Brand Divas: Which Queen of Pop Embodies Your Brand?

November 9, 2012  |  

Women rule pop music. They hold the top spots for digital downloads, money earned and albums sold. For the most part, the female dynamos dominating the music scene manage to coexist without stepping on each other’s toes. Each has a unique brand that allows them stay in their own lane.

This is why so much emphasis is placed on branding. In a crowded market, your brand sets you apart and allows you to attract an audience, even when other brands offer a similar product.

Developing your brand is as simple as embracing who you are and allowing your identity to influence how you do business. Here are a few concepts to help you articulate your brand:

  • Mission – What do you do? What is your purpose?
  • Offer – What are you selling?
  • Relevance – How do you meet your audience’s needs?
  • Values – What’s your personality? What is important to your brand?

Let’s look at how today’s reigning divas epitomize their brands. Which diva best matches your personal brand?

Rihanna performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Image: Nicholas Hunt/ USA (Sipa via AP Images)

Rihanna – The Vamp

Mission: Rihanna’s image has morphed through many phases since “Umbrella” launched the star into the pop stratosphere. In recent years, Rihanna has settled on being pop culture’s symbol of youth and sexuality. An unrelenting stream of singles and gossip ensure the singer’s flirtatious presence is constant.

Offer: A good time, and all the mistakes that come with it.


  1. Stay on trend. Rihanna molds her style and sound to mimic the pulse of pop culture.
  2. Stay on the scene. Rihanna doesn’t give her audience a chance to miss her. She constantly releases music, and her life provides endless fodder for entertainment outlets.
  3. Remove your filter. Rihanna’s potty mouth, suggestive lyrics, and unbridled sex appeal create an image of youthful rebellion her audience loves.

Values: unapologetic, open, risqué, trendy, fun

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  • If you had Lady of Rage you’d have me on point

  • dbatt001

    im in between Adele and Taylor

  • MissWildfire

    Definitely like Adele of Taylor Swift. Rihanna, Gaga, and Minaj are too crazy, Beyonce is too obsessive. I want my work to be at the forefront, which is why Adele is so amazing.

  • Who is Nikki Minaj? Anways…I’d have to go with Beyonce, fan of her music and those listed values I’d like to say describes me 😉

  • Rai

    Does rihanna “stay on trend” or does she set it??? I’m just saying, lots of chicks were doing the “rihanna bob” and “rihanna red.”

  • Dd

    Yall forgot the reigning soulful country Pop Idol, Carrie Underwood! Love her…

  • Kiara

    I looove Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. Ok, Taylor sings about her exes and is not so subtle about it. We’ve all trash talked an ex with our girlfriends but she sings about it. Not really mature but it’s fun sometimes. And I think she’s a really talented songwriter. Beyoncé is the biggest entertainer in the world right now, can’t deny that. She sings, dances and makes it look effortless. JoJo is also one of the biggest pop divas although she’s not as successful as she should be.

  • IllyPhilly

    Been clicking through pages on here all morning so Imma pass on this click, but if you had Ciara- Tomboy Style that’s the closest.