which she asked him too becasue she didnt trust anybody else..that took him away from gigs

              • Kay

                Whatever, I not about to argue with you about eh details o someones life that I could honestly give a damn about. Your too invested in their lives, stop d1ck riding.

    • Machelle Kwan

      Oh please. He’s just an egotistical white boy that wants everything his way. She should have never gotten with that dude.

      • Cleo

        She shouldn’t have you right about that, she just wanted a good looking man to have a child with. Halle’s ugly ways are catching up with her.

      • Guest

        Never gotten with him? Halle wanted a baby with a white man. If it wasn’t him it was gonna be another white man. Gabriel like all “egotistical white boys” as you called him, want a woman to take care of them. Women of color seem to have this idea of white men being nobel and above all other men but they are not trust me. My mom’s half brother is white and any woman he gets with has to take care of him. You all will learn but by that time it will be too late.

        • Jane Doe

          Bytch stfu. You don’t know nothing bout white men.

        • honest

          Halle Berry is half white…so your whole comment was pointless…she was raised by a white women and she dated strictly black men back in the early 80s and 90s she was beaten, cheated on and is now deaf in one ear i think from wesley snipes…if she wanted to be with a white man after all that i dont blame her…and again that man is an international model he has his own millions…Halle wanted him to be around full time to take care of their daughter and put him on pay roll because she had movies to do so he stop booking gigs …when the relationship went sour she said she was to good for him and labeled him racist…after over seven years with him now he is racist (side eye)…stop feeling sorry for this chick i think she is crazy

      • honest

        after seven years with him she shouldve never gotten with him?

  • Mommaused2say

    I’m not surprised at the ruling, I’m surprised she thought she could keep him from his daughter. She irritates me.

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