So Kim Still Thinks Her Comments About Kandi’s House Are Cool: “I Don’t Have To Prove Anything To Anyone”

November 7, 2012  |  

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If it weren’t for Kenya Moore, Kim Zolciak would easily be the most hated housewife on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” right now. After letting her assistant, Sweetie, gas her up with tales of the hood while she was visiting Kandi’s new home, Kim made several ridiculous, borderline racist — or at least prejudice — comments about the Cascade’s area and the mansion Kandi and her boo bought in cash. Yes, cash. From saying she didn’t feel safe and she had to lock her doors to commenting that if she was black she would have a swimming pool in her home too, just about anybody watching RHOA Sunday night was done with this chick when the episode ended.

Unfortunately Kim couldn’t even help herself out with a follow-up blog post to the premiere episode of the show. Rather than logically explain the shade, and sheer jealously, she has toward Kandi she threw out the classic excuse every white person uses to prove their not prejudice: I don’t see color. Yeah, OK. Here’s what she wrote on her Bravo TV Blog.

When Sweetie and I took the hour drive over to Kandi’s new home, I wasn’t in the best mood. It was over 95 degrees outside, I was 7 months pregnant, and Kandi’s home had no A.C. running. Sweetie told me it wasn’t safe at all (however I still went to support Kandi), and in fact there are several movies and songs that describe and portray the harshness of that area.

Kandi has always mentioned to me that she loves the way I’ve decorated my homes, so I had no problem giving her tips about decorating. My comment about her having an indoor swimming pool because she’s black was just a silly joke. Kandi, Sweetie, and I laughed. Quite frankly, I wish I had one myself.

As for NeNe, she still can’t keep my name out of her mouth! NeNe constantly insinuated “I come from a trailer park” AND I am the racist one? I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know my character, and the multiple friends of different races that I do have know it as well! Like I have said before and will say here again for the last time, COLOR means absolutely nothing to me, it is the person’s character and blatant ignorance that determines the non-friendship between me and the person. That is all for now.

I get it. I always say racially inappropriate comments when I’m hot, irritated, and homeless too. Sit your pregnant butt down Kim.

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  • rzakia

    I guess I too would be miserable if I were seven months pregnant, married, and getting evicted from a house I supposedly “owned” all along. And I would also be in a bad mood if I’d “paid” over $100,000 to move and store my belongings. I would be downright pissed as well.

  • Kim and Kroy moved MONTHS ago, Kash is like 3 months old now, and Her comments were a little bit on the HATING side but it wasn’t racist

  • Candacey Doris

    So a homeless, knocked up woman goes to another woman’s house and has the nerve to criticize. It started with blatant jealousy and just turned uglier.

  • Dee

    If Kandi’s house is in the “hood” I wonder what Sweetie and Kim would have done if they took a tour of Brooklyn or Harlem LMAO

  • guest

    hmm..i’m sorry but cascade road is the hood and so is camp creek parkway and old national road. kim may have been out of order, but she wasn’t wrong

  • Mia

    This bish is obviously jealous and hateful yet Kandi always gives her a pass. I hear they are still cool even after Kim stole the name Kandi had planned for her future son, “Kash”. If that isn’t the ultimate in shade, I don’t know what is.

  • rude and grumpy, but not racist

  • Tagirl

    There are nice parts in Cascade as well. Now, before going through there(I’m not from GA), I will admit that all I knew about it was what I saw in the movie, “ATL.” You may have to go through other hoods(West End) to get there. Although I didn’t see the parts that had mansions, I saw some nice, quiet parts.

  • bee

    Ive always thought Kim was racists. Case in point,
    ya remember a couple of reunions ago, when NeNe and Kim got into b.c of the
    degrading tone kim was giving sweetie . Well Ya remember when NeNe said Big
    PaPa called sweetie a Black “B” and Kim didn’t do anything. What came
    out of kims mouth. “That was on Big PaPa”. But on the contraire boo boo,
    Its on you too. In my eyes, you are just as racist when you
    see it going on and you dont speak out on it. You let your boo degrade your
    friend and you dont have her back. That makes you a rasist coward. and now
    these comments come out of her mouth and you claim your not racist. GTFOHWTBS!

  • electlady67

    Her comments were clearly racist, and hinted of envy and jealousy. Kandi needs to rid herself of the haters around her, It appears that they can’t genuinely celebrate her success.

  • mspurplerain

    Jealous Beech!!!

