Hope Emily Knows: Fab Says He Doesn’t See Marriage In His Future

November 8, 2012  |  

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Without Emily B.’s presence on “Love & Hip-Hop” it’s been hard to keep up with her relationship with Fabolous — although she has dropped his name a time or two on Chrissy and Jim Jones’ new VH1 reality show spin-off. Many still assume the pair is still together (or something like that), or at the very least Emily is still wishing on a star to finally be claimed, but today on “The Combat Jack Show” we got a bit of an update on the two, and interestingly it came from Fab.

Though the radio interview was focused on the rapper’s upcoming music projects, the hosts definitely took the opportunity to ask Fab about the status of his relationship with Emily and whether he has any plans to put a ring on it. As expected, his answers sound pretty typical of a 34-year-old who’s not ready to settle down. Here are a couple snippets.

Status of his relationship with Emily
We great. I think me and Emily situation through the show got tainted through the public view cause it was really a one sided story. It’s entertainment, at the end of the day. I did tell her, if you want to do that show, you have to be mindful of what’s going on. A lot of girls go into those shows not knowing exactly what they are getting into. Some of the scenarios are sprung on them, so it’s like ‘Oh, wow.’ They have to react, and that’s why [the producers] do it, because it gets them a real honest reaction because they don’t know what’s about to happen. You still have to be mindful that you’re on TV and you’re saying things. They cut and edit what you say well, so you might say a whole paragraph, but if you say one little thing that’s juicy enough, ‘Yeah lets get that part.’

Me and Emily are good, we are in a great place, we are raising a little boy together.

Whether marriage is in the future

I don’t think marriage is in the future for me right now man, I really don’t. The thing about marriage is that I believe in it and don’t believe in it. I think people put that ring and that paper and it messes up a good thing sometimes. Now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship. Now you can say, ‘If I’m married, it’s on paper and I walk away, this is that and this is this’. So I like to just build on relationships and make sure that you’re in a happy relationship and if it leads to that.

I know a lot of people look at certain relationships, celebrity relationships, and say, ‘Aw look at Jay and Bey’ and I think even that relationship, it took time. Jay is 40 years old, and he waited until he felt it was right. Even when they first got together, it wasn’t a public thing. They were denying they were a couple when everybody knew they were a couple at first. […] They just made sure their base was strong before they made it public and I think that’s the kind of thing you have to do in a relationship.

Do you think Fabolous and Emily are really great?

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  • britt

    They’re great as long as fab continues to let her believe they are. . . Go Emily!

  • dee

    I was almost Emily thank God i came to my senses i have never been happier!

  • Sophia L.

    Breaks my heart to hear that but if that is what he truly feels than Emily needs to make a decision on whether she’s content on being a live in girlfriend for the rest of their relationship or if she’s gonna break it off and find someone who is ready to make a commitment. I just hope she isn’t letting her fear of starting over dictate the final decision.

  • R

    I agreed with Fab 100%. I’m pretty sure he loves her because if he didn’t he would not be taking care of her. Men have every right not to want to get married. Look at our society. It does not matter if your a black, asian, white, or latino, men are always to blame in our society, especially if your a black man.

    Most men have seen their fathers, uncles, close friends and other male family members get abused by the system. What’s funny about that is women are the one’s who file for divorce 75% of the time. Men today are just tried of getting abused by the court system and the states they live in. It’s that simple. Especially if a man is stacking that paper, there is no reason to get married as far as he can see. The best time and way a women can get married really to a man is when he is on the come up. It’s no way a man of means like me would even think of doing that nonsense. I would instantly start losing. My hair, my money and my sanity.

    I can understand why women want to get married, I get it and I agree on certain levels. There a plenty of good women with great morals that want the best for the man in their life. But today it’s to many ratchets out there soiling the bunch. Married minded women with morals that want a good man, a great relationship with that one man need to stand up against those women who are just looking for a comeup. Expose those women, cause if you don’t you will be affected by it. Either your sons, nephews, brothers, close friends will also say they do not want to get married. And really you will know why. That’s why women have to try to listen and look at it from a men’s point of view sometimes. It does not mean he is a ” little boy ” because he doesn’t want to get married. The nerve of some women. That’s like saying she is a little girl by the way she acts. Men have every right to their opinions like it or not. Every man is not going to kiss your feet ladies. Get over it

  • FoundLove

    Everybody acts as if you have never been or not currently in a type of situation like this. Honesty we don’t know what he’ll is going on in their lives. We don’t know wth fab tells her when their laying in bed. Maybe she’s gone to grips to the fact she not going to get married to him; and she’s cool with that. How bout we all take several seats and mind or own business. Just saying….

