Does Father Know Best? Why You Should Consult Your Dad For The Best Love Advice

November 7, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
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Men may seem like they don’t want to communicate, and that they definitely don’t want to communicate about relationships, but there is one guy that would be happy to chime in on your love life—your dad! Dads aren’t solicited enough for love advice, when they can be a wealth of knowledge. Here’s why:

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  • Kisses

    I used to think I couldn’t talk to my dad about men, even though we’re super close. Then I realized I had a habit of picking the wrong ones lol. I’m fortunate enough to have a dad who not only listened, but gave advice that nobody else could, because they don’t know me like he does! And trust and believe, pops has told me some stuff about myself that I needed to hear!

  • Nikki

    I know that not everyone has both parents in their life, but I think it makes a difference whether or not you have a mother-figure or father-figure in your life. A father (father-figure) is the first man a girl falls in love with.

    • Tamz

      I agree, my dad wasn’t very active in my life growing up but I have my uncles and now that my mother has remarried, I have my stepdad that I love dearly.

  • tesbestlife

    I agree that fathers are one of the best sources for relationship advice. However, I think that in order for women to actually give weight to what our fathers are saying, we must first know the truth. Fathers should not only dispense advice, but tell their daughters the truth about their past or present experience so that we–women–can connect with them as human beings, not just as dad, and understand that they know where we are coming from when we go to them for advice or guidance about our relationship issues. This is actually a part of the subject matter I explore in my book, Sweet Surrender: When Having That One Thing Means Letting of Everything. It’s also important for fathers not only to give advice but to actually BE the man that they would want their daughters to attract when they get involved in romantic relationships.

  • gmarie

    Must be nice.

  • Diva

    So true! I was in a relationship for about two years and I had all the signs in the world that it was not going to work. But like a lot of us do, I held on hoping things would get better. Well they didn’t and it wasn’t until my father sat me down and said “Baby, it’s not going to work”, that I got the point. It’s was like a weight lifted off my shoulder and right then and there I knew it was time to stop wasting time and move on. I had been praying for an answer and those words were all I needed to hear.

  • Crystal

    Wow!! I just had a convo about dating and relationships with my Dad on Monday night. He was truly a wealth of knowledge with very straight forward advice on dating. The ultimate takeaway from his advice: “Matters of the heart must always be resolved (especially past the age of 25).”

  • 1Val

    Nice article but too many pages to click on.