Don’t Let Her Touch Your Hair! 9 Salon Red Flags

November 9, 2012  |  
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We all know that shortly after finding a place to live, the nearest grocery store and maybe a place to worship, the next item on your checklist has to be finding someone, somewhere to take care of your mane. Even if you can take pretty good care of your own hair, every once in a while, it’s nice to sit back, relax and let someone else play in your scalp. But just like finding shelter, food and all the other necessities, finding a stylist is no easy task. In your search, be sure to stay away from stylists with one or more of these qualities.

She’s eating when you walk in

We all have to eat, it’s a fact. But if your appointment is scheduled for 2:00 pm, you walk in at 1:58 and she’s just sitting down with a plate of fried fish, French fries and white bread, then you know that it’s pretty much a wrap for you getting in the chair at a decent hour. A stylist should know her appointments for the day. If she can’t eat in between clients or while you’re under the dryer (because they tend to keep us under there for way too long), then she…or he, really doesn’t respect your time.

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There are more kids than customers

I love little ones but when you go to the salon, you go for the experience. Kids aren’t known to be quiet or still. So if you feel someone kicking you in the shin while you’re getting your deep condition, then you can’t appreciate the experience. When the kids are cutting up, there will no doubt be a mother who’s hollering after them. All of that will mess up your relaxation vibe. If your salon looks more like a daycare center than a beauty shop, then you should probably look for another spot.

You spend more time waiting than being serviced

Maybe it’s just me, but does it seem like beauticians are the queens and kings of overbooking. I know I said I’d like to come in at 10:00 am; but if you have three other clients at that time, then just go ahead and be honest so I don’t have to wait til 1 before you start on my hair.

She leaves for an unnecessary [often] ratchet reason

I wish I could tell you that this was a fabricated story. But I have a friend who was going to this weavologist who was awesome. But she was ratchet as all hell. So ratchet in fact, that she left my friend in the chair, hair half done, because she wanted to run to the club that evening. If you have a stylist who won’t even make up a legit, reasonable excuse for leaving is someone you don’t want to put their hoodrat hands in your hair.

She tries to charge you more than you agreed upon

Everybody’s trying to get over these days, so it’s no surprise that beauticians would try to plot and scheme as well. If you’ve spoken on the phone and agreed on a price but once she’s finished with your hair she’s saying something totally different then that’s a shady broad. Argue with her and try to get the price you initially discussed. If she’s unmovable, leave it alone for the minute and be sure never to go to her again…tell a friend even.

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She force styles on you

I’m sure we’ve all stumbled a beautician or two like this one. You tell her you want the Halle Berry pixie cut and she’ll swear on a stack of Bibles that a) she doesn’t have the skill to do it, b) that won’t look good on you or c) she doesn’t have the supplies to make it look good. That’s all fine and good but if you can’t do what I’m paying you for, then it’s time for me to find somebody else.


You have redo your hair when you get home

Have you ever left the shop only to pull out your supplies and fix the mess that’s been made in the chair? What exactly are you paying for?

Her hair looks crazy

This one is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who let women who look like “who done it and why” do their hair. Chances are, if she looks crazy, your hair will look crazy once she’s done with it.


The health of your hair is compromised

This is the ultimate no-no. Everything else you can deal with if your hair is fly and most importantly healthy. But if the beautician you’re seeing isn’t even able to keep your hair looking luscious, then it’s truly time to be out.

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