  • JustSayin

    I think everyone sees this differently then I do. I see what he is saying. Jay-z & Beyonce were together for 8 years before they settled down and got married. Jay-z is 40 and now he is rocking skinny jeans, little t-shirts and uncombed hair. He is at that age. Everyone is different. As long as they are happy that is all that matters. Emily went on that show and made it seem as if Fab wasn’t really all in. She was smart. She has all these women KNOWING that Fab belongs to her. She has publicity to keep her clothing line going and now she has men that are willing to say, “Fab don’t want you? Oh baby I’ll take care of you.” She is smart. Fab got money and now she does to. Reality TV is not as real as you people think. They act. After all… its entertainment.

    • yeppers

      THAT WAS A WHOLE BUNCH OF NOTHIN THAT U JUST SAID….with all due respect. Sweetheart…..what good is it to go on someone s TV and make women u say know or think fab is hers and take pictures on instagram….last time i checked : mistresses and side peices and JUMP OFFS dont give a S___ who your man is or if yall on somebody TV….what!?!?! They might know, but they dont CARE!!!! So she got money….and still got a man on the radio sayin HE DONT WANT A PIECE OF PAPER IN CASE HE WANT TO GET UP AND LEAVE…..REALLY!?!!? and thats a winning combination to you?? how sad…and please stop mentioniong Beyonce and JAy….he clearly married her and made an honest woman out of her before they had children…no matter how long they dated…he knew they family wasnt about that MESS. And the true GAG is Bey and Jay were legally married for years before the beans were spilled with that wedding IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW…so quit with the comparisons boo. It aint even like that.

      • JustSayin

        Bottom line is that it’s their business. Just like every other celebrity. And she did what she wanted to do. I didn’t say she was winning. I said she was smart. She had insecurities and she wanted people to know who she is. She wanted people on her side and that’s what happened. Side chicks, jump offs, come to anyone! Broke dudes with a pack of newports can have a side chick. So as far as I am concerned… There are PLENTY of people in this world who don’t get married and perfectly happy. PLENTY of people that exploit their lives for money and are perfectly happy. Lastly… Glad they are happy! Period! Now… Anything else? Not my business!

        • Yeppers

          Side chicks and jumpoffs come to ANYONE… However the man that is WITH YOU PERIOD… Won’t go with them. Stop settling for that lie that all men cheat… That’s not tru and when u demand respect or u walk… They will either shape up or ship the f-k out… I don’t have Time to waste my happilness and purpose on someOne i guilt into staying. U need to fine… But that’s not how I roll. I’m nvr happy with DISRESPECT IN PUBLIC OR IN PRIVATE! It’s they business so if she like it I love it.. Some women like that lifestyle over respect… And if that floats her dam boat then DO IT BIG SHAWTY! HoPe louboutin has her and the side chick shoe sizes this chrismas..

  • Cakester

    After reading all of this, I can’t get past, “We good!”

  • ynobeturner

    “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free…..”

  • Here’s what NOBODY is getting. Emily will always be the baby mama and never the wife because instead of DEMANDING what she wants she SETTLES.

  • just me

    emily emily emily…lawd child… why stick around waiting on a man who is not willing to give you what it takes to be happy for yourself…I think she needs to step away find herself for awhile and then just maybe Mr. Right…not fab..will walk into her life…cut ties, walk away and let it go baby girl



  • rzakia

    The relationship is great for him. How could he ask for more? He has Emily and is free to sleep around with any and everybody that he wants to and she knows the deal. He doesn’t have to hide anything, lie to her, keep secrets…it’s all out in the open. I don’t know if he could ask for more. As for Ms. Emily, she must approve otherwise she would’ve been gone. She knows the deal and she accepts it all. Hell she has her “friends” telling her that if she wants to be with someone in the industry then this is what she has to put up with and she does it. Apparently this is the ideal relationship for them both.

