Serious Question: Why Would A Woman Vote For Mitt Romney?

November 6, 2012  |  


After months upon months upon months of campaigning around the country, we’ve finally reached the most important date of the year (No, not my birthday). It’s election day. This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn, brushed my teeth, put on my warmest jacket and walked to the community center in my neighborhood to vote. Thankfully, because I got out so early, I was able to vote in less than 25 minutes. All I had to do was deal with the usual confusion (i.e., which lines to stand in, clearing up what assembly district I’m in, etc.) and I was out and on my way to work. As I looked over the ballot I was reminded of the four men fighting for our votes to be president, and when I looked over at the Republican ticket with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s name on it, I couldn’t help but wonder why a woman–black, white, green, purple, whatever–would vote for these men.

Aside from the irritating flip flopping that I’ve noticed by Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan depending on the audience they’re in front of, I’ve been more disturbed by the smug statements these men have made about hopes to eventually overturn Roe vs. Wade (by electing Anti-Roe vs. Wade justices in the future), and the hope to ultimately determine what a woman will do with her own body. Over the past few months, I’ve heard the words “abortion” and “rape” come out of the mouths of more men than I would prefer, and all of them, Republicans, seem to think that they know best about what to do with the body of another individual based on their own religious beliefs. While I view the life of a child as being beautiful and deserving of the right to live and thrive in this world, I can never say what decisions I would be willing to make under certain circumstances; circumstances that include carrying the child of a person who impregnated me through rape, or carrying a child that I possibly wouldn’t survive bringing into the world. I would want the right to choose what’s best for me and my baby, not to be told what choice I have to make by legislators.

And if that’s not enough, these men plan to defund Planned Parenthood should they win. While some like to assume that people only look to Planned Parenthood for abortions, according to the Huffington Post, abortions only make up for about three percent of what the group does. The health care provider allows many women without insurance to get the contraceptives they need, to get the STD and HIV tests and sex education they should have, and more. As someone who has used Planned Parenthood’s resources in the past, and in going, having seen the many young women who utilize the organization’s resources, I can say that to defund them would hurt so many women whose income isn’t as lavish as someone like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s.

I’ve seen Mitt Romney stand in a room full of people and be asked about what efforts he would make to bring about equal compensation in the workplace between men and women, only to watch him ignore the question and instead talk about binders full of women and the jobs he helped women working with him in Massachusetts get.  I’ve heard him use language to claim that a lot of the  gun violence occurring in this country is the cause of single parent homes and not how easy it is for folks with no good sense to buy and handle a weapon. And though he has done all this, there are a number of women out here, mothers at that, who are voting for him. Do you think you will never find yourself in the circumstances that women who need the resources of Planned Parenthood and have to make sad choices are in? I’m sure most people don’t think they will be, but only God knows what this life will hand you.  If you’re one of those people who favor Mitt Romney, know that I’m not trying to question your womanhood, and you don’t HAVE to explain anything to me, but it would just be nice to understand what it is that I’m missing about him that you see. Why does a man who wants to take away our options to choose, who doesn’t make an effort to discuss equal pay efforts but is quick to talk about letting people choose whether or not we can or can’t have our children, doesn’t care about women of low income and pretty much just says what he thinks you want to hear but will tell another crowd something else deserve your vote? By all means, take advantage of the opportunity to cast your vote and make your voice heard, but know that you deserve better in these next four years, and as a woman, I don’t think Mitt Romney is the person who can provide that.

Hey, just saying.


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  • So… DID any women vote Romney? Not that it matters…

  • Bab B

    This is a great question and you should pursue it because 56% of white women voted for Romney. Appalling to say the least.

  • I had someone I knew for 8 years unfriend me after Obama won. She was a white friend of mine who voted for Romney. Yes, I was posting Obama related things cause I was happy he got re elected and did vote for him. My thing is, Romney doesn’t care about women. There’s no getting around it. If you need to have someone tell you about or have dominion over your own biology something is wrong. It’s hysterical and sad at the same time

  • CarlaKah

    It’s OBAMA anyway so whatever

  • ilysaportax3

    Because not every woman believes abortion should be legal…and if they do, they aren’t voting on ONLY one issue. If we wanna talk about equality, then we need to focus on the fact that women aren’t exempt from a poor economy. So to suggest that I should support Obama because of certain views he has regarding PP, regardless of economic policies, is asinine.

