Watch Your Kids! Police Fine Mom $2,500 Over Urinating Toddler

November 8, 2012  |  

An Oklahoma mom, Ashley Warden, was issued a $2,500 fine after a passing police officer caught her three-year-old son urinating on the family’s front yard.

According to ABC13, the Piedmont, OK (heh!) police officer “wasn’t swayed by Warden’s argument that the offender was a toddler who’s still being potty trained.”

The town’s police chief says the ticket will be thrown out. And Piedmont (heh!) Mayor Valerie Thomerson took issue with the officer’s harsh punishment.

“Is it an embarrassment to our police department? Absolutely,” Mayor Thomerson told the AP. “Do I still support our police department Absolutely.”

The amount is excessive, but should the mother have been fined for her son’s actions? When should a parent be held responsible for law-breaking children?

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  • Trisha_B

    This this officer not have anything better to do? A $2,500 fine for a child peeing on the lawn of his parents house. So i guess he never had to pull over to pee on the side of the road or nothing. How old was the kid? Seeing a little wee-wee should not have bugged him that much smh

  • IllyPhilly

    The cop was use to people pissing in alleys.

  • Na Na

    Boys can’t pee in the grass? Crap…there goes my mother of the year award!

  • rzakia

    That is very excessive but I wonder why she didn’t take him in the house to potty? If they were in the front yard its not to much to pick your kid up and run them in the house. After all potty training is teaching your kid to use the potty and not just whip it out anywhere and start about his business. It seems its all too common for mothers with boys to excuse their behavior of urinating in public as an accident but I doubt that if a mother of a little girl let her daughter do the same thing would people find that ok.

    • they could have been teaching him to aim. And if that was what they were doing I’d rather it be outside than in my house. At least they were doing it in their own yard, maybe they should have done it in the backyard instead of the front yard but it was their own yard. Sometimes parents have to do some out of the box things to teach their kids certain things who knows.

  • Candacey Doris

    It was excessive, but parents should be held responsible for their kids. A simple warning would have been fine.

  • It was VERY excessive and I an fairly sure the officer does not havechildren. My son is 3 and we were in a store when he had to go potty. The bathroom smelled so I rushed him out to take him home (we were down the street from our house). But when we exited the store, he pulled down his pants and went. Accidents happen, was I suppose to tell him to stop mid stream?

  • SheBe

    That is excessive IMO. Why wasn’t she in the front yard watching him though? On a side note, I’ve noticed there are a lot more kids 3+ that are not properly potty trained (or I’m just now noticing). Accidents are one thing but there are kids that act like the potty is the devil.

    • Candacey Doris

      That’s true. Some of the kids in my niece’s VPK class aren’t potty trained and they are older than she is. At 6 you should know how to go to the bathroom.

      • SheBe

        My brother in laws has a 4 year old son who has been kicked out of daycare because his mother puts him in Pull Ups and he is not potty trained at all! My husband has a friend who has a son that was just put out of daycare because he doesn’t wear “big boy shorts” and doesn’t use the potty to go #2. I’ve never heard of these issues before recently.

        • Candacey Doris

          I know! When I was young you had to be potty trained by the time you were 2! What is this new trend to leave your child in diapers?

          • SheBe

            I’m not sure what’s going on. Whatever it is its not cute. Pampers only go up so far.