In Way Too Deep: Man Murders Wife And Kids Then Kills Himself Over Threat Of Obama Re-Election

November 8, 2012  |  

Source: Daily Mail

It’s a given that not everyone was happy President Obama was re-elected Tuesday night but one Virginia man took his paranoia about four more years under the Commander-in-Chief’s leadership to the extreme when he murdered his wife and kids, and then took his own life Tuesday afternoon.

According to a preliminary investigation from police, all of the victims died of gunshot wounds to the upper body. Albert Peterson, 57, a wealthy defense contractor reportedly shot his wife Kathleen, 52, who worked for Blackbird Technologies, a company that specializes in defense, law enforcement and intelligence work, and their sons Matthew, 16, and Christopher, 13, then shot himself as well.

As tragic as that news is itself, it’s even more peculiar that the motive for the killings appears to be the impending doom Peterson thought awaited his family and the entire country if Obama was re-elected. Despite Peterson’s success, a family friend who only wanted to be identified as “Maggie,” told the Daily Mail Online that the business man continued to be haunted by demons from his past.

“He’s had difficulty his whole life,” Maggie said. “He had a rough time with paranoia.”

At a young age, Maggie said, both his father and his uncle committed suicide.

“His dad suffered from alopecia and it was something he couldn’t live with,” Maggie said.

After Mr Peterson’s Uncle John killed himself, Maggie said that both Petersons were unnerved as they had frequently sent their children to his home to spend time with him.

“When Uncle John died, [Mr Peterson] kicked himself and said ‘God, what would have happened if our sons were there when it happened?’” Maggie recalled.

Thinking back on the eerie precursor, Maggie is still dumbfounded.

“It just never crossed our minds,” she said.

Mr Peterson’s life was punctuated by bouts of paranoia that became so severe, he wallowed in his depression, gained weight, and contemplated taking his own life.

In one dark episode, after his mother died five years ago, his wife had to pull him from the brink of suicide.

“Kathie was a strong person and she probably put her foot down, like she did five years ago,” Maggie said. ‘Kathie couldn’t believe the way he was acting and how he thought.’

“She wanted to be out doing something – biking, hiking, tubing and I know that frustrated Al. She just wanted to be living life and he took that from her,” she said.

Maggie said that this spring, Mr Peterson lost his Uncle Bill to an infection, whom he looked up to as the family patriarch. “He felt like there was no one left in his family,” Maggie said.

As if that weren’t enough, Peterson recently began sending paranoid emails to family and friends on a daily basis about Tuesday’s election.

“I got emails and the emails stopped all of a sudden last week,” Maggie said. “He felt that our God-given rights were being taken away. He didn’t like where the country was going.”

Mr Peterson, also mentioned pressures at work that troubled Maggie.

Explaining his increasingly erratic behavior, she said: ‘He said he wanted to expose something at work. He also got the impression at work, that if they didn’t vote for Obama and get him elected, they would lose their jobs,”

“We don’t know. Maybe she put her foot down Sunday night and told him “Al get it together,”‘ Maggie said, noting that both Kathleen and Albert had security clearances.

“When Al was here last time, he was pretty worked up,” Maggie said. “They were very well off people and they saved a lot of money. He couldn’t understand how the government could be so irresponsible and he thought it would be on the backs of his boys.”

Police noted that Peterson did seem to be unusually passionate about politics, but they are hesitant to say Obama’s re-election prompted these murders.

“We don’t know the motive in this tragic case,” Lucy Caldwell of the Fairfax Police Department said.

“We are aware that the father had strong political opinions but cannot speculate as to how those opinions related to this case. We will, most likely, never know exactly why this occurred.”

It’s so unfortunate when the threat of going from having it all to losing it all causes this type of reaction.

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  • typical moron! going bald making him want to kill himself even? come on, what a VAIN FOOL! Loser should have gone ALONE to his death, not taken the lives of innocent people but that is how paranoid idiots are, they put children on this planet and then abuse them too! grrrrr

  • Prissy

    White folk NEVER truly cease to amaze me.

