You Going To The Unemployment Line Now! Upper-Cutting Bus Driver Fired

November 6, 2012  |  

Source: Straight From The A

I guess we should have expected this outcome but if I’m being honest I sort of feel a little bad for Artis Hughes, aka, the uppercutting bus driver from Cleveland, OH. After issuing “one of the most talked about uppercuts” ever, as Fox News put it, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has decided to terminate Artis from his position after hitting a female passenger, Shidea Lane, last month.

Channel 5 News in Cleveland posted the statement from RTA, which read:

RTA values its employees and expects employees to follow rules, regulations and policies. Each employee is advised of the rules as part of their employment.

There are certain actions by our employees that are so serious that the employee is subject to immediate discharge.

One of those actions is a use of force against a member of the public.

In the Artis Hughes situation, the customer was out of line and charges have been filed against her.

However, while customers may be challenging or difficult to handle, RTA employees are instructed to exercise restraint and to conduct themselves professionally at all times.**

Mr. Hughes claims that his actions were in self-defense. The evidence does not support that claim.

We expect our employees to diffuse any potential situation. We do not believe that Mr. Hughes took the proper steps to diffuse this situation.

The proper procedure would have been to pull over and stop the bus, then call Transit Police for assistance.

Employees should take precautions in situations such as this one to protect the safety of other RTA customers and the public. Mr. Hughes did not take the proper precautions, nor did he follow procedure.

For the above reasons, Mr. Hughes has been terminated from RTA.

RTA, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Fraternal Order of Police have established a joint Labor/Management Committee to discuss and implement strategies to enhance the safety of all employees.

RTA cited for the termination ‘RTA Employee Handbook Dischargeable Offense #5’ which says:

“Use of overt force, such as shoving, pushing, striking of any blows in any manner or fashion against another employee, supervisor, management personnel or such actions against members of the public while in the course and scope of employment or at any time while on company property. The only exception shall be where it is clearly established that the employee acted in self-defense.”

I’m curious if RTA missed the part where Shidea spit on Artis. Granted his response certainly qualifies as excessive force, but she was clearly the initial aggressor. I’m not sure how I feel about this decision. What do you think?

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  • applesauce585

    “Hindsight” is 20/20 it’s easy to say shoulda, coulda, woulda, now. If anybody spits on me, all bets are off! Spitting on someone is one of the nastiest vile thing you can do to another human being……she earned that uppercut, after she spit on that man; cause had it been me I’m almost 99.99% sure I would’ve done the same thing. IJS

  • Yah

    YES! The RTA made the RIGHT decision! Thank you for having more sense than many of these self-hating Black women. That bus driver should not only be fired but jailed. THANK YOU RTA!

    • Nenah

      ??????????????? You make no sense at all. Why is it everytime something happens some idiot leaves a comment calling black women names.

  • link

    When i first seen the video, i said that if it was me i would have not let it go that far. As soon as she started getting disrespectful, i would have pulled over and called the police. If she would have then spit on me after i called for assistance, then i would have taken some type of action. I would have never rode that long arguing with that idiot.

  • Pac Man

    He can sue and get his job back. They have unions. You have bus drivers that have hit and killed multiple ppl here in Chicago and they sued and got they job back with back pay..! This still not over ppl. Unions are no joke. He will if he wants it get his job back with back pay. might not be driving a bus might in a a office somewhere but I bet he get his job back.

  • Rosa

    the best he could have done was to spit back at her and then stop the bus and call the police! a man and a woman should never ever hit each other for nothing! what if the lady had died, then what!

  • Nisha

    In the article it says charges have been filed against the woman involved, as they should have been. Too bad this guy was fired, but he surely wasn’t following company policy by delivering the upper cut of the century.

  • Shay

    Would she have hit and spit on him if he didn’t antagonize her? Probably not. They both escalated the situation with the bickering and the peanut gallery egged them on with their cameras and laughter. There are consequences to your actions.

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      Exactly. He is as much at fault as she is.

  • I agree with RTA. He failed to follow procedure, endangered the lives of other passengers and struck a woman when it was clear she had withdrew and he couldn’t claim self-defense. He let his anger get the best of him and is paying for it.