    • Nenah


    • Emily likes having access to that money and lifestyle. Let’s not twist it. Big lipped Fab isn’t the only one winning in this situation.

      • yeppers

        You betta preach….she would not have access to what she has without his dolla and the insurance she bought by having that kid….people dont be dumb. She got that 18 year insurance policy so she tied to that negro no matter how many hos he step out with…and if you sure u want to be with someone Fab why would you even make the statement “IF WE HAVE A PIECE OF PAPERS IM TIED IF I WANT TO WALK”…CH…why is that even a thought with a woman that has obviously loved and been with you for years…and DONT EVEN MENTION JAY AND BEY…they may have had their ups and downs and we dont know they business but hem makes sure the WORLD KNOWS THAT WORSHIPS THAT WOMAN..thats his queen that he shouts out in EVERY song…so please gag me on that statement FAB, you are not even on thier level with this foolery.

  • 1Val

    Fab has presented Emily with one of two options. She can be unmarried with him or find another man who is willing to marry her. Its her move.

  • Nisha

    He mentions Jay Z and Beyonce…..Jay may have waited to get married…but he also waited on having kids with B. If you’re not ready to get married at 34 and you have a child, you are still a little boy. Emily need to keep it movin’

    • yeppers

      Exactly…he dont want to marry the woman…BUT WANT TO DO EVERYTHING THAT MARRIED PEOPLE DO….O ok…is that the plan Fab???? That makes no sense….people like him just perpetuate these trifling lives like its OK for society to run around and have kids with every linda and susan, and when u tired go to the next and throw yo kid a check…or NOT if you broke. when any why did that become ok, oh yeah, thats right ITS NOT.

      • Cinnamon71

        Exactly, why make her a mother before you make her a wife? If you’re not the marrying type, you can sow your wild oats without leaving a trail of seeds behind. And as for her, having a man’s baby isn’t going to guarantee he will stay with you and want to get married, either. Communication and being on the same page is key to progressing on to a better relationship. Stop assuming and hoping you’ll get someone to change. A person has to want to change.

  • IllyPhilly

    Yes she should dump him and find a man ready to rush to the alter. Married men after all don’t lie, cheat, beat, or steal from their wives. Why she laying up with somebody she loves when she should get married?

    • patsy

      fab, is that you? LMAO

      but seriously..the main problem isnt her laying up with dude. the probably is that they dont have common objectives. if she was happy “laying up” then she’d be mute. she obviously isnt. she’s spending years convincing the man to want her in the way that’d make her happy. and that’s the problem.

      • IllyPhilly

        LOL. I feel like that’s her gimmick. She reminds me of Joan from Girlfriends-the whiny one. I can’t believe she’s that unhappy and staying around.

    • yeppers

      im trying to figure out what your point is….long term boyfriends and baby daddys also lie, cheat, and beat they women (as we see with Fab since he obviously CHEATS)…so what the hell does that have to do with getting married….Im sure u dont marry someone because u hope that they wont do any of the above….I HOPE THEY NOT BEATING YOU TO BEGIN WITH!?. Bottom line, she want to be married and act like she got a husband and he want to ho hop….how much clearer can it be….Dont try and down marriage and sugar coat because of that stupidity you talking about. I aint layin up with nan nigro that aint my husband patna…

      • Thank you!

      • IllyPhilly

        What, you a pastor or something? STFU ’bout downing marriage, nobody’s downing marriage. It’s just like college, it’s not for everybody.

        • Yeppers

          Lol…. So trying to get my brothers and sisters to not have kids without being married first is being a pastor?? Wow it’s sad the level of ignorance our society has sunken to… Go ahead and live your life sweets I’m not the One a the end of the day who is the judge of that.

    • The point is she WANTS to be married. She wants to marry him. He isn’t sure he wants to commit legally to her just in case sh*t don’t work out. So what that means is he’s got her on a long term trial basis. If and when he wants to be done with her azz he would prefer not having the hassle of dealing with the court system and coming out of pocket.

  • she know’s but she’s not going to leave

  • SunshineBlossom

    If Emily wants better then she has to get it herself. Some men just aren’t the marrying type, but if he is clearly saying he doesn’t want to get married, then she needs to stop looking up at the sky and look down at reality. He’s not marrying her.