  • This is sad!!!!!! all over because a black man is in office. Wow!!!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    If he had started with himself he would have made the world a better place.

  • Jrmint27

    I can’t believe you guys are posting this story like it just happened! This happened at the end of September and they are not sure yet whether it was really over the possibility that Obama was getting re-elected. Don’t try to write the story like it happened on election nite!

  • On_Point

    If you are that dumb to do that to yourself, than GOOD Riddance

  • Deedee

    Smh!! This is just crazy!! I feel sorry for the wife and children. Lives taking early by someone they loved and trusted! That’s why I don’t over look things people say cause Yu never know what going on upstairs

  • YouSuckNoire

    Get your facts straight please! This happened months before the re-election. Gosh, this website continues to annoy me with incorrect information and some-timing ways.

  • ilovemovies2

    Sounds like he had a lot of problem other than the President. Yikes.

  • daqueen

    I truly don’t feel that he did this because of the re-election of Obama. When there is a genetic disease such as this people have to take the proper precautions especially when them or their love ones start to see the signs that there is something there. It was the duty of the wife to make sure that her babies were safe. I am sorry but someone’s you have York what you have to and since she was his wife she had the power to make him get treatment if she had to sign him into a institution for a while then so be it but there are many ways this could have been prevented especially if there were signs. I could see if ths was just something out the blue and he just woke up andbam he went crazy

    • it’s obviously a mental issue in his family and THEY KNEW IT, but STILL SELFISHLY chose to put children in harms way by having them and by BUYING GUNS when you KNEW his family had MENTAL ISSUES! This is why we NEED BETTER BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR ALL GUNS! Yes, it was his mentality (and his insanity for politics as well showing some TYPICAL PROFILING OF SERIAL KILLERS) not the President! He was BORN CRAZY by SELFISH PPL and had BABIES LIKE SELFISH UNSTABLE MENTALLY CHALLENGED PPL DO! That is what is the worst part, mentally challenged ppl hurt more by making children and being allowed to have guns and work in Government jobs! You are indeed Correct! FAMILY HISTORY…THAT WAS THE SIGN! NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO THAT!

  • anon mouse

    wait. people are surprised he killed himself over an election? his FATHER killed himself over alopecia! he killed himself over GOING BALD!

  • The only ones i feelfor are the mother and children as for leaving something behind for them I dont think So,Most insurance policys dont pay a dime for suicide.This was just a sick person and How Dare You Even Hint that the re-electionof PRESIDENT OBAMA caused this sicko to do this

  • Either I’m experiencing de’ja vue or this has happen before…

  • If he was in that line of work, this thing was over more than a re-election.

    • my god is every thing that happens the presidents fault white people please let him do his4 years in peace

      • candi

        Why is it that just because white ppl dont like him it has to be because he is black. Im not rasist ivoted for him last election and completely regreted it. He is a horible president. Black ppl only like him cuz he is black…that sucks when someone brings in the color dont it. We are all human. Our skin is different colors but last i checked my sister, whitch is black, and i, witch is white, bleed the same color and breath the same air. Yall need to stop with the color judgment for real

        • chris

          Candi, what other reason would white people not like him? When white people make ignorant statments such as yours, then we come to that conclusion. You just said that Obama is a horrible president and thats it!! So, why wouldn’t we think you are a racist? You did not post any facts, you did not post your knowledge of politics, so yes i would say your a racist.We have a house and congress that refuse to do their job because they can’t get along and don’t want to work with Obama, his power is limited, but you said nothing about them. So if you want people to stop calling white people racist then maybe you should state some facts and stop saying ignorant statements such as he is a horrible president. Thats when I throw in the race card.

