*UPDATE* Still Campaigning: Bey Writes An Open Letter To Obama, Joins Instagram

November 6, 2012  |  
Source: I Am Beyonce

You know how Beyonce does with her open letters so you should have already seen this one coming. After uploading a few pics of her filling out her absentee ballot for Texas (we know they need that Democratic vote), Bey posted a handwritten letter to Barry praising him for his inspiration as a leader and instilling hope in Blue Ivy and little Juelz.

Here’s what she put on her blog:

You know Bey has been going hard for Barack Obama this election and just yesterday her hubby was the breakout entertainer at a democratic rally in Columbus. Shout out to Jay for his “99 Problems but Mitt ain’t one” rendition. Bey also joined instagram to tweet out one picture of her in a “Texans for Obama” T-shirt. Her handle is “BaddieBey.”

What do you think of Bey’s letter?


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  • jake

    I’m sorry but what did she do that was so bad exactly, she wrote a letter so what. I’m not her biggest fan by any means but I don’t get why people are putting her down so badly she says something she’s wrong, she doesn’t say something she’s wrong, she’s not the most articulate person but so what she’s voicing her feelings and that’s her right. Calling her uneducated and making fun of her penmenship that’s all that can be said about what she’s doing. I’m sorry but get a grip.

  • clove8canela

    What do I think of her letter? I think *this* is someone who won a journalism award? I’m so over these handwritten notes. Please leave to the 9 year olds.

  • TeahMonae

    This is totally off subject, but I don’t care for the look of “stiletto nails”. They look like they make it hard to accomplish everyday tasks. Does anyone here wear them?

    • clove8canela

      I’ve shaped my own nails such as those in the photo, which are about the same length as well, and the only difficulty I’m finding as they grow longer is that it’s becoming difficult to type. It’s weird typing using your nails as opposed to your fingers, and it doesn’t seem good for the nails either. But I think that would happen regardless of the shape.

      • TeahMonae

        Thanks for the reply…. I was just curious. I may give it a try.

  • mdoubs

    Now that she got her GED, she won’t stop with those 1st grade letters! she’s treating that GED like it’s a PhD… get a seat B!

    • Lov3lyLady32

      Dayum!!! That’s wrong, but I’m still LMAO!!!

      • mdoubs

        3 years from now Blue Ivy will be able to write at a higher level!! -______-

    • Shane

      She does have over 350 million in the bank though. LOL I’m not gonna bash her for trying to do something people can be so petty and ridiculous.

      • mdoubs

        This has nothing to do with how much she got in the bank. So according to u it should be an excuse to write something like that? yeah people can be ridiculous…

        • Laren

          Well clearly by stating she needs to get her GED you are insinuating she’s not intellegent and uneducated when clearly she is quite smart. Because at 31 she doesn’t nor will she ever be punching a clock, and she can write what she wants, what’s so horrible about what she did? And by the way she did graduated from high school.

          • mdoubs

            At what point did I say that she needs to get her GED!!? are you delusional or something? read again before making those ridiculous comments. She can write what she wants and I’m entitle to my opinion. If you don’t like my opinion on the matter, you can go back to counting Queen B. millions or report to her, maybe she will give you some of those millions for you to buy some eyeglasses. from this point, I won’t waste my time with you, you’re talking to the wind. go entertain someone else!

  • gina

    since whe beyonce is so white….she went from light skin to super fair smh

  • Ya’ll are whack… does nothing bring us together… everyone talking about what she doing… so what… Thank you Bey for showing your appreciation and admiration for someone else… SMH @ all you negative ppl… everything ain’t about what you think…

    • TRUTH IS

      And it’s not about what she thinks either…….

  • Wow

    Beyonce is sort of kinda getting on my nerves with these letters. If these are intended for the potus and flotus as genuine expressions of her admiration why does she have to share them with the world? Get somewhere and sit down B, you and your hubby. This election is not about you.

  • At the risk of getting called a “hater”…this is kind of….strange??? Not the support, but the letter. Looks like one of my kindergartner’s “Love you Mommy!” letters written in crayon, so I can stick it on the fridge. But hey, love the support!

