Nicci Gilbert Was Too Much Diva For “R&B Divas:” Word Is She’s Officially Been Booted

November 5, 2012  |  

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A couple of months ago, rumors were spreading that Nicci Gilbert’s time as an “R&B Diva” was rapidly coming to a close as her real-life diva attitude was proving to be too much for her fellow producers and castmates. Now The YBF is claiming to have confirmation that those rumors are true and Nicci has officially been nixed from the cast.

Though “R&B Divas” has become a success for TV ONE, has learned that former Brownstone member and show co-creator, Nicci Gilbert, was given the axe.  A source from the show’s executive production team told us that market research they conducted showed that viewers just didn’t connect to Nicci.  In fact, we were told that 95% of those polled said that Nicci was their LEAST favorite diva.  WOMP.

Apparently the production team doesn’t want to publicly announce the firing until Nicci’s replacement — which has been rumored to be singer Kelly Price — has already been put in place. Though that news hasn’t been confirmed yet, what does seem to be set in stone is an L.A. spinoff of “R&B Divas” whose cast is said to be announced soon.

As for Nicci’s fate, I imagine the creative team will do what was expected when this rumor first hit the web — pay her a producer credit and cancel her talent contract. From her twitter timeline, you wouldn’t guess she’d just been fired though. The singer has been tweeting all sorts of pro-“R&B Divas” messages all day. Guess she didn’t see the writing on the wall.

Is/was Nicci your least favorite diva on the show?

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  • Sarobi

    Ms. Nicci was my favorite voice in Brownstone but on R&B Divas she was the worst. Always starting arguments trying to control every moment. If she would learn to control her own life then she would be easier to work with others.

  • goddess8281

    I can’t stand Nicci. I really tried to like her, but after she got into with that guy about writing a song, I was done with her.

  • Dang, 95%?! I was done with her when KeKe Wyatt had her breakthrough and was confiding in the women about going to therapy and Nicci ruined that moment by screaming about cocktails. Everyone was like, WTF?

  • iluvm

    Nicci brought toomuch stank to the atmosphere! She was and is my least favorite out the crew.

  • tsh

    they should put michel’le on the show

  • Well maybe this will be a wake up call to the new chick of the RHoA… The Miss US lady…

  • WhoMe

    Why was nicci there in the first place? All she said from jump was that she doesnt want to sing. Deuces Nicci and hello Kelly Price. Kelly will fit right in.

  • chanela

    funny how a stank attitude got nene leakes on the cover of ebony,tv shows, and has everybody giving her props for her “hustle” smh what is the difference?

    • Guest

      That’s a good question…

  • . If you don’t wanna be there — leave. Stop complaining and nagging all the time. Ugh! The negativity is not cute at all.I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so Ijoined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!My least favorite at the beginning was KeKe, but then it became Nicci, she had a bad attitude

  • Linda Johnson

    Yes, Nicci quickly became my least favorite diva. Maybe she’ll finally learn to check that bad attitude and learn how to work with other people.

  • clove8canela

    Yes. Her attitude is best suited for any of the reality shows on vh1. One of the producers said it first when she caught an attitude with him; there’s a reason she’s not around anymore.

  • NSimonefan

    Madamenoire, what are you mad at me about? This is the third post that has been “moderated”. Now let me see if you moderate this post, (rolling my eyes).

  • HoneyDipp

    Yeah, Nicci is certainly my least favorite… If you don’t wanna be there — leave. Stop complaining and nagging all the time. Ugh! The negativity is not cute at all.

  • Let Kelly Price take her place….

  • My least favorite at the beginning was KeKe, but then it became Nicci, she had a bad attitude