  • Natalie Jenkins

    I agree that Kim’s comments about
    Kandi’s house were inappropriate and border line racists. Kim has always pushed
    the boundaries of racial comments, but I think in the past people have forgiven
    her because she was on a new show and we didn’t know much about her. I can’t
    wait to watch the rest of this season; I’ve already set my Hopper from DISH to
    record it. There is a ton of DVR recording room so I’m not worried about
    missing any of the drama. My co-workers at DISH always give me a hard time for
    watching this show, but once I start talking about it they end up watching it

  • IAJS

    Gonzo needs to stop! She was throwing shade at someone who actually makes money and not humps her way into money. Her husband seems like a sweet, yet stupid guy for wifing this train smoking, wig wearing puppet.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t think she’s racist…she is rude and jealous. She’s still wearing a wig, trying to convince us that she’s under 45, pregnant again and homeless…outside of getting her own husband and letting someone have theirs back (which was a financial downgrade for her) and having another baby–what has changed in her life from season 1?? She’s not any better off than she was…and actually she’s probably worse off financially b/c her husband does not have the funds her benefactor did.
    If you wanted to call someone in their house a racist…I think you might want to focus your attention on her husband. Kroy is extremely uncomfy around the rest of the cast…noticed that from his first appearance.

  • dani

    Omg this whole ‘racist’ thing is ridiculous! What she said was rude but not racist like we really need to stop using that word so carelessly. what NeNe said was just as bad.

  • Nikki

    Does anyone know what Kim does for a living to actually need an assistant?

    • Cakester

      THIS!!!! Not sure why she needs a nanny or an assistant when she sits there and smokes while she dishes out duties…

  • Meyaka

    Kim is racist,she thinks that her friendship with these black women give her the proverbial “ghetto pass”,but at heart I think she has her opinions about black people. Also she was straight hating!!!!!!! Kandi’s house is beautiful and I’m happy for her.

    • Cakester

      My thoughts exactly!!! When you have to say, “Most of my friends are black!” Something ain’t right!!!!!

      • Cleo

        That’s every racist white person’s excuse that ” my best friend is black” is sooo played and irrelevant.

      • Meyaka

        Right! Or I love fried chicken or I listen to r&b …

  • JaneDoe

    Someone needs to check kim for having a milli worth of jewelry and no place to call home. Who lives like that? Kim, get your life in order. Thats not cute. And shame on Kroy for promoting such behavior. He buys her all that crap and can’t buy her a house lol.. SMH

    • Pretty1908

      exactly ! sell your stuff ! and stop living beyond your means and you wouldn’t have these problems. Marlo was right ! she didn’t own the house !

    • Miss Anonymous

      Well Technically “Big Poppa” got her all of that stuff before she met Kroy while she was his mistress. The same Big Poppa she was engaged to while he was still married to his wife. (Still tryna figure out how she was gonna make that one happen.)

  • Kim jyst mad cuz Kandi got it like dat while she gettin evicted from her house. F**k Kim

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Honestly I don’t think Kim is a racist. I do think because she does have so many black friends she thinks that she can get a pass at saying certain things. Her black friends need to check her on that. She was paying Sweetie so her butt isn’t going to say anything. But Kandi and Derek J did say something to her before about how she was talking to Sweetie and how disrespectful it was to speak to a black woman like that and how it made her look.

    • JaneDoe

      As far as I am concern Kim is straight Trailer *****. Look at the way she lives and she is perfectly ok with it. Your right I don’t think she is racist she is just rude.

  • Cleo

    Kim was always shady to me, idk something about her and that still sittin sideways wigs

    • Hazel

      Sittin sideways wigs!!! LOL!!

    • Tamz

      You know what…lmao

    • MLS2698

      Look for your name on Friday under the funniest comments!

  • Patricia

    Kim do need go somewhere and sit down.

  • Cakester

    Someone needs to check Kim’s eyes…since she claims not to see color!!!!! Those comments were clearly inappropriate!!! Kudos to Kandi for understanding that a pregnant, homeless, racist, jealous heffa will say anything to knock someone else down… and Sweetie??!!! Chile Please!

  • Tamz

    Honey, if you were that miserable, you should have stayed home. Sounds like a little jealousy, that house was nice…

    • JaneDoe

      Right, I would never go to anyone’s house and critcize the way she did. That was beyond obnoxious it was rude. If she thinks she is a good person at heart then good for her. But the person she presents on tv screams disrespectful and rude.. You don’t treat friends like that.

      • Tamz

        Exactly. When I was pregnant, it was hotter than the devil’s breath but if I wasn’t in the mood to make it anywhere, my friends would understand. Kim can’t get mad because her house is on Chateau Sheree status…

        • CeCe

          Word! LOL “Chateau Sheree status.”

    • Stacy L

      not a little, Kim had a whole LOT of jealousy in her voice.. Kandi house has a guest house.. and Kim’s house is……….. *I’ll wait*

      • Tamz

        I’ll take non-existent for $1000…

        • Ashe

          @5c6c537abf01ea22192fcf4f7d6bf536:disqus too funny! LOL!

      • shame on you

        she don’t have one…’s ”RENTED”