  • So much shade in these comments… It’s her website and her opinion .I applaud anyone who uses their celebrity to stand for something instead of just collecting a check. How many of you got up and did something to help the campaign or your community? OH and before anyone starts, I am not a “STAN”, just a person who hates to see so much negatively thrown at something positive.

  • Alexa

    SERIOUSLY??? What was the point of this? This doesn’t help the campaign in any way. Bey please sit down and stop giving the POTUS so much neck. Trying so hard to prove Harry Belafonte wrong about his opinion on you and your husband turning your backs on social responsibility. All these open letters don’t change a thing.

  • Shaybaby

    Oh Beyonce… let’s just hope she checks the right box… SMDH

    • Kenedy

      Lmao! Damn that was funny

  • Lawd…these letters. All they’re missing is some crayola art. *mumbles quietly* its a little weird

    • IllyPhilly

      Love that picture!!

    • Na Na

      Yea because she never actually says anything. Its always your so awesome, I love you, you’re so great and awesome, thanks for being you, you’re so awesome, I love you, did I mention you were awesome.

  • Zettai

    Dear World:
    Beyonce and Jay-Z are NOT the ambassadors of black people.



  • JustSayin

    Beyonce… *Shake my head* I give up.

  • IllyPhilly

    The letter needs to be to her Stans to drive them to vote!!

    • kimberleigh

      Already voted, and you were saying?

      • ashley79

        you’re calling yourself a stan?!?!?

        • Sheena

          Lol self professed groupie


    Go away with your 3rd grade writing….you either can really girate or very book smart. We know which one she’s good at. Why do these people think they have political influence?!? Because they have money?!? Money is just a commodity; I prefer human capital!!

    • “I prefer human capital!!”

      But, isn’t her going out and campaigning and holding fund raisers “human capital”?

      • TRUTH IS

        Let me explain….I rather someone who is an intellectual asset to society than someone who gyrates on stage and makes lots of money doing just that….capiche?!? The dumbest person can campaign and hold fund raisers. It doesn’t take intellect to do those!!

        • lol …no sweetie, a dumb person cannot hold fund raisers, except for selling candy bars. What you fail to realize is big names bring in big money in politics. Are you forgetting that other big names have held fundraisers or campaigned for the President? Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Will and Jada Smith, Tyler Perry, George Clooney; you get the idea. you not wanting or agreeing with Beyonce campaigning for the President is your personal choice, but I’m willing to bet that whatever “intellectual asset to society” you were thinking of would not be able to command the $40,000 a plate fundraiser that she pulled off.

          Oh and I didn’t need for you to explain youself, but your sentence did need clarification, since it contradicted itself.

          • TRUTH IS

            If a dumb person has the right team, they can hold fund raisers…smh. Yea, so you think Beyonce is the brain child behind the find raising. It’s called a team/handlers. ROFL…too gullible!!

            • Please go back and read my post and present to me where I said Beyonce was the “brain child” behind the fundraisers? I said BIG NAME BRING IN BIG MONEY SMH…this is why I never argue with unintelligent/uninformed people. They take you down to their level and beat you with experience.

              • TRUTH IS

                I asked if you THINK she is. You def Bey payroll cus 3/4 of the world knows she cannot carry a good sentence neither conjugate one. An sure her IQ is in the negative. Argue with me about someone with real “human capital” Money/fame does not equates HUMAN CAPITAL!!! SO what are your doing…am referring to ur last sentence….rofl…u 1/2 trolls kill me…if you werent you would have stop many sentences ago….making counter productive statementa about people you dont know…shows the true colors of your ignorance. Ill follow your statement…DEUCES and so long!!!

    • AndWhat

      You may want to spell check before commenting on someone’s writing skills. You spelled GYRATE incorrectly.

    • chris

      Whether you think she is book smart or not, she used her celebrity status for a cause that she believed in. What is wrong with that? She never stated that she was a political voice, she stated that she support the president. Yes she is a entertainer and she may not be the smartest apple in the bunch, but i don’t think she deserve such hate for simply supporting a cause. We have some intellecutals in our communites that are doing nothing. What good is it to have knowledge and not doing anything with it besides hating on people that are not as smart. Knowlege is not what makes a difference, its knowledge along with action that makes a difference.