Isn’t This A Bit Much? Woman Ordered To Wear “Idiot” Sign For Driving On The Sidewalk

November 7, 2012  |  


Just like Trick Daddy, I love the kids and I truly believe we need to do all we can to protect them. But this punishment for Cleveland woman, Shena Hardin, seemed to take things a little too far. Hardin was caught on tape, driving on a sidewalk trying to avoid a school-bus stop sign. As you know when school buses are unloading, traffic in both ways must stop and wait until the children have safely crossed the street. But apparently, Hardin couldn’t wait. So instead, she drove up onto the sidewalk passing the bus. Before she could even get to the intersection, Hardin was pulled over by the police. The whole incident was caught on tape and made worse by the fact that the sidewalk she drove on happened to be located right in front of a daycare center. It was all bad. I’m not trying to argue that she should have done it or that she shouldn’t have been punished for it.

But Hardin’s punishment seemed excessive, bordering on sadistic.

In addition to the $250 fine and a suspended license for 30 days, Hardin was also sentenced to wearing a sign that reads “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school but,” for two days.  

Now, I agree with the fine and the suspended license; but the punishment should have ended there. What is the purpose of making a grown woman wear this sign, aside from embarrassing her?

What do you think about this story, was this punishment too far?

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  • jill

    nope . the punishment was no where near “wrong” . imagine that being your child on the bus and this impatient “b****” driving past. hmm.

  • Lisa B. Long Island, New York

    To the writer of this article: Maybe you should have held off on this article until you could see the obvious arrogance of this woman while holding this sign! I think the judge should extend the amount of days she is to do this and enforce the fact that she is to hold the sign, not just lean it against the fence while she is texting. She is very much an idiot and I feel tha t word is actually too light of a word for her behavior.This woman should of had to hold the sign for at least a week and then have to work in an intensive trauma unit for children w/ head injuries. I wish you humiliation for a long time to come and shame on the author of this article. I am glad I am unfamiliar w/ whatever this publication is because it is an embarrasment to the publisher!

  • kierah

    I could almost understand pulling around the bus and then pleading ignorance of the law. However EVERYBODY knows you can’t drive onto the daggone sidewalk. I guess it never occurred to her to leave earlier to avoid meeting the bus at this stop or changing her route. Nope, “IDIOT” is exactly the word for her. It would save the rest of a lot of time if all IDIOTS were forced to wear a sign announcing their affliction so we could deal with them accordingly.

  • If she ran over a child and killed them, you would be singing a different tune.

  • Candacey Doris

    I think this was perfect. Driving on a sidewalk when there are kids getting on a schoolbus? If she had hit someone she would be in jail. There are a lot of people who need this punishment.

  • jackieOsassin

    it’s not too extreme. it’s actually funny.

    i bet she won’t do it again.

  • Tamz

    I was always taught that no matter how late you are, whatever, whatever; if a school bus stops, you better just sit your behind there and wait. I think she IS an idiot, what if a child was walking to meet that school bus, or but as stated in the article. Lol

  • Yah

    it is not the job of a judge to dish out “cruel and unusual” punishment. if drunken drivers who kill people do not have to wear signs she should not have to either. this punishment is EXCESSIVE.The judge should be removed and her case taken to the Supreme Court.

  • mavis

    No it isn’t . No one should be in a hurry to get anywhere to the point of being so careless when there are children around. And for all those who think this is too much, imagine if your children were on that bus or kids that you care about? I hope she humiliated enough so that she will think twice before acting so rashly.

  • Darcampb

    Most appropriate punishment I’ve heard in along time. This MORON could’ve killed people. I’d take her license permanently if it was in my power.

  • Kee

    I have no sympathy for IDIOTS like her who insist on doing stupid sh*****t for no apparent reason.

  • Jolene

    Yeah she is indeed an idiot. People like her are the reason stricter laws exist.

  • Guest

    It’s cuz she’s Black!! No white women would have to do this

    • ANTMilf

      Yeah, white women are the angels of this earth and they can do no wrong, riiiiiiiiiiight!
      *rolls eyes*

      • actually when I heard this story I thought it was a white lady but I stand corrected and I feel no different she got the punishment she deserved. Besides she only had to hold that sign for two days.

  • Bizzitch

    It’s not enough. She should lose her license for a year and do 60 days in jail. She’s worse than a drunk driver.

  • Nope not extreme, its perfect. Punishment for people who do dumb crimes like she did.

  • ANTMilf

    She deserved it, they even taught you in driver’s ed that you have to stop when the school bus has a stop sign pulled out on the side. This is a safety issue and she could have hit a child because of her impatience!

  • Kenedy

    Nope…the punishment wasn’t severe enough…she IS an idiot

    • dddooonnnttt

      right? a fine and 30 days suspended license is a slap on the wrist and in the face of the people and children whose life she endangered.

  • Miss D

    How do you mandate someone to wear a sign that says idiot? I’ve never heard of it (although I think it is well-deserved in this case). Hardin is, in fact, an idiot who has no regard for anyone but herself. Who drives on a sidewalk? If you are in that much of a rush, you need to leave home earlier. There are so many reckless drivers where I live and it makes me happy as heck to see them get pulled over. What is so hard about obeying the law?

  • To the writer, this young woman had been doing this for months, every morning on the dot and when the bus matron complained, she was told she needed proof, so one morning she got the proof she needed. Hardin is a fool. The punishment should have been stricter. She gave no regard to public safety. Clearly she didn’t care. I guess these days it’s ok to just write an article with out doing any homework.

    • MLS2698

      Ahh! so there is more to the story!

    • KamJos

      Omg I saw the video. She has been doing this for a while, and she actually speeds up as she drives on the sidewalk! In my opinion she got off light.

  • MLS2698

    What would she want, a sign, or maybe a jail sentence if someone was hurt? A lady who lives near me hit three kids and their father when she drove past a stopped school bus and onto the sidewalk. All of the injuries were severe, and the smallest victim was in the hospital for four months. This lady is going to jail because she was under the influence of drugs; she was scheduled to enter rehab THAT DAY, but instead, she is in jail for a long time ( not her first offense).

  • smhreally

    duh..the point is to embarrass. To the writer, since you think this is excessive, let us hope they next time she drives on the side walk by the school bus your son or daughter is not on that side walk waiting for the bus.

  • Kg

    She deserved to be punished. She is an idiot. Do not try to break the law, especially when it’s for protecting children. I mean would she rather go to jail instead. Madamenoire please do not support stupidity. Smh

    • DeepThinker

      Well said!