Get It Together Or Get Out! 9 Things Roommates Do That Annoy You

December 1, 2012  |  
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Did you ever live on campus with a roommate? Move in with a best friend? Or even live with someone you met on Craigslist? Well, if you fall into any one those categories, you’ve definitely experienced your share of annoying roommate habits! Here are some of the most annoying roommate habits that will make you go crazy!


Finishing your food

Mmmmm…you can’t wait to eat your leftovers from last night as soon as you get home. Too bad your roommate already ate it and licked every last crumb out of the bowl. It’s all right, maybe you can just warm up a microwave dinner quickly. Surprise surprise: it appears they finished your last one and “forgot” to buy more. Notice a trend? Roommates who constantly finish your food are annoying as hell.


Borrow stuff without asking

Sure your roommate may tell you they borrowed your favorite top – too bad it was after you already wasted an hour looking for it last night. On top of that, you didn’t even get to use it for what you wanted it for in the first place. As the saying goes, “If you want something, just ask.”


Sex noises

Yes, you may be happy for your roommate. They’ve finally found someone they really like and you no longer have to hear them complain about how badly they want someone. Deep down, you should be happy for them, but that doesn’t mean your ears have to be happy about it too. No one wants to hear their roommate getting it on next-door…well, most people.


“Forgets” to clean

If your roommate wants to cook food that smells deliciously good, then sure, go for it. However, that doesn’t mean that you should still be smelling it the next day, in the form of dirty dishes! Sometimes roommates create so much garbage that they whole place flat out stinks! You could clean it up for them, but after a while it gets pretty old when you’re the only one putting in an effort.


Invites over the whole neighborhood

Yes parties can be fun, but that doesn’t mean you want every Tom, John and Harry coming over. Sure, it’s all good when the music is playing, and everyone’s having a good ol’ time. But that’s just the lighter side of things; wait until the next day when your place looks like garbage bins don’t exist, and your cell phone is missing…

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Ugly Decorations

Ugh…why did your roommate have to put those ugly colors all over the apartment? This is the thought that comes to your head every single day when you have to stare at it over and over again. Even when you try to ignore it, it feels like those colors are now staring at you instead with all their ugly charm. You could speak up about it, but you don’t want to seem like an annoying roommate…


Stealing your friends

Of course you want your friends to get along with your roommate, but something just doesn’t seem right when your friends start coming over to see your roommate instead of you. Sure they’re your good friend, but that doesn’t mean you want them at your place everyday. Surprises are not always good.


Inconsiderate friends

On the flip side, does your roommate have to have their friends over every waking moment of the day? One thing most people hate is downright rudeness. The problem with having a roommate is that just because you’re a certain way and try to be as accommodating as possible to your housemate, they may not do the same. So if they are loud and obnoxious, you can pretty much bet their friends will follow their lead thinking that it doesn’t bother.  On the phone or watching television? Your bad…turn the volume up, is what they’d think.



The bills are late

Okay, simply put: somebody’s got to die.  There are a couple of ways roommates share the bills: (1) they split the number of bills down the middle and each person is responsible for paying their respective bills or (2) they split each bill and someone is responsible for making sure it gets paid. In the event that this doesn’t happen and something is in jeopardy of being turned off, there’s a chance roomies will come to blows.

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  • The Great Queen Spider

    My boyfriend and I have a roommate and lately he’s been driving me nuts. I buy all the groceries, he doesn’t pitch in at all. My boyfriend and I always cook, this guy has the cooking ability of a 15 year old. He also eats like a giant pig, and drinks like a horse. Oh and he’s brushed off my giant bottle of vodka and didn’t even ask if he could have some.
    He barely cleans anything, we have to pester him to take out the trash.
    I think this guy might be slightly ADD, can’t even watch a show for ten minutes without him wanting to watch something else. Gets all pissed off at us for no reason, and hides in his room for a while.

  • Kanna-Chan

    I actually thought the green and pink kitchen was rather charming.

  • $tunner

    eff off… put this shyte on 1 page u mugz

  • Say What?

    What about waking up and finding strange people your roommate slept with lounging around or them having their significant other practically move in and feel the need not to notify you?

  • Linda

    YES I totally agree!! The worst part for me is the lack of respect and consideration for others. I always say leave places as you would expect to me them. Rinse the bath after a shower. Wash your dishes. But noo! A$$ holes

    • Linda


  • IllyPhilly

    The horror story I have with a roommate is when I was in Iraq and took a late night shower and she had to go on patrol and I was locked out in a towel walking across the whole base in just a PT shirt and Towel and flip-flops. Was not the dress code and I was in deep smelly sh!t

  • thatonenotnicegirl14

    I am currently a college student and I cant agree more. My roommate is always cooking and not cleaning… Dirty Hoes!! and yes she is a hoe too…. Im just over it! So glad im changing my living arrangements and the semester is almost over!!

    • desi

      I just graduated so I know how you feel… My roommate made some homemade soup and left it on the stove for a whole week until she decided to clean it up

      • desi

        she also claimed she was allergic to mushrooms but didn’t hesitate to eat my Chinese food full of them… Lies