True Life: I Remember My First Celebrity Crush

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Before we liked the booger-picking, dirty smelling boys in our classrooms, we preferred the often older, more mature, glamorized boys [and sometimes] men we saw on our favorite television shows and music videos. We asked our Facebook followers who was their first celebrity crush and the first time they saw them. See what they had to say. 

Jakozy: OK. Nelly was my celebrity crush when he first came out! I’m pretty sure I was like 9 or 10 years old. And he was so fiiiiine and that country accent? loved it!

Francisca: Paul Walker on The Fast the Furious because he was and still is cute.

Monique: Keith Sweat, I was 10 years old and it was at The African-American day Parade in Harlem. He shook my hand and I thought he was very handsome.

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Tuere: Had to have been Michael Jackson. I’ve always been an animal lover, so all those cute posters of him and baby tigers, llamas, etc. made me feel that we had to be soul mates.

Doneisha: 1st crush was Jon Bon Jovi…oh I will not be judged. I loved his hair and his name

Princess: Heavy D. He was fat and Jamaican. I was in love

Ebb: Ray J. A word up magazine. I was like 9.. I wrote fan letters and everything…. This was a good 17 years ago… Now I can’t stand the sight of his A$$… I never even saw his sex tape..

Ashley: METHOD MAN…Probably 1996 or so, listened to WU TANG & saw a video!!! Whew…i still have a thang up for him…in high school I had an entire wall designated to him @ moms house

La Trina: Prince ….almost fainted when I saw him in concert

Karen: John Travolta. I was 8. Grease was the BOMB. I played the album over and over, after my Mom took me to see it at the Drive-In. She then bought me the play-book. My bff and I, would sit in my Mom’s car and act out the entire movie. Lol.

Maureen: Without a doubt Pharrell Williams and were the same age. Adult Videos

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Takeisha: USHER RAYMOND ! ! I fell in love the first time I saw his video ”Just Call Me a Mack” and I still would do anything to chill with him!

Shaquetha: I think my first celebrity crush was SisQó from Dru Hill. I was like 14 and when I first saw him, I was so enamored with the fact that he was totally different than what I was used to seeing (baggy pants & gold teeth), that my crush lasted throughout high school. When I saw him in person for the first time, all I could think was: he’s super cute, but he’s a lot shorter than I thought. Oh well, go figure…


Dana: Blair Underwood is still mines. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dang on fine

Nicole: Joey Lawrence from the TV show Blossom. I always hated his character but I thought he was pretty.

Sarita: Mel Gibson! Yes maa’m! I was 7 or 8 years old. Those eyes!! Wanted to change my family name to Gibson too! Then he went crazy and I’m damaged! How could he do this to ‘us’!! We were going to get married and have lots of Gibson babies!

Sylvia: Marques Houston when he was with Immature. First saw their video “I Will Never Lie” watching the static filled channel “the box.” My 12 year old self loved that he was close to my age and his cute lil pig tails at the time! #whatthehellwasIthinking?

Shayla: Ginuwine. I saw the Pony video, been in love ever since!

Gineen: OK it was Tevin Campbell and the first time I saw him was on the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. I thought he was soooo cute back then and I even tried to look him up in the phonebook. I didn’t know any better. Young and stupid…

Victoria: The Famous Jet Jackson was my first celebrity crush! I used to love that show! And he’s still gorgeous today!

Joy: Ralph Tresvant back in the day. I first feel in love with him in 1985 with Mr Telephone Man. My love grew for him over the years, even after he went solo with Sensitivity ❤

Thomasina: Kirk Cameron his laugh ..and those dimples he was just so cute to me i had a major crush for years now hes a grown man and christian the ultimate turn on!!

Darling: I also had a thing for the dad on Growing Pains, Robin Thicke’s dad. I was about eight and thought that man was attractive. I can see where his son gets the good looks. But Michael will always be my first real crush. My brother ripped my calendar I had and I whipped his butt lol!

Jocelyn: I don’t know how many of yall remember “The Boys” from the late ’80s. Hakeem the lead singer was my absolute favorite <3!!!!!!!!! I was six at the time and was heartbroken to find out that he was a teenager at the I thought we were getting married.

LoRonce: Isaac Hayes. My mom had the Black Moses album, and the standup that came with it. He looked so beautiful, bald and tall and beautifully clothed.


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