    • Ooh La La

      No, she endangered the lives of other passengers when she assaulted him while he was operating a moving bus.

      • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

        NO. She is right. He did endanger the lives of the passengers. They both did.

  • Jenny

    Lol at the title! But yeah I’m sure he didn’t expect to lay low after that hook

  • iluvm

    I disagree with RTA. They could have suspended him without pay or something. I don’t know how I would react if a complete stranger spit on me. There are too many infectious contagious diseases out here. I think he was wrong for how handled the situation. It takes two to argue. What a mess!

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      Suspended without pay for beating up a passenger? You are far too lenient. People have been reprimanded or fired from their jobs just for arguing with a customer or another employee. Why would the bus company tolerate violence from their employees?

      • pac man

        he will be back They have big unions in Cleveland. If he wants his job back he can sue. And he will win. He might not be driving a bus maybe working in a office but He can get his job back

        • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

          But really, even if he is apart of a union, would they consider giving him back his job when he clearly acted inappropriately?

    • Nenah

      My dad was a busdriver. When he came home he’s make his drink and you better not say nothing to him until he finished it. People think they can do anything they want to people just becuase dealing with the public is part of their job. Sometimes people get fed up and just can’t take it anymore. If it was me, I’d have plead temporary insanity after she spit on me!

      • Meek146

        If you can’t handle the public you should not be employed through a job that puts you in direct contact with it. Find another job.

        • Miss Anonymous

          The same could be said to police officers when a person spits on them . . . . When a person spits on another person all bets are off.

        • Nenah

          You must be a buddhist or something. Somebody spits on me, I’m losing it!

  • Yay!

    To me, the video was just plain ignorant. The bus driver threw away everything to get even with a fool. I understand he was violated, but the applause (and maybe compensation) he would have gotten had he took the high road would have been a million times better than a bunch of news stories and blogs. This man ought to be FULL of regret.

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      A video can’t be ‘ignorant’.

      • Sheena

        You are clearly ignorant

        • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

          Stop stalking and harassing me.

          • Sheena

            Thanks! Maybe you will stop antagonizing every post and being an internet troll. What’s the purpose of saying a video can’t be ignorant? You like to clearly be a pest to other people so yes PLEASE stop! Your comments are like this on every page.

            • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

              You have some nerve to call me a troll and pest when it is YOU who follows me around from article to article, telling me that you don’t like my comments but yet you, yourself have never made a comment that is germane to the article. What is YOUR purpose for harassing me on each article I comment on? You think I am going to listen to you and stop commenting? You think I care if you think my ‘comments are like this on every page’? What the heck difference does it make to you? I mean, really. You are doing the very thing you claim to not like.

  • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

    What do I think? The outcome is appropriate. Don’t feel sorry for a man who wouldn’t feel sorry for you.

  • Na Na

    Yeah I understand from a professional perspective but how cool would it have been for the one being bullied to come out on top! With BBW and all this other ratchetness it seems like the abuser is the one who keeps the checks rolling in while the abused fades off in to obscurity or in this case looses their jobs.

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      No one ‘came out on top’ in this situation.

      • Sheena

        Including you so stfu!

        • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

          I don’t know who you are or even care, but your behavior is becoming obsessive. Why do you keep interacting with me if you don’t like what I have to say? Your comment above doesn’t even make sense in relation to what I said. It is probably you who has commented with other screen names to harass me. Just stop it already.

      • real rap

        dont believe that. the sistah who both instigated AND escalated the issue by spitting AND putting her hands on him has sued and will get paid

        • Na Na

          Thank you! She might even get a lifetime movie! Clearly this girl is coming out on top.

        • Dee

          I hope she doesn’t get a penny.

  • Team Ratchet- 1
    People who wanted her to learn a lesson-0

    Beast let back into the general population. Damn shame.

    • Fred

      what r u talking about she had it coming he should have hit her again!

  • afroveda

    I agree with their decision. “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” as my mom used to say. Even though it seems that the aggressor got what she deserved, it (the uppercut) still wasn’t the right thing to do.

    • Pac Man

      2 wrongs do a make a right. Its just the first person of the wrong dont think so

  • 1Val

    Kudos to RTA for an appropriate employer response!

  • 1Val

    Kudos to RTA for an appropriate employer response.