    Not saying that I support or don’t support PP, but how the economy is during will affect me ALOT more than whether or not I get contraceptives for free.

  • Pseudonym

    I think it’s women who believe that Planned Parenthood only exists to murder babies (and who wouldn’t cast a vote to Romney to save those poor would-be-murdered babies?). Abortion isn’t actually murdering babies, but…well, semantics.

    • Miss Anonymous

      *takes deep breath* News flash women who have the means (ie they have money) to attain a abortion dont go to planned parenthood, they go to their own “private doctor”. the same with some ladies who go to get their “gallbladder/appendix” taken out but its really gastro. *no issues do what you want but dont go around telling everyone your getting your appendix taken out and then tell your close friend your really getting gastro. We can figure it out in months when you lose the weight.*

      • Pseudonym

        That’s not news. I never said Planned Parenthood is the only place to get an abortion, HOWEVER Planned Parenthood is the primary target for those who are anti-choice b/c it is run partially with GOVERNMENT MONEY, with most elections being about how to spend it. It’ll be a lot easier to take away many people’s access to abortions via de-funding Planned Parenthood than to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

        If you’re gonna play smart with news flashes, at least make a smart and relevant argument.

        • Miss Anonymous

          I agree with you I was just adding to what you said. In this day and age alot of women 18-25 believes that PP only does abortion which is sad because they give other services s well.

  • jazzy

    I don’t understand why people are saying Planned Parenthood is basically there just for abortions. When I was in my late teens (19) & I called them to get an abortion. They actually talked me out of it and tried to get me to consider adoption. This one counselor even offered financial help and told me once I see the baby I would fall in love !! My baby is 14 year old now & couldn’t imagine life without him.

  • Well if she’s a f* ckin idiot…

  • Kenedy

    How about you just let people vote how they want to vote. If there’s women out there that don’t believe in planned parenthood…which there are….then so be it…don’t ask people to justify their votes…lol, there’s diferent things that go into it for different people

    • Lissa

      if that is how you feel why did you even click on this article? the title clearly inferred what was going to be said, smh

    • MNEditor2

      I hear you, but the author says that you don’t have to explain anything but she would just like to know what it is people see in him that she’s not seeing that makes him a better alternative. It just seems that if you’re proud to vote for someone you would think you could easily state at least one reason why he is a better look for women than the President, but no pressure. Just vote!

    • Pseudonym

      The purpose of this article was not to persuade people voting for Romney not to, it’s just a question as to what their reasons are- more like for self-information. I feel that way about black people who are voting for Romney based on his religious values given that he was well into his 30s before the Mormon church would recognize blacks as human beings and allow them to join the faith. That’s actually my question for black Mormons in general- not to pressure them out of Mormonism, but rather to understand what Mormonism brought to the table that made them want to convert.

    • Pseudonym

      For example: a serious and less tongue-in-cheek answer to this question would be the wives of business owners (or those who are business owners themselves- though I noticed all the women who were campaigning on behalf of small businesses at the convention were employees for their husbands who actually signed for the loan) b/c they feel that Obama’s economic policies will cost them too much and cause them to lose too much money and possibly lose their business b/c of high operating costs.

      That’s one reason.

      I actually support small business owner’s right to vote against Obama, despite the fact that I am voting for Obama.

  • I’d like to understand that also. soon as that man said “get rid of planned parenthood” i thought all women would run for the hills.

  • get real

    1). Women (white) that listen to their dumb brainwashed daddy’s. 2).Women (white) that listen to their stupid fathers. 3) Blk woman that married a white boy (trying to plz him) 4). Blk women that try to hang around white women and date white men for social and political reasons. Because these are thebrain dead women that scream “you don’t have to vote or Obama because he’s blk”. 5). Women who aren’t paying attention to what these Republican buffons policies are.

    • Nenah

      LOL You went there!

    • SMH

      ~ 3) Blk woman that married a white boy (trying to plz him) 4). Blk women
      that try to hang around white women and date white men for social and
      political reasons. Because these are thebrain dead women that scream
      “you don’t have to vote or Obama because he’s blk”. ~

      Umm, I’m married to a white man and we are both pro Obama. Not all black women who are with white men are like these so-called “brain dead” women you speak of.

  • 1Val

    Women who believe in patriarchy will vote for Romney. Those women are good with men having power and influence they lack since all they want is to bed and marry a man who possess it.

  • IllyPhilly

    I have no clue, but the story will remain the same no matter what. We need to change this whole political system.