The Best Thing About The Election — Besides Obama Winning — Is We Don’t Have To Hear From These Idiots Anymore

November 8, 2012  |  
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I had a bit of a revelation yesterday when thinking about President Obama’s re-election. Of course I’m super excited to call Barack Obama my president for another four years — and you know control my own vayjayjay without Republican oversight — put there is something equally exciting about this re-election that has nothing to do with him. We will no longer have to hear from the ignorant characters who showed their you know what’s this election season.

Between random endorsements, trying to hold the president for ransom, and making the case for legitimate rapes, by the time November 6 came around, most of us couldn’t wait for the entire electoral process to be over just so we wouldn’t have to see or hear from these fools who will now be disappearing into conservative oblivion anymore. Let’s take one last look at them shall we?

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Mitt Romney

I know at least 47% of the American population should be happy about this. Republicans don’t like to keep their losers around for long. I mean has anyone seen or heard from George Bush since 2008? Sarah Palin? John McCain? The GOP doesn’t eff with people who can’t cross the finish line and since every state Mitt Romney ever had any sort of connection to voted against him in the election Tuesday, he’s pretty much the most unwanted man in America right now. That means he’ll likely retire to one of his mansions to live out his last days in seclusion, except for those 19 cousins and distant relatives he kept bringing out at every public appearance.

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Paul Ryan

Paul hasn’t really been trying to be seen too much since he took that butt whopping from Joe Biden during the vice presidential debate. Like Mitt, Paul is no longer valuable to the republican party which means no one will be asking him for his opinion on anything except maybe how to be a puppet for the GOP. Fine by me.

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Donald Trump

Round of applause, baby make that…oops, sorry, I got caught up in the moment. Ratchet music aside, the silencing of Donald Trump is by far the best thing about this entire list. The Donald has been a nuisance every since the 2008 election season with his birther theories that he unfortunately brought into this election with a rather disturbing video directed at the president. And even though he’s called for recounts and marches on Washington since Barack Obama’s re-election was announced, you know it’s bad when news outlets don’t even want to report on your foolishness because they don’t want to give you anymore undeserving attention. By my watch, he’s got about 24 more hours of relevance and then it’s game over unless he’s talking about “The Apprentice.”

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Stacey Dash

No more 1,300-word letters, no more Baywatch swimsuits, no more claims to be a well-paid actress. I mean what more do I need to say? Stacey Dash came, we saw, and she went within the blink of an eye. She may be the most classic example of 15 minutes of fame ever. She certainly got what she came for and now she can retreat to the land of unemployed B-list actresses where she came from.

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Todd Aiken

If any woman, let alone a victim of a sexual assault, had to sit through one more of Todd Aiken’s takes on abortion and the physiological aspect of rape, all hell would have broke loose. When the Missouri representative shared his tainted thoughts on “legitimate rape” and how the female body can “shut that whole thing down,” he sealed his fate in the Senate race. We all should be thankful for that. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP put out a gag order on Todd so that he can’t further embarrass their party. 

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Ann Coulter

Ann won’t completely disappear because she stays coming out with a book and “The View” keeps her on their couch, but at least we won’t have to watch Ann pretend to care about black people anymore or hear anything else about high-tech lynchings. Because she’s the type of chick who needs a lot of attention, I’m sure Ann’s Twitter  account will still be on and popping with all sorts of underhanded prejudice thoughts, but on the national stage, no one will be checking for her again until 2016.

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Newt Gingrich

Newt has technically already been swept under the rug by his party but the absence of his presence still deserves a moment of silence. No more will we have to hear his foodstamp president grandstanding or suggestions that bilingual education requirements in school be replaced with immersion in English. Newt is now an official non mother-effing factor, and the United States is a better place because of it.

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Clint Eastwood

I think even Clint Eastwood realized he needed to have a seat in that imaginary chair he was talking to at the Republican National Convention earlier this year. The respect and admiration many hold for the actor and director virtually diminished after he pulled that stunt at the RNC and for good reason. Everything about that “performance” seemed to prove he was clearly off his rocker. I don’t mind seeing him in front of the screen reciting lines in a movie but when it comes to political matters, I prefer he stay behind the camera from here on out.

