Welcome To The Ghetto?! RHOA Season 5 Premiere Recap

November 5, 2012  |  
Source: NBC Universal

Last night, the fifth season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” kicked off on Bravo and there definitely was a lot going on. I didn’t expect to be nearly as entertained as I was catching up with Nene, Kim, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, and cast newbies Kenya and Portia, but after 60 minutes of these ladies showing the blackest parts of their behinds (or the whitest in Kim’s case) there is definitely a lot to talk about. Let’s get into it.

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  • fool of a tooke!

    Here’s what I got from the episode:
    1- Kim is a hater and rather have $1,000,000 worth of jewelry than a $1,000,000 house to live in.
    2- Phaedra not only has a donkey booty, but also has a donkey tummy. Increase your crunch reps girl!
    3- Kenya went from beautiful z-lister to stank a s s z-lister who will never get another job after this show is over.
    4- Kandi still can’t find a decent (on her success level) man.
    5- Cynthia is still missing a backbone.
    6- Nene… ughhh.

  • awet

    I remember watching Kenya on “In the House” when I was a little girl and thinking she was soo beautiful so she’s either a great actress or an extremely ugly person!!

    • fool of a tooke!

      That was Maia Campbell on “In the House” you idiot.

      • awet

        Before you go spewing childish insults online, get your facts straight! Kenya Moore’s character on “In the House” was named Valerie. She was a single-mother dating Dorian (L.L. Cool J’s character). Yes, I know that Maia was also on “In the House” but she was not the only female character on the show!

  • Guest

    All these b*tches are crazy!! What an embarrassment, could only watch a small snippet before I couldn’t handle it and Kandi’s man is so GAY!!!!!

    • fool of a tooke!

      I totally think he’s gay too!! He’s obviously using her. It’s sad how she’s so desperate dating these losers and she’s so successful. I like Kandi the most, but she has a sad love life 🙁

  • hollyw

    Excuse me…*ahem*…you mean, Miss Universe….


    B****, who cares, no one cares, let alone remembers, that time. #Youre Wack

  • Me

    Where and who is the new cast mate Portia? Are they gonna introduce her in the second episode or did I miss her in the craziness of Kenya?

    • Nah, she just wasnt on it.

    • awet

      I was wondering if she is just a supporting cast member like Marlo was because she wasn’t even in the opening credits or their main “housewife” pic?

  • jsmith12

    Thank You for saying that about Kim. I knew beforehand that she has some type of prejudice and as you continue to watch her you actually see it more and more. Her assistant Sweetie acts just like her except she is actually black so that makes it worse. And Miss Kenya needs to have several seats because she is not that famous to be talking ish like she did on the episode. Lol at the Phaedra description.

    • Kells

      Both Kim and Kroy rub me the wrong way.. And Sweetie, please she doesn’t know any better. Look at the way she allowed Kim to treat her. I am sure in the hood where she is from she is now a celebrity so she doesn’t care.

  • Kenya’s insecurities were screaming loud and clear!!! Only someone insecure about falling off in the looks department could hate that much. Cynthia should have nipped that ish in the bud. She is too timid when it comes to handling her business. I know you don’t want to be out and out ghetto. But I would have definitely shut it down for a few minutes and kicked Kenya’s azz out! That was an all around bad look.

  • Dalia

    This episode made me not like Kenya!!!

    • nicki

      Kenya made you not like Kenya!!!!!

  • Sevn

    Kim got on my nerves the whole episode! I’m glad Kandi caught on to her “remarks” because she was clearly hatin. I mean, I was even saying “get it Kandi” or “oh, that looks nice” to her house, but I’m talkin to the t.v. lol! And Kenya….I felt bad for Q having to sit next to her. Maybe she should stick to acting, I liked her on Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show better.

  • I really wanted to like Kenya BUT after watching these 2 short clips…I kinda hate her *shrug*

  • Nikki

    Maybe I’m remembering this incorrectly, but the last time Nene was on the Wendy Williams show she said that it would finally be an all black cast and Kim would be making occasional appearances. I’m not intending to sound like a hater, but what’s up with that?

    • gracie

      I said the said the same thing. And Porshia is not included on the intro!

  • JaneDoe

    I enjoyed last night’s episode.. Kenya (no words).. Actually I thought it was funny when she said Cynthia was intimidated by her.. Women like that make me sooooo sick to my stomach.. She is a pretty woman on the outside but inside seems lost. Kim and sweaty were straight hating on Kandi. How can someone with no home hate on a woman with multiple home? It was so damn obvious she had no good intentions with the things that were coming out of her mouth. Smh, oh and Kandi, no bueno mammi.. Slow down. Very disappointed that this is the second man she is moving into her home with her young daughter but hey, her life.

    • Pretty1908

      her heart is in the right place for wanting a family and husband , but she moves too fast !
      and Kenya whoa ! im only here for NENE tho

      • Kells

        A lot of women who move fast heart is in the right place.. I don’t think most people go into relationships hoping it will fail. But she has a child, a daughter…

    • TeahMonae

      I agree! Kandi seems to move in every man that she dates!

    • awet

      hahaaa…You called that child “Sweaty” though!

  • Beejcee

    I wish Kim would just go away! Far away!