Don’t Hurt ‘Em! 9 Ways To Let ‘Em Down Easy

November 9, 2012 ‐ By T Hall

Getting hit on is something most people experience – in the grocery store (usually when you look broke, busted and disgusted buying a can of beans), in the club by someone’s creepy uncle, in the church parking lot. The fact is if you have a pulse and someone likes what they see, you will likely get the moves put on you. But there is no guarantee you’ll want that attention, and there is an art to finagling yourself out of being boxed in by interested parties. Here are 8 convenient excuses to let down that Stevie-J doppelganger doing the Birdman hand rub at the sight of your booty.

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  • ask them for money. all you’ll see is the smoke from their shoes. lol

  • Cakester

    None of this stuff is going to work in the hood! Ignoring them, saying no, you’re not my type… 90% of these will either get you cursed out or followed! I used to put my hands over my mouth, then when they would ask what’s wrong, I’d say, “I forgot to put in my teeth!” That used to work, nowadays, they’ll take you snagatooth and all!

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      Aggressive behavior from Black men doesn’t only happen in the hood. Hell, even when I was in Vegas a man said to me, “You can speak!” and his woman friend said, “She doesn’t have to speak to you!” Mind you, this man spoke to me as we crossed the street with at least a hundred other people and with drivers who will lay down on their horn if people don’t move out of the crosswalk fast enough.

  • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

    There is no easy way. You just have to straight up ignore them.

  • ANTMilf

    Even when I told guys that I’m engaged to my fiance, they still trying to get my number, so I put on my Beats headphones and blast music from my Galaxy 3 S so I can fully ignore him.

  • gmarie

    There is no easy way. You have to be direct with men.

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      But even then men think that they can convince a woman to like them or they convince themselves that the woman is lying to them about not being interested.

  • JaneDoe

    “Its not you it’s me.. I am just not ready to be in a relationship”.. Then slowly but surely stop returning his text/calls.. Works for me