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Mitch McConnell

It’s a given that Mitch should sit down given that he’s already failed his major goal of 2012: preventing President Obama’s re-election. Yes, this is the senator who told the National Journal in 2010:

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Well, all I have to say to that is four more years. Oh yeah, and take that Mitches!

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  Michael Steele

If you didn’t notice, Republicans only eff with Michael on particular occasions. They brought him out at the RNC in 2008 just to act like they had an equal counterpart to Barack Obama and then they brought him out after the re-election this year just to make his sporadic appearances seem less suspect. I actually found out the GOP puppet is a little bit smarter than he seems when on the night of the election he fully admitted that Republicans have been getting their behinds spanked and they’re going to keep getting spanked unless they don’t learn something from this loss. But given how stuck the GOP is in their ways, I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael went missing again just for going against them. Oh well, less nonsense we have to listen to.

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  • I feel so sorry for you. Mr. Obama is the biggest fraud America has ever seen. He’s a lying Muslim wannabe dictator with an ego so out of control it’s pathetic. Obama is the most corrupt politician we’ve ever had in our history, and it’s the ignorant and the foolish who worship this fraud. You can be all happy and cheerful now that your messiah cheated his way into office for another 4 disastrous years (definite, massive, proven voter fraud!), but your laughter will turn to tears of disbelief when everything starts to fall apart around you – and it most definitely will. Your “messiah”, this lying Muslim fraud, wants to destroy the U.S. from the inside out, and in the process make himself the permanent dictator of a new socialist nation – the nation he is creating. For you to believe in this corrupt liar proves just how incredibly stupid and blind you really are. Unemployment is at the highest it has ever been! Obama has done more ‘executive orders’ than all the presidents in our history combined! He has lied about taxes, he lies about his true birth place, he lies about everything! The man has proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood you incredible moron!! Mr. obama is controlled by the Unions, the Muslim Brotherhood and his own massive arrogance. He couldn’t operate a lemonade stand without teleprompters. The man is a Muslim, bottom line, and he’s a socialist who wants total control over all of us. He is already systematically destroying our freedoms, and he has no respect whatsoever for our Constitution or the proven fact that America was founded by Christians! Mr. Obama lied through his teeth when he said that Muslims helped form this country, because when the U.S. was formed, there were NO MUSLIMS HERE!!! You can preach your foolish joy all you want, but I guarantee that when the truth finally hits you regarding the destruction you’ve brought upon our country, you and all the other ignorant liberals will be hiding in shame. You won’t be joyful much longer you fool, you’ll be crying a river of tears instead. What an ignoramus you are!!!

  • So excited to have an ineffective and expensive president

  • We are stuck with Obama for another four years. It doesn’t mean we will shut up and say nothing while he continues to steal money and destroy the economy.

  • Brandon

    Agree or disagree this is the problem with people especially the left. You badger and criticize these people but then ask the other side to keep their mouths shut on important issues. You are foolish.

  • interestedobserver2

    Sadly, the author of this character assassination article undoubtedly actually believes the line of bovine fecal matter she peddles in this kind of writing. I can’t think of a more effective and complete condemnation of what passes for education these days. Or journalism, for that matter. It’s precisely this sort of thing that has destroyed any ability to actually have a reasoned political discourse and actually strive for mutual understanding. But hey, why should she care? “Her” candidate won, and therefore all is well with the world. After all, the half of Americans that were disappointed by the outcome of the election don’t count in any way, do they? Of course, when Bush was President, the half of Americans who were disappointed in the outcome were the only half that counted. The sheer hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. Just consider this “enlightened woman’s” unceasing sexist attacks on people like Ann Coulter who happen to disagree with her. Maybe it’s time she STOPPED thinking with her “vayjayjay” and started using her mind.

