Um We Still Know Who You Are: Jermaine Wants To Change His Last Name To Jacksun

November 8, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

I know the Jackson siblings technically never had a chance under the Joe Jackson reign but I just can’t rock with this level of dysfunction all these years later. TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jackson has filed a request to legally change his last name, which would be all fine and dandy if he wasn’t simply going from Jackson to Jacksun. WTH is that about?

Jermaine filed a petition for a change of name with L.A. County Superior Court yesterday asking for the change in nomenclature, TMZ notes.

In the docs, Jermaine says he wants to make the change for “artistic reasons” … but he does not give any further details about the move.

The request has NOT yet been approved by a judge — but a hearing has been scheduled.

TMZ adds that Jermaine will be required to have his name change publicly announced, i.e. printed in a local publication, several times in the next couple of months before the change can be made official. I imagine lots of shade will follow said announcements. All I have to say is Jermaine, being a Jackson was the best thing you had going for you, and if you weren’t Michael and Janet’s brother nobody would be checking for you. He must be missing all the attention that was on him when he was kidnapping his mother and arguing with his 14-year-old niece Paris.

The only other explanation I can come up with is he’s going through this process as some sort of legal loophole, which means the family is still on some greedy, we want Michael Jackson’s will money stuff right now. That might be better than him dropping new music though because that “artistic reasons” explanation actually has me a little nervous.

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  • NeaJ

    He is too old to be worried about trying to make any changes for “artistic reasons”. Jermaine aint been hot since the Victory Tour. I need him to have several seats. But only after he washes those finger waves out of his hair!

  • shame on you

    ”’A Jackson[jacksun] by any other name is still ”Michael Jackson” brother? how dum is that any thing to stay in the spot light ”WOW” Jermaine what going to change…you do how ever have the talent ? change your hair style and let’s see what ”happens” HAHAHAHAHA

  • kierah

    The Jackson name is the only thing he has going for himself…

  • Jermaine needs to be less concerned about his name and more concerned about that greasy, tar-paper looking mess on his head.

  • love_myhubby

    Forget the last name, I’m still mad about his hair!!!

  • LoveLi

    Y’all are killing me with these comments *Does death drop in the middle of techno club*

  • What’s next, a sex change?

  • IllyPhilly

    He needs to change his dealer.

  • why is this news??? he is so irrelevant geez

  • Tamz

    *blink blink*

    Really? That man will always look like a California Raisin to me.

    • MLS2698

      HA HA! Which one, there are four, right?

  • WhoMe

    Sit your behind down clay face!

  • TK

    Artistic????? Is he gone sing or put out a line a ultra greasy hair products that bake in the sun…..Dude have a seat and go adjust your 27-piece

  • Faith

    I thought he was out of this country ducking those child support payments. Since he is back in the US, I guess he is still trying to duck those child supports payments.

  • sassybuttclassy

    I just want to set that mold of “hair” on top of his head on fire and watch that candle wax melt.

    • shame on you

      ”HAHAHAHAHAHA….”how dose he get it to stay ”STILL” for so long…..

  • ANTMilf

    I hope with the last name Jacksun, he’ll be the less greasy looking mofo on this planet.

  • jumelle12

    Forget about your last name Jermaine!! You should be worried about changing your son’s HIDEOUS NAME- JERMAJESTY– UGGGH!