    • Nenah

      He’s the type of man who would leave her and get married to the next woman.

    • There are very few men who aren’t “the marrying type” the truth of the matter is he isn’t into marrying HER! She didn’t require that before popping out his baby or before moving in with him so he’s not going to do it. In the meantime she will enjoy living off his dime until he finds a chick that demands he step up, in which case he will kick her a** to the curb and wife up the new chick lickety split.

      • Na Na

        Hello! If you ever hear anyone say they dont want to be an a relationship/they don’t want to get married…it means they dn’t want to marry you!

        • yeppers

          thank you……thats the real GAG .

  • Atl

    Why would he marry his live in girl, baby momma, house keeper, care taker, etc.,,,?
    He has what he needs…..shes the one waitin

    • C

      Ok! +1

    • MiyaT

      I get your point, but who is to say that if they were in a relationship but she never had his baby, didnt live with him, or take care of him that he would marry her?? If a man wants to marry you he will, if he dont he wont.

      • yeppers

        Thats true myaT…however as most people know U LESSEN that chance if you give a man a family life without requiring that he make u his wife to have these things…i thought that was like common sense…if he dont want to marry you while yall dating u have every right to tell him to TAKE HIS A__ ON SOMEWHERE, NO HARM NO FOUL…not be tied to him- a man that doesnt want to marry you- for the rest of your life with a child….im sorry im a young woman NOT MARRIED, career minded and would die before i get tied to a man i am not married to with a baby…some women i guess have different standards on having babies with men who are not their husbands however i was taught this was they way to do things….a man should make a committment to you before he needs to have a child by you…but hey like lil duval say : DO YOU!!!

        • MiyaT

          I disagree with the lessen the chance part of your comment. I feel like if I man wants to marry you, having a child wouldnt matter. If you are with a man and he doesnt marry you because he is getting the milk for free then he didnt want to marry you in the first place. I think it depends on the man you are dealing with. In Emily’s case, I dont think Fab ever had any intention on marrying her, even before the baby.

  • gmarie

    I truly bad for this woman. So many men out here who would give her the world..

    • gmarie

      *feel bad*

    • roo08

      why? she’s a grown woman and noone is forcing her to stay in a relationship with this man. She deserves the world just as much as any other “good” woman does.

      • gmarie

        I feel bad that she has the mindset that she does when it comes to him. I know she can leave at any time but she won’t, she’s gonna waste her youth waiting on him. That is what makes me sad for her.

    • DeepThinker

      I feel bad for her too. She made the mistake of putting the cart before the horse TWICE. She has two baby daddies that did not wife her. She might be scared to move on thinking that her options to find a Quality man would be difficult or a new man to trust bringing around her kids impossible. Fab is letting her know in so many ways she is not special to him. It’s a shame because she deserves better than this funny looking…

  • margret

    To me this article back up the point the author and myself was trying to make with the interracial dating write-up most were offended by. No way am I saying it’s better. I don’t believe the grass is greener on the other side…but this mentality/mindset right here is what a lot of bw have to deal with ! However the answer is not IR dating.

    • FoundLove

      How does tie to interracial dating? Both Em and Fab are Spanish….

  • Meyaka

    Emily just move out again,and cry while a soft song plays in the back with a candlelight and a glass of wine,he’ll change gurlllll….

    • Lmfao! hahahahaaa

      • Meyaka

        Lol I’m I lying?

    • MLS2698

      She’s going to be 65 sipping on that glass of wine, and thinking about all the years she wasted.

  • Fancy

    While she was still on the show; Emily had mentioned that they’d been together for 9+years, much to the surprise of viewers and fans alike. Do people realize how long it took for Fab to even admit that he was seeing someone. Fab just might not be the marrying type; folks don’t fault him for that trait. Emily, however, has expressed on numerous occasions her desire to settle down, and marry Fab. Hopefully things have evened out by now, but it seems like they weren’t ever on the same page. Now you’re stuck with a child, a beautiful house, loads of accolades, but no one to claim you. My only question to Fab (or perhaps Emily) is this: Where is this going?

  • JaneDoe

    I’m sure she knows this..