  • Amen to that–although we will continue to hear from some of them, as they need to make outlandish offensive comments to sell their books and get speakers fees, etc

  • Amen to that–although we will continue to hear from some of them, as they need to make outlandish offensive comments to sell their books and get speakers fees, etc

  • Amen to that–although we will continue to hear from some of them, as they need to make outlandish offensive comments to sell their books and get speakers fees, etc

  • Amen to that–although we will continue to hear from some of them, as they need to make outlandish offensive comments to sell their books and get speakers fees, etc

  • The author of this article forgot to add themselves to the list.

  • rogern1967

    I look forward to not hearing from Romney too…but why then is he being asked about this that or the other by the press. The election is over (thank goodness), let’s look forward, not back.

  • Jeff Carlson

    I love to read the hate displayed at lefty websites … Its quite revealing to see the amount of vitriol on display … and the ignorance … you folks are dumber than a bag of hammers …

  • Econ101lab

    I wish it were 11…Brande Victorian.

  • mhutch0301

    Guess you FAILED in your “single most important mission”, Mitch McConnell, huh? Stings like a b*tch, don’t it? You’re impotent. Just like the rest of your sorry-ass “political party” – which really is now nothing more than a whole bunch of deluded, dim-witted zealots. Hypocrite. Failure. Joke. Not fit to be a United States Senator. You’re an embarrassment to America.

    • smartalek

      Well said!

  • mhutch0301

    Good riddance to every last one of these fools. And to all the fools posting about “Odumbo” below, too. Uh, guys?…. YOU LOST. Don’t bother figuring out why. Just keep blaming everyone else. That’s right where we want you.

  • onjeffriv

    Odumba is a leader of fools. All the superior smart successful people who do not need government welfare voted for Romney!!

  • onjeffriv

    Hard to believe how ignorant and stupid you black people are. Odumba n*gger won by buying the the dim wit lazy vote that the dummicrats have been flooding the country with for 50 yrs.All the smart successful people voted for Romney!!! Odumba got the ignorant, the obamaphone trash, the criminals, the queers and the illegals. You really want that group picking the leader of the free world. Besides Odumba is too stupid and too lazy to be behind this. Only evil white people are smart enough to pull this off. Odumba is just a little negro puppet for them.

  • Dolmance

    Talk about wishful thinking. I haven’t heard these people so much as pause to take a breath since the election was over.

  • John Galt

    The Obama and his mindless minions have no intention of running the Country, (except to run it into the ground so that we are a 3rd world hole).

  • John Galt

    The “Biggest Looser” in this election is America! The Obama is the most corrupt politician to ever inhabit the White House. I have never seen such a pathological lair as Obama. We now have an America where more people vote for a living then work for a living!


    Grace and diplomacy over attacks and lies. Romney and Ryan didn’t lose; The American Citizens did.

    • John Galt

      You can say that again!


    Brande Victorian: You’ll see who the fools were soon enough.

  • john

    Well, it’s a shame fools like you can’t just enjoy the fact the

    apparatchik fooled the people again and keep your mouths shut, noooooo, you have to start talking and show the world how foolish our country has been.

  • Saul

    Romney or Obama. Doesn’t matter. They’re both fascist nazis.

    • John Galt

      Correction, Obama is a communist.

  • Fred I

    Well, lets check back in in a year or so and see if the economy is still
    in tatters. Then you libs can all look back and realize you could have
    voted for a seasoned manager instead of a proven failure.

    • Bookthief

      OK Freddy, meet ya here in a year. Ya know we had single-payer for Wall St. and banks forced on citizens from the very people you wish were back in office – tells much about your problem solving ability.

      • ILUVUSA2

        And you think 0bama isn’t in their pockets or that the bank aren’t in his pants? Talk about foolish!

        • Bookthief

          Apples and oranges.

  • The_Truth_Will_Set_You_Free

    Where’s Biden on this list?

  • Independent

    You missed the main one-Barry O. Now that he’s a lame-duck nobody gives a sh!t what he says. Not that we ever did, anyway….

  • Jock W, Texas

    Losers are expected to lose. I just wish they would learn how to grow up, and learn to swallow their psyche meds and sour grapes. Don’t just hold them in your mouth.

