Lark Voorhies Is Still In Denial: I Have No Worries And Neither Should You

November 9, 2012  |  


Lark Voorhies is still trying to undo the damage she says People magazine did when they ran a report claiming that she suffers from Bipolar disorder. The “Saved By the Bell” actress just did an interview with ET and told the host contrary to recent rumors, she does not hear voices, she is not seeing a doctor, and she does not have a mental illness.

“I don’t understand why they chose to take that angle, quite frankly,” she said about People’s interview with her mother, Tricia. “I can only come forward to correct and state for the true record what is in fact factual.

“I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry [on] my behalf. … It’s completely fictional.”

According to Lark’s mother, though, her 38-year-old daughter has been traumatized by things in her past and is in denial about the effect they’ve had on her. Lark, on the other hand, says she knows how to overcome adversity, much like what she’s dealing with now.

“It’s much like fighting,” she said. “When you enlist in the Army, you get yourself physically fit, mentally fit and informational-wise fit, so it’s just the same. It’s like stage boot camp. You know, you put all the right elements together and you keep them going … we have to be entertainers. This is our particular angle.”

Check out snippets of her interviews here.

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  • Just more negative “journalism” aimed @ Black women, leave her the hell alone.

  • d

    well she seems MUCH better in this interview compared to the one TMZ did of her! I’m a psychology major so by watching the interview I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a little eccentric definately not the most “normal” person but bi-polar might be a small stretch

  • Limeaide724

    It really is nobodies business whether she has the disorder or not. I think Lark is in total shock that the rumor has gone this far. She should sue People Magazine, ET, Her Ex -Coworker who put this rumor out and distance herself from her mother who seems totally toxic.

  • Cakester

    “She doesn’t look like anything is wrong with her!” Said no one, ever!!! I hope she gets the help she needs! Seriously!!!!

  • lightbrownis

    there is clearly something off here . . .

  • anon

    Just make this note: Yashi Brown (Rebbie Jackson’s daughter) and Maia Campbell have publicly stated that they have bi-polar disorder. Both are connected to Voorhies. Brown and Voorhies were in a singing group together, and they are both Jermaine Jackson’s niece’s. Maia Campbell and Lark Voorhies were both cast members on “In the House”.

    Now, I find it suspicious because I came across a rumor years ago that dealers, individuals, would spike drinks and lace other inhibitors (drugs) with drugs that permanently alter brain receptors, and/or drugs that are engineered in a way to be highly addictive to where it’s nearly impossible for users to rehabilitated from them.

    And, in other news, this week, Voorhies’ “Uncle” changes his name to “Jermaine Jacksun”…

    …so freakin’ strange.

    • anon

      I came across a rumor, a long time ago, that Voorhies’ mother was one of those dysfunctional Hollywood parents – neglectful, manipulative and abusive of their child. I’m not sure if that’s true, though. But if it is, then it would indicate that Voorhies’ mother doesn’t given two flips about her which would be sad. And/or she may have been trying to live through her daughter all of these years…

      I do hope people will stop judging her. Perhaps part of her healing, whatever the issue may be if there is one, would be her getting back into the swing of things in her career.

      Let’s support a wonderful black actress and give her a chance. She’s still someone we should respect as she’s always maintained her dignity and presented to the world a positive image. Furthermore, she’s always been very integritous and conscious in her craft.

      Come one, if we give all these ratchet hoes a chance (Evelyn Lozada and others) by being their fan, let’s actually give someone a chance who actually deserves it – who has legitimate and proven talent.


  • Cocoa Fly

    I take issue with the headline of this blog post–“Lark Voorhies Still In Denial.” What is she in denial about? Does the writer know for sure Lark’s diagnosis??? The writer is making the assumption that something is wrong with her. We don’t know the whole story. Maybe she has bipolar disorder, or PTSD. Maybe she has some other diagnosis. Maybe, it’s nothing. We don’t know. Let her have her privacy in dealing with her mental health. And if she is living with bipolar, I think it’s terrible that her mother went to the press. Her mother didn’t have to go public to save her daughter if she needs help. I’m reading some of the stigmatizing comments on here like, “These voices are even making up words.” And “she mentally jumped the lark.” It’s that kind of stigmatizing language in our community that keeps people from getting the help they need. If Lark does need help I pray she gets it. And I pray that we as a community stop stigmatizing people with mental health challenges.

    • shanendoya

      Yeah man this is a gossip site like Media Take Out mascarading its self as a women’s site like Essence or ebony.

    • anon

      #TeamLarkVoorhies @TheLarkVoorhies (twitter)

  • KayBee

    Why is a man behind her cleaning the windows in the second clip? Do better ET.

  • meme

    These voices are even making up words: “opinionata”??? I hope she gets some real help!

    • Laine

      Haha, and I thought that I was stupid for not knowing some of the words she was using! But no seriously, I also hope she gets some real help. I loved her character in Saved by the Bell, and I loved that she was not the typical African American side- kick character, but that she had a real important role which she played really well.

  • She’s mentally “jumped the lark” girlfriend needs help. On a side note she is looking 100% better from that horrific photo of her with the clown make-up on.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t think you have to be a doctor to see that something is wrong with this woman. It’s rare for someone to let themselves go in this manner without something else going on. Everyone should just pray for her.

    • She is older, people get older.. Not everybody chooses to spend all their time and money looking a certain way so shallow human beings will love them. She is not in the spotlight anymore.

      • realadulttalk

        What does older have to do with anything? What does shallow have to do with anything? What does being in the spotlight have to do with anything? Only a simple-minded person would respond with such ridiculousness. Like I said–doesn’t take a doctor to SEE something is wrong…but it does take some sense.

        • She doesn’t look the same as she did on Saved by the bell. I do not look at Lark Voorhies currently and say she looks mentally ill, she looks like anybody else u would see on the street,. Just because she isn’t all glammed up doesn’t mean she has mental problems, r u that stupid?And it doean’t take a doctor to figure out that something is wrong with u . should the media knock on ur door and harass u too?

  • JaneDoe