        • MLS2698

          Your family may be it’s own rainbow coalition, but apparently, when YOU walk out of the house, you DO NOT experience the same things as blacks. Check the name of this site if you don’t like US talking about color. We all bleed, but some of us have more cuts and bruises than others! You sound JUST LIKE a white person with none of the REAL experiences of oppression. Not trying to be disrespectful to you, but you will NEVER know what my people are going through; and you better hope you don’t. My parents worked for the government, and were some of the first blacks in those types of jobs ( fill the quota), and they deserved their jobs while putting up with all kinds of shyt from whites who were working at an ice cream shop one day, then the next day, they are a supervisor trained by my mother! My step-father retired from the government after 35 years, and whyt folks tried to kick his a** mentally on more occasions than I would like to recall. But, as you say, I’m sure it was not about COLOR! Deuces……. before I say some shyt…………………

        • MLS2698

          Just want to say that black people loved President Kennedy too ( my grandmother used to have a pic of him and Jackie on our living room wall), but you see what they did to him, right! He was one of the first Presidents that seemed to care about PEOPLE, not color! Matter of fact, can we get a Kennedy next?????

    • ME

      I agree !

  • awet

    Soooo he obviously had psychological issues anyway but the media wants to attribute his death to Pres. Obama!!Please!!!

    • The media didn’t say it……..his neighbor said it.

      • lee

        But the Media is making it PUBLIC.


      • His neighbor said he was concerned about where the country was headed. And she also said he suffered mental illness and depression from deaths in the family. The blog sites are choosing to publicize the obama version of the story for more clicks smh. This man was sick obviously a paranoid schizophrenic that stop taking meds. It’s a serious disease

        • Diana

          I agree with your statement!

    • he was DELUSIONAL ! We can surely see that but you are right the media is making it out to sound Republican bias. Like if anyone had done this before Bush was elected to ruin our country, we didn’t HEAR IT!

  • jackieOsassin

    really? over a re-election? why wasn’t this man offered proper psychological evaluation for his paranoia ESPECIALLY since it ran in his family and if was getting increasingly worse? as his wife, she should have seen something was getting seriously wrong and even if she didn’t see it, the neighbor did. this didn’t have to happen…tragic.

    • That is EXACTLY what i said…. Really tho?

      • jackieOsassin

        talk about taking it too far!

    • kierah

      And when you see your husband is paranoid, hide the guns!

      • maybe if mentally unstable ppl didn’t GET GUNS in the first place this could all have been AVOIDED!

  • Meyaka


  • bits


    • gracie

      So racist!

      • bits


    • ME

      No they are weak when they can’t have it their way ..

      • candi

        Excuse me not all white ppl are that way!!! Im white poor and have four kids. Its a struggle every day but i work through it. talk about ignorance!!

        • MLS2698

          You are part of that 47%, huh?

    • mentally unstable ppl should not have kids! He lacked Gray Matter. 😉

  • lina

    wow so it was really that serious with these people? Sorry no sympathy here for me he should burn in hell he could’ve killed himself and leave these kids leave at least hal of what he has lived. Selfish

    • Cleo

      I agree I always wonder why these people have to drag others into their depression, I mean did he really have to kill him children?

    • love_myhubby

      No sympathy from me either!! He’s just booked the first flight straight to hell! Republicans are dangerous…

      • Sandy

        His political affiliation had nothing to do with it. Dude was crazy. End of story. Stop the ignorance.

        • love_myhubby

          Be quiet!!

  • 1Val

    May God bless the lost and dead.

  • maggie

    I read the article. . . evokes no sympathy

    • MLS2698

      This has nothing to do with President Obama, but more with a person who was mentally sick and found a central figure to concentrate on during his illness. A sick person does deserve at least an ounce of sympathy…..I guess.

  • IllyPhilly

    Disgusting. SMH at the things people say caused their inhumane actions.

  • Patricia

    I don t know he would do something stupid. The wealthy always finds loop holes to avoid paying any taxes or high fees. I need to holla at some of them myself to help me cut taxes and find those loopholes. Maybe I will try to contact Mitt Romney. LOL!

    • MLS2698

      Whatchu say? You can talk to D evil if you want to……

  • Cleo

    Jesus please cover these People with the blood and let them think with their right minds.