  • citizenrich

    “Madame Noire” needs to learn how to write. Your grammar would make a school teacher weep.

  • obooboe

    Nice try but no cigar. Those who tell it as it is aren’t going away. They will be there to keep the spotlight on YOUR biggoted, race bating, class warfare demagogue of a socialist president, the idiot you for supporting this parriah.

  • Is this how stupid democrats are? Keeping control of your so call vayjayjay? Are you kidding pro life people don’t care about your dirty C word, keep babies out of it and believe me we won’t get anywhere close to it.

    • So, to recap, you just gave a direct order about what to do with her vagina, one sentence after you claimed not to care about it. Oh, actually that was all the same (run-on) sentence. Keep up the good work!

  • Well aren’t you witty… Do us a big favor… Go play in the freeway.

  • Mimihaha

    You missed Ann Romney.

    • John Galt

      And you missed Moooshell!

  • AMinNV

    You forgot Joe Walsh, Alan West, and (just maybe) Dan Lundgren. And tho’ it’s too much to hope that Karl Rove will join this august cast of characters (in every sense of that word), it’s plausible that his ravings now will only be heeded by the more demented “true believers.” This election wasn’t 1964, but it was almost as satisfying.

  • Dolmance

    I must admit, I rather like hearing them squeal like pigs. But I imagine that’s going to get old pretty quick.

  • etherbunny2

    You might be laughing now, but wait until the layoffs begin and the country enters another recession or depression. I’m sure your ribs will be hurting even more!

    • it’s already in progress… Boeing, and Papa John’s, Starbucks..Lay offs and reductions in work hours and we’re not even a week after the election. Gotta love your Obama care!… Idiots…

    • John Galt

      The real joke is that the unemployment in the Black community has never been higher then with the Obama economy. Remember what Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”.

    • you talk like you’d love for all those events to happen–would really put a huge grin on your face while you listen to Fox noise–sorrry but America is on the upswing despite your desire for a return to 1932

    • you talk like you’d love for all those events to happen–would really put a huge grin on your face while you listen to Fox noise–sorrry but America is on the upswing despite your desire for a return to 1932

  • ProfitOverLife

    Think again, fellow liberals! Those asshats will be back again and again—just like herpes! (Though, I wouldn’t know…)

    • John Galt

      Or ….. just like you.

  • OH how I wish FOX News would be on this list but we all know that unfortunately they aren’t going anywhere. If the Reps want to move forward in the future of America they have to wake up to the wake up call of this election and first thing is changing the faces of Faux News starting with making Micheal Steele one of the faces of that change.As long as FOX News is around they will continue to be the representation of what republicans represent and that is not a good look for the Reps. We live in a America where the whites will no longer be the majority, gays and lesbians are no longer going to deny themselves and their rights, women can speak for themselves and their bodies, and if they continue to talk down to the younger generation and non-reps they are going to be resented by the people that they want to suppress to the point where they don’t exist and they don’t matter. Both the reps and demos need to be around to light a fire under each others a$$es but we also need to allow more than reps and demos to get the shine when it comes to politics.

  • Fred

    We need to get a quote from Mitch McConnell as to what his job is going to be for the President’s 2nd term. It had better be working with the legally, elected by the people of this country president for the good of the country instead of working just for his out of touch paryy.

    • John Galt

      Actually …. we need Obama behind bars …..

  • RJB

    Millions unemployed, Americans murdered abroad, Iran going nuclear and you think Republicans care about your rotten crotch. What an idiot.

    • smartalek

      Perhaps you should tell that to the Publicans themselves.
      Seems they disagree with you.
      Oh, and thank you for your concern for murdered Americans (and others). Several thousand died 11 years ago, explicitly (and, devastatingly, totally preventably) because of the massive incompetence at the very top of the administration that your crew installed in office. Nice to see you starting to care…
      (We know you’re a bit slow — but better late than never… even if it takes a President of the other party to so move you. Same, only more so, for the “millions unemployed”… and for the massive debt that your kind usually whines about, too. I guess even you are finally realizing you’re not fooling anyone with that one any more.)
      Best wishes for the new year, all!

  • Tamz

    Ann Coulter looks like the Hush Puppies mascot in that pic.

  • Patricai

    Yep all these idiots are correct. But I am sure that Donald Trump, Ann Colter, Mitch will continue to be idiots as normal and will continue to say something stupid and ignorant. Oh, their buddy Rush Limbaugh will continue to say stupid and ignorant stuff as usual. Who is the next idiots to make the list to say something stupid without thinking before they speak? I am waiting for some more. LOL!

    • John Galt

      Yea ….. stupid like let’s not spend more then what we take in! ….. or let’s follow the Constitution …..

  • Guest

    Some of these remarks are hysterical. Thanks for the laughs!!!! Haters are gonna hate no matter what!!!!

  • ANTMilf

    Oh we’re gonna hear more from them in the next 4 years as long as their mouths are connected to their a$$es!

  • Ann Coulter!! What hole did she crawl out of???? I know she has to be the must disgusting little girl anyone would ever encounter. Talk about ignorant look the word up..Her picture is there.

    • John Galt

      What hold did YOU crawl out of? What ever is was it must surly stink.

    • Jeff Carlson

      you mean besides you … right ?

  • Suchalady

    And don’t come back!

  • GeekMommaRants

    These ass-hats and many other talentless, witless hacks need to sit down as well. We only get a million characters so there is no way to list all of the human waste of flesh train, above is a very good start.

    • John Galt

      Speaking of “ass-hats” did you ever look in a mirror?

      • GeekMommaRants

        Bish please, pink is mindset!

  • FromUR2UB

    Are these actual photographs, or MAD Magazine caricatures?

  • Lola

    I’ve always said that – besides my candidate winning – my favorite part of elections is the Republican meltdown and the subsequent infighting. Too sweet!

    • Brad Gilbert

      You mean like the meltdown we had in ’08? The one that led to the whuppin’ we gave the dims in 2010? Enjoy these two years. They’re gonna go by REEEEAAAAL FAST! And, as the man said, “(We’ll) be back!”

      • Hmmm. Yes, I suppose you have a point…all those big agenda items the GOP has passed since 2011 have been a real disappointment to us “dims.”

        Oh, wait…

    • The_Truth_Will_Set_You_Free

      “my candidate” huh? Is that how you look at it? What happen to it being “our candidate.” We live in a very selfish, self-centered, narcissistic society. We’ve been taught we are either victims, we’re entitled to something, or both. You, my dear Lola, are part of the problem, not the solution. The question should be what can we give back not what can we get from “my candidate.” And unfortunately that’s what “we” voted for this time. We voted to “get” not to “give.” Every election has its consequences .. and this one will too. We’ve only just begun to see it.

  • Cakester

    Now Trump can go back to sniffing lacefront glue….

    • Lola

      LOL stop it, my ribs!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    They all have creepy rubbery looking faces. Ain’t nobody put Trump in a asylum yet?

    • Negress

      He needs to on involuntary 72 hour lockdown, for reals.

      • obooboe

        No wonder you support oboobee, you don’t even know how to read or write. For reals!

        • smartalek

          Define “irony:”
          A person who — even with a spell-check app! — can’t manage to spell “bigoted,” “baiting,” “pariah,” or “asylum,” claims someone else doesn’t know how to write.
          Better trolls, please — if you can’t be cogent (we’ll wait while you look it up, if you’re sufficiently ambitious), could you at least be entertaining?

    • No, even the crazy people don’t want him.

    • obooboe

      Maybe you can recommend the assylum your s member of.

  • Meyaka

    I’ve paid those dirt queen dust the entire campaign,and I will continue to do so .

  • Miss J

    Can I get that notarized and in writing?

  • Nikki

    Actually, they’re going to criticize everything President Obama does or doesn’t do.

    • exactly! I know TRUMP ole blankity blank self is, was, and still will be.

    • John Galt

      No, they will only expose Obama for the liar that he is!