Whoopsie! 9 Super Awkward Moments On BET’s 106 & Park

November 9, 2012  |  
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When you have a live show, there’s always a chance for something to go terribly wrong. Through its twelve year history (yeah 106 & Park is 12 years old) there have never been any completely outrageous moments. No one got cussed out or anything, but there have been some moments they left the livest studio audience and those of us viewing at home, feeling some type of way. Check out these moments below.

Terrence Clowning Rocsi

For years people assumed that Terrence and Rocsi were carrying on some type of romantic relationship. While those assumptions were pretty much unfounded at first, they took on new life when the twosome had an on-air fall out. It started off like a little brotherly/sisterly tat and quickly transitioned to what looked exactly like a lover’s quarrel. Terrence was completely out of order, talking about Rocsi’s body, her breath and her inability to read. So unprofessional! But in his defense he apologized later with a bouquet of flowers, which he later had singer Mario deliver to her.

Michelle Falling on Stage

You just knew this one was going to make the list right?! It was a huge moment in pop culture. Being that Michelle was the last member added to Destiny’s Child after several transitions, fans always felt like she might have been the third wheel. Well, her falling on the 106 & Park stage didn’t do anything to help the “red-headed step child” theory. People love to say that Kelly or Beyoncé should have stopped their strut and helped Michelle up; but the first rule of performing is that the show must go on.    

Waka Flocka

Oh Waka! We love to dance to your ratchet music in the club, so we didn’t assume you were necessarily on Einstein’s level. But when we saw you on 106 & Park speaking about the benefits of voting and getting an education, we really saw just how bad it was. Even you Waka realized you weren’t coming off in the best light and tried to rewind national tv. Unfortunately, it was documented for the world to see on BET and now over and over again via YouTube and World Star Hip Hop.

Beyonce gets irritated 

We’ve known for some time now that Beyoncé does not get down with answering personal questions. (Read: questions about her husband Jay-Z and their relationship.) So Rocsi got shut down with a quickness when she tried to get something of an exclusive from King Bey as she was promoting her album I Am…Sasha Fierce. Beyoncé was happy to change the subject initially but then in a fun little game they were playing with her, she admitted that she was most definitely irritated.

Jay Z and Cam’ron

Let’s take a quick poll: In the world of Hip Hop, who’s more popular Jay-Z or Cam’ron? The question’s really a no-brainer. But just because Jay-Z has been the man for decades now, doesn’t mean Killa Cam is dog meat. Well, that’s kinda what he was treated like when he and Jay went on 106 together. In this 5 minute segment, A.J. and Free literally spend 4 minutes, if not more, talking to Jay while Cam’ron sits, almost shaded from view, in almost absolute silence. They should have interviewed these two separately.

Rocsi asks Victor Cruz about his [dead] father

Rocsi was known for her snafus. But one of the worst probably came when she was interviewing wide receiver, Victor Cruz, right before he and the New York Giants competed in this year’s Super Bowl. Apparently, homegirl didn’t know that Cruz’ father had passed away, which made for a terribly awkward moment when she was certain that his dad would be at the game.

Lil Wayne Kissing Birdman

Lil Wayne and Birdman have a very interesting relationship. Both of them are quick to tell you that they’re like father and son. Which is nice. We all need our fathers or father figures. Thing about Baby and Wayne is, they take their love to a whole ‘nother level, in that they stay locking lips. Most of us have seen the picture, but did you know that back in the day, the two smooched it up on stage as well? *Note, the actual kiss isn’t captured on film, probably because BET might have faced pressure from the FCC if it had been shown.* 


Lil Webbie Banned From 106 &Park

This is less awkward and more unfortunate than anything else. While Webbie was on the show judging a Freestyle Friday battle, he apparently made some inappropriate comments to Rocsi. Comments she didn’t appreciate. I didn’t watch this particular episode and can’t find it online; but allegedly, Webbie whispered something in her ear. I’m glad that BET took a stand on this. It really shows that they’re invested in making sure their talent is not disrespected.  Check out the banishment announcement Terrence J delivered in the video below.


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Left Eye As NINA 

Most of us loved Left Eye dearly. But I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Left Eye was cut from a very different cloth. If you ever doubted this you only need look at her stint with Death Row to believe it. Not only did Left Eye sign with Suge Knight, under the label she was known as Nina. Check out the very strange interview with AJ and Free in the video below.


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