Before You Put On Your Freakum Dress, Make Sure You’re Ready To Deal With These Characters At The Club

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It’s Friday, you just got paid, your hair is done, you’ve got a new dress, and you’re off for the next two days. Perfect night to hit the club right? That’s what thousands of women think every week as they convince their girls to put on their dancing shoes and hit up their favorite spot. But nothing will make you regret that choice quicker than coming in contact with the wrong fool at the club, and experience tells us that fool is usually of the male persuasion. Sorry guys, but between the thirsty dudes who can’t stay out of your face to the cats who like to pretend like they’re balling out of control just because they’re on somebody’s payroll, ya’ll know how to ruin a girl’s good night out.

In case you’re thinking of hitting the streets tonight, let me prepare you for the 10 types of men you’re likely to encounter. Consider yourself warned.

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  • BEE

    LMAO HILARIOUS! I’ve encountered at least HALF of these men in the club .. and I can’t even been out but like 3 times! It’s actually funny the see, especially since I only go out every blue moon. If I had to deal with that every weekend, i’d hang it up. lol

    • BEE

      *haven’t been out

  • blah blah

    u forgot bout the thirsty dude-who try to f*ck u @ end of night and don’t even know ur name..GTFOH

  • pretty boy

    Good topic but what about the ones that are too cute for their own good always lookn n the mirror and competing with the other boys in the club. And the ones that like to waste your time but dont want to buy you a drink??

  • Aye don’t get it twisted! The Energizer Bunny is ALWAYS the dude to come for me in the club and I have a blast with him all night! By the time I leave the club I’m 20 pounds lighter, feeling great and in a great mood… The energizer bunny is a great catch if you just give him a chance! Heck… Thats the only guy my Fiance will let near me in the club lol!

  • IAintShitYet

    There is a thirst ball at the college I go to and ugh people think we are dating… It’s annoying a hell

  • d

    Im the last guy, the scout, except there is quality in my taste

  • E McArthur

    I also don’t go to clubs…the one time I went this year…some Guido tried to stick his tongue down my throat within 10 seconds of meeting me….no thank you…

  • leathercandy

    This article was hilarious but so true

  • Eddi

    I hate the grinders!

  • Ann

    I stopped going to the club a long time ago. Most of the men I attract at the time I was going was the men with jheri curls, gold teeth, and that drinks so much, he smells like alcohol and beer. I have never met any decent acting men at the club.

    • Nope

      ” Most of the men I attract at the time”

      ….. Message!

  • dbatt001

    yup , this article came a little too late

  • Tishy

    What about the gralkers? The grinders who talk in your ear all night and/or stalk your every move.

  • ANTMilf

    Don’t need this advice, I don’t club at all. I’m fine staying home reading a book and watching movies on HBO.

  • When I did, it was the busted grilled kat daddy, complete with jeri curl

  • Meyaka

    I don’t club.

  • Lmao yup I will continue to avoid clubs

  • LOL @ creepy old man! Somebody ALWAYS gotta bring their drunk uncle out to the club with them!