Another Sad Black Republican: Mia Love Loses Utah Congressional Election

November 7, 2012  |  
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From The Grio

Mia Love, who was widely expected to become the first black female Republican congresswoman in history, has conceded a very close race to incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson in the 4th district of Utah.

“Congratulations to Jim on a hard-fought victory,” Love said in a statement. “It was a close race, but ultimately the voters of Utah have spoken. I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly for my campaign, and am humbled by their dedication and commitment to the betterment of Utah and our nation.  I plan on continuing to work on promoting conservative issues and look forward to returning to Saratoga Springs and spending more time with my family.”

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  • I’m glad she lost too. Her views were too conservative, plus it’s always wrong as black person to speak against the POTUS. I feel it’s because of jealousy.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Sorry Mia, no grease for you!

  • Beejcee

    The county I live in (only 30% black) the results of our local election was very interesting in 2008. Every republican candidate won by wide margins except the black man, he got beat to sleep by a white woman democrat, the only woman to win. The funny thing is, he distanced himself from then Senator Obama every time he got the chance and they still wouldn’t vote for him

  • get real

    This woman was facing all kinds of racism up there in that county but of course in true “blk women thIt date white men” fashion she had to deny that is was racism that she was facing. Thank you to the racist white folks who voted this modern day wench out of office. Talking all that dumb Republican anti Obama garbage still didn’t get you nowhere with those white folks huh Mia?

  • TK

    Not a fan…some folks still see the world through caucasian tinted glasses….

  • maggie

    She is pictured the way she should of always been . . . having a seat

  • Dee

    I am glad she lost. She was all gimmick and not much substance from the few interviews I have seen her give on faux news and things I have read about her.

  • urequitedlove

    Madame Noir I would love to hear your take on all the ignorant black folks circulating those stereotypical Obama “yall can keep your foodstamps” picture memes.They’re all over instagram.I think I’m slowing turning into Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks.Its sad

    • Candacey Doris

      Hard to keep thinking positive with people like that hanging around, isn’t it?

  • FromUR2UB

    Awww. (my teardrops splashing off my keyboard…not really). Wow. She ran in one of the whitest, most Morman of states, where she probably thought a black republican would be appreciated, and couldn’t even win there!