Boy Stop! The Game Says If Polygamy Was Legalized Things Would Be Easier For Women

November 8, 2012  |  

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It’s not breaking news that rapper The Game is a hot mess. I mean how much can you expect from a man who spits on women and throws them off the stage when they don’t show their tatas at a concert? Those are the very reasons I was so shocked to learn this man even had a girlfriend let alone a fianceé he was supposed to be marrying, but we all know how that went.

Regardless, The Game is getting ready to debut his new reality show, “Marrying The Game,” on VH1 and in an interview with The Breakfast Club he lightweight threw his relationship and the mother of his children, as he refers to her, all under the bus. Here’s are the highlights and why I initially thought Tiffney should be running for the hills, but then realized she’s just as ratchet as he is.

Was he and Tiffney’s wedding called off because of him cheating or because he’s always in rapper beef and fighting?

Infidelity. She doesn’t have problems with me doing what I do.

Should Polygamy be legalized?

I think that would be great. It would make it easier for women. The truth is every man cheats. Fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play. Nerds, smart men. It doesn’t matter.

Does he still cheat?

I’m not going to throw myself under the bus on this highly syndicated radio show, but every man cheats.

A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.

How did Tiffney catch him cheating?

It wasn’t about getting caught, it’s just a woman’s intuition. Sometimes when you go missing for too long or too many hours, that window only opens so far. When a woman wakes up at 3 o’clock in the morning and calls your phone and you don’t answer she just knows.

If every man cheats, won’t that encourage women to do the same?

Then you know what’s going to happen. You’ll get called that word. (h*e)

Would you understand if a woman cheated on you?

I would never understand. You know the balance. It’s over with. That’s how it goes.

Is he nervous about showing his soft side on this new reality show?

No, I don’t really care. It’s not really that soft. On the reality show, I did everything right to the edge of getting us kicked off the air. I’m just doing what I do on everyday life. [Tiffney] wanted to be on a reality show. She’s a school teacher and she wanted extra money on top of what I give her which I thought was crazy but you know she dragged me down to the VH1 meetings and she was already seven meetings in when she lied to me and told me it was the first one. This had been going on for months.

Is he worried about Tiffney becoming a celebrity?

I told her I don’t know if she’s ready. She’s been hanging out with Evelyn and Shaunie. They went to a club called Graystone and they popped bottles and usually when she goes out it’s with me and I pull out the black card and we can go H.A.M. But they had to split it and it was like a $5,000 split between the three of them and when she came home she was in tears and was like I don’t want to go out anymore. This is my money.

Takeaway: These two are clearly a hot a** mess together.

Check out the video of The Game’s interview here. What do you think about him?

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  • Herm Cain

    The truth hurts ladies but I bet your grandpa stepped out on granny a few times during their 50 year union

  • With a name like the game can you really take him seriously? I mean he has a tatoo of a tear drop on his face. Yuck! Plus nobody even respects him as a rapper.

  • I’m so tired of these men who justify there cheating as “what men do”, then cry foul when women cheat. Hypocritcal fools


    I agree with Polygamy, two or more husbands. One who looks good, One that takes out trash, one who’s a good lover, one who makes good money, and another one who watches the kids. Women are the ones who really need more than one partner, It’s hard to find a man with all these qualities wrapped up in one. But you can find plenty of Women who can do all of this on their own. So the sex that really needs more than one partner, is a Woman!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    I am a woman, but I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and agree. Some women when it’s laid all out in the open can and do share one man and it works well.

  • Candacey Doris

    All en don’t cheat. An if a man had more than one wife, if he wants to cheat he’d end up cheating on all his wives just the same. I’ve noticed that the women men cheat with aren’t women they actually consider wife material usually. Just FWB material. So polygamy wouldn’t help cheaters at all.

  • UmmmYeahOK

    Why do women always seek advice about how men are from other WOMEN? If a MAN is telling you how MEN are, why do yo never want to accept that??? A man will tell you point blank how they think and you refuse to believe it, but act surprised when they SHOW you exactly how they are. I just don’t get my gender sometimes.

    • chanela

      because all men aren’t selfish,immature pigs like him. who the hell says that to everybody on the airwaves right before getting married? don’t effing get married if you aren’t gonna stick with one person! it’s so stupid and twisted!!

  • He’s a dirtbag but I agree as a former polygamist. Believing a man will never cheat is crazy.

    • Me

      I’ve gone 24 years now without ever coming anywhere close to cheating on my wife. You think she’s crazy to think I might go another 24 years?

  • 1Val

    For any man to be as self-destructive as The Game to publicly state his opinions about relationships and women is a desperate cry for help. To negatively impact your career, potentially lose income because you lack wisdom and self control to run off at the mouth alienating your fan base is the height of stupidity! Someone should refer him to a therapist ASAP. The Game sounds damaged and broken and acting out his issues with women. Bless his foolish heart. GET HELP!!!

