Nicki Minaj Tells Her Truth: “Older Black Women… Just Write Me Off”

November 7, 2012  |  
Source: YouTube, “My Truth” Peek

From The Grio

Last night, the premiere episode of Nicki Minaj’s three-part reality series Nicki Minaj: My Truth premiered on E!. The show gives viewers a behind-the-scenes perspective of what the rapper’s life is like right now, as she is recording her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, appearing a judge on American Idol, and prepping for her first worldwide arena tour.

During a scene from My Truth that aired last night, Minaj revealed her frustration over how she is viewed amongst black women.  “People purposefully don’t see the strides I made for hip-hop and black women in general,” she said while in a studio recording her newly-released track “Freedom.”

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  • Minaj’s “skills” are minimal, what strides has she made for black women? Didn’t get the memo.

  • dbatt001

    Nicki…girl bye, aint go time for this.

  • gmarie

    “B*ches ain’t S**t and they ain’t sayin nothin..” Big strides Nikki. Big Strides. This black woman is perplexed.

  • What “strides” has Nicki Minaj made for Black women, or even women in general? It’s not that older Black women write her off; they see through her mess, and are not just going to excuse her like so many of these young, impressionable girls. Many of them don’t like her either. I’m 22 and I know that her music has no substance to it. Have several seats and stay there.

  • Nas’s 1995 chipped tooth.

    SMH. Cookie…Just do what you do and stop all this “strides i made for blk women and hip-hop” talk. You sound CRAZY when you talk like that. You especially sound crazy when you say “older blk women as if you’re a spring chicken. You’ll be 30 next month. Just because you sounds like a 19yr old when you rap and you appeal to that age demographic, does not mean you are their age. have a seat.

  • Notonikiromanorwhatever

    Is that Roman?
    Is that Minaj?
    Wait,we don’t care.
    ofcourse you think you have made strides.You are a tool used by the white media moguls to spread self hatred/hatred in the black community.And you have the audacity to beg for black folks support?Gal please.
    that money you getting paid is sweet now huh?but is it worth your integrity and dignity Niki?Is it?
    Riddle me that Roman.
    Learn to make positive contributions to this society.And you think taking jabs at folks that paved the way makes you bigger?you are supposed to learn from the past and DO BETTER.

  • Tamz

    Strides Nicki? Making yourself look like the Fruit Stripes gum giraffe with tragically placed and colored lace fronts and making music that would not even be played at Chuck E. Cheese does not equate to making strides to me, I’m sorry. I’m 36 and I never got into the hype surrounding her. Girl, good day.

  • ANTMilf

    Girl, my nieces is 17 and 15 and they HATE your music. They said you make no sense in your songs and that’s why their peers at school are so stupid, their words not mine, but I have to agree with them. Glad my brother raised his daughters right! I’m 30 and I never was a fan of your garbage and when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s, I chose GI Joes over Barbie!

  • Candacey Doris

    I can’t see where she has “made strides” for me or anyone like me. She has changed herself and her music so much i can no longer support or defend her. Her antics are off the DivaMeter. As for being a rapper that went number 1, i can’t consider her music rap, it’s pop. So she can stop that right now. I am not older than her and when i see her i just wonder what went wrong.

  • Okay. So entertainment has become increasingly obscene and oversexed, all to create shock value and appeal to a larger, younger audience. When you do that, you risk losing a few things: Longevity, dignity, and an audience that can/will grow with you. Nicki, stop playing the victim. Of course older black women will write you off.

    What 35+ woman is going to load “Stupid Hoe” onto her iPod or be an advid Nicki Minaj fan? You’ve traded respect for popularity. Those are two totally different things. Really Nicki, what have you contributed where you think black women owe you something? I know the female emcee has been absent in hip hop for a while, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept and admire every rapper with a vagina that comes along just because she’s black, and just because she’s popular by mainstream standards.

    Go to sleep Nicki Minaj….go to sleep….

  • Cleo

    I’m 20 and I think nicki minaj is absolute garbage soo umm maybe it’s just women with sense

  • JaneDoe

    Baby girl shut up… Make ur music and ur money and just shut up..

  • 1Val

    This woman is a caricature of black women. A self-hating, skin bleaching, blonde wig wearing, silicone enhanced behind to be Venus Hottentot, vulgar, uncouth, capitalist, self-absorbed, arrogant, talentless STEREOTYPE of black women. She does not receive black women’s respects because she lacks self-respect. Girl have a seat!

  • Lopinot

    I’m 38 and I refuse to listen to Ms Minaj. Why?
    1. I support real black women and real hip hop…..remember Lauryn Hill? Talent > Hype
    2. Nicki’s lyrics are empty, misogynistic, and racist against black people! “Nappy headed hoes need a perminator?” No thanks. Can she rap about something that requires brain cells? Unlikely.
    3. The pink and green wigs. The clothes. The big fake butt. Stupid.
    4. Nicki personifies everything that older black women don’t want their daughters to be. We are trying to keep our girls off the pole….Nicki is inviting them to the pole.
    5. Nicki is an embarassment to her West Indian heritage……just like Foxy Brown…..Skettels, Jamettes, etc
    6. The company she keeps…..Lil Wayne….yuck

    • Pretty1908

      I agree ! I am 26 and I refused to listen or even identify with this woman.

      • luna

        I’m 26 and I refuse to listen to that mess bcs it doesn’t speak to me I like music with lyrics that I can relate to isn’t that what music was about? I’ve NEVER listened to Nicki NEVER and I’m not planning to so nobody is ‘hating’ on you barbie we(grown black women with brain cells) just can’t relate to your message.

  • Child Please

    Who the hell is that white woman on the screen? Oh wait that’s Nicki? Couldn’t tell with the bleach blind lace front and the pale skin smh. Like someone else said the majority of her fans are under 21, gay or white. She’s too busy calling black women dirty possums and nappy headed hoes but her kitchen good. What a clown…literally.

  • Kee

    This b****tch does not deserve any respect from people older than her anyway. She needs to grow up and she is almost reaching 30 herself.

  • Shaybaby

    Ok so you making strides for black women while you call us nappy headed hoes at the same time. I guess next you gonna start singing negro sprituals on your next album… #sideeye #girlbye

    • Shaybaby


  • So I clicked the link, read the article…and something that baffle’s me is Nicki keeps referring to herself as a “female rapper”. She is officially a pop/techno singer (hence the success in Europe). They live for that type of music over there. Older women right her off because she thinks she’s the first to do everything and not just older women. It is fact that majority of Nicki Minaj’s fans are 21 and below and are of non African- American descent. Get rid of the blonde hair and colorful wigs, rhyme about the struggles or something of some substance, then maybe I’ll consider you an artist Nicki…but I do congratulate her on her success, she definitely has a hustle mentality. Don’t continue to lose yourself in the game Nicki or you won’t last much longer.

  • jsajsa28

    All i get from nickio is that she is a black woman trying to look like a white woman and I can’t get past that due to me being a black woman!

    • Liyah W


  • WhoMe

    Ok going on world tours and making history does not make you real. We see what you are doing…congrats but you dont seem humble. Its almost as if shes boasting. And is she really a rapper? C’mon son!

  • bluekissess

    Why should anybody else care? That’s her success. Why is she looking for an applause? When you act like a clown you get treated like one. I lost respect for her.