  • Nikki

    He can move his a*s to Utah…

  • SunshineBlossom

    First of all… How is she gonna go clubbing with SHAUNIE and EVELYN and NOT expect to pay for her own stuff? They don’t give a rat’s behind about her, so she could miss me with that crying. If you working on a schoolteacher budget and not a “reality chick”, then you gotta get your own. As far as I’m concerned she is with the Game because he keeps her set with money. And she knows that’s what his lifestyle entails, and that is what she chooses. There are plenty of women who do it everyday with men who look like Anton from In living Color. So if she puts up with it, it’s on her. I will say that he does need to sit down, because for every dog like him there is a man that will give us the respect we deserve.

  • naijaglobe trotter

    Moral of the story ladies!! If you let someone provide a life for you that you cannot provide for yourself, then it comes with a lot of dealing with him! That includes his BS mentality and actions!! lol

    • Guest

      Yes when he said I don’t want you to go out with them anymore its my money. I would rather be broke and happy and alone than with this clown.

    • SunshineBlossom

      Preach girl!!! That has never been more true.

  • naijaglobe trotter

    This is a clear case of power display!! He makes money to provide her a lifestyle that she clearly cannot create for herself based on her salary. It is easy for him to be with her because she will stay in her lane and let him do him as long as she keep getting that money and living the Louboutin/Chanel lifestyle. If she provided herself the lifestyle she lived, her threshold for nincompoopery from a partner will be short!! Maybe that is why she wants a reality show: to make money for herself and not deal with his mess!!

    • SunshineBlossom

      Right, but at the same time she messing with ladies that will bring her behind down. Shaunie and Evelyn are in it for their selves. Not everyone can be Jennifer.

  • 80’s Baby

    No all of anyone does anything.Do I believe men cheat.Yes and so do women.But all,no.I grew up the youngest of 7 with six brothers so men know better than to pull this on me.A man will cheat on one woman and be faithful with the next.Many men hurt women with their actions(cheating) because they do not want the confrontation and arguments that come with hurting us with their words.Whether they’re bored,unhappy,not ready to get married,don’t want to start a family yet,stressed with work or taking care of the family etc many won’t speak these words to but will in the way they treat you.The Game is saying he’s the breadwinner,he’s famous,and if you want to be along for the shopping sprees and VIP rooms this is what comes with the territory.A lot of men tell they’re women all men cheat so she will lose hope in believing she can do better than him.In his mind if her makes her believe all men cheat,what is the point of her leaving?He knows he’s a lying, hypocritical,disrespectful womanizer but if he dresses it up with a ‘that’s just how men are’ it’s not his fault for being an a-hole but actually hers for expecting him to stray from his ‘nature’.This type of mess don’t fool me!!Now back to studying…

  • kiki

    i question the sanity of any woman that could get with that guy, has the title “king of the d-bags” been taken already?

    • SunshineBlossom

      Actually it’s been a tie for the title between quite a few men in this world.

  • JaneDoe

    The Game needs to grow up.. He is a very funny, kind hearted man but he needs to grow the hell up.. All men don’t cheat. Some men choose to cheat bc they allow their private part to cloud their judgement. I feel bad for his fiance. Wait.. No I don’t

  • MLS2698

    I don’t know about Shaunie, but Ev and The Game’s girl better eat, shop and entertain within their means. Ev will surely have a nervous breakdown if she has to go back to the projects!

    • SunshineBlossom

      Lol you right about that. That is why she doing everything she can to try and remain relevant–although in her own words–she is a non-mf factor.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    All men do not cheat. A lot of times dude’s are just soaring their wild oats. The trick for women is finding a dude who has grown tired of the game and the skirt chasing. When a real man is ready to settle down, he’ll settle down. No sooner no later. It sounds like the Game is still playing games and isn’t ready to get married.

    • Pretty1908

      Exactly ! I am so sick of this all men cheat mantra ! People cheat, women do it a lot more than yall think . Like the reader above said, when a man is ready to settle down. He will do so. The game like many of men wants to do the right thing, but it isn’t in him. I never understood women settling down with serial cheaters.

    • Guest

      The game has a lot of growing up to do he sounds like a control freak. Its ok for you do cheat but not her. Tiffany should be running and not looking back their so called relationship is doomed once this show airs mark my words. He seems to have little regard for her or their relationship why would you say this on a radio show to be heard by millions.

      • MLS2698

        So why do women want to marry men who do and say things like that? Just to be married? Or because they have babies by these fools? I don’t get it!

        • SunshineBlossom

          Money. I’m sure she’s doing her thing too. Women get extremely comfy with a lifestyle like that… Essentially it’s a water fountain of money. It just boils down to self respect and what you are willing to deal with to have what you want.

        • Guest

          I’m sure its for the money because she accustomed to a certain lifestyle but she is a fool. Just what till he has a oops moment and another child by someone else lets see how understanding she will be then. She will be crying about how he did her wrong but you condoned he bs for a life style.

    • eyeconic1

      That pretty much sums it up!!!!

  • C’mon son

    Men who are pathological cheaters and liars with no concern for others graduate from the School of Weakness, get a degree in ManWhoreishness, and then go on to take